The final countdown IV – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E47

There are just three days to go now until Mayo lock horns with five-in-a-row champions Dublin in this year’s Covid-era All-Ireland final. Despite the unprecedented backdrop to Saturday’s decider, with the game set to be played behind closed doors at Croke Park, the pre-match excitement continues to mount. That’s also the case on the Mayo News football podcast where ‘The Final Countdown’ series continues.

In this episode of the podcast, Mayo News columnist and Sky Sports pundit Billy Joe Padden chats with host Rob Murphy about what needs to happen if Mayo are to pull off a shock victory on Saturday night, focusing on the things that James Horan’s team have  to do if they’re to land the county’s first Sam Maguire success since 1951. 

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9 thoughts on “The final countdown IV – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E47

  1. Really looking forward to this podcast. Thanks for all the hard work over the years Willie Joe. I’m buzzing for Saturday, think this will be our year.

  2. Great podcast. You’re too nice though Rob. We need to bring a level of unprecedented physicality, and it may need to get ugly at times. I’d agree this is hard to do this while retaining 15 on the field, but I think we’ve enough experience and street smarts at this stage to manage it. I don’t suggest starting a brawl or anything of the sort but there’s ways and means. One simple example would be to not let Rock away with his customary push after a free kick. Push him back so that he’ll still be feeling the force of it a week later. Similar with Johnny Cooper. Don’t let him think he’s boss, but obviously don’t throw him to the ground either as Seamie did in ’15. But these small battles, little mind games are important.

    Great podcast this evening on Off the Ball with Padraig Faulkener of Cavan and Michael Quinlivan. Faulkener highlights the “cynical fouling” by Dublin in the semi, stalling Cavans ability to progress up the pitch. We’re a good bit ahead of Cavan so imagine what the Dubs will try to do to us. We need to front-up to this. The Dubs are a dirty shower and will try every trick in the book. Their card is well marked in that regard. Frustratingly, they’ve always managed to avoid serious censure from refs. I’m thinking of the Phillys, John Smalls, and Michael Darraghs of this world.

    Hopefully we get fair play on Saturday. We just might, as the 5-in-a-row is now complete so a Ref can’t be accused of ruining it for Dublin.

    Of course we could just play it straight and see what happens. But we’ll be playing into their hands then. They need to be disrupted and antagonised.

  3. Yep I agree with you Liberal role. We need to be in their faces from before throw in, aggressive and physical in everything we do. As Horan keeps roaring on the line when we don’t have the ball pressure pressure.. I’d love to see Boiler on we need his steel assuming he match fit… The Dubs are very confident and so they should be.
    0 to beat them on this crazy year, how special that would be… Hon Mayo.. love the podcasts.

  4. I love the podcasts.. Great work all involved.. we need to be in their faces at all times, show massive hunger .. Hopefully we can do it…

  5. Chop, chop, Sinead – there’s another one out tomorrow! This is with Kevin McStay and if what he has to say is anything like what he wrote in his column for the Irish Times earlier this week, it’ll be a good one.

  6. Really enjoyed the podcast. It’s so interesting listening to Billy Joe and I appreciate his calm head. I learned about possession and why slowing play down can be better sometimes than going full tilt.
    I love Rob’s questions – I felt he was delving right to the heart of matters.
    I echo everyone else in saying a hearty thank you for these podcasts. We are being spoilt and I am revelling in this.

  7. Another excellent podcast. Really looking forward to installment with Kevin McStay. It really was a wonderful piece of writing earlier in the week.

  8. Dublin are so accurate because teams are beaten before they play them. Teams just stand off them and never get any tackles in. Any player would score if they have plenty of room and are under no pressure. Mayo will bring the intensity and tackling that Dublin only face when they play Mayo and Kerry. Every other team just stand back and admire. Thats why Dublin usually struggle against Mayo.

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