The final countdown II – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E45

As the lead-in to this year’s novel Christmas All-Ireland final gathers pace, ‘The Final Countdown’ series on the Mayo News football podcast continues too. Fans won’t be able to be attend this Covid-era decider but that doesn’t mean that supporter interest is any lower for this final than it has been in other years that Mayo have been involved.

In this episode of the podcast, we’ve put the Mayo supporters front and centre. We got a great response to our call from Mayo fans around the world to send us their football-related questions and in this episode host Rob Murphy directs these questions to Mayo News duo Edwin McGreal and Ger Flanagan to answer. The result is a range of varied and imaginative questions coupled with a mix of well considered and off-the-cuff responses from the lads.

This latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes, SoundCloud, Podomatic and Spotify. You can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the panel on the right.

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25 thoughts on “The final countdown II – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E45

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Willie Joe, Rob and lads. The podcasts are really keeping us going and ye are mighty altogether. We need things to be chewing on ahead of the 19th and it’s so brilliant to share in the podcast experience.

  2. Jaysus fair play to all involved in the podcast . Some amount of work ye lads are putting in . It’s lovely to finish off the day find a quiet spot and tune and absorb myself in Mayo football . Cheers lads.

  3. All mayo supporters have saved upwards of 1200 euro by not being able to go to the matches this year .i am just wondering what should I donate to mayo gaa for the final ?.as for the match we must not concede any own – goals like the 2016 final.We also must also not get a black or red card or DUBLIN will destroy us. The closer it comes to the final the more confident i am becoming that we will win it this year.

  4. All Ireland final possibly in mid July next year.

    It surely would be like Mayo to win the bloody thing now. Then, bad enough not to be able take the cup west, in just 6 or 7 months we would probably have some Kerry or Dublin fella taking our cup back to their county. Our reign as champions barely half a year and the cup never setting foot in our county at all.

    God, you wouldn’t rule it out. Not with Mayo. It’s written.

  5. Great listening here lads.
    Love the interest and some of the questions here are well thought out and well answered. I’d hate to answer some of them on the spot!
    Third time this week my hour long commute has been immeasurably shortened!
    Well done to all involved. Look forward to more of the same next week.

  6. As long as the winners get to keep their Celtic Crosses I’m guessing they couldn’t give a fiddlers what happens the Cup.

  7. LOL, if that was the only wordy, how long the cup would be in the county for . . . Wouldn’t that be just grand.

  8. Just listened to the Podcast and thought it was brilliant. Rob and the lads did a mighty job on it. I got my question answered as well. Emphatically answered which was great because I couldn’t answer it myself.
    Lovely to hear from the different corners of the world and all with one thing on our minds.
    I’ll have podcast binge this weekend. I deserve it.

    There’s a great contentment in knowing, no matter how the final goes (hopefully well), but in knowing we in Mayo will be prouder of our lads and I think we always are than any team that ever won Sam.

    I mean, it would be something else to win but it’s always heart warming to see the passion and the love for the team even sometimes when things haven’t worked out.

    It’s always great when someone asks me where I’m from.

    “Mayo ” I tell them with a big smile. Mayo always makes me smile.

  9. Great podcast lads. Great question Revellino. I think I’d clip it over the bar at that stage! Too much tension, so a goal attempt could easily be missed. Park the bus then and hope for the best. Drag opposition players down left, right and centre as they attempt to get up the pitch.

  10. Firstly Willie Joe/Podcast team.. Rob, Ger, Edwin , Sean Rice and all thanks so much for your informative contributions… in a different time for interaction and different options it’s as always brilliant
    Finally below some tunes to get the heart pumping ahead of the match as if we need it..
    The last one by Dave Howley, a Foxford native living in Galway is updated each time Mayo reach an All Ireland final ..enjoy

  11. Hi all. Long time follower and first time to reply.
    Thanks Wille Joe for all the info and time you give.
    Super podcast as usual. Thanks to Rob and all the team
    I have made a donation., but on that note we live in strange times so no problem with them asking for a few pounds (euro). Just a problem I have is we are told nothing,treated with disregard and then when they want us well we answer the call. I don’t want to know everything but drip feed us (me) something as a supporter. Best of luck to James and Team
    Mayo forever ??

  12. Revellino that was a great question. For me, I think against anyone other than Dublin I would probably just clip it over the bar. But against Dublin, I think I’d go for the goal and try and bury them. Strike while the iron is hot.

    Got my own question read out too, quite surreal to have appeared on the podcast ha!

    Please DONATE … DONATE … DONATE at the above link
    They NEED the money now. Next week will be too late.
    No matter how small the donation. Be part of the campaign. Help these lads get SAM.
    Again everyone … here is the link to the page
    You will feel better for it. Let’s have no regrets and do our part. Also, just think of the amount of money you have saved … tickets, food, pints, petrol etc, etc.
    Let’s do our bit!!

  14. I was thinking if aiden played deeper round midfield of half back line for first half next saturday. Move ryan to full forward. He is nippy and aggressive and would win frees too. That would add extra speed to our full forward line

  15. I agree full forward, no problem making a donation but in these times with transparency being so important and maybe to let us feel like we are playing a small part in our great team’s preparation it would be no harm àtall for the let us know if it was a successful fundraising campaign or otherwise . I hope everyone has learned from past fundraising mistakes. Maigheo abù.

  16. This time next week!!
    The new Champions of Ireland will take their place and be inscribed into the history books .

  17. I had a dream last night of AOS lifting the Sam.
    This time next week, with the help of God we will be celebrating.
    There is something telling me that this Mayo Team will tear into the Dubs and they won’t know what hit them.
    Keep the faith.

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