The prediction mini-league is back, but with a difference

Thanks to all who have been prompting me to do this and apologies for not getting it sorted earlier but a slight gap has opened up in my deadline-laden schedule at the minute so here’s all you need to know about this year’s Mayo GAA Blog NFL Mini-League.

Regular participants will know that in previous years this initiative has been hosted by This year, however, facetheball has joined forces with the league sponsors, Allianz, to come up with a new and enhanced prediction competition for the 2012 NFL. This involves bigger prizes – five hundred notes for the overall winner plus a tidy two-and-a-half grand to the club of your choice (seeing as I’m a member of St Vincent’s up here in the capital, that’s where my projected winnings are headed) – and it also means more predicting because now, for the first time, the Division Three and Four games are being included as well. Longford v Offaly, anyone? Or how about London v Fermanagh?

Because it’s now located in a new house, you’ll need to register all over again – here. In doing so, you need to put in a user name (which can be anything) but they then ask for First Name and Last Name details, which is what they’ll publish on the site. If you’re the shy retiring type who doesn’t want your name emblazoned across the universe for all time, you can if you want put the name you want to go by in the First Name box (where no spaces or numbers are allowed) and then stick something like “MayoGAA” in the Second Name box and away you go.

Once you’re registered and logged in, it all becomes like the old facetheball experience as you’ll need to join the Allianz Football League Competition, enter it and then click on the ‘Join Football Mini League’ option. This will prompt you to input the Mini League code which is VFguv1zZFxZD and once you do this you should be sorted. If anyone encounters any problems in doing so let me know.

SixPointsUp swept to victory in 2009, MickC mauled all and sundry in 2010 and Yew Tree yodelled his way through the opposition last year. So who will be top dog in the Mayo GAA Blog NFL Prediction League for 2012? It could be you, dear reader – sure why wouldn’t it be?

Unlike Allianz I won’t be doling out fistfuls of cash to the mini-league winner but I’d say I could stretch to one of the new Mayo jerseys or something like that come April time. Between this and then, though, there’s a whole load of predicting to do so if you want to join the fun best get cracking now.

6 thoughts on “The prediction mini-league is back, but with a difference

  1. Should be joining up tomorrow to try repeat my 2010 heroics…with the Div 3 and 4 teams in the mix now it’ll be tough!

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