The morning after

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It’s the morning after the day before and, after our latest flirtation with disaster, we’re still standing in this this year’s championship. We’re one of the final eight, still in the race as the real action is about to begin.

Cocooned away from much – though not all – of the chat as I am, it’s hard to think about where we’re at after yesterday. My problems in this respect aren’t confined to geography either – as I mentioned yesterday I found it very hard to follow who was doing what in the game yesterday due to my colour-blindness.

I think I’m due another moan on this point. I know the jerseys aren’t the same but they look the same from distance and watching on the laptop they were all but identical to my poor benighted eyes. Could one team not have worn different shorts or something? We always have a change of jerseys when we play Kerry – despite a far lesser colour clash – but never do when up against Cork. I find that baffling. And bloody confusing.

But back to the game itself. I didn’t do it last night but I really want to salute the players who stood up for us yesterday evening and who were instrumental in dragging us over the line. Cillian was superb, Aidan only marginally less so, Andy too. Jason Doherty rarely gets the plaudits he so often deserves – and, man, does he have to work hard to earn a free, taking enormous punishment before doing so – so I’m delighted to see him getting recognition too.

As others have noted, it’s ironic that it was our much-maligned forward unit who saved our bacon in Limerick yesterday evening. Our post-2011 standing in the game has always been based on our strengths further back the field, especially in the half-back line, but yesterday we suffered the greatest collapse in our backline that we’ve done for many a year.

I’d agree to a large extent with the assessment that this meltdown was largely self-manufactured, though, of course, it’s always easy to be wise after the event. Oftentimes it feels as if we don’t run our bench quickly enough and we had serious strength amidst our replacements yesterday but our changes definitely knocked us out of kilter.

Cork, meanwhile, were forced to make three changes before they could do any tactical ones but their subs strengthened them significantly. I really can’t come up with any sound reasoning as to why the changes the two sides made had the contrasting effect on their respective performances that it did.

I do, though, believe that Lee’s black card was a very major turning point. Of course he was being pulled and held and pushed and belted with impunity all day long but if you’re the current Footballer of the Year it kinda goes with the territory. His trip was rash and idiotic and damn near cost us the game. He’ll know that better than any of us will.

One other point on the changes, one that concerns me, is the late ones. I think it’s fair to say that neither Evan Regan – two more wild shots that produced nothing – nor Alan Dillon, who kicked a free direct to a Cork player just after coming on, made a positive contribution to the win.

Would the likes of Shane Nally or Danny Kirby have been better options, not least in terms of point-scoring ability? To my untrained eye, I think they might have been. And was it right to demote Fergal Boland, virtually ever-present this year, from the match-day 26? I struggle to see how it was.

But, lookit, when switches work the manager is a genius, when they don’t he’s a clown (or worse). The bottom line is that we won and so we’re still in the race for Sam this year.

Our championship journey now takes us back to Croke Park next weekend for a novel All-Ireland quarter-final tie against Roscommon. As Connacht champions, they deserve our utmost respect but no more than that. We’re not in Connacht now, Toto – this is real championship and Croke Park has, since 2011, become a home from home for us.

In the past, teams from the county seemed to shrink into themselves when they reached Croke Park. Not these lads. We’ve had so many great days at HQ since 2011 – a fact that so many forget, blinded by all those final letdowns – and it’s a venue where we win far more often than we lose.

That places us at a major advantage against the neighbours before a ball is kicked this day week. It’s an advantage we have to maximise to the full if we’re to continue this increasingly compelling championship adventure into August and, potentially, beyond.

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  1. Nailed it WJ at every point, it was in a way surreal at the end, no one talking on the bus home, have we the time to shore up the back line, sure we do, we did last year with no full back, looking ahead now with hope and confidence in equal measures, maigheabu

  2. I’m just hoping that with increased pressure management are coming under that they’re not reverting to what they know i.e. Dillon, Regan as opposed to going with something new in Kirby or Nally (who I think is seriously underrated). 81% return from the forwards yesterday in normal time was impressive. I really think we will see a massive change for the better in Croker. I heard a whisper yesterday that our U16’s played Kerry recently in two games spread over 100 minutes of football and returned a grand total of ONE point in the whole 100 minutes. Maybe someone could confirm this and I hope I’m not breaking the house rules, but if this is true days like yesterday will become a distant memory. There’s a number of us on here harping on about it for a while now, but supporters should be very very concerned about our underage structures.

  3. WJ – fully agree. I do believe that Cork onslaught would have happened irrespective of who was on the field. The substitutions would have had to be made anyways as some of our more seasoned defenders ran out of steam. I feel its our defensive system that needs to be looked at. And yes Lee made his own idiotic contribution to our collapse in that second half. I too would much prefer to see Shane Nally and Danny Kirby come in. Players with a lot more to add to this team than some of those late substitutions yesterday. Recovery is going to be a major issue this week.

  4. I’m reading over the comments from yesterday, it strikes me as peculiar that one day we have a serious bench of subs to bring on to change and impact the game , but when they are brought on some are bemoaning why a certain player was taken off! So have we certain players who are not allowed to be substituted? Anyway, we are back to where we need to be. Facing our near neighbours who at the very sight of their yellowbellies should strike an angry reaction from our lads! Just remember back to last year in the league, we were at sixes and sevens. They were unbeatable, that day they got bossed! They are very dangerous and won’t be underestimated but Mayo should go to Croke park with a swagger and a realisation that if we win, have a 3 week break! That’s the prize on offer! Gonna be a great week at work!!!

  5. You’d have to have reservations about the mgmt after that. They keep making bizarre decisions.

    To bring Barrett off after 40 mins was bizarre with caff getting roasted. At least they brought Barrett back on then.
    To bring on Regan with the game in the melting pot. He’s a loose cannon. Really has no composure on the ball. Regularly solos the ball away from himself. Takes pot shot or gets blocked down. He must be doing it in training but just looks constantly panicked to me. Time to give kirby a chance.

    I think they will get the defence sorted for next week. Mgmt will surely learn their lesson. Yesterday’s collapses was an anomaly.

    Forwards were excellent. Cillian was superb. Best game in years. Aiden and Andy too. Doherty is some man to win 50/50 balls. Great shift by diarmaid and what a point. Loftus continues to impress.

    Mcstay is a clever student of the game. I hope Rochford can match him tactically. If he can we will win.

  6. Can someone tell me if Leeroy has 2 black cards this season so far meaning one more would be a suspension???

  7. Two things to add, firstly the mayo crowd again yesterday was just fantastic to be a part of, the Mackey stand was pretty well packed with green and red and they gave it everything particularly in that extra time, although we only nudged in front by a point or two in that extra time, the support from the crowd just had to have had an impact for the last few minutes. Walking out the Ennis road amongst thousands of mayo fans special. Second point is that these players are a credit to themselves their families and their county. Met a few of the household names for photos with the kids afterwards and they are so giving and accommodating, well done.

  8. Liam. What u are saying about our u16 team is not far from the truth – they were totally outplayed in two games. I had a relation playing on Kerry u16 team and he couldn’t believe how poor Mayo were. If we don’t get our act together at underage FAST then games like we have experienced and enjoyed over the last 6 years will be a distant memory. Good coaching is the key – it doesn’t take huge amounts of money. We seem to be taken it for granted that players are going to come through to senior team regardless of coaching. I’d be very concerned where we are going as a county if we don’t get our act together.

  9. Note on the kits, supporters are being asked to buy up to 3/4 versions of their county’s shirts a year. Yet players may (may not) wear the alternative jersey once a year. Maybe it’s time the GAA used the American model (NFL) were team drawn at home wear white shorts and the team drawn away wear coloured shorts. Would help viewing on a tablet….

  10. I would back the management. I mean we were well up when they made the changes and Boyle in particular looked to be wrecked. Barrett too must be getting tired and with all the GPS info I’m sure they could see the lads needed a rest.
    In theory drake has being doing well and done well going forward but was lost at sea defensively.
    It was bad luck Leroy had his red mist just after and so we had a new halfbackline as well as new defensive midfielder.
    We lost a lot of leaders and power in those few minutes.

    I think we will be all the better for it next day but need to solidify the centre of defense. Higgins is no centerback.

  11. Our lads were excellent last night
    They gave every last ounce of energy
    For once Lady Luck was also on our side

  12. Just about got over the line but Rochford all most cost us yesterday again but won’t say any thing this team will never give up what a game 7 points up two go one behind some thing need two be done about the back line

  13. – Dublin and Kerry are also both vunerable so far this year to players attacking them right down the middle
    – Big difference is that they can both whack goals in at the other end. We had three clearcut goal chances yesterday and took none of them.
    – WJ I cannot believe a poster having a go at u on the previous thread. I also think you are not the only one that is colour blind. Coen and Alan D must have some excuses for both of their crazy passes that nearly cost us the match in normal and extra time.

  14. I’m with you there on the colour blindness Willie Joe. I didn’t think it was as bad though as the jersey we had back in 2014 when we played Cork. That jersey had a biteen more red in it and I hadn’t a clue which team had the ball.
    There definitely should be some rule brought in where different colour shorts need to be won.

  15. Nothing like fresh morning air to restore normality and you would need it after such a shamozle as unfolded yesterday.
    Just two things ….shooting was improved but but and but again if we don’t get smarter and greedier around the front of the goal we may as well go collecting moon beams.
    The other thing…. FB ?midfield? [Higgins** C Loftus**] Andy,Cillian,Diar muid, Jason, Colm, Keegan, Durcan, Harrison, Clarke, AOS,Barrett…..all heroes…..weeks rest…roll on next week.

  16. Cork kicked bad wides in second half of extra time. Otherwise we were gone. We had a 7 point lead against Kerry also and gave it up at the same venue. Cork cheated by kicking an extra ball on to the pitch to slow down the Mayo kickouts on numerous occacions. Mayo players were hit late all day. Diarmuid got a punch into the ribs off the ball.What are linesmen there for apart from deciding on sideline balls. If the supporters hadn’t kicked up a racket for the wide given as a point and forced the ref to cancel it where would we be now. Cynical Cork. They have learned all the underhand crap from their neighbors down the years. AOS takes so much abuse and just gets on with it. He is just unbelievable and an example to all young players on how to play the game as it should be played. Cillian played a captain’s part and was immense. Management have added nothing this year to our game. We are winning by sheer heart and determination of the players and the supporters. It will be a very interesting game against the Rossies. Looking forward to Croker and a Mayo win. Thank you to our fantastic Mayo players.

  17. Great game of football from a neutral perspective. Pure torment for Mayo supporters, but they got the job done thanks to a great effort from most of the players. Cillian was superb and looks back to his best. Any team we play from here on will target our soft spots which were on display again yesterday. I believe that we have the players to shore up weaknesses where necessary. Right tactics will take us to the semi finals again. One game at at time lads.

  18. Agree with you WJ re the colour clash…Cork are always a disaster for us colour affected folk. Galway jerseys on a wet day causes me problems with the vision too.

    Thought Diarmuid used all his intelligence to manufacture a hop ball at the vital time when he collected the kickout but was completely isolated.

    Barrett closing down Hurley for his wide at the death was key.

    Nally, Kirby, deserve shots.

  19. Good man marking defenders are getting as rare as two footed scorers in Mayo. Our forward play though is improving all the time . Its going to take a bit of real tactical genius to win the next one and brave selection . Id put boyle in full back , laugh at me all ya want but i think hed do a decent job in there v Ros.

  20. Watched the game again there now wj

    I cannot understand how boland wasn’t on the bench , Alan Dillon has nothing to offer
    The last cork score he wasn’t totally burned couldn’t even get a tackle in and he was just on .

    Why not have a young lad like boland or Kirby on who can track runners ?

    What ever video analysis team mayo have , there’s one consistent theme that was badly exposed , I counted at least 8 points that came off him , in terms of frees and been totally off man …. o neill and o Connor had a free reign ……ITS TIME FOR MANAGEMENT TO MAKE THE RIGHT CALL AT NO 3

    The positive from yesterday was our shot succession , it was top notch , cillian , Andy , AOS were superb

  21. Willie joe As entertainment goes this match was the best. If you were only there.texts from my cork friends suggest that the ref blew up early. I think Healy has resigned with dignity His first game was also against us when they gave us a roasting. I thought coc aos jd and kh were brilliant yesterday but what on earth was lee up to. I have to say that if we lost I’d find it hard to forgive him. We wont be such hot favourites to beat the rossies Btw you should’ve gone to spec savers. Up mayo

  22. Thats the 3rd championship game in a row now we have knocked Cork out of the all Ireland no mean treat and throw in the u21 final last year we really have the indian sign over them fair play to the whole squad who got us over the line….Yes we do have problems when we drop our intensity levels as we cannot go gunho for anymore than 20mins at a time ,When this happens ithink we should all drop back as a defence unit and hold what we have then go again its not a matter of changing players….I think when we get to Croker we might see Lee going into full back line and taking up a Murtagh or a Geaney even if we get there like he did in last years finals…Bring on the Rossies its amazing how confident they have suddenly become talking to a Rossie last night….Its a big difference doing it in the white heat of Croker than a wet and windy Salthill 2 different games infact as Galway showed last night on the 1st time they played on a dry day….

  23. After all of the talk about Dublin, Kerry and Tyrone, we are now in the same position as them, arguably in a better one. If Kildare and Monaghan come through next weekend then the last 8 will be made of teams playing Division 1 football next year apart from Donegal who are replaced in the last 8 of the championship by Roscommon, who themselves have played Division 1 football in the last few years.

    Traditionally Cork have been a come from behind team, I remember in 2010 they came from well behind Dublin to beat them by one in the All-Ireland semi-final and they did the same thing in the 2011 league final, coming from even further behind, again beating Dublin by one point, so they have it in their DNA.

    Looking ahead and thinking back too, its disappointing that someone like Crowe didn’t get a couple of games in the league at full-back as he was the player to replace Caff at full-back yesterday. I wouldn’t mind to see Kirby and Nally start against Roscommon the next day. One thing we need to watch again is the opposition’s half-backs coming forward against us. I remember even going back to the Fermanagh game last year their no. 7 scored a few points against us. Conor Devaney got three points against Galway coming forward from the back so we need to watch that in the next game.

  24. For those who are constantly looking to bash Stephen Rochford at every opportunity – let’s not forget he has gotten us closer to the holy grail than any of the previous managers. Yes mistakes have been made on the sideline but no different than in any of the previous six years. And if people cant see beyond than then maybe they need to recall how and who carries the responsibility for the appointment of a new manager in the first place. Rochford knows only too well where the corrections to our system of play needs to improve – lets just hope now he can come up with the solutions.

  25. why not try vaughan at full back next sunday,he started there last year against dublin, if not working try something else,ie change things around

  26. Great comments WJ!
    These players are an absolute credit to Mayo and it will be a travesty if they never win Sam. And we won’t if we don’t take action at full-back and centre-back NOW. That is the job of management. Cafferkey is absolutely not at the races – no pace, no anticipation and useless under a high ball. I would prefer anyone there but him. But Rochford perseveres. And centre back is just too open…
    let the wing backs bomb forward but not No-6! Delighted to see the forwards clicking but leaking goals has always been the issue – not the forwards…

  27. Keep going Mayo , the qualifier route a lot tougher than last year . This team is on the go since 2011 , amazing bunch of players . Hon Mayo.

  28. Certainly Rockford will get the matches up right. Dont forget last year the starting Barry v tipp dillion v Tyrone Keegan on cavaangh and Connolly etc.

    Ya rossies and Murtagh are good but don’t think it warrants lee going to fullback. I do agree with having him as option but would suit Vaughan too.

    We have had 3 quarters of performance yesterday and team is growing and bonding there’s a massive performance in us yet.
    Let’s concentrate on what will be a buoyed up Ross with nothing to loose. They will probably put Enda smith full forward and lorry ball in on top of him. All we need do is stop the supply from further out the field and I think that’s where Seamus was missed when he went off.
    Tackling slackened around the middle but Barrett and Seamus around centre back will make sure no easy ball in.

    We should definetly get better of a limited rossies team but they will give it hell of a go.

  29. COC was as much in that game as I have ever seen.Up until Cork got the first goal I felt we were clinical .Come on 27 points is some talley we never got the goal to really put them away.Anyway we are battlers and on we go. Can anyone tell me the last time we kicked 27 points in a Chamionship game and does anyone know how many we missed?

  30. Remember after the Westmeath game last year Kevin Keane was dropped as our orthodox full-back for the All-Ireland quarter-final against Tyrone so it’ll be interesting to see what we do in the next game.

  31. all due respect to Dillon, his best days are over and to drop boland who is young and a scoreing forward is crazy to me.

  32. Defence is obviously a team issue and the goal chances we gift teams need to be cut out which we largely managed to achieve in QF, semi and drawn final last year.

    This being said, Caff had a poor game man to man and was taken for too many points individually so should be replaced.

    We need to pick horses for courses in defence. Harrison is the best man maker we have so should mark the most dangerous corner forward, Keegan should mark most dangerous half forward, Higgins is quickest player so should mark their fastest player (I would have put him man for man on Powter yesterday and on Walsh against Galway)

    Vaughan should mark the aerial threat inside.

  33. What a game–just back from limerick. I agree our backs were weak but just look at the transformation last year in the AIF. I thought Jason Doherty was immense in the first half. No 5 for Cork did a lot of damage & was not tracked–was he Doc s man. game played at a frantic pace.

  34. I’m really happy that Cillian O’Connor had such an exceptional game yesterday – and I hope it quietens some of his detractors here for a while. He really was immense (apart from that bad miss near the end but hey we won so I won’t dwell on it).

    Still a bit dazed after the game. It was my first one in nearly three years where I was watching from afar and I hope it’s as long again because it was pure torture 😀 And it felt so wrong not being there in the trenches with the usual crew. Roll on next weekend. Mind you, I do have the comfort of actually having a voice today.

    What a game though for the neutral fan. Like WJ I *almost* felt sorry for Cork but then reminded myself of all the merciful clatterings we’ve received at their hands down the years and that sorted that out fairly quickly.

    I think most things have been said at this point, but that was probably thoe most bizarre, mystifying, frustrating game I have ever watched as a supporter. It felt like we did everything we could possibly to do lose it and only luck kept us in it at the end (why can that never happen on AIF day?!)

    Struggling to figure out where Rochford is coming from these days, I will admit, though some of the substitutions as has been suggested elsewhere I feel were made with the aim of keeping some juice in the tank for next week and with the aid of GPS data – let’s not forget that it was a very hot day and at that point we were still looking at a potential game against Kerry in a week’s time. I think however he underestimated our tendency towards self-sabotage and Cork’s hunger to win, and credit must go to Cork for the way they showed yesterday. I did think however that Conor Loftus made a great contribution when he came on – he may yet be major for us.

    Disappointed in Leeroy – it’s hard to keep your discipline all the time and yes, he was getting a hard time, but maybe he should take his disciplinary cues from Aidan in future. Our disciplinary record has been poor this season, and being honest I wouldn’t have such a massive problem with us being a bit dirtier if we were being a bit smarter about it. But no, we just see key players getting themselves sent off and defenders conceding needless frees within scoring range.

    Cannot fathom why Boland was dropped after the level of consistency he has shown all year.

    However, as game days go that was probably one of the most exhilarating ones yet. Hats off to Aidan, Cillian, Jason Doc (hands up, I was a doubter, but no more), Tom, Kevin, Andy, Chris and Conor who for me yesterday were our stand-outs. The rest will come good too and we will be there or thereabouts again this year despite all indications to the contrary. We should know by now the strength of the spirit of this team, and it was great to hear the spirit of the supporters coming to the fore once again yesterday.

    Cannot wait for Croker, and for what will no doubt be another day of heart attacks … but I think we’ll come through. Maigh Eo abu!

  35. If we are to bring on a forward replacement towards the end of a game the thing they had damn well be better able to do is track a player back at high speed and not be just chasing them but catch them and stop them. Regan was fresh and couldn’t catch his man. I would agree that Kirby should get a chance ahead of Regan but im not sure about starting.. who would you take off? is his most likely replacement to be Andy? and where would you put him.. in on the square? Against Derry he was out around the middle linking play and attacking from deep. Surely if Crowe was doing it in training he would get in ahead of Caff. We were playing one of the best forward units in the Country yesterday and it’s no shame we struggled defensively.. I’m not blind and I have no allegiance to Caff.. and yes he didn’t have a good game but it’s harsh to lay all the blame at his door. Our half back line collapsed ahead of him.. Tom P was mediocre in midfield and Coen is constantly been caught out in a positional sense. Up until this point we were leading by double scores.. was Caff playing poorly then? If a goal goes in its a collective failure.. it’s too easy to scapegoat one individual.

  36. Willie Joe respecting the rules but I have to say I perceive a bias in terms of all players u24. Only the mercurial Brendan Harrison is assured of his place. Many of us had commented that in a tight call this year the younger player needs the nod. That is how team sport works especially that games are 75-80 mins now. No young player got any tight call nod yesterday. Not one.

  37. All – just a quick reminder AGAIN re what’s allowed and what’s not, in light of a number of lazy putdowns relating to Ger. Criticise away but stick to specifics from the match yesterday (and other matches this year if necessary) but steer clear of generalised putdowns. Getting slightly hacked off now that some people are either unable or unwilling to comprehend what’s okay to post and what’s not.

  38. That’s a perfectly valid observation, JP. I’d need to go back over the list again to see if I’d agree but off the top of my head I’d say you could well be right.

    Mind you, whatever gripes we may have about our sideline calls yesterday they pale into insignificance compared to what befell Donegal. All their subs used up after 42 minutes and then down to 13 due to black cards because of this. Donegal were being put up on a pedestal by some earlier this year as an example of what was being done right, with the argument that we should follow suit. Kinda glad now we didn’t …

  39. Willie Joe the report in the Sunday Times today states re Keegan BC “it looks as if Stephen Cronin ran across his line & their feet became entangled “. What did it look like on TV?

  40. Absolutely not, JR – it looked as if Lee poked his leg out at his marker who had been swinging out of him as we burst forward. Seemed like a clear trip on TV.

  41. JR – it looked as much like a red in all honesty. It was a silly thing to do, and absolutely 100% unnecessary. Mayo suffered for his absence, epitomized by how easily Cork came though the middle when he wasn’t there.

    He’ll have to be careful now, as coupled with the one in the league against Tyrone, he’s on thin ice.

    As for Galway, that was out of nowhere. It does, I think frame where Mayo might actually be in terms of other teams, and it certainly frames Tyrone in a different light. I can’t see them beating Kerry, but if they play like yesterday, they’ll give them their fill of it. Mind you, the time to catch Kerry is cold in the quarters. Meeting them in the semi’s after a tough game will be an entirely different proposition.

  42. I do think that we are falling into the trap of writing off Ros as Galway did.The Murtaghs can do damage sand Enda Smyth is serious player as is Devanney and others.
    Yes of course we can win but only if fully tuned in.
    I felt that taking off Boyle was a mistake as was taking off Moran.I would have brought in Loftus but for Kevin.
    I was disappointed with Stephen Coen who was not as good as the last day.
    I do think some of the substitutions were baffling.These trackers are not definitive and taking someone off on those …well its not sensible in my view.Didnt see why Seamie needed to go at all or indeed Andy…he did little running in second half.
    Think Aidan was phenomenal again…his tracker must be burned out.

  43. Would have Conor o shea or boland on the bench over Dillon

    He was on for 10 minutes … a bad pass and burned for pace

  44. Jaden, you’re right re. Kerry and catching them cold. However, Mayo would simply not be ready to beat Kerry next weekend. They’ll be happy to get any kind of a win against Roscommon. Mayo have to get their house in order. Protection for full back is one such priority. They may have some time in which to do this now. Had they been down to play Kerry next weekend, I just couldn’t have seen them make the requisite improvements.

  45. How Rory Gallagher hasn’t walked away at this point is beyond me. My god, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing yesterday. Abysmal stuff from management – and not for the first time.

    Huey2016, I would hate to think given the way we have performed this year to date and particularly against so-called “weaker” teams that anyone would be complacent. We shouldn’t be – an attacking team like Roscommon will relish the chance to capitalise on the gaping holes we are leaving in the middle of the field. However I hope that the ignominy of being dumped out by the Rossies in Croke Park should provide us with sufficient motivation to get the win in the end… though i don’t think it’ll be pretty.

  46. Ill be backing Galway to beat kerry for value bet next weekend. That is a serious galway team who obviously fell into the trap of complacency v Ros. Connacht teams are so underrated because of tradition but the three teams left are very much top eight maybe even top six. Serious forwards in both galway and roscommon teams , i like a lot have fell into the trap thinking their underage talent will never surface to the top but my opinion has changed , its happening and believe me them Galway bucks will cause kerrys defence problems.

  47. Does anyone know if SKY will be showing a re-run of the game and if so when will it be on. I presume SG will show 10 mins highlights this evening, focus on timekeeping at the end and another free Cork could have got near the end – there won’t be a word on the 11-12 steps Pouter took before scoring the goal that brought Cork back into the game. It wasn’t even close to the 4 steps allowed.

  48. You look at the scoreline yesterday.Cork 2-20 I dont think anyone would have thought before this that Mayo would be able to come out on top .My only gripe of the whole game was we didnt close the game out when we were 7 points up .We find it very difficult to do this .

  49. Keegan and his marker were at each other for 15 minutes off the ball
    One of them was getting a black eventually

    Again an experienced player letting his team mates down due to needless indiscipline
    It’s becoming a theme
    A costly one

    God help us if Cillian gets involved again and gets a black/red

    He was absolutely phenomenal yday
    He is as fit as he has ever been which makes a massive difference

  50. Great individual performances by some, but again no structure in defence. I’m baffled by some sideline calls and am not sure Stephen Rochford knows what he is at. Delighted with the win and will shout them on in any case.

  51. Your analysis is spot on Willie Joe. It is also very balanced and fair something we should all take into consideration when making comments. That is what I love about this forum. We are constantly learning from it including how to consider all views and aspects of the game. We should all try to be constructive in our comments and to remember we are talking about men who sacrifice a lot for their county.
    Still worried about the fatigue element for Sunday

  52. Alan Dillon was a great player for Mayo but time waits for no person. Fergal Boland should have been on the bench.

  53. A close scrape for sure yesterday but Mayo still standing. I think some people underestimate Cork, they may have believed the media lines about Cork being poor. Cork is a big place with a big pick of players, they have massive talent and can play the game very well when it suits them. I imagine yesterday, being a do or die day, they likely knew it was the managers last game if they lost so they put in the effort and almost won the game.
    Lee Keegan? Crazy stuff, bust your ass training all year with 25 other lads and go out and nearly wipe it all out with a single move of the foot. it showed that the mind wasn’t fully focused and only for the ref was kind it would have been a straight red.
    I listened on Midwest , good commentating and I was laughing when they were reading out requests from all over the globe from Mayo people listening in. It’s one well supported team.

  54. In relation to young players, what Dublin seem to do is start with the young player and finish with the experienced player. So they start with a Con O’Callaghan or a Niall Scully but finish with a Bernard Brogan or a Kevin McManaman. What Alan Brogan was saying was that Jim Gavin would trust an experienced player to take a chance late in the game more, compared to a novice player. Its something to think about anyway.

  55. One point regarding Lee Keegan. He burst a gut running half the field to get onto a pass by Aiden O’Shea only to be tripped right in front of the ref. He sat on the ground with his arms out stretched looking exasperated at the ref who clearly saw it and chose to ignore it. He does the same thing and gets a black for it. Not making excuses but a bit of consistency would be nice.

  56. Wille Joe and Ann Marie… I think we can see the benefits of watching the match from afar… Ye both are on the money.. Logical and objective… I was at the match, and wouldn’t be too sure of the details ..But it was the best place to be yesterday.. It was roller coaster of noise and emotion…. The only thing I was sure about was that the taking off of Chris Barrett, was a very poor decision… Bringing on of Paddy Durcan was the right thing to do, but not at Barrett’s expense… The demotion of Fergal Boland was a strange decision as was not giving Danny Kirby some game time in extra time, would lead to some head scratching. .. Management needs to be honest with themselves, during the week… Lessons need to be learned!

  57. Thanks to AOS, we are still in div 1 of league and the championship. Sean Powter was stickin out like a sore thumb as the one man that could stoke up the Cork team and yet he was allowed to carve us open down the centre. Not a lot any poor full back could do about that. But maybe Coen could have been brought on with instructions to keep a close eye on him any time he came bursting forward. Roscommon management will no doubt plan around our weaknesses and have the players to sting us.
    Parsons continues to show more aggression and leadership going forward so it would be a pity to see him converted to a holding midfielder. SOS not great at turning over without fouling, that leaves KMcL as our sweeper. I have not seen the replay, but I thought for the most part we were there in numbers to defend but Powre and co breezed pass us.
    It came down to mental strength in the end and one team had more than the other. Thats why we are in croke park next sunday. Any news on tickets and order of play
    Three western counties on the one road to croker on Sunday

  58. It looks like we are first up next Sunday at 2. Hopefully we can then sit back and enjoy what could be a very open entertaining Galway Kerry clash.

  59. RTE Radio 1…. Reviewing yesterday’s gaelic-football game’s in about 10 minutes time, with John Maughan and Ray Silk!

  60. Hopefully we will be a bit wiser for viewing it. How was Powter allowed such space? Thats what im interested in otherwise it was satisfactory performance.
    Good day out next sunday. Lets hope there will be two connacht teams standing going into semifinal stage, that would bbe a first?

  61. I would be very surprised if mayo have not got something more up their sleeve just like any good poker player. They are doing enough at the moment to get get them over the line and it feels more like Russian roulette than poker!
    Cannot help but feel that the meath man’s comments about aidan have helped to galvanise the team and supporters.
    Don’t be in any doubt that kerry and Dublin both fear mayo and proof of that is the way they continually trash talk us. Had a good laugh for myself on yesterday’s thread where some dub claimed league result was a better reflection of the 2 teams!!! Dream on buddy.
    Cork had nothing to lose yesterday and when they were beaten they threw the kitchen sink at us and fair play to them they scored 2 goals. The substitution that threw our lot was when they took off defender Shields and stuck on o neill. Then we mysteriously took off barret and had lee bc’d. That could quite easily have been red.
    As for 3 mins injury time at end of et? If that was applied to normal time wed have 21 minutes of injury time at end of normal game??
    Cork throwing in extra ball at Mayo kickouts was pretty cynical and shows they have learnt well from the masters next door as was their use of runner onto the pitch. GAA needs to stamp that shit out.
    Galway will beat Kerry and we will beat Ros but only with a disciplined and determined display.
    Kerry think nothing of us and they think they’ve made bigger strides than us since 2014 according to my workmate. They still have same 1 to 9 plus Donncha Walsh which is why I think galway will win.
    Interesting times ahead.

  62. How long are we going to have to put up with these ridiculous Mis matches like we saw with Galway and Donegal yesterday. Time for a 2 tier championship isn’t it!

    Oh wait Donegal are the Div1 team!

    O Rourke and brolly will just have to ignore that one.

    Div 4 Carlow acquitted themselves v Div 1 far better than Donegal against both Dublin and Monaghan who got the fright of their lives. Waterford were a whisker within taking Cork, laughing stock Rossies annihilated Galway, mayo were a missed free from departure b Derry and then we had yesterday….

    But of course none of that will matter when next week everyone comes out with the tired old shite cliche about the real championship starting withe last 8…the type of shite that sickens my arse…just ask the Mayo players who have been through fire and brimstone already whether they think they were in a real championship up to now.

    But the next hammering of a minion will prompt the usual platitudes and donegals kicking last night won’t get a sniff in the debate

  63. Liam, spot on about Lee getting taken out off the ball and Branigan completely ignoring it. As he did the high challenge on AOS (arm in over his shoulder and across his chest) while he was 4′ away from him and facing him! He was often well behind the play and robbed Cork when he didn’t black card Higgins for his trip in the second half instead giving a yellow! Think we won’t be seeing Branigan again this Summer.

  64. He was not able to keep up with play
    Should not be let near another game

    And as for the umpire ………..not much talk about it now but a draw game …….if the linesman had not overturned that point ……..

  65. Who was supposed to have been center half back in lat 20 mins of normal time.

    Not to be overly specific or critical but Coen does not have the speed for the half back line or midfield or half forward line. That is very apparent .
    Why Rochford is pursuing this tactic of playing him there is puzzling to say the least.

    In time he may possibly develop into a full back.

    Incredible effort once again.

    I hope we get over Roscommon and that Barry Moran and possibly Conor O Shea can play some part.

    I would leave Regan alone, we have very few forwards who have the confidence or skill to run at defenders. He is one. He needs to regain his confidence.
    We may need him also.

  66. Coen is not slow. He’s 6’1″ and well built without being long limbed. Hence he is not going to win any 400m races but he’s not slow.
    He plays with composure and hence doesnt just barrell ahead at full pace when on the ball.
    He’s something around JDocs speed which is enough.
    Stephen Coen or Caolan Crowe for full back now looks indisputable. Id worry about Donie Vaughans agility there.

  67. Think Keegan for full back like last year and paddy durcan in on the wing

    Do you think we can sacrifice Lee’s forward threat Willie joe and play him full back. ?

  68. I thought Coen did good man for man marking job on connolly last year, and if he lacked pace, connolly would have exposed him. He would be my understudy to Cafferty. Was it Powter v Diarmuid O Connor yesterday. Anyway the way the game is gone there are not many matchups anymore. Powter was theman and once he entered our 40m zone, someone shouldhave been assigned the resbonsibilty of curbing him.
    Was it down to just poor tackling yesterday in relation to Powter

  69. @Joemamas..When the game was in the melting pot yesterday Id safely say most of Mayo supporters in Limerick could have run at the Cork defenders..It takes more than that at this stage and I didnt see anything from Regan that would warrant game time next weekend..Personally Id have more confidence seeing Kirby come on..He can pick out passes better and this year so far hes been far more accurate getting scores on the board..

  70. Can’t see how anyone thinks Galway will lay a glove on Kerry next weekend…their full back line is there for the taking. Sweeney and Kyne will be exposed again in Croke Park.

  71. You need someone sciopaidh …quick off the mark, for fullback, blocky, 6′ about….. maybe Coen…Nally or anyone !! The incumbent seems slowish to move off …maybe not fit but he’s always been a bit burdened perhaps with his back on the heels posture while running. But what do we know since we re not there to see what’s what. Indeed if mangt has it wrong they have it very wrong. I’m saying they re in the best position to judge but you wonder at times.

  72. Could only listen to commentary from Mid West radio.. seemed to me that Cork won nearly every kickout. is that right? Commentary was awful and Carney had the game won in second half long before was wise. Mayo can go all the way if everyone is realistic. Was only able to listen to last few minutes of extra time on RTE radio to hear the analyst say he hoped Cork would get another chance to draw. Did Mayo win any kickoffs? Mayo all the way.

  73. Liam
    Regarding our u16s V Kerry .
    I can tell you they Competed quite well
    And scored well more than 1 point.

  74. Put Seamus O Shea in full back, he is strong and a good fielder.. is over also forget about Regan you need a big man in there as Roscommon are not a big team.
    Kirkby desereves a run as he is well able to get a score.
    I blame mgt. for messing up the half back line.
    Play McLoughlin as sweeper it worked last year. I also think Nally is a better option than some of the subs used previously, he also able to score.

  75. City Boy
    Got over the line yesterday !
    Team has to get new blood and not the same players being used in each game without success
    The two best performers in the league were Shane Nally and Danny Kirby in the current championchip both have been virtually ignored !
    Changes have to be made time has come for the nice lads brigade to move on and give players with fresh legs and
    hunger a chance to show there mettle.

  76. The best full back in the county left the panel due to lack of game time and not being given a chance to show what he could do. Ger McDonagh of Castlebar Mitchels, 6’1″, strong, good hands, mobile and can play. Can hit a belt too. Playing with the best team in the county and at the highest level yet was not given a chance even when both Cafferkey and Keane were sidelined. Strange.
    Kirby kicking long range points all league, accurate foot passes, 6’2″, spikey but he sits while a 32 year old who hasn’t touched leather for Mayo all year comes on and kicks, what should have been a dead ball, straight to a Cork man to put us on the back foot. Strange.
    Still. We still standing and are certainly within a shout of another semi final. However, I have to admit, that I’d sooner Kerry than Roscommon at this stage.

  77. Agree with you Michael Walsh was v disapointed with mid west commentary it was terrible and it’s usually brillant when mike Finnerty billy fitz and John Casey are on it. I had to switch to Radio 1 and listen to Dessie Dolan hoping Cork would win and Mark Brehony supporting Cork too. On another not can’t understand how Fergal Boland was dropped I saw him play loads of games in the league and he impressed me apart from the Tyrone game Alan Dillon great servant that he is didn’t kick a Ball in the league and yet he comes on. I’d have Adam Gallagher in the panel before Evan Regan there’s only one Ballina man that deserves his place on the team. Management will have to be ruthless.

  78. No sympathy for Cork from me. Throwing balls on to the pitch to disrupt Mayo play. Anyway they have won it enough times between football and hurling.

    I think madwest said that Boland had played a game for some team on Friday night and so wasn’t considered for selection???.

    Going by all the comments on here its clear that one starting player is out of his depth and also that one sub who is nearly always brought on is also not contributing enough while other subs remain on the bench. (no names mentioned out of respect of house rules).

    Having Mayo v Ross on first next Sunday is a bit of a gamble. Should Mayo lose (awful i know) the stadium will empty and the second game will be played in a near deserted Croke Park. There will be nobody there from Galway and even fewer ( yes a minus figure) from Kerry. The teams bringing the biggest support should be on last. If the Dubs were playing, they would be on last.

    Lastly, some fella coming on here and having a go at Willie Joe and how he runs the shop and asking to meet up with him to discuss matters. Brilliant. Mighty craic altogether. Nearly pissed myself laughing.

  79. Ger McDonagh never got a minute. Yet he bossed Cillian out of it in the championship.
    There has been no proper scouting for or attempt to develop a new full back since 2011.
    I know of a good ex minor full back went in n was trialled corner forward.

  80. Woah stall the digger there, mayo management told him he could play for aghamore on friday, i was told that by aghamore mates of his .

  81. These crazy games can not and will not continue…we are going to get caught out many times do we build up a lead only to stop playing and let the other team take over?

    I would never knock this team for heart, determination and resilience but my god they make it hard on themselves when it shouldn’t be.

    Disappointed young Boland has been dropped. Sidelined baffled me at times yesterday. Cillian, AOS and Doherty were amazing.

    Roll on the rossies..:I can’t forget the welcome they have us in Cloodfad after loosing the replay last year…I hope we hammer them out the gate

  82. Only the 4th ever win over Cork in championship football
    Again this team has us spoilt a bit as they account for 3 of those wins so we take it for granted

  83. Sinead37 – they had a big Dublin flag out and a nice message for us. Few of us got the fingers from the lovely locals too….hillbillies

  84. Has anyone considered that with us been up by seven points it would be reasonable to take off two players who had given everything and a rest would help for the next game,also that it might help Ger to get more game time,but Cork came back very well,I cannot understand the constant criticism of management, because last year after only a few months in charge came up with a plan for Tyrone, Tipp,and came within a kick of the ball of the greatest team that ever played football, we will beat Ros up Mayo

  85. That wouldn’t be the same All Ireland winning full back that I heard the same about JP? Don’t forget the signs in Ballinlough Yew-Tree “Well at least ye tried”.

  86. The Sunday game will be interesting tonite, lets hope Ciaran Whelan is still out with his leg injury, he will have less air time to have a go at Mayo’s players.

  87. Yeah I had actually forgot to count in 2011 :@

    Just finished it all time now watching it back
    What a poor poor pass that was by Coen at the end . Game was over if he held it or passed better

    We just can’t do things easy !

  88. I got chatting to a freelance photographer from Kerry as I was leaving the ground yesterday.

    He was telling me that he was in the tunnel after the game and spotted the Mayo lads coming in with their colours in their hands. He couldn’t get over the bruises and welts coming through so soon after the game.

    Those ice baths are clearly very necessary after the intensity of these games.

  89. LOL Roscommon have named their team already !!!!! Same team
    Pure mind games from mcstay

  90. Km79 – They must be on the beer still after the Connacht final victory.

  91. Still shook after yesterday. We need more ruthlessness when we have teams by jugular, cork were good and great game in hindsight
    Any idea when tickets go on sale anyone

  92. McStay always names the team a week in advance and barring injury that is the team that will start. The mind games are the managers who don’t disclose their team till last minute or name a bogus team.

  93. Evergreenandred, you beat me to the punch, but Limerick, you really are a lady! What a day on the Ennis Road yesterday. I enjoyed it as much as I hated it the last day. North ‘Stand’ is the place to be, great terrace with comfortable seats, helped of course by the brilliant sunshine. And, wonder of wonders, I parked near the ground and strolled to the stadium.

    The match? Oh yes, the match. The downward drop of that roller coaster I mentioned a few matches ago. The Wild Atlantic Way Roller Coaster. Rochy is a great man for studying the opposition, but between himself, the selectors and the players, they seemed to forget about Sean Powter. He absolutely tormented us yesterday and nobody seemed to lay a glove on him. He really dragged back Cork into a game that Mayo had put to bed early in the second half. Half forwards, midfielders and half backs laid out a red carpet for him. Add to that no winning of breaking ball around midfield and no throws in won and we let them get advantages they shouldn’t have.

    Still 27 points is some scoring and the resolve to come back from 2 down in extra time was nothing short of incredible.

    Let’s hope it hasn’t taken too much out of them.

  94. yew tree – ya I recall the same on the drive home that evening – and the bonfire another small group of them lit also! I just hope we have the legs left next Sunday to light a bonfire under all of their arses.

  95. Only about right after yesterday now!
    Nice to be on the right side of the 1 point this time.
    I thought the fight of both teams was immense, some of the Cork lads could barely walk of the field.
    Hopefully the lads will be tuned in and ready for the Rossies in just the week that they have. Can’t believe that crack from them last year after the replay – Jealousy is a bitch.
    Just as a matter of interest we were discussing here when did Galway last beat Kerry in Championship & we couldn’t figure it & google didn’t tell us LOL – I’m sure someone on here knows when was last time (if ever).
    Anyway, on we go, Up Mayo.

  96. Roscommon also named their team a week before the Connacht Final, if I remember correctly, because I remember thinking its rare to see it done so far ahead of a game.

    Km79, just out of sheer curiousity. Why do you find it funny and mind games that they`ve named the same team?
    After their performance against Galway, I would have thought that was automatic.

    Ros are a coming, improving young team, but I think we`ll have too much overall for them next Sunday. Our experience of Croke Park should prove crucial.
    Heard today that some people in Ros believe that our game will be the second game on next Sunday….Time will tell.

    Have to say that while he`s not playing great at the moment, I think Ger Cafferky is taking too much of the blame from some of you on here.
    He is not the sole reason that we are being opened up down the middle in practically every game this summer.

  97. Yew Tree and 45.

    Interesting stuff there about Cloonfad from last year. Even bonfires lit. Awful stuff.

    I remember coming out of Hyde Park after the 1985 Connacht Final and a group of them said to me “Mayo will get bet next place ye go”.

    Now, 32 years on i would say the same to the current Connacht champions. Rosgommon will get bet next place ye go. Which happens to be Croke Park next Sunday.

  98. @Catcol, Sean Powter made some very good runs in the first-half against Kerry in the Munster final. He was marking Donncha Walsh in that first-half. Kerry made a change at half-time in that match by bringing on Stephen O’Brien (who has serious pace as well), so he put Powter on the back foot instead, when he matched up against him.

    Maybe we should have matched up someone like Kevin McLoughlin on him and get Kevin running at the Cork defence like he did running at the Clare defence. So we should really have been ready for Power, i.e. put him on the back foot but we didn’t seem to be. Its something that we need to keep an eye on as we seem to have a problem with opposition backs attacking us unchallenged.

  99. Bit of a lazy comment above about Galway beating Kerry if ever in the championship. Beat them in 64 and 65 during our 3 in a row.

  100. Observer 2
    What manager ever names a team before the fixture itself has even been confirmed ???? It’s pure mind games
    One week of training anything can happen
    Not very motivating for those hoping to earn a starting spot this week if that really is the team ……… may end up being the starting 15 but th n again someone may push hard this week or get injured
    It’s nonsense
    It is McStay trying to say ” this is our team , we don’t care if ye know it we are going to do our stuff and win anyway “

  101. Big Mike was only a question around a conversation we had here, not sure what was lazy about it. 1964/65 is 20 years before I was born. Anyway, Thanks for the answer all the same :-).

  102. Yes, HSE we should have addressed the ‘Powter Problem by putting the likes of Paddy Durcan or Keith even on him. I seem to be seeing too much of Mayo players chasing back behind speedsters and laying themselves open to close in frees, yellow or black cards.

    All of this won’t be lost on the Rossies.

  103. MaigheoGalinGaillimh,

    That was a good question. Saw you asked it and i couldn’t think of when it might be. Yeah 64,65,66 would all be possibilities alright but without checking google etc, Cork could have came out of Munster in some of them years. Nothing lazy about that question. Galway certainly have a chance next Sunday too.

  104. Am I seeing things have the rossies announced there team already for next Sunday ?

  105. Watched the game back. We were actually very good for the first 55 mins. When paddy durcan came on his man got 2 and set up another buy after that he got to grips with him. It was when Boyle and Keegan went off that the defence fell apart. Maybe it shouldn’t be such a surprise considering they are two all stars. Our forward unit was excellent although there was goals there for us if we took better options. Cillian and aido coming into top form and special mention to Jason doc who was has cemented his place. Caff got roasted all days and should be dropped. Barret could go to full back with durcan starting in the Half forward line. Ros do not have a real aerial threat to speak of. I’d also stick with Higgins at sweeper. Recovery this week is huge but I’d be seriously worried about tired legs going into next week.

  106. I know that we as fans don’t need to worry about tactically preparing for next Sunday’s game like the team and management do, but it’s strange how people here don’t seem to be focused on Roscommon that much yet. I hate to give them any bit of respect but I see them as a huge threat.

  107. Positives are the form of Brendan Harrison, D O Connor, J Doherty & Cillian.

    Negatives the form of some of our great warriors Ger Caff, Colm Boyle & Alan Dillon.

    This team have given us brilliant days and don’t lack in resilience or character.

    I don’t know how management have arrived at a situation where in the last ten minutes of a huge game, they have to play a man who never featured in the league.

    I don’t like the sight of players who are replaced making their displeasure known. This sends out a very bad vibe, wonder how Jim Gavin would deal with it?

    We need to decide on a position for D Vaughan & S Coen. Both have played in Half Backs, Midfield & Half Forwards..

    We seem to be managing by GPS, there needs to be a feel for how the game is going. Not all decisions can be based on data analysis.

    I thought we played some brilliant football at times, and if we can tighten up defensively and make better tactical calls we won’t be far away.

  108. Agree about the clash of team colours. Both jerseys had red on them, both shorts were predominantly white and both socks were predominantly red. It must have looked ridiculous to Sky viewers who are used to watching soccer where even under armour and tape to support shinguards must be right. The Gaa are trying to market themselves as very professional but this proves that it is not only the players that are amateurs!!! It is not just about asthetics – try scrambling off balance and working out who is a teammate/ opponent.

  109. Can paddy powers be really serious. They have us at 4to11 and the rossies at 3 to 1. Handicap bet is minus 3 I hope this does not cause complacency again like yesterday when we were 1 to 5

  110. We will have too much fire power for Roscommon next week for sure. Our Cro Park experience will be a big advantage Roscommon full of youngsters

  111. I also feel Cafferkey is getting an unfair amount of criticism. There were many times in the years gone by when our full back line were unfairly criticised when they were playing behind a well beaten midfield. Our halfback line is not performing as well as it used to , and needs attention. Caff has given us great service and deserves great gratitude for all he has given over the years. Given more protection and he is our best option. Too late now for panicky solutions.

  112. Yeah Catcol, it was Powter against Cork, the no. 4 against Clare and the Derry half-backs were doing it against us as well, running at our defence unchallenged. Roscommon have been playing a forward Conor Devaney at no. 7, he scored 3 points against Galway coming forward from the back. So we need to be ready for that. He is not a speedster but he is accurate with his left boot.

  113. Good to win yesterday, seven points up let Cork back into it ( When will Mayo become a ruthless team?). Mayo supporters brilliant in Mackey Stand when the Team needed support especially in extra time, GREAT CONNECT BETWEEN TEAM AND SUPPORTERS may it long continue. We have to bring our A GAME to Croke Park next Sunday if we are going to beat Ros. Big Mayo support need in Croker next Sunday, because Roscommon will come in their thousands. Kerry Gaa Forum said it is a 50/50 game, Ray Silke said it is hard to call. Galway may have underestimated Ros but Ros played brilliant football on the day and as a result will be full of confidence next Sunday. I can see Kevin Mac Stay being highly motivated as a result of past history with Mayo Co Board. MAYO’S ATTITUDE HAS TO BE RIGHT NEXT SUNDAY ,were we complacent against Cork and nearly paid a high price.

  114. Mayoallstar – The hurling games were considered more important because that was the QF stage.

  115. I feel like Galway are in with a shout too JimFlag – hopefully it will be a great day as my son supports both the Maroon & White and the Green & Red.
    Hopefully our lads have enough recovery time to overcome the Rossies & who knows my little fella will have to pick a side to declare for in the Semi Final ;-).

  116. I watched the game on YouTube and apart from the obvious strengths and weaknesses I noticed something about our defending. For certain periods of each match our willingness around the middle third to get back quickly and set up our defence was seriously lacking. A hallmark of ours has been the willingness to work really hard defensively. We are now not doing that nearly as well as we used to and that seems to me why we are conceding a lot of scores. Opponents are getting inside us too easily. It is hard to keep the intensity going at that level over a six year period but if we could up it a bit from now on we could do ok. Our attack seems to be getting it right at last.

  117. Interesting point about the color blind jersey issue, why didn’t we wear those sleek black jerseys that served us well in our win over Kerry earlier this year? OR that black jersey with the RED pirate ship that Clarke wore recently, it looks like Granuaile’s ship so I NEED to get one of those! Great points as always John, love your commentary and humor. Roll on to Croker and a HUGE well done to ALL THE FANS!!! We heard you loud and clear on the other side of the Atlantic in Florida via GAAGO! You all were AWESOME!!! Truly the 16th man!!! You all make us so proud!!!!! We will be watching and listening for you next Sunday!!! Maigh Eo Abú!!!

  118. Thank god I watched the game back and didn’t rely on the Sunday game “coverage ” and “analysis ”

    All the pissing and moaning about Sky
    They do it right
    RTÉ had it all their own way for years so you would assume they would have stepped up tbeir game when challenged
    But no they just came out moaning

    It’s the first game I’ve watched back on sky as I go to them alll anyway and it’s light years ahead
    They ANALYZE instead of throwing out the same auld ****e

    Although RTÉ changed tack tonight
    After moaning about our lack of forwards and marquee forwards
    They decided to completely ignore our proficiency and a performance for the ages from Cillian to tear Caff apart

  119. Still haven’t seen Keegan’s black card
    Sure that had no impact on the game why would the Sunday game show it ………

  120. First time poster but have been reading this blog for a number of years. Was very dissapointed that Rochford got the job and mcstay did not. Over the last two years i am now more certain that we made a huge mistake. If we do win an all ireland this year then it will be down to the players.

    Yesterday’s game, it was pretty clear that the management considered the game over when making the initial substitutions. We almost got caught. A blind man would see that caff is not back to what he was. Yet there is a fixation with management that he is only option. For me Harrison or Vaughan should be there.

    Dillon has been a great servant for us but really not an option anymore. Evan Regan is a great club footballer I hear but surely somebody in management has to tell him that kicking on sight is only fine when you are playing club football when you are the biggest fish in the pond.

    Coen is also probably a good player but, I could be wrong here, if he was number 23 then he just stood up for 2nd goal for cork. I will forgive him for giving ball away at the end.

    I live in hope year after year that we can take Sam. I live in Cavan for years but try to get to as many games as possible. We can still win this but we need the manager to be ruthless now. Not sure we have that. Currently we have a manager in Cavan who made his name in club football in Monaghan. Not going well so far but definitely deserves another year. Well known in Monaghan that scotstown would have won the championship with anybody managing them, they were so strong. To me this sounds a bit familiar to what happened with appointment in Mayo. I really hope I am wrong.
    Strong management will make the right decision at full back, and even midfield. Then we might just sneak the all ireland. If not sure we will do it all again in 2018.

    Finally having played with and against Kevin mcstay in years gone by I salute his achievement in winning a Connaught title. He had the gumption to leave the RTÉ studio and put himself out there. Just a pity not with us. I expect us to beat Ros but hope management make the changes that are needed now.

  121. A few points Could we just forget Sam for a minute This team should not be judged on whether they win Sam or not They should be celebrated as a super resilient team who leave everything on the pitch every day they play Secondly give management a break They are blamed for all our woes They are there to do a job so if Boland was dropped from the 26 they must have e thought it necessary Blaming Dillon for a bad 10 mins and ignoring his contribution for years is shortsighted Finally give Ross a break So what if a few lads had a Dublin flag or lit a bonfire in Cloonfad Driving through Ross before AI last year and huge amount of good wishes in evidence We need to grow up We can’t abide anyone saying anything negative about us FFS some were even criticising the ref yesterday He did well and gave us a few borderline decisions which if they went against us we would be going ape Should be good next Sunday We need to tighten up at back and can’t expect our forwards to be so accurate again Up Mayo

  122. As many misgivings as I have about management several posters have reassured me how he got most matchups right late last season.
    Couldn’t fathom Brollys reasoning about our “sweepers”…were they supposed to back off completely & look dafter…you can’t win!
    Ger McDonagh mentioned earlier did get starts in the FBD & definitely is worth his spot…poor Crowe with only 1 start (ever?) at Pairc ui Rinn is a better physique to cope with the Donaghys & Eoghan O’Garas.
    As much as it’s great to keep the scoreboard ticking over it would’ve killed the game when Aido had turned his man & Andy shaped once to shoot but ultimately fisted over the bar if they had gone for goal
    Finally…Just who was kicking the 2nd balls on the pitch all them times to prevent our quick restarts?…there were only the GK Price,umpires & a ball boy / girl

  123. I know Powter had a good game but to be fair when you are allowed to take 12 steps before striking the ball, as he did in the build up to his goal, then it makes it alot easier to break through defensive cover.

  124. I don’t recall Ger McDonagh getting a game at full back in the FBD, pretty certain that did not happen.

  125. Powter was the latest example on Saturday but he wasn’t the first to be allowed to just waltz through this year , every game has been the same as soon as we score the centre of the pitch just opens up like the red sea and no one makes any attempt to stop whoever has the ball , it’s as if the players are being told to let them get to the 40 yard line and then pressurize them into shooting and if the miss it’s job done

  126. Surely after watching the Sunday game Rochford has to do something about fullback position,some of us has being talking abou this since 2012 he has his chance against Ros next Sunday if we win and take on Kerry or Dublin with Café as he is playing now, well its god help us,remember Donncha O Connor is 36 years of age and he roasted him in Limerick,would this happen in Kerry or Dublin,? not on your granny.

  127. I hope Rochford isn’t relying on Sunday game “analysis” to pick his team Green and Red
    I’m sure he and his team of selectors have a fair idea what’s going on don’t you ?

  128. Haha, if Rochford is basing his decisions on the Sunday game we might as well throw in the towel now!!!

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