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I know we’re all starting to move on and think about next Sunday (when the weather is slated to be much better than it currently is – well of course it will be, aren’t the kids back at school the day after?) but there’s still the match reports on yesterday’s minor defeat to stack up and file away first so here they are.

Ian O’Riordan in the Irish Times dwells in detail on the ref’s mistakes but also make the fair point that the match was a poor quality one that we should have had in the bag long before the end. The Irish Independent’s reporter reckons that the ref’s performance up until the erroneous penalty award was “faultless” and the same report also carries quotes from Tony Duffy who said “my instinct felt it wasn’t a foot-block”. The Irish Examiner’s Paul Keane reaches for his clichés in his match report and there are post-match quotes from both managers in a separate piece. The same paper has a regular column by former ref John Bannon (never one of my favourites whistlers, if I’m honest) and while I’d disagree hugely about his positive assessment of David Coldrick’s handling of the senior match, he’s spot-on in what he says about the balls-up that clown from Tyrone made of our one.

Elsewhere, there are match reports on, RTÉ, The Score and Hogan Stand (the same organ has a separate article stating that Tony Duffy was “unhappy” with the penalty award but the quotes used for this story are the same as those published elsewhere).

Colm Gannon in the Mayo Advertiser is, as usual, the first of the locals to file his report but fellow blogger Over the Black Spotwho guested here prior to the Down match – also got his match report out before he turned in last night.

That’s it – nothing for it now but to sit back and to wait for the tsunami of coverage ahead of Sunday’s game. And, if we make it through that one, we’ll then have this noisy lot to outshout in the final:

9 thoughts on “The Monday papers

  1. Was at the game yesterday to support the young bucks. It’s not sour grapes to say that mayo would now be in the all Ireland minor final only for the actions of the ref. I’ll take up the baton of John cuffe by saying that if we have any self respect as a county our county board need to be making their displeasure known in the strongest possible terms or this kind of shit is going to happen again and again and again.
    I’m fucking sick of getting sympathy from fans of other counties fans in croke park

  2. LMFAO….excellent Trevor! Btw, was on the hill that day and can still see, from my pov, that mighty fetch and even mightier point.

  3. The Tuesday papers………’ Cork have made the semi final every year since 2005, bar last year when injury derailed their sam Maguire defence at the q/f stage’.

    Ha, where would you get it like, not a mention of the county who knocked them out.

  4. I see Darragh O’Sé is the manager of the Kerry U-21’s now. With Brian Dooher and Philip Jordan taking the Tyrone U-21’s, it’s becoming a bit of a trend.

  5. No word on a team selection yet i presume ? I guess at this stage it must be pretty much finalised.

    Personally I would bring in Richie Feeney into the CHF line somewhere to cover up and down the pitch. And I’m only guessing it will be Freeman taking over Andy’s slot.

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