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Pre-match huddle 2015 AISF

Welcome to the late shift, folks. Given the week that’s in it, there’s nothing for it but to keep churning out the material. Yesterday this ended up in five separate posts but today it’s back down to a more manageable two. Before getting onto the stuff I want to talk about – the local coverage on the semi-final – it’s worth dwelling just a bit longer on yesterday, which turned out to be an utterly mental day here on the site.

Two hit count records had fallen by midnight last night – the all-time monthly high, where last August’s high watermark of 249k was swept away by this August’s 315k, and the all-time daily high where the 17k recorded last August the day after the semi-final replay in Limerick was overtaken by yesterday’s 26k. Another email from my hosting provider telling me it’s time to upgrade (again) could well be on the way before long. Not to worry, it’s all in a good cause.

So onto the local take on events, the bulk of which is culled from today’s Mayo News. Appearing in the shops this morning, the paper is able to position itself nicely between last Sunday’s drawn match and next Saturday’s replay in what it has to say.

Billy Joe Padden’s excellent analysis piece (here) does just that. Those of you who’ve been putting forward the case, with which I largely agree, that we got our tactics right last Sunday, in particular on how we dealt with Cluxton’s kickouts, will be heartened to see that Billy Joe is of much the same opinion.

He reckons we were right not to go man-for-man with them last Sunday and reckons we should do the same the next day, though with some personnel changes. As Billy Joe points out, the key thing is when to abandon this approach and go for the jugular.  When we did so the last day the immediate impact on the game was 1-3 without reply for them, arising from the increased space it afforded them to attack us, before we came roaring back at them.

In his column, Seán Rice tells the story of our dramatic fightback, noting the passion the lads showed in pulling the match from the fire. “Concrete walls would not have stopped the fierce intensity with which they took command in those final minutes”, he says, adding that “we must be careful now that this will not become the only memory of Mayo’s championship journey this season.” Seán doesn’t think it will be and he points to the psychological damage our late, late comeback is likely to have done to Dublin as a major advantage for us heading into Saturday evening’s replay.

Elsewhere, Mike Finnerty – whose Midwest commentary on last Sunday’s game, aided and abetted by John Casey and Billy Fitzpatrick, will surely go down in memory as the defining piece of oral history on the match – assesses the state of play within the squad ahead of the replay (here).

Mike confirms that Donal Vaughan is very unlikely to be available for Saturday. He’s got an injured AC joint on which he had an MRI scan yesterday and it’s very hard to see how he could be okay to take part in the replay.

Donie is the only injury worry we’ve got (Mike’s piece says nothing, though, about how Tom Cunniffe is doing) and the team will only train once this week – tomorrow evening – before heading back to the capital on Friday. All the focus, understandably so, is on rest and recovery this week.

Moving away from the paper itself, the Mayo News post-match podcast is now available. Hosted as usual by Rob Murphy, it features Ed McGreal, Danny Carey, Sean Rice, Mike Finnerty and Paul Earley and it’s here:

I haven’t had a listen to it yet myself but that’s exactly what I’m going to do once I sign off here in a few minutes.

Before that, though, I’ll finish up by pointing you in the direction of two other pieces of reading that should be of interest to you. The first is Rambling Paddy’s take on that odd “he’s not that type of player” interview given by Pat McEnaney and the second is by Don’t Foul who sets out all the key stats on last Sunday’s contest.

Right, that concludes the late shift. Back tomorrow with more.

Get behind the lads ahead of the replay: go to the Mayo GAA website (here) and click ‘Play Now’ to contribute to the cause via the Mayo GAA Players Training and Welfare Fund Lotto.

61 thoughts on “The local angle

  1. WJ, you’re some man for one man. We’re all totally indebted to you and it’s such a wonderful one stop shop for all things Mayo.
    For a number of reasons, work being one, I haven’t been able to get on line as I’d like but when I do it’s well worth the wait.
    Thanks seems so insufficient but my limited vocab doesn’t know what else to say. So, thanks.

  2. I’ll echo what pebblesmeller said. Thanks for everything WJ, those stats of your own do you justice! (I’ve had that similar mail from the hosting providers too recently!!)

  3. As I said previously, we were the 16th man the last day. 61 minutes we were 7 down, and you could hear the mayo supporters cheering their team on “Mayo Mayo” rang out through out croke park despite being outnumbered. Everyone’s hair on the back of their neck lifted and Mayo fans roared their team on to a well deserved draw. We need to be as vocal as last Sunday, Believe, we can do it. I just want to compliment the Mayo supporters who never gave up hope with this fine team we have and we definitely gave the team a lift when they needed us. Maigh Eo Abu.

  4. Again WJ the service you selflessly provide with this blog is exceptional.
    Your post match analysis and are both insighful and well thought out.
    Better than most of the so called experts. I for one really appreciate the effort that goes into making this blog what is has become. Keep up the great work!!

    I have absolutely no idea how the game will go on Saturday.
    Freeman at full forward and aiden on the forty running at them could bring dividends ..

  5. Still drained from Sunday. Started a new job yesterday with barely any voice, which probably wasn’t a great first impression to give. Woke up this morning with NO voice. I’ll be using sign language and morse code to cheer the lads on this weekend.

  6. Oh lads and lassies and especially Eugene McGee fans, ( 😉 ), did any of you read his piece on Monday, Willie Joe has it up??? If that’s biased against Mayo, I’m a Swedish banana. 🙂

  7. …And in even better news: Mayo Mick (no not the one who posts here, or maybe he does under another pseudonym) has had his ban lifted. Could he provide the extra push we need to get over the line on Saturday? (Provided he doesn’t go over it himself)

  8. Is Regan injured if not he could be our surprise packet for Saturday. Word is WJ sky are considering poaching you for the January transfer deadline day.

  9. Your too good to us altogether Willie Joe, do you ever get a wink of sleep? 26K hits in one day and the site didn’t break down ala A bit ridicules I got an email this morning as exactly 9,03am telling me of my option to avail of my bring a friend & another @ 9,33am informing me that the option was sold out. Of course I didn’t look at my emails until well into the afternoon. Hope the GAA kept plenty of tickets for the clubs, hate to see ticket touts make a killing on the genuine fan. They (the GAA top brass) need to learn lessons, they had the GarthBrooks fiasco, Mayo sent to Limrick for farcical Reffing, and now someone telling is that Bernard Brogans point even tough out was clearly wide, that it was OK. Tripe tell that rubbish to the Limrick minor hurlers, or the Louth team that were denied a Leinster title by a Joe Sheridan try.We all make mistakes but the GAA top brass seen to have this infallibility aura about themselves, they are very slow learners. Enough of a rant, come on Mayo, Croke Park where could be a better place to be? With this magnificent Team it’s a great time to be a Mayo fan, and its going to get a whole lot better even

  10. Billy Joe Padden is correct there, more of the same next week, keep it tight until last ten, maintain discipline and use our fastest lads on the bench to press for the last ten mins.

    I predicted our tactic of conceding kick outs on another forum, going man to man now would play into the dubs hands.

    I think a fresh man to start up front could also help but it’s a gamble. Who was our best forward in that league “match” against them?

  11. All I’m doing Willie Joe is reading the stuff and I’m exhausted. How the hell you’re managing to turn out so much print material is amazing, and every bit of it is right on the money. Are you getting any sleep at all?

    No one can truly forecast how this match will turn out, but the team that manages best to holds their head and concentrates on football, will in my opinion be the winners. The referee will have been well briefed on matters arising from the first match and the goings on of some of the players and will no doubt be only to willing to make an example of someone early on. Lets hope the he will be strong enough to withstand the barracking he most likely will get, from the very large and hostile blue wave.

  12. I agree we need to hold a defensive structure for Saturday but at times we will have to back ourselves and commit numbers in attack. I was listening to sky sports post match analysis and they seem to think that Dublin might have won the physcological battle but I don’t agree. If I was on a team that was 7 points up in the 60th min and believing we had won the match and tactical battle not too forget Cluxton massive mistakes Id be thinking pretty negatively. The Dubs now will question whether or not Cluxton can be relied on under pressure a guy they would always have relied on in past .Connolly took a couple of frees Sunday when Cluxton wanted to take it .I don’t think that would have happened in past.6 day turn around and our lads looked fitter at the end of the game and mentally I think will be stronger.

  13. I heard Ciara Whelan on Newstalk. In theory, he was on to explain his apparent bias on the Sunday Game. He came across as rational and gave the usual spiel about “heat of the moment” and that he is still a Dub etc. He went on to say McStay was there for balance.

    He then played the lads and changed the discussion to “Johnny is not that sort of lad” and “Diarmuid was targeted, not sure he struck out but wouldn’t anyone”. He forgot to mention that Diarmuid is that sort of lad. He then finished off by implying that Cillian may have done something sinister even though the clip on the Sunday Game shows he didn’t look back or use his elbow.

    All this is designed to influence referees. I think it is important that those of us using this site also try to redress the balance on mainstream media.

    Hon Mayo

  14. Fair play WJ, thanks for this great resource. It’s times like this that I wish I was at home, in the village, the town, after mass, in the pub, wherever… everyone is talking about one thing, ..”will we win it?” This website makes up for not being there to experience that.
    And thanks for posting the link to the final few minutes of the MidWest radio broadcast….it was priceless and the audio will definitely feature on a 2015 dvd, when we win sam!

  15. Fair play Willie Joe. Listened to your audio from Sunday, I got it completely wrong the last day, took the wrong meaning from it! I’m glad to hear that you had a good weekend in ’93, don’t think too many other Mayo men came out of it with good memories!
    I see Connolly’s appeal will be heard tomorrow night. Time will tell. I still think he won’t get off. At least that’s what I hope anyway!!

  16. So many topics I could discuss but will confine myself to thanking WJ again for this brilliant site. Genuinely deserves a Mayo Person of the Year nomination. Unlikely to win it however if the next two results go the right way…

  17. Your some man for one man WJ! Fair play to you and well done. I don’t think I have ever seen a word misspelt or a word in the wrong place etc. in any of your reports etc. Thats some achievement, keep up the great work!

    In relation to the replay I thought the best ball kicked into Aidan O’Shea was Cillian O’Connor’s peach of a pass into him in the first-half for the penalty incident. I’d actually prefer to see Cillian playing around the D area the next day. He is well able to kick long range points as well so that would be another asset for us. Aido would be the leader of our full-forward line and Cillian would be the leader of our half-forward line. Then we would have to choose someone to support Aido on the full-forward line. At the moment we have three players Diarmuid, Jason Doc and Kevin Mc who can play quite similar roles. Do we sacrifice one of them to get Alan Freeman, Alan Dillon or Andy playing up front. With Donie gone maybe we could look at playing Kevin Mc in the half-back line as he did against Kerry last year after Lee was sent-off and hold Patrick Duran in reserve in case that move didn’t work.

    As other posters have said I’d prefer to hold Andy in reserve as well, we started him for the replay in Limerick last year but that didn’t work out for us. You’d always want to have Andy on the pitch near the end of a game. He is a great plan B to have. Alan Freeman can kick with both feet too, so thats something to consider as well if we want to start him. I hope Barry Moran starts as well. I don’t think that Paul Flynn would have got through as easy for the penalty award if Barry was there. Dublin kicked a lot of diagonal balls which caused us a lot of problems. Barry would be able to contest these balls. You would think that we won’t get as many scores from frees the next day, the Dubs will probably try to hold us up and not foul as much so was our shooting will need to be much better. Roll on the game!

  18. Without this site I think I’d go down and lie on the threshold of Croker until Saturday. Although I was caught checking into it at a meeting yesterday!

  19. The article in huge IT today by Yerra Yerra is truly hurtful. He’s become a parody of himself….plenty of scelping, chat to the lads, blackguarding the ref………such complete sh’te.

  20. Tony K , i accessed mine yesterday and was lucky enough to add a friend to my season ticket account

  21. A statue on holy mountain to you W.J. and a few small wans at crossroads for many of these bloggers! The mind boggles!

    Composure!…a word to bury the next day.oh holy God.if you’re around CP on sat will u drop us in a little bit more? Thanks!

    Did no one see J Small pick ball off ground after save with umpire admiring two yards away?

  22. Season Tickets not there yet.

    The bring a friend option would be also be weighted in Dublins favour yesterday considering they have far more season ticket holders than mayo.

  23. Yes inbetweener I saw that and I was like what the fuck? But no one around me said a word so I thought maybe I was wrong.

  24. A great website alright. You can really appreciate it when you look at some of the stuff elsewhere like the reservoir dubs site and the deluded comments that are allowed on there from people who obviously know nothing about the game.

    That few minutes of commentary on mid west radio will go down in history.

  25. Agree almost 100% with Billie Joe and thanks to Willie Joe for highlighting his points. I think I was making a lot of them myself.

    Yes, our back’s inability to win a ball in the air is a major worry and Dublin will seek to exploit this – with quick ball before cover can get back.

    Love the way the pundits, the usual suspects, proclaim that we only played when we threw off the shackles; the very shackles they were hammering Mayo all year to apply.

    Our distribution and shot selection needs to be so much better. Even in the closing minutes we had chances and fluffed them – Mikey Sweeney – only just on I know, and Andy too I think.

    Still can’t make up my mind about the Drake decision, but I admire the chutzpah of the management in going for it. Expect another curve ball on Saturday.

  26. Catcol – to be fair to Mikey Sweeney he was prevented by an exceptional block by I think McCaffrey.
    It might be unfair to say he fluffed it.

  27. Well folks.
    It’s taken me some time to catch up on most
    of your comments….
    Just a few thoughts……

    Cluxton forced to kick short, mostly sideways – worked pretty well, I thought.
    Our defensive structure in 1st half did help big time to limit them to 1-7.
    BUT – we left Aido and Cillian too isolated upfront with no-one supporting them .
    This basically culminated in a measly ONE POINT FROM PLAY in that 1st half.
    Not near good enough the next day.
    I was absolutely mightily proud to be a Mayoman in that last 10 mins. Hearts of Lions!
    But we could (and should) have had the winning of the game in that 3rd period.
    Those misses were costly – but we can’t afford them the next day as Dubs still have much superior forwards.
    Cooper should be banned for a few matches.
    Amazed not more uproar over this.
    He could’ve really done damage to D’O.C.

  28. What changes if any are people expecting for Saturday ?

    Durcan for Vaughan ?

    Clarke for hennelly ?

    Will drake start again ?

  29. @Rock

    Couldn’t disagree with you more on Darragh O’ Shea articles. As a neutral there is a definite tone of anti-Kerry bias on this site and that is perfectly fine – the partisan nature of the site is in its title. People like me are pure imposters – but we are GAA fans and sites like this is where the GAA fan comes this time of year….ye probably won’t see me posting here come the national league and my own county couldn’t care less what Mayo are doing and I am totally cogniscant that I may only permitted to post here by the good graces of WJ himself.

    But i think O Se’s writing in the Times has been a god send to the GAA fan. He gives a real insight to the mindset of players – his anecdotes often tell you more than any analysis and on his defence of Quillan I couldn’t agree more. It was a brutal game to referee – I was down in the corner that McMahon feigned injury and the second he went down i turned to my mayo friend and say “O shea is getting red here, I think he burst McMahon”. As DOS pointed out the lads on the Sunday Game often can’t agree on decisions after 5 or 6 slow motion views so how in gods name is the ref to be held so accountable.

    He is right too that players have no interest in helping the ref and only look after themselves. on that point i think he missed maybe what Aidan o’Shea was doing in his interview…I think O Shea was clever enough to assume his comment might carry some weight at the CCCC on Monday night – it ultimately didn’t but there certainly was no value in him denying a headbutt in response to a direct question and then have that as evidence for McMahon to defend himself…you need to go after every advantage to win – thats what these players are all being thought – don’t for a second think they are being though “honour at all costs”….and that is why we are are all the beneficiaries of the gladiatorial type battles we enjoy when these top teams come together.

  30. WJ you are a legend. You should be getting paid for this. I for one would have no hesitation making a donation for the terrific service you provide here.

    I think the dubs on Saturday will not be as physical (dirty). They obviously had a plan to do whatever was necessary to stop Mayo forwards scoring from play. Probably hedged their bets that Cillian would not convert so many dead balls. Thank God he was on fire.

    I agree with previous posters that we should start defensively again but every 15 minutes or so run like fuck at them. If we start man on man it will play into their hands. If we go all out attack we will leave our full backs very open and Dublin will exploit this and maybe score a few goals. If they get a 7 Pt lead this time I can’t see them giving it up. Then we will see the cynical side of the dubs.
    I think our hunger, never say die attitude will get us over the line this time.

    There is no doubt that we will be entering a cauldron on Saturday and not only the lads on the pitch but also people in the stands will be subject to savage abuse but we all have to stay calm and roar our heads off for these truly magnificent ambassadors of the green and red.
    Kerry are loving all this tough stuff, another really hard game on Saturday will be a tough ask for either team when they face the Yerra’s in the final. Although they did it the hard way last year.

  31. Lads, to be fair to them, I’ve been looking frame by frame and that Brogan point looks like it was actually ok. Take a look at this frame here and it seems to pass behind the posts. Not sure if I can post links, but it’s worth a look. Seems they got that one right even though it looks on first and second viewing well wide.

    Using the arrows at the bottom you can go frame by frame and to me it looks over.

  32. FDBinashui, you are probably right.

    I am a great fan of Mikey S and feel he has been hard done by all Summer long. It was asking a lot to make a real impact with such a frantic game, but he is a guy who looks up and has great vision.

    Incidentally, did anyone notice:

    * was Regan listed on the programme last Sunday?

    * was Drake listed on the programme for the Donegal match?

    I have temporarily mislaid both of these vital documents.

  33. I wonder if we ran at Dublin for the first 15 minutes and build up a good lead , and then sit back to defend lead ,I think it could make the dubs nervous and and affect their decision making . It could also get to cluxton and we know what’s happens when he get rattled . That why i go with Barry or someone else in a high fielding ball winner in the forward line to take pressure off Aidan , and Cillian to play off them .

  34. Cantini – you’d be more than welcome on here in the depths of January to kick over the entrails of an FBD game. Fair-minded, external contributors to the debate are always welcome in these parts, not least to help keep the head on the rest of us.

  35. @ Catcol

    1. No Evan Regan wasn’t on the subs list last Sunday.

    2. As far as I can remember without checking it up, David Drake wasn’t on the subs list for the Donegal game.

  36. @Mayo51 I dont think we’ll see to many changes from the last day – possibly Patrick Durcan for Donal Vaughan and maybe Alan Freeman or Barry Moran for David Drake. David didnt do a whole lot wrong but I think others may give us more punch. I think tactically it going to be fascinating to see other changes that may happen, although who knows at this stage who on both panels are carrying a knock or two and may have to be changed.

    if you take the Kerry way of hammering the hammer in my opinion Bernard Brogan needs to be double watched along with Ciaran Kilkenny. I think Kevin McManamon also needs serious consideration when he comes on as legs tire. Dublins midfield will stay the same as i would say Cian O Sullivan will be at 6 with the licence to push forward and assist the midfield. He needs to be kept busy along with Jack McCaffery and James McCarthy.

    Tactically imo we will play a sweeper to mind the house. For me id like to see Kevin McLoughlin in this role as he has the engine to get forward and is one of the best arriving late into scoring positions. He also knows a thing or two about defensive duties. This would mean Jason Doherty going to 12 (where he offers more of a threat imo). Up top im torn between Barry and Alan, each has their own for and against. This means we’ll concede kick outs again but thems the tradeoffs management have to make.

  37. Catcol – Regan wasn’t listed on the program on Sunday.
    Drake wasn’t listed on the program for Donegal either.

  38. Ticket shambles rumbles on today as those who ordered on line via have received duplicates in the post. If these are sold on there will be fun and games at the turnstiles Saturday.

    Season tickets are ready for printing,thank the lord for the season ticket.

  39. Just on a side note. How is Saint Patrick who added so much atmosphere to games league and championship? Life would be a dull place if we didn’t have men like Saint Patrick.

  40. JP, can you help me here? This is a repeat post, got no answers and i am curious!!!

    ” There are some very good analysts here, so; why can Mayo not play an attacking game, like the last 10 mins, for most of the time?? At the end of each move there are only a few players involved, so, why cannot all the others who came up the field, scuttle back at speed to prevent a counter attack? Comments appreciated 🙂 “

  41. Joe Mc – that would take a lot of energy to do that.
    To be fair I think forcing Dublin into the Short kickouts forces them to do a lot more running. You could see they were wrecked for the last 10 minutes on Sunday, whereas we clearly had more left in the tank.
    All about energy conservation.

  42. I don’t think i can listen to another podcast or read another article! Last Saturday had me in tears for the last 5 mins of the game . It was so emotional. So so proud of how the team battled back and they have given us yet another day in Croker. We are truly privileged to have this wonderful team to support. Have planned all my Summers for last 5 years around the fixtures and that’s something a lot of counties have not experienced in an age and wont for a long time either!
    I must say that I found all the Dublin supporters sitting near us in the Upper Hogan to be very friendly and any of them we met afterwards were good company and the banter was enjoyable! I guess they were the more disappointed at the result in the end.
    Am looking forward to a better, cleaner game on Saturday. The dream lives on!
    Finally just want to say I love this blog. Thanks WJ, Don’t know how you do it!

  43. Thanks FDBinashui, you’re the man. 😉 Now though, if Mayo could build a decent lead, then defend and bring in fresh subs, early??

  44. Or take a leaf out of Kerrys book a few years ago and push up on selective kick outs, takes less energy, keeps them guessing and should enable the odd turnover which might lead to a score which might lead to us being very close at half time.

    This game is there to be won, I’m not sure what the permutations are to that puzzle to make it happen, but if we get the right pieces on the chess board and do the right things at the right times, we will win irrespective of what the Dubs, the officials, the weather or any other external actors bring to the party.
    “Control the Controllables”

  45. @Joe mac

    I think if you engage in that kind of game you will get into a ‘shoot out’ with dublin – both sides racking up big scores and most people would believe (me included) that in that scenario the Dubs would probably more likely to come up trumps.

    The second point is that you can’t simply decide to play like that – what the opposition does will dictates how you play – if you rack up 3 or 4 points playing like that it is inconcievable that the dubs will not react and change their approach to how they deal with you. In fact I think Dublin would love to play like this but they simply weren’t because of the tactics Mayo adopted in the first half….which I am pleased to see Billy Joe agrees with (a minority it has to be said) was the right tactic.

    Thirdly and most importantly i think, Croke park is huge – these guys are super fit but they are only human – even Usain Bolt is out of breath after he extends himself to the max.

    Finally, I genuinely think the Dubs were complacent when they went 7 points up – a bit of show boating mentality was starting to creep in and to quote Jim McGuiness, ‘Mayos refusal to be defeated’ probably took them a bit by surprise….in the normal run of the game I don’t think you could anticipate Mayo to get away with what they did to Dublin in the last 10 minutes. You should note that Mayo equalised before the 70th minute…they had huge pyschological momentum at that stage but equally Dublin was woke from their slumber and didn’t concede to that momentum even though a further 5 mintues was played….so its not all about deciding to play a particular way. thas my tuppence worth anway.

  46. Season Tickets are ready. No email received prior about when they would be in the account or when money taken but hey we have them….

    The season ticket was the single best piece of forward thinking by the GAA for the diehards who are there all year round. As we go through this golden period it is a godsend.

    As for this blog it just keeps on giving.

    Thanks WJ

  47. Jaysis Willie Joe, is there any chance you could shut down the blog till about half five friday evening – seriously, I haven’t done a stroke all week.
    I just keep checking in to see news and peoples points of view and they are all totally valid and make sense. I’m not sure who the poster was but yesterday someone here wrote about the subtlety of Dublins tactics and the idea of diminishing returns. That analysis is spot on and for me thats seemed to have worked – but not enough! Jim Gavin’s theories and ideas and tactics are all good and well and very nearly worked but one thing that is less scientific and measureable is Mayo’s response. No science there, barely any thinking even, but pure heart, gut and instinct.

    MAYO FOR SAM, 2015.

  48. Joe Mc had an answer typed out to reply to you yesterday and thought that I actually was unsure of my response at that time.
    We were going for it gung ho near the end so it’s not the best 10 mins to analyze.
    When we were playing an attacking running game 2011 – 2013 probably forward unnecessary to the move were dropping back. When our wing backs pushed up I don’t recall there being 8 players up front.
    So the answer is probably in between. Unnecessary players may be dropping back as far as midfield. With the speed of Gaelic Football it is difficult for players to figure out if they are necessary or not. You would have to have a playbook of moves like American football. Simplest would be your target man and runners. Or a centreforward who is going to pop to runners. In those cases can figure out who is not needed on pitch and race back to midfield/halfback.

  49. Watching the match from the Lower Hogan I was sure John Small picked the ball off the ground. I even said it to my friends at the time.Now having watched it back I am not so sure.

  50. Thank you very much willie joe this site is wonderful, and keeps everyone up to speed, anyway all the best to this outstanding team on Saturday, I was sure last year that was as good as it got, but they come back better than ever .and with the emergence of p durcan, d drake, with tom parsons, and b moran been injury free it is like getting some new players, so very optimistic this is our year

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