The perfect result

This most certainly couldn’t be how one might describe my airline travel yesterday and today (two hour delays in either direction because of that 777 that crash-landed just inside the perimeter fence at Heathrow on Thursday) but instead relates to our result today coupled with NUIG’s win over Sligo IT.

We beat the Sheepstealers handily enough today (according to my spies in Ballinlough) while NUIG’s win over Sligo IT means that we don’t have the inconvenience of playing Galway in a who-gives-a-fuck-who-wins FBD final. It’s bad enough having to face them in the league in early April without having another set-to with them inside the next few weeks as well. So well done you NUIG lads for getting us out of that unwanted extra date with the Herrin Chokers.

Espionage duties at Ballinlough today were undertaken by another Brother (let’s call him Paddy Joe) whose take on the day’s action was along the following lines. We were way better than them and should have won by far more but kicked loads of wides, the worst culprit being Alan Dillon (who was also our leading scorer). He liked Mickey Mullins and thought he’ll be up for the serious stuff later in the year and he also thought Austie might be an option at centre-forward. He was impressed with Gill but less so with Benson who he felt was a bit lackadaisical (he described his goal as one you’d put away yourself attired in your wellies).

Make what you will of the foregoing – I particularly like the bit about the wellies – but no doubt we’ll have plenty more in terms of reports and analysis over the next few days.

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