The hunt for green and red October


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A week to go to the replay – and it’s raining once more up here in the capital! – so the focus is starting to narrow in on the game that’s there to be played, the contest that’s there to be won. There’s the prize too, of course, but don’t mind that – the only thing that matters now is the match. What comes after will look after itself.

Like the rest of you, I feel that much of the external chatter is now occurring on a different wavelength. We’re on FM – Frequency Mayo – and we need to stay tuned in there for the next week, and, as Boy George sang all those years ago, continue to push aside those who whisper never.

The main aim for us supporters, of course, a week out from the replay is to make sure we can get there. Last Sunday at HQ was simply an incredible day to be a Mayo fan – once again nailing that awful lie about our being a long-suffering tribe: what county wouldn’t have wanted to be in that cauldron roaring on their heroes the way we were? – and I think we all left Croke Park happy in the knowledge that we’d given our all.

But, no more than the players, it’s only half-time for us as well. The Mayo machine (the ticket-hoovering one, that is) worked to perfection for the drawn game – tickets were as rare as proverbial hen’s teeth up here ahead of last Sunday and once HQ filled up on the day it became transparently obvious where all those tickets had gone to.

We need the same attention to detail for the replay. Get yourself sorted, get everyone you know sorted, hell – even get that bollix that you’re not all that keen on but who will shout loudly for us sorted. Every additional ticket we get swells our ranks inside Croke Park and increases the wall of sound that’ll drive the lads on.

Season ticket holders are all boxed off by now and it was announced yesterday – Mayo News piece by Edwin McGreal here – that clubs have got an additional allocation of tickets. This means there are more tickets heading our way than for the drawn match. Every single one of them needs to go to someone who’ll be there and who’ll play their part in roaring the lads on.

The hunt is on. Don’t let up ’till everyone is sorted. This is one match no Mayo supporter should miss. Make sure that, if at all possible, you’re there too.

(Thanks to Mairéad, by the way, for the nifty headline of this post).

Don’t forget that there are ten tickets for the replay (and a €10,500 jackpot prize) up for grabs in Monday night’s draw for the Mayo GAA Players Welfare Lotto. Play the Lotto here.    

103 thoughts on “The hunt for green and red October

  1. Not sure we are getting more tickets WJ. Clubs got about 10% more. Counties outside Mayo getting about 2/3rd of allocation they got last time. Don’t know where the rest are going but hopefully not to appease Hill 16 Army who have being moaning loudly about not all Hill tickets going to Dublin last time.

  2. There does not seem to be the same push for tickets for this match. A lot of the less crazy people may not go. Cost comes into it as well – whole families went the first time and there was a festival type atmosphere in Dublin. City West bar on Saturday night was like a section of our local pub – there was so many people we knew there I felt like selling the club lotto tickets!!! Hangover the next day did not help. I hate the bitching that goes on here about the opposition. Connolly, Philly and McMan only do what our own lads do. The dubs supporters are also some of the best ever. I did not meet one bad one. The taxi drivers, bus drivers and restaurant staff were all real sound. I sat beside a Dub fan who cursed and roared throughout the game. Fair play to him he was just supporting his team. He shook everyone’s hand after the game. Cant wait. Dont know if I like the feeling. Is hope/want a good thing or a curse? COYBIGAR.

  3. Sinabhuil, yeah there will never be same demand for a replay. Students who work retail at weekends not able to get more time off, people who can’t afford to bring full families up again, people who emigrated and can’t make another trip home, people who have holidays booked, etc. Plenty neutrals won’t go a second day either and of course no minor game. Hopefully the excess tickets are all swooped up by green and red fans 😉

    Have to agree, there was such a festival like atmosphere around Croker I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t think any previous year has touched it for craic and occasion – the pubs and streets were jam packed! It was surreal

  4. Don’t agree lads. No spare tickets surfacing this time. Demand in our Mayo clubs seems to have risen from first match. If they are not in the other counties to the same level as last day, they are going to be harder to track down.

  5. I only know a handful of people with tickets so far. 3 Mayo and one is a season ticket holder and one dub who is not a real fan. Tickets in that dub club since thurs or Friday and same allocation amount so far as last allocation. One of my sources has to give tickets this time to the ones he let down last week. He captained last all Ireland winning cork hurling team and is a real character so everyone wants them from him. I’m bumped back to the bottom of the pile again. Prob won’t be able to help me out again for years!! So we better f’in do it next Saturday! We managed 8 tickets last week in the end but not even a guarantee of one so far for replay. Will get worried on Monday if no word of any.

  6. My fear is that tickets will go back to croke park and will be re-allocated to Dublin clubs. As Willie Joe says keep using your other county sources and get the tickets in hand and give to a Mayo supporter – no matter what you think of him/her. Loads of people that did not go to teh last game that would love to go to this game.

  7. I have at least four game attending Mayo fans asking me desperately for tickets. So if people are thinking they will be left with tickets let me know and I will find a loud green and red home for them!

  8. Anyhow only getting around to comment now- a full 6 days on!! Watched the game back, finally, and definitely have a better grasp now

    Firstly, it was definitely as bizarre a final as you could see. Wayward passing/shooting, daft decision making, 2 OG’s, big players completely under-performing, players slipping and sliding, pressure scores, hard hits, it was remarkable.

    Last week I was convinced it was set for a draw but as throw in approached I had fully shifted towards a Mayo victory. I thought it had all the ingredients for an ambush, and seeing all the Mayo colour around CP, I was convinced our lads would be driven over the line.

    We started brilliantly, intensity-wise. I commented in the lead up that I hoped we’d avoid a 2013-like start where we rattled them, ran all over them and really took the game to them but didn’t punish them enough on the scoreboard and ultimately conceded a poor goal against the run of play.

    Sadly the exact same pretty much happened. The OG was unfortunate though but was clearly deflating. The second though was a tough one to take. For all the talk of “flukes” and whatever, Connolly with some super quick-thinking, played a lovely, dangerous, ball into the danger zone and a Dublin man was left goal side- criminal.

    Unlike 2013 though, Dublin still bizarrely couldn’t get going and we came straight back at them. Andrews made a huge difference though and the few points they reeled off towards the end of the half (most were – annoyingly – completely avoidable) had them in a super position.

    There only looked one winner at half time, and I felt that barring an early Mayo goal, that we could be heading for a drubbing when the Dubs regrouped and emptied their star studded bench.

    Only we came straight at them and absolutely sauntered through them for 5 quick fire points and at this stage I only saw one winner. The Dubs continued to misfire, panic and make some awful decisions, they were absolutely there for the taking.

    Pity then that we handed them a lifeline by allowing them re-take the lead with some basic errors. And yet they still couldn’t push on! We were coming out on top in all the defensive duels, were forcing them into silly passes and reducing their scoring opportunities. I did feel our goose was once again cooked when they went three up, but our lads STILL came back at them for more.

    I thought- in fairness- the Dubs played injury time brilliantly until the Connolly moment of madness. In complete contrast to our rosary beads exhibition against Tyrone in the 1/4, they held on to the ball brilliantly, recycled quickly and found a man with ease each time – a lot of it in our half of the field – to wind down the clock. I thought Aidan’s appalling decision had done it for us, but when Cillian nabbed the ice cool equaliser it was as if we’d won the damn thing! I think we would have all bitten proverbial hands off for a draw at HT and going into Injury Time with no questions asked!!!

    I still can’t quite get over how bad Dublin were. They cocked up basic passes, failed to execute any sort of structured game plan, their main names completely misfired and they seemed to panic very, very easily. They seemed more reluctant to shoot than I have ever seen them, and some of their efforts on goal beggared belief. I think our lads deserve a lot of the credit though. We quite clearly rattled them from early on and came out on top in most of the exchanges. Intensity wise, we urinated all over them, and looked by far the hungrier and more settled team.

    Our lads deserve an enormous amount of credit for coming back not once, but twice from a seemingly fatal position. Bottlers? LOL, pull the other one. That said, we were far from perfect ourselves. A certain player made some horrendous errors and cost us two points at least. We showed our now age-old failing of not being able to keep our foot on the accelerator when in a cruising position. See the replay last year and Kerry 2014. The Dubs were dead and buried after 45-50 minutes but we just couldn’t put them away.
    To counter that, the player mentioned above made some heroic intercepts and worked like a trojan. All our backs were heroic. Donie Vaughan isn’t always the purists’ favourite player- with his head-up, unorthodox style, but he was a colossus. It was a very proud performance overall

    So what about the next day? Now is where I must put the objective hat on, which is a hell of a lot easier a week on than in the few days after the match.

    Lets be honest, there is no hope Dublin can be that bad again. It’s also fairly naive to not acknowledge the role the weather played the first day out. A dry day (which it looks like) isn’t one we should overly relish. Our “element of surprise” is gone, as is the ambush angle. Any nervousness that Dublin clearly seemed to feel on the cusp of doing two in a row, should be reduced. I expect them to take much better scores from out the field, Rock will surely be far more clinical and guys like Bernard Brogan and Kevin McManaman will be absolutely all out to prove their doubters wrong

    However, our two key players of recent times, COC and AOS should have much more of an influence, while DOC has more in him too. Dry weather should suit our inside forwards and I do think we have them where we need them. Rattled and quite unsure of themselves. We have taken up a position in their heads now and that’s a hard one for them to shake off. These laughable ” Kerry will ambush them” predictions in the semi- there’s only one team who strikes fear into this Dublin team and that’s not a washed up team of geriatrics.

    We worryingly haven’t created many goal chances against Dublin in recent meetings, while they certainly have against ourselves (though not as much last week). We aren’t as good a footballing side and we don’t have that experience of grinding out a win in a showpiece match. However, at times hunger can trump all else and we possess it in spades.

    If you want me to predict based on rationality then I can only apologise. I’m fairly convinced that Mayo will do the business by about 2 or 3 points in the end. This team is a heroic group and I don’t think they’ll take no for an answer. When the dirty ball is there to be won in the Dublin half late on next week I fully believe our lads will be carrying a 70/30 advantage to each ball. Up Mayo!

    Now for this super-fun ticket hunting again! Crikey, I’m still not nearly over last week and all the emotions that went with it!

  9. Great last Sunday and we again need to mop up every ticket we can get and roar our heads off. Still trying to work last Sunday out and some real positives and negatives. We should stop fooling ourselves that because we gave them 2 ogs that we were therefore six points better than them. The fact is that they created 3 great goalscoring chances in the opening 21 minutes. Two of them resulted in goals. Clarke made a great save on the first one before K Mac put it in. Then Clarke made another great save, and then Rock should have caught and scored Connollys brilliant pass. Instead it bounced off his chest and went in off Boyler. Another thing that concerns me is that we only tend to play flat out when behind and this has been going on for a few years. Against Kerry in semi two years ago we put in a super second half until we got in front. Against Dublin last year we came back from the dead to go level but did not push on to win it. In the replay we led by 4 and blew it. Last Sunday we showed incredible courage to come back 3 times to draw level, but half way through the second half we had them on the ropes but didn’t push on. We are brilliant when we have nothing to lose but appear fearful when we get in a winning position. We were like that v Tyrone as well but we escaped. I presume its psychological and results in our desperation to land Sam but it needs to be addressed. On a positive note we have shown what a really good team we are and that our guts and courage are fantastic. We are able to match this great Dublin team and have done so since 2012. Though I thought we played well on Sunday a number of the players can do better and if we can eliminate the mistakes and unforced errors from which they got a lot of scores then we have a right chance. We have a super team and should be so proud of them. Hopefully they will get their deserved reward on Saturday. Up Mayo.

  10. Someone said somthing to me the other day that I laughed at as funny at the time. however the more I think about it the more I think it’s a good idea…… about as many Mayo supporters as possible get a face cut out of Lee Keegan (the famous one of him shouting with his mouth open) and wear it on the day. Some entrepreneur out there might see this as an opportunity to make a few euro??

  11. Anyone listening to RTE radio. Dub journalists only on the panel. Talking complete waffle about all the Dubs leaders on the field right from 1 to 15. Met some dubs last night in town. All downbeat. Still clinging to the idea that their team is superior and will come good in the end. But you sense they don’t actually believe it. A strong start required next Saturday to reinforce the doubts

  12. Hilly Bits
    thats plain daft.Let Lee Keegan play his own game being careful of the ref.
    I think the lowest key the better for the whole team.

    {I still believe in fate and Saturday will be the day}

  13. Yeah Bohola, heard it. They need a dry day so their star forward line can play. They only got 12 scores on a wet day in the AI final last year on a wet day and 11 on wet day last Sunday. Dubs will be all waiting to play a good game having played so bad. Blah Blah Blah! Lots more of the same before Saturday. Nobody in Mayo listening because we know Sam is coming West.

  14. 308 A, I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky, or in my case the pitch. 307 H the last day, can’t get any nearer than this so even Croke Park suspect it’s Mayo’s day. Hope Cusack is full of Mayo headers again like last Sunday.

  15. RTE announce coverage details of the replay and in the evening the highlights program with “Mumbling Dublin Des” in the chair and Dublins Ciaran Whelan on the panel.

    Now there’s a surprise. I thought it would be John Casey, John Mawn, Conor Mortimer, Billie Joe Padden, Willie Joe Padden, Liam McHale and Billy Fitzpatrick.

  16. Havent sourced a ticket yet and im not going through all that stress again , will wait till thursday before panic sets in.

    Its too late for a call for something different but the alternative would be scarfs to the flags not been let in. A scarf layout like celtic park just simply chanting Mayo mayo for a couple of mins would be majestic.Youre kidding yourself if you think we didnt have a positive effect the last day. We are now the best supporters in the land no longer second to Dublin just like the team will be next sat night when cillian climbs them steps to lift Sam Maguire.

  17. Dublin had 2 dry days last year against us. Not much between us then. Wet day last Sunday not much between us either. There won’t be much between us next sat either. I’m not to bothered bout analysis from dubs yerras or some derry fella who looks like harry potter. Words are easy to say. And write. Action is the key word for us and we are up for it. If mayo missed the boat the last day then so did dublin. That’s why we’re both back at hq next week. Neither team produced enough to win.

  18. Ticket distribution seems to be a closed loop again . Having missed only the London and Derry games this year up to the final . I couldn’t get tickets for my son (8) and me together . We’ go together to all matches so as much as it broke my heart I couldn’t go without him . So we missed this years final.
    If there is any way at all the distribution can dwindle down to supporters like my son it would be fair .
    I talked some of the usual final only attendees and as much as it hurts I’ll still be out there on the first week of January . Of course with my son where there will be no sign of the prawn brigade.

  19. Irish Life have a Health and Well Being Event on Monday 3rd Oct where you can get a photo with Philly McMahon and The Sam Maguire. Hope he is willing to wait in the queue in Castlebar.

  20. I am genuinely amazed at the amount of regular posters here and therefore staunch supporters who are not either
    A. Cairde season ticket
    B. Croke Park season ticket
    C. Club members
    You will see headbangers all over Facebook in the next week ranting and raving about corruption in the GAA and lack of tickets. These are the very same people who wouldn’t look out their back window to watch a club game. The ironic thing is that a lot of people DO travel to all the Mayo games and yet still do not avail of one of the above options. If you can afford to travel to Cork for a league game you can afford €30 or €40 club membership. Buy the Cairde or season ticket, it’s not like we’re following Antrim football. We’ve been in the semi final the last 6 years running and 3 finals in the same period, chances are you’ll need a ticket in September following Mayo football.

  21. Saw that JustOutsideBallagh…

    Breaking picked up on Irish life with Philly Mc and Sam…Sure Mayo’ll do well to keep the ball kicked out to the dubs… No one gets a 2nd chance against the champs!!!

  22. Liam, regarding season tickets Mayo allocation sold out for the last few years so we who got in early are the lucky ones. Dublin and Mayo sold out every year as far as I know.

  23. Saw the Irish Life ad. Philly not keeping it in house. Sam and Philly two days after playing us!! Confidence or arrogance? We need to poke the bear on that one

  24. I flew back from NY for the last day and despite having multiple channels open I didn’t get sorted until 2PM.

    I am flying back next Friday for the replay and my usual suspects are telling me that the veins are tighter this go around.

    For every person i know that went back for the Final but is not going back for the replay I know of three people that passed on Sunday last and are going back for the replay so you do the math.

  25. You can break down supporters into 3 categories
    1) a supporter who goes to every game fbd national league championship.they will have a season ticket and are more than likely a member of a club.

    2) a supporter who goes to the odd home game in the league and will attend a few championship games maybe a member of a club.

    3) the supporters that come out for championship and especially the business end of championship.would not be seen at an fbd league or a national league game.will not be a club memeber of a season ticket holder but can be seen outside croke park holding genuine fan sign looking for ticket or giving out on Facebook twitter etc about true fans not getting tickets!

    True fans have a season ticket be it from croke park or the chairde and are a member of there local club! Anyone can afford to pay club membership or get a season ticket .its the price of 1 night out in the year!!!

  26. Aidan, you left out one, 4) if your a TD or a Senator, (whatever they are or do), the Mayo county board will see you right.

  27. Baconfactoryend, the 100 euro season tickets are sold out but you can still get the 200 euro cairde Mayo tickets.

    Just watched the match back for a second time and most things have already been said. I think the bottom line is the majority of Dublin scores came from mistakes on our part. Our kick outs need serious work. If we cut out the mistakes we will win. Of that I have no doubt.

  28. Ive been called manys a thing but not a ttrue fan is a new one.

    Try this for size. Mayo season ticket was sold out this year, it has a quota.

    Now try this , i genuinely was stuck towards deadline week, the year before i had no ptoblem renewing after deadline date . They shifted the goalpost in that regard.

    Club membership? And what would that get me from living in dublin the last 15 odd years. Sure junior clubs in mayo got 100 tickets and had over 200 members apply.

    Not a true fan, way up outta that, there were days 25 years ago when youd know nearly every fsce at league games around the country and my aul fella was one of them with us lot in the back.

  29. Niallmac1983 a lot of our scores came from Dublin mistakes also. It’s level playing field again next day. The team that makes the least mistakes and punishes the most will win .

  30. Aidan, I don’t have a season ticket. Are you saying I’m not a true fan. I could give you a lesson in mayo gaa not just over the last 6 or 7 years when the teams doing well but back to the 70s and 80s. So keep you stupid uninformed opinions to yourself. Don’t question fans loyalty or support for the team because of the lack of a piece of paper.

  31. My opinions are not stupid and uniformed.i have supported Mayo for a long time before this team came good i well remember some very bad days one of which when I was young a certain semi final v cork in 93 .
    My definition of a true Mayo supporter is a person that goes to all Mayo games all over the country whether be fbd national league or championship .now I know a lot of people cannot travel to every game for obvious reasons but what annoys me is people looking for tickets every time an all Ireland comes around and these are the same people who would not be at any games all year and that is fact.
    And in relation to an above post if you are a club member your chance of getting a ticket is greater that not being a don’t have to be living in the country to be a club member!!!
    I seemed to have poked a few bears here!!!

  32. Season tickets are sold out and have been for a few years. Chairde are available but 200 is steep for some people. I actually am begining to find some of the post regarding “genuine” fans to be on the arrogant side, its like your a better supporter if you have a season ticket. I have a season ticket and am lucky to be able to afford it and to travel to the majority of games, some people dont due to cost, work, location etc etc. You dont need a season ticket to be a true supporter, you dont need to attend every match to count yourself a true supporter, are Mayo people scattered throughout the world less of a supporter because they cant go to a few games. Any person from Mayo is a Mayo supporter regardless of how many games they attend. I guarantee there are people with season tickets who havent attended fbd or any league game, maybe even early rounds of the championship. You see it every league game, people going in with multiple tickets getting them scanned for people who dont attend. Some may have valid reasons but some just dont bother going, they bought the ticket for the chance of an AI ticket thats all. Sorry for the rant.

  33. In the last number of years I’ve missed only a handful of games. Most of the away league games but little else. The way my work has been set up this year means I have yet to get to Croker. I have to say I left it too late for the cairde ticket but other years I got sorted for the finals. Either way Mayo fans are the real deal and you get to see familiar faces at games over the years. I’ve bought a fair few lotto and draw tickets the last month and will again this week. I just love watching the green and red take the field whether it’s at the Stephenites in the new year or Croker on a scalding summer’s day. Mayo Abu.

  34. Lads let’s not argue. We all know where we are at as supporters. I know a few great supporters who due too ill health could never attend a game. There is mayo flag flying over my brothers grave. Health cut his life short but he loved mayo and was as passionate about the game as anyone. The ticket problems that people have are high class problems. I’m season ticket holder and travel length and bredth to see these guys. I don’t look up or down at anyone. I just go about my business. Let’s stick together lads. 80 odd minutes from sam. Don’t fall out now. Enjoy it while we are in it.

  35. Liam and others

    Season ticket is sold out . Chairde option was available last oct/Nov . 400 euro is hard coming up to Christmas as you can understand . A family with young kids.

    Please don’t catagorize into true supporters or not .

    This year alone I have kept one elderly neighbours attendance up enough on season ticket to attend last Sunday . I didn’t mind as I was going anyway .
    My problem is not with the voices here . It’s the 20 thousand who attend and don’t really give a “”””. I am a volunteer at club level at under age . Last weekend I spent 16 hours trapesing from blitz to blitz in Mayo . So forgive me if I’m al little annoyed with the comments .

  36. Fair point mayomad about people scanning tickets but the idea of the season ticket being introduced was to reward loyal supporters who go to games .it was one of the best systems the gaa ever introduced.

    However there was a limited of season tickets put up for general sale at end of last year for Mayo and I expect there be none to be put on sale for next year.
    How many Mayo supporters know we play Monaghan on our ist game in league on Feb 4th?

    Of course not everyone can go to games due to different reasons including people abroad and of course these people are true supporters but the point I’m making it’s so sickening to see people Complaining they can’t get tickets and you know well they haven’t being to any game all year!!!

    However we need to stop the dubs getting to many tickets from different counties.get as many tickets as ye can and fill croke park with green and red!
    The thing with finals is there is so many corporate tickets out there and tickets in other counties.if you have one spare give it to a Mayo person we need to raise the decibel levels again.

  37. Left half back one thing I will say is the likes of you and other coaches at every club are brilliant.grassroots so important!
    And also can people bear in mind the work club secretary and chairpersons are putting in now there job isn’t easy and I hear of a lot of club secretary’s getting dogs abuse over tickets!
    Please don’t abuse these people they putting in Trojan work and it all voluntary!

  38. Aidan, I agree with ya re season ticket being a great idea and I think it should be expanded. Tickets that went on sale last year I think were ones not renewed, not sure if that will be the case this year. The dubs have the hill 16 season ticket which I am totally opposed to as it gives one county guaranteed access to half price tickets in a supposedly neutral venue.

    I know its annoying to see people who ypu know dont attend any game get tickets and I did find the amount of people in croke park last sunday dressed up for the night out afterwards with the token headband wrapped around their hand sitting all quiet incredible annoying (wear a jersey or at least bring a flag for feck sake). But I dont agree with ya saying a true supporter attends every game, its not as simple as that, some people are incredible GAA people and hugely knowledgeable Mayo fanatics but for a variety of reasons are unable to attend games or at least not as many as they would like. There are true suppoerters out there who dont get to attend games and thats fine, we are all Mayo people after all

  39. I never missed a single game Mayo played from when I started attending games as a lad. Even when I worked in England for years, I got home to every game. In the last couple of years, due to family commitments, I can no longer get to every game as I have done for nearly 40 years. I don’t think that because you have a Season Ticket you should start labeling others as not genuine fans. In fact it is Mayo fans like myself that pulled tickets from other counties that swelled Croke Park last Sunday. No doubt we will do the same again next Saturday and with the noise we made, there is no doubt but that we are genuine fans. We are all in this together. Hon Mayo!

  40. We can go on and on about true supporters and season tickets and the lot but the bottom line is we are in an all Ireland final next Saturday and now the onus is on us supporters to get behind the team.make sure yer voices are gone on Sunday roar wear yer jersey bring a flag if allowed!
    The players and fans didn’t leave anything behind the last day same again please

  41. Well said Mayomad
    Not everyone can afford to attend every game be it for reasons of time and money. We all feel the same about Mayo though

  42. Agreed lets get back on track. Big game comin up like. Ill geta ticket one way or the other and will roar them on with passion.

  43. What I said in my post if people bothered to read it, was that I cannot understand people who DO ATTEND every game not availing of at least one of the options above. Granted the GAA season ticket is sold out.
    Cairde Maigheo =€200, that equals a trip to Cork in the league. You can fore sake I league game and have peace of mind and a guaranteed final ticket, plus your helping out the team in fundraising.
    Club membership=€30/40, that equals a few pints on a Friday night. Your chances of a ticket are usually better than 50% in the club draw.
    I’m sorry, the GAA get many things wrong, but the season ticket is brilliant and club membership is a pittance for all they do.
    As for the head bangers on Facebook….

  44. Agree with Adains point most of us know of this person who says I can’t get a ticket will you keep me in mind if you here of any. They then go on to tell you I’ve been to all the matches all year and by the matches all year they really mean when Mayo are playing in McHale park or when we are in Croke Park. You know this because when you spoke to them all year and said I’m off to Cork, Donegal, Monaghan etc.. they look at you like your mad. Thankfully I have a season ticket that gets 100% of use. Having said that there has been plenty of supporters in Cork/ Donegal without season tickets and who do go to all the matches who really struggle this time of year and then we have season ticket holders who are queing outside venues with multiples of tickets trying to find someone to scan them just to make up their 60%. Does this mean I’m a genuine supporter I don’t know. I would still give a spare ticket (if I had one ) to a Mayo supporter who I know doesn’t attend all the matches the most important thing is we are all supporting the same team and the more Mayo people in seats and the more noise we make on Saturday supporting our team the better.

  45. Aiden I can see you are a true and passionate Mayo fan but please don’t try to label us as there are as many Types of Mayo fans as there are Mayo people. I don’t live in the county any more and while I would love to be able to zip over to Castlebar for a home league match the fact is its a 6 hour return journey for me.
    I am just as passionate about Mayo as anyone else on here and was lucky enough to get a last minute ticket the last day. I shouted my head off and apologised to people sitting beside me in the cusack . I have managed to secure a ticket for Saturday and God willing I will be there again to finally see our boys lift the Sam .
    In 96 I was only able to get to the first match courtesy of the club I played for in England. I could not get back for the replay. This time I will be there to play my part in supporting the lads Hon Mayo

  46. Think it’s time to start a new thread Willis Joe and let’s move away from the “genuine supporter” debate.

    If we can get roughly as much of the stadium controlled (by seats and noise) by us as the last day then we’ll be doing great. Then it’s over to Team and Management!!

  47. I’m not accusing anyone of not having any passion for Mayo far from it we need all the passion in Croke Park next Saturday!
    I know not everyone can make games for a whole lot of different reasons from ill health to being abroad to work reasons.
    As was said earlier the season ticket is one of the best things the gaa has ever done!
    Maybe they could look at other options for tickets for final say give each competing county 15000 each.i know there is 40 plus clubs in Mayo so say if we got 15000 tickets and split it between 40 that 375 tickets for each club!
    I believe the demand is far greater with clubs for tickets than it was for the drawn game and clubs are receiving approx only 10% more tickets than for the ist would have to ask where is all the tickets going that went to the minor teams the last time out?

    Another issue I would have is the county board have put another levy of €500 on clubs again for tickets this time! The ist levy was bad enough as clubs can find it difficult to fund raise but another takes the biscuit altogether.the Olympic council of Ireland were never in it!!!

  48. All Mayo fans in the Hill or Hogan/Davin next Saturday, please remember to bend the knee and bow to the season ticket holders in the Cusack at approx 4.55pm, just as they all take up their seats. For these are the “true” supporters to the Mayo cause. I would also direct you to not converse with them in establishments prior to the game, as you are not a “true supporter” and they do not wish to be hassled by riff raff on this their most sacred of days.

    Thank you for your compliance.

  49. Juan no need to bend the knee and bow. I’ll be quite near the davin as I’m in 311. I think this waiting for the match has everyone on their toes it is unbearable and still seams a long way off but we all need to stick together. This team need our support on Saturday regardless what happens we all need to be hoarse going home we have a job to do also and let Dublin supporters know we are there and won’t silent.

  50. For those of you who are a little put out at the thought of Philly McMahon appearing at an Irish Life wellbeing event with the Sam Maguire Cup 2 days after the All Ireland, fear not. There are actually 2 Sam’s in existence, the one Mayo will win next Saturday evening will be already on tour around the old County, while Philly will have to make do with the other one, a more battered version, all be it is the same size and design and is used for unofficial stuff like this Life event.

  51. Lads can we drop the “who’s the most loyal supporter” shtick…and talk football again.

    We were badly exposed on that left flank several times in the first half and again in the second. We were punished by two goals, no matter that we put them in, we were exposed. In the second half, we could have coughed up more but for some reason, Dublin seems reluctant to penetrate and shoot! They will exploit this again the next day. My question is, why was this happening? Was it Seamies or Parsons responsibly to pick up Fenton and/or small? And is Coen a better option to track him the next day? Then introduce Seamus later, raging like a bull cause he was dropped?

  52. I wonder did Irish Life include the following as part of their advert for the conference:

    (Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results. Past returns are not future returns. Past returns can be very misleading if there are reasons to believe that future market conditions are likely to be significantly different from those that shaped past returns.)

    Is this where the condition of the pitch, the new balls, rain, complacency, slippery surfaces, still knackered after beating Kerry, too many boggers on the hill, etc. etc. etc., comes into play for next Saturday!!!

  53. Mister mayor Seamie admitted himself he was at fault for not tracking Fenton for one of the goals.
    He need no motivation for the next day!
    Some could argue you can move Diarmuid in to track Fenton but then your taking away ability to contest in the air!
    There’s a few switches that could be made on either side and don’t think anyone be any wiser til throw in!

  54. Him admitting it doesn’t get him a pass. It was a costly mistake.
    But more importantly, is he the best positioned to neutralize Fenton the next day? I don’t think so, but u don’t know who can!

  55. I would think it better to start seamie than bring him on let him empty the tank and then switch!
    We have so many match ups to get right which we did the last day.
    We need to get more out of certain players and keep the level up that we got out of the rest.
    We need to somehow get more out of our attack but our man marking jobs does nullify our half backs bombing up the pitch!!!
    Anyway i think Dublin have problems of there own that are not to easy to rectify!

  56. What? Raining? In Dublin? But I thought they never get rain I thought Dublin was all sunshine and lollipops and bone try football pitches with surfaces like snooker tables. Hope the Dubs know all about the crying game this time next week now where did I put those culture club records……

  57. I dunno Aidan. I do agree that Dublin have their own problems and Gavin has plenty think about. Just that we have to track Fenton. Who does that is key. It used to be Killkenny that directed their play, and to some extent he still does, but is less of a scoring threat than Fenton.
    Diarmaid would be the man, but he just doesn’t look good at all. He looks off the pace and labored. Many say he’s injured but it’s silly to think at this stage we’d play him through an injury.

  58. All of ye,/us. It’s absolutely impossible to grade Mayo fans by entitlement to a ticket. ,. Once upon a time I. came back from Berlin for an All Ireland final 1997, a proud Conamara woman, who knew I was coming back for the All Ireland final, well she at the time back from New York to retire for over 10 year’s , in. Central Mayo with her Mayo husband, She was a penesioner at the time , but she was onto Midwest Radio day and night to get me a ticket for the All Ireland, her knowing that I was a fanatical Mayo fan. , She achieved her aim. I didn’t just get a ticket, but I got a Premium ticket, because of her efforts. The reason I got the Ticket, I would say was because I once found their beloved dog, who had gone missing years before when I was a teenager, (I was
    in the good books after that,) .. This wonderful woman, and her husband died year’s ago,. I don’t forget, these things, and am still appreciative of them, Many Mayo fans will have similar, and equally diverse stories.

  59. I’ll probably get roasted fo this but I’d try Conor O’Shea on Fenton and let Seamie come on later.
    The young O’She should have the legs and build for Fenton , fields well and can lay off a good pass with hand and foot. I know he has only had cameo appearances up till now but has done very well in those. He also seems to have a good understanding with Aiden (obviously because of playing for Breaffy ) and this may help Aiden as well.
    Maigh Eo Abu

  60. JJ id agree Conor could do a job on Fenton later on in the game. I think the solution is simpler one tho get parsons to track him and Vaughan when parson is up the pitch.

    Any ways I have full faith in rochy and mcentee to come up with a plan. It’s an obvious problem so I’m sure they’ll have a plan for it.

    The narrative seems to be nationally that Dublin will play much better in the next game and maybe they will
    But the likes of Flynn and brogan have been struggling for form all year so I would not expect them to explode on Saturday. Keegan will have Connolly in his pocket again, As much as Kilkenny gets on the ball he is not a scoring threat this year. This much vaunted Dublin forward is not as formidable as it once was.

  61. So the curse is lifted. It only applies to finals played in September so we’re ok for next Saturday!

    All the talk in the media is how the Dubs played so badly. Stephen Rochford and Keith Higgins believe Mayo played only 60-70 per cent of their capability. Stephen reckons we’re still due our best game of the year. We’re now presented with that opportunity.

  62. Who else could man mark Connolly if Keegan gets black carded? I’d just like to hear some thoughts please

  63. which in my experience is the best weather forecasting site/app is predicting light rain for next Saturday afternoon in Dublin. is the Norwegian meteorological service, why they would be better than the Irish one I don’t know but all the grain farmers I know swear by the and will seed or cut based on their info

  64. You can’t just categorise the “one match a year” fan in black and white terms though

    Some simply can’t afford to traipse across the country all year, with young families and commitments and so on. There was a guy beside me the last day who said it was his first match all year – that he is heavily involved in local club and simply preferred devoting all his support to his local parish, but shouted louder than anyone, and displayed a super knowledge and running analysis of the game. He could tell players warming up a mile away and even knew loads of them personally

    I know plenty of people then who go to all champ games and they honestly wouldnt recognise half the team if they bumped into them on the street. They’d be the ones with the token “come on Aidan” rinse and repeat all game. Some lad in front of me the last day kept referring to Harrison and durcan as number 2 and 7 respectively!

    There are plenty people id respect far more who volunteer for their club, attend club matches from underage to senior and then head to a AIF than those who go to latter champ matches in Dub with their primary objective being a day/night out.

    That said fans come in all shapes and sizes and really all did add to the atmosphere last week
    It does seem off though that those that go to FBD matches would miss out. Personally if I was a club Secretary id ensure those I knew personally that were regular attendees, or who contributed sunstantially to the club, got sorted rather than a raffle

    I don’t have an actual problem with any fan (life’s too short to worry about such, petty trivial stuff) but there are some that do baffle me in a way. Like my cousin who was born and lives up north, only follows soccer, yet was dying for a ticket the last day because his mother is from mayo. He’d never even watch mayo all year and doesn’t even drink so he’s not just going for a session either. He’s far from young either. He’d never even attend his own counties matches despite being a 5 minute drive from the county ground. In instances like that id feel sorry for a genuine regular fbd goer missing out tbh.

    I’m sure everyone has at least one anecdote about funny overheard lines or has witness hilarious antics from the stereotypical final day sunshine supporter though!!

    A clare woman with no more interest in GAA but was up in dub for weekend and “wanted to take a friend to CP to show her the ground ” had the gall to ask my sister could I get her a ticket. The naivety!!!!

  65. I couldnt make the drawn game!(feckin Australia is a long way to go)

    But iv the savings spent and flights booked. Im on the 40 hour trip Canberra to Dublin as of Wednesday!

    Could not be prouder of our lads..and the fans! Proud mayo man coming home to hopefully see Sam take that long awaited journey to our great county!

    All i need is
    a match ticket now 🙂

  66. Weev enough shite coming our way next sat than who’s a genuine supporter!!!!!!!! Make no mistake about that

  67. Look we are all Mayo supporters in our own way some of us are fortunate enough to be in the position to go to every game and others personal circumstances or whatever dictate they cannot. United we stand divided we fall as Andy Moran said we are Mayo and we are in this together so maybe we should park the childish my dad’s a bigger Mayo supporter than your dad talk

  68. Well said back door. MOVE ON ,we all want the same thing next saturday. We as supporters have our job in roaring on our bucks .

  69. If somebody buys a ticket with their honestly earned money then that is all that matters. What happened before is irrelevant.

    If I am next in line in a shop then I expect to be served next and not be shunted behind the person who was there last week. Similarly in a pub, restaurant or any other place I decide to patronise. I doubt there are many contributors on here who would be happy at being shunted to the back of the queue in their daily lives.

    I can only assume since as its ‘ I am the better supporter than the next guy’ discussion time that the Sunday newspapers are not available yet. The reaction to Brolly, COR or whoever has not started.

    It is all about a football match next Saturday.

  70. Interesting stuff about who going to track Fenton, Connolly, Kilkenny, etc., I would be of the view that we got the match ups pretty well spot on the last day and I expect it will be more of the same next day out. The biggest concern I have, and I mentioned the same before the drawn game, is the transition. So what do I mean by the transition? The following are examples how the ball is Transitioned into the Dublin forwards the last day out.
    Transition type 1.. Lets face it.. while Andy Moran is worth his weight in gold in attack he no longer has the pace to track a defender from one end of the field to the other.. and neither should he.. it’s all about getting the maximum return for the energy expended. His job is to harry the defender for as long as he can to allow time for our defense to set up. Once the defense is in place for zonal marking Andy is on his way back to the forwards.
    Transition type 2.. Slightly further out field at half forward Aidan O Shea makes a nuisance of himself.. legally blocks runs, tackles ferociously, follows his man into midfield.. lets him go.. and then picks up players coming well out the field from the forwards.. he is always on the ready to go forward again if the attack breaks down.. exhausting stuff.
    Transition type 3.. Lee Keegan.. tracking a runner who covers every blade of grass on the field.. can punch holes in defense, deadly with kick pass to forwards if given time.. Lee’s job is to disrupt this.. shite to a blanket stuff all day long.. stop influence at all cost.
    Transition 4.. The loop around and running off the shoulder.. the most dangerous in my opinion.. Fenton, Kilkenny, MDMcC etc., playing on the edge and through the edge of the zone.. this is where we got caught out the last day especially in the first half.. Mayo defenders have to be able pick up and drop defenders in seconds.. good communication.. who follows out.. who drops back. We don’t have the strength and depth of athletic runners that Dublin have so we have adopted this type of defense.. it takes a lot of work and practice on the training field with the sweeper as extra security.. it’s risky but conserves energy. I am hugely optomistic about this area next day out as l belive it’s finally coming good for us.

    We can’t beat Dublin in a straight sprint.. we have tried before and lost. We had a certain amount of bad luck with the goals the last day and Dillon getting injured but.. and this is key.. we matched Dublin for stamina for the 76 odd minutes.. we actually finished the stronger. Yes players were getting cramp.. but this happened on both sides. For me the winning of this game is in the players hands.. they have to be 150% focused and clued in and execute their managers plans down to every single handpass. The winning margins are miniscule but I am fully convinced that we have the upper.. come hail rain or shine.

  71. Brendan Harrison would be the option id use for DC if keegan was black carded. In my naive thinking id like to see Keegan away from Connolly marking job for at least a spell. I know people will say thats crazy talk though.

  72. Talk of people bowing to others before a ball is thrown in, is simply disappointing.

    We really do need to grow up, because we are in this together!

    As long as tickets end up in the hands of Mayo supporters, that’s all that matters!

    Sam is going to be all over county for months. People who never would otherwise have played football could be all stars in years to come!

  73. The words of our captain Cillian O’Connor:

    At CityWest on Sunday night last, Cillian O’Connor acknowledged their followers’ role in the journey. “It was humbling to see the red and green all around the stadium today,” he said. “You inspire us every time we take the field, and today was no different. You drove us on, especially when we were trying to claw back that five-point deficit. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much.”

  74. @ Sean Burke.. I think that was the plan the last day out to start off with at least… Keegan was very deep and formed part of the defensive unit.. It was only when Connolly kicked the ball in over Boylers head for the own goal that Keegan suddenly went man to man and never left his side. Hard to know if it will be a case of pick up where you left off. Very few players in the country have the stamina and physical upper body strength to match Connolly never mind in the Mayo set up.. no one knows Connolly ‘s game better than Keegan. As much an all as I would like to see Keegan having the freedom of not having to man mark Connolly, having seen how the game worked out the last day, I now can’t see anyone else been capable of doing the job.

  75. Prayers said for Saturday hopefully for a Mayo win. I hope Dublin win the ladies final would it be great if all champhions of last year being beaten year of the underdogs hopefully.

  76. WJ I think a new post might be required so that we can move on from who is or who is not a genuine supporter. All I can say is that the vast hoards of Mayo supporters around me in the Davin were extremely vocal and passionate for the whole game. They never threw in the towel even when I was gripped by doubts. They were a credit to Mayo and backed the team with gusto throughout. Id say many of them live outside the county because the tickets they had were sourced from other counties. Maybe even some of them were second generation fans shouting for the county of their mothers and fathers but whatever they were they were totally committed. Enough of this arguing about who is the most genuine. We are all in this together.

  77. Ok.. I didn’t agree with the Sunday game highlights where they couldn’t understand why we persisted with the long ball into Aidan and Andy.. I thought all our attacking options for the most part were sound. We kicked long ball, we played the wings, we recycled the ball out, we had Keith running hard at the lines (although I would like to see more), Vaughan turning up from deep in dangerous positions, Doherty taking on his man and scoring. Whats not to like with what we already have.. granted it’s not very fluid.. at bit sporadic but hey again the weather was shite and we can improve.. we need more of the same.. we are not predictable and this is all good

    The quality of long ball into the forwards was good..OK it didn’t stick but our men got on the end of.. the rotation of players in and out was good.. we mixed it up. The problem was that the ball was like a bar of soap so forwards on both sides were on a hiding to nothing the last day anyway. So it didn’t work but not from the intent or approach.. but more so from the half forwards not flowing in to support and pick up breaking ball. We need more of this the next day (especially if the day is dry) we need to work on the timing of follow up support.. like when Aidan passed the ball to Duran for the blocked goal.. how many players had we in the big square?.. pass to the goal poachers Cillain and Andy.

    We need to cut down on turnovers.. this applies to all the team but especially Kevin McLoughlin. We need to work on the kick out especially when they push up on us. Dublin are able to do it.. they kick long to Fenton and are in behind us. It’s on the kick out that we need someone to read Fentons run and meet him on a 50/50 and hoop him so he won’t have the appetite again.. Vaughan or SOS to do this.. not very nice I know.. we do that we win the game.. timing all across the field is everything. . The margins are tiny.. yellow, black or red October

  78. Hav nt heard many mention the pos that the Dubs are hovering around their peak and are ready for their inevitable slide! It’s obviously not a very widely held belief among the cognoscenti
    but certainly quite a number of normal folk Im meeting are of that view. Many are not that enthralled with Mayo’s antics either…..understandable. Evidence comes from league match earlier v Mayo, game against Laois
    and much of game v W Meath! An oldish stale Ky team. Indeed not the power of former times but still survived well last Sunday, in
    peculiar fashion,yes ,but still could have and maybe should have added further to their laurels!
    They won’t hand over this cup, so our fellas have to bite it from their grasp.
    I had us down to win by three but now I’m goin the whole hog by adding one more!
    I ve got the feeling that psycologically we will be advantaged more than they by Sat.
    Wind rain or shine there is no great secret about how we are to win this game! If we concede mastery through the middle of the field then we create problems for ourselves and options for the opposition! If we continue to misuse hard won ball that is not good policy …be it 50/50 ball or that coming through hands from the back. Ball handling is all imp…don’t get into boxes…don’t be bothered with screwy deliveries…born out of lack of patience and confidence. I admire S OS greatly but will you watch your deliveries at all times and keep an eye on yer man. TP, you re a joy to behold but have you got a bit more devil? If each had a bit of the other we de be flyin in the middle.We just need much more care in executing the basics and topped with a strengthening belief all over the field and in all positions..We had enough ball in good spots the last day to win two games but it appears we spurn opportunity as though we dont want to win the feckin thing at all! Is it how we re really still too nice to kill anything off? We re able to torture a team to near death and then lift the boot off the neck. FFS this is self torture. This team has had enough outings to win this one game! It knows well itself what to do and where to step up. At the same time there is nothing between the two and each can wash the other off the field the next day! It all depends on who deals with the little vital moments the best. It will all depend on millisec decisions and smart clear visions. It’s what has had the Dubs at the pot for so long ….Now it’s our turn!! Come on Mayo… forget that past…live in the moment …. grab it by the neck and step up for that prize. Your time is now!!

  79. As I said I won’t be going to croke park again,but I have been there many,many times in the past,in fact I have been to an awful lot of gaa grounds in Ireland and Britain,so would class myself as a true supporter,but I was truly awestruck by watching the match in a club in Manchester,sitting next to me was a lady in a Mayo shirt who left Ireland at thirteen years of age who was at least seventy five years of age,she was still Mayo through and through,I believe she is a proper supporter,also I believe that the management got most things right on Sunday,I believe that they will get them right on Saturday, Mayoby at least six

  80. I was never as proud as the last day in Cusack premium (I have access to a few corporate tkts and take these rather going back to my old Mayo club).

    I had my foreign born / Dublin reared son and Dublin born wife with me, all of us decked out in Mayo jerseys and sharing a big flag and shouting like lunatics. Our Dublin friends and neighbours can’t understand how I have them all brainwashed….

    And around us was a good sprinkling of Mayo fans as well as the usual mixed bag of people from all counties, every single one of them that was not in Dublin colours was roaring for us as well.

    More of the same the next day please!!!

  81. I can relate to what Mayomad said. Not all of us can go to matches. even if we are not in a position to go to matches does not make us somehow inferior MAYO full on supporters.
    I would love to be able to go but that is not possible. But my love of MAYO is second to none. To those who can go I can only say wish I were with you. You are fantastic. Keep dancing and waving your flags. This is our year.

  82. Corkick Bridge….a relation of in her 80s mine was buried just last week in the UK. She never stepped foot in McHale Park, Croke Park or any other park for that matter but every time Mayo played she and her extended family gathered in the Irish Center to cheer on the Red and Green. The passion has been passed down from generation to genration and it is a testament to their roots how strong their feelings are towards their Home County. The Red and Green of Mayo has been played at many a gathering, (both happy and sad) ashes have been spread from the top of Croagh Patrick and the younger generations have gotten engaged on Clare Island. If you asked them, they would identify as neither Irish nor English, but as Mayo people, and it is for them and the millions like them that this journey will soon come o a glorious end

  83. I think the game last Sunday will bring our lads on greatly.The draw against us last year really benifited Dublin,and previously Kerry in ’14.The ‘experts’ were killed telling us that we hadn’t met any team of significance(Tyrone anyone)so far…..well I tell ya, THEY hadn’t met a team to stand up to them like our b’ys-poke the bear me arse….we’ll rip the bear ta fukn pieces!

  84. The Dubs are at it again, Pillar Caffrey on Radio 1 was talking about the need for a strong Ref next Saturday and about Mayo’s aggression. He also mentioned about the Mayo players ripping the Dublin players jerseys. I notice that he always leaves these comments until very late in the conversation so there is not much time for a come back from the other lads. You’d love to see us just beating them with a great display of football the next day.

  85. I heard “Pillar” alright, and all Marty could do was laugh nervously. He could have at least tried to balance it by saying Connolly had a hold of Keegan as well. I doubt Deegan will fall for that kind of crap from the Dublin media anyway

  86. Cute stuff from the Pillar. I’d say he’s still recovering from 2006. They need all the help they can get to keep the score respectable but it wont make any difference.

    Mayo wont be stopped. Not by Dublin Des, or Ciaran Whelan or Radio 1 or Eugene McGee or Martin Breheny or Alan Brogan or Tommy Carr or Cormac Reilly or Joe Brolly or a dead priest from Foxford.

    They can all talk as much shite as they want and there will be plenty of that until this Saturday.

  87. Gman pillar ! Still hurting then.And
    Wtf was he invited down to mchale park for a couple of weeks ago for that pre final thing. Cosgrove was grand and enough representation for the jacks on the night.

    Our media boyos are useless nationally. They should be raving about the last play of the game and how it was a blatant touch on the ground before the collision. Cillian tried his best to get clarifictaion as regan was gettin medical attention but philly the gouger was having none of it.

  88. Our boys really are useless in the media. The only person I’ve heard pointing out the dubs unsavoury tactics and giving Mayo credit for their performance last Sunday is ray silke……..a Galway man!

    It’s like they’re afraid to seem biased towards Mayo and as a result just let others berate us and run wit their agendas.

  89. We are all Mayo fans and we are all in this together…from the die hard in the lower cusack, to the barstool roaring woman in the Bronx, to the fisherman off Clare Island listening into Mid west, to the solider taking a break from peacekeeping to tune into Sky sports and roar on the green and red. There are no better or worse at this stage, we are Mayo…BELIEVE!

  90. Its so infuriating how inept or ex players are in the media. Its like their just so honoured and happy just to be given a few pound to write a few words, that they dont want to upset any1, just want to keep taking the soup. All seem afraid to play the mind games like the Dubs and Kerry lads play. If I had their platform, i’d be highlighting all week how Connolly punched Lee twice in the head…which went un-noticed. How Cooper kicked out at Cillian AFTER the final whistle had blown. How Bastick picked a ball clear off the ground, yet no free kick?. How McCauley nearly broke Cillians neck? I could go on and on. The Dubs are doing it, like pillar tonight on the radio. You’d nearly swear some of our ex stars don’t want us to win sam, as then their stock would fall completely, nationally and within the County. Its a funny old world we live in.

  91. Will someone like Juan or Niallmc1983 write to a few ex players and put pressure on them to ‘stand up for the Mayo men’ in the media?! Ger Brady and Ger Cafferkey read their fb messages from mere mortal Mayo supporters. Maybe if enough people wrote to them with the same issue/request, balls might be grown. As far as I ever see Connor Mortimer only slates us himself. I gave up reading or listening to him 3 years ago. I got a bad vibe from him. Maybe he has changed but I don’t have much respect for him. Sorry if I offend Mortimer lovers.

  92. Agree with ya Sinead on Mort. I think when Horan got rid of him his worst nightmare would of been Mayo winning sam without him. I think some a that resentment lingers today. Horan is a hero in my eyes, but what was he doing in the build up to the Galway game? “The gap between Mayo an Galway getting wider” none a that stuff helps. Us fans really gave it or all for the team last Sunday, we roared and roared to spurr on the lads the only way we can. We silenced the hill and as Cillian said, we gave them a great lift. We done our part. I think none of our media boys can say they done the same, either on paper or on the airwaves.

    I really think all our ex players in the media should be sent to a weekend bootcamp, run by the Kerry mafia, the sole aim being to increase their “cute hoorism” levels 🙂

  93. And the Kerry boys wont help us too much in this one either, the Dublin are the best team narrative suits them. Mayo standing up to Dublin and making them look ordinary makes them look ordinary if allowed to continue

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