The drive for five starts here

Pearse Stadium

Photo: @ConnachtGAA

Top of the morning to you all – it’s game day and we’re hitting the motorway to the west shortly ahead of this afternoon’s clash with the neighbours in Salthill. Mayo/Galway match days are always special and, as another one unfolds before our eyes today, there’s every chance that this one will be special too.

I know that our recent dominance has taken some lustre from this local derby. From our perspective, though, the chance to record another win over the Tribesmen – and so, for the first time in over a hundred years, extend our winning run over them in the championship to five straight victories – is one we should be eager to grasp with both hands. If we do this, then the high road to five successive Connacht titles opens up for us too.

Right – it’s time to be off. Make sure to bring plenty of colour with you to Salthill and be ready to make your fair share of noise once you get there too. Here’s hoping it’ll be a contest to remember. Here’s to the right result. Here’s to Mayo!

24 thoughts on “The drive for five starts here

  1. Best of luck to the Mayo team today. Here’s hoping we can get the better of the Galway lads and book our place in the Connacht final.

  2. Thank god it’s Sunday….. It was a long week ,,, lovely morning here in the midlands ,,, these days are special ,, heading now ,, going to get parked up and go for something to eat and enjoy the build up ,,, might even walk the prom ! Safe journey to all ,,,

  3. Getting the colours prepped for the journey west. Looking like a great day for it. Mayo by four.

  4. Mayo by six, anyone wearing a Mayo jersey can avail of all day breakfast for €5 in Monroe’s.

  5. The very best of luck to Mayo today, I’m going to have to listen on the radio as I’ll be on my way back from the Athletic Grounds but I’ll look forward to watching it all tonight. I have Mayo plus 2 on my bookies coupon today and I’m very confident they won’t let me down! Although we’re already a game into the ulster championship it feels like the summer is just getting going today.

  6. Best of luck to our two teams today, our hurlers and our footballers. Roll on the games!

  7. Best of luck lads, it won’t be easy today, but stil think we have the more experienced team to control matters when it comes to the crunch, Mayo by a point.

  8. Mayo not to win would be a bit if a surprise. The real question is will we see anything today that will indicate we can take a Dublin or Kerry later in the Summer…my concern is we may struggle to get the scores so I would like to see Freeman glad to add to the scoring threat. Still we should have enough for today. Safe traveling, enjoy an d God bless all.

  9. Getting ready to hit the road. Gonna be a long day but hopefully the right result at the end of both match’s. Make sure to be in to shout on our hurls and bring plenty of colour and noise. Will be tomorrow morning before I get any shots of both matchs up, expecting to be late tonight when we get back to home base. Safe travelling to all supporters today.

  10. WJ. Even with half the support ye will have today ye will have plenty of noise. Apart from the core Galway football family we always stuggle to win the hearts and minds of the Galway public particularly the hurling fraternity. In fairness that football core are very dedicated and love their football as much as ye or anyone else. Strangely enough apart from our successful period 15 years ago there is something special being part of a core couple of hundred supporters attending league games up and down the country. If by any stretch of the imagination that we win today it is going to mundane matches in late winter and early spring that make it all worthwhile. Whether or which gonna always promote the great Galway football story and brand Galway. Keep up the good work on your site.

  11. Willie Joe, I haven’t contributed for a while, doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest, on the contrary, I read the blog most days. Anybody can start something but to keep it going so well for so long is a great achievement so well done.

    Today’s match is a massive challenge for Mayo football. The fact that we are now regarded as a member of a very small group of elite teams is proof of the great work James Horan has done. Can Noel and Pat build on what James has achieved and add some improvements of their own or is the task beyond them, the bad habits return, and Mayo slowly begin to slip back into the chasing pack?

    It’s basically the same team as the last few years and the players must know by now what’s needed, dirty tricks and all, to win the Sam Maguire, so maybe the biggest question to be answered today is, do the players still have the team spirit and desire to carry on and finally win it. Most of these questions will be answered today and we’ll then know if we have a long summer ahead of us or not.

  12. Is there an official list kept of our most “capped” players in the championship? I have James Nallen and Alan Dillon both tied on 53 championship appearances which would mean Dillon would become the Mayo player with the most championship appearances ever if he comes on today. Anyone able to confirm?

  13. Need a workout pre-match, up since 5am, too much energy today. Just interested in how well we control the game. The win doesnt need saying of course.

  14. Best of luck to Mayo today, and safe travels to all heading to Galway. The last and only time I was at pearse stadium I witnessed traffic worse than I have ever seen, I hope today is better marshalled than that day was. I am starting to feel that knot in the stomach already, what will happen? who ll get an early goal? can Galway spring a surprise? the usual stuff but always the same feeling.

    Mayo 3 13
    Galway. 1 14

    CoC, j doc and ronaldson (sub) to score.

  15. Excited but worried to an extent. Galway are strong in centre field. Both very mobile and also have some pace up top.
    Real searing pace. Hot day solid ground this could be decided by a bounce of a ball.
    Don’t see enough pace in our forwards so slightly worried.
    Kevin Walsh will have them well primed he is a legend in Galway and has the lads eating out of his hand.
    I expect a battle and maybe even another day out.

    Hopefully this is only rematch nerves but all same we have a cracking bench so hopefully we will do it.

  16. Just parked up and arrived from Dublin, mesel and the young lad, on the second leg of our weekend of sport. The Aviva yesterday for his first trip there, but today the real and proper stuff starts. Confident that if we perform we will win. Delighted to see Cuniffe at 6 and the deployment of big Aido will be interesting. I expect to see him inside with Doherty coming out. It will be closer, as it should be, but I think we’ll get the win by 4. There’s no doubt though that Galway are a coming force and with the Rossies are closing the gap.

  17. Kc
    May I salute you.

    I love your attitude. I’m an ardent Mayo supporter and will always be but you have summed up all that is best in our culture and our game in your post there now.
    Well said.

    Galway are a county with a noble history and tradition and will, in my humble opinion, grace Croke Park later this year.

  18. 2 comments above about Galways noble history and tradition, well those that value in Galway football should be ashamed of the nonsense thrown out by the men in maroon yesterday as “football”.
    Mayo fans, lets not forget, the craic that Galway were at yesterday could have thrown lesser Mayo teams in the past, but these lads nearly just laughed at it. However, if we had lost to it we’d be shouting from the rooftops about it now and would be accused of “soft” and not streetwise enough. Well now that we did win lets not shout about it anyless, it deserves to be called out for what it is and the game is surely in serious bother if a county like Galway with plenty of talented footballers thinks that they have to resort to this nonsense to win.

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