The final countdown – Mayo News football 2020 E44

The man in the red suit is already planning his annual global itinerary but ahead of his arrival down the chimney Mayo supporters all over the world are gearing up for the county’s involvement in a novel Christmas All-Ireland final. Once again it’s mighty Dublin who stand in Mayo’s way in the battle for Sam but, for Mayo’s fans, another final offers the tantalising hope that this one might be The One.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we throw in the ball on a new series we’ve called ‘The Final Countdown’, which will run up to Saturday week’s All-Ireland decider. Between now and then we’ll be back with regular episodes of the podcast, featuring a variety of different voices, as we get ever closer to the big day. 

Rob Murphy and I helm this first episode in the series and we begin by reflecting on Mayo’s improbable journey to this year’s final and by discussing the county’s phenomenal consistency over the last decade.

Mike Finnerty then meets up with Mayo News columnist Seán Rice, a man who has seen Mayo in action for several decades and who now looks forward to the county’s appearance in yet another All-Ireland final. 

After that it’s back to Rob and me as we consider the record-shattering exploits of Cillian O’Connor, whose 4-9 personal tally in Sunday’s semi-final was the highest score ever recorded by a player in a Championship match. We then end the show with a segment of the interview Cillian did with Billy Joe Padden on the podcast back in May this year.

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26 thoughts on “The final countdown – Mayo News football 2020 E44

  1. Last year was the end of the line for many of the older players. So can’t really read much into that semi final. Dublin went up a gear and Mayo couldnt live with the pace of Dublin like they did in 2017. Mayo need to get the Dublin monkey off our backs. Its starting to become like Kerry was for 20 odd years where we couldnt beat them. Mayo haven’t beaten Dublin since 2012 in either the Championship or League. That’s a very long time not to beat one team. Although in the league since 2012, Dublin have only lost 11 league games by 5 different teams and and 1 championship game with Kerry (3), Monaghan (2), Tyrone (3), Cork (2), Derry (1) beating them in the league and of course Donegal in 2014 in the championship.

    Its going to take one hell of a performance from Mayo to win. Dublin have a lot of experience which may be the difference if its still in the melting pot in last 10 minutes or will Mayo’s youth, inexperience and naivety mean Mayo have no fear. Dublin wont be able to run the legs off Mayo like they did last year in the second half. So many questions and great to be back in a final.

  2. If Mayo have the foot on Dublin’s throat at any stage in the match, I hope we show Ruthlessness and don’t let them up. Be relentless in intensity and show hunger for every ball and we have a good chance

  3. Positive news coming through- MidWest reports that McLaughlin and Barrett should be fit for final. If McLaughlin wasn’t available then we could have packed it in. Obviously I’m talking about Eoin Mc.

  4. You could add Kevin Mcloughlin as well spotlight. He is so important to us.
    I thought he was excellent again against Tipp.
    Does so many small things in terms of blocking, covering etc Also great passer of the ball.
    I would say he has been our most consistent performer over last 9 years

  5. Attention Mayos in Dublin & Willie Joe

    I’m getting WhatsApp messages urging Dubs supporters to gather at Clonliffe House at 3pm and March to Jones’s Road, with flags and banners ‘to remind Mayo where they are’.

    We should do something similar. Drumcondra Road/Quinn’s? Socially distanced of course.

  6. Kevin MC scored high in power rankings, he rarely gets credit for work he does, great player and rarely has a bad game.

  7. Do we need reminding, Catcol? I think the lads will be fully aware without the helpful input of the bodhran-banging brigade and the rest of us will know too, seeing as most of us will be at home. I won’t be stirring from the couch at any rate.

  8. Catcol
    They can march to Croker but they won’t be going inside. No hill 16 singalongs this year it seems.

  9. I would urge anyone thinking about gathering in any numbers to support their own County team, please be mindful of Social Distancing measures, if big numbers turn up this might not be as easy… People are still dying from this virus…We have seen the exceptional measures in place just so this competition can continue… Same goes for the hurling Final this weekend…I think that both Dublin and Mayo team’s will know that their supporters have their backs, and I must confess that I am worried that some may flout the rules!

  10. Did anyone hear Jack Mccaffery’s interview on Off the ball ? I appreciate his honesty but could you imagine a Mayo man saying in so many words he dreaded the coming back for an All Ireland Final replay ?

  11. So lovely to hear Sean Rice, he is a breath of fresh air, I loved the podcast as usual, it’s beginning to feel like a novelty run up to the All Ireland, I’m so enjoying this build up, it’s fantastic really. Who knows what way this will go but I guess that’s part of.

  12. McCaffrey’s interview was brilliant, seems a sound buck. Refreshing to hear a bit of honesty, and with the amount he has won, you can see where he’s coming from. There is an awful lull after a drawn AI. It puts into perspective, the effort and commitment of all Inter County players, especially our own lads. Whether we win on the 19th or ever get over the line, ill always be grateful for the commitment shown by the our lads. The fact they keep coming back and back and back again is testament to their character. We are so lucky to have them.

  13. Catcol, I think trying to organising any kind of unregulated gathering in current times is incredibly irresponsible. If the GAA know about this they should be at least advising against it.

  14. So Dub supporters will be walking up Jones road while the match is on that’s great, think Mayo supporters will have more sense and stay at home to actually see the game.

  15. I love that the Dubs have to remind us they are there…I think that means they fear us. We run them close almost every time (last year being the exception). If the team take the best from the games played since the resumption of the football we can run them close again.

  16. Great job Willie Joe and crew on the blog and the podcasts,I’m really enjoying it all.
    On the game itself. I dont hold out much hope.
    Can anyone answer me this…..What are we going to do when Dublin apply the press? It matters not if they attempt to do it for 70+ minutes or have a concentrated time period to do it (Like the semi final last year)
    In my opinion we simply have no answer to this.Clarkie (Or Hennelly) aren’t in the Kick out league of Cluxton,Patten,Morgan to go efficiently, accuately and with no risk to our half backs and certainly not to midfield. Also as we know our midfield is limited against very average teams in the air never mind the best field in the country (maybe of all time)
    I’m not trying to be negative here but just logical,what can we do here?
    On a positive note this is all bonus territory for us,I old have taken a Connaught final title this year.Whatever happens this will benefit the young guns in the long run.
    I really hope Horan has some kind of left field masterstroke hatching at the moment!

  17. I know this will probably never happen, but I would start Mullin in midfield on Fenton. Think Oisin played a good few games for Kilmaine in that position. He would have the speed and is taller than Loftus. I think hes our best equipped player to sonehow compete with fenton. If that happens, my match ups would be:
    O’Hora/P. Small
    Keegan/Kilkenny (switch with Paddy if needs be)

    I think Dublin will match up the following:
    McDaid/McGloughlin (possible sweeprs)
    McCarthy/Loftus or Ryan O’D if he starts.

  18. The Dublin fans in work are supremely confident talking about hammerings and give Mayo zero chance. The defensive gaps in the semi and the kickouts would look ominous for Mayo but on the day if Mayo give it their all and Dublin have a rare off day maybe it can go to the wire. I dont agree with man on podcast that believes Dublin will use 5 players to mark 2 Mayomen jesus how many Mayo players would be needed then to mark the Dublin forwards. Is there anything to be said for a mass or one of the backs taking the kickouts some of the kickouts in second half against Tipp were dire and Dublin will apply that pressure all game. I dont agree with the ah its a free kick or it will benefit the young lads if Mayo lose another final. Your wildcard is Conroy now it may pass him by its happened to many players but he also may run amok as Dublin are not used to him as they are with COC or AOS or AM when he played.

  19. I see that “Dublin Joe” will be a linesman on the day. He will need watching. Could do more damage to us than Fenton and Cluxton combined.

  20. Agree, Revellino. It’s a beautiful song. It’s the one I think of too.

    Imagine, we have people who played and lost in Croke Park from three different periods going there on the 19th – James Horan (1995, 1996), Ciaran McDonald (2004, 2006) and players like Aido, Cillian, Kevin Mc, David Clarke, Chris Barrett, Lee Keegan, (this decade). Despite the laxness on display in second half versus Tipp, I cannot see Horan letting them to Croke Park unprepared in the above context. (But the plan needs to be robust). I will always back a Mayo team.

  21. As someone asked, a kickout plan can be hatched as it was vs Kerry in 2017. I think Goalie needs to signal whenever Dubs have the press on that kick will be into a free zone where players are forewarned to flood the zone.

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