The Deputy is staying on board

While fellow Mayoman Enda Kenny is still pursuing what many would now view as a forlorn attempt to unseat Bertie as Taoiseach, Johnno is obviously not planning on being saddled with a ministerial job any time soon. (By the way, what Department would he be suited for, I wonder? Health, perhaps, given his track record of turning underperformers into winners. Education, maybe, if the Rainbow were to adopt the same policy as the current crowd and give the teachers one of their own as a Minister just to shut them up. Certainly not Defence, no sireee, not after what happened in Salthill the other week).

The Deputy has, in fact, confirmed that he’s staying on board for the agreed three-year term and has expressed some bemusement at the fact that he’s been asked about it repeatedly since reaching the quota at the TF in the early hours of last Saturday morning. “The people of Mayo want this” stated the Deputy and so, it would appear, the people of Mayo are going to get it. (We also want Sam back under his watch but that’s another matter).

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