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I’d planned for some time to be away now, as it’s the only bit of the summer that suits as holiday time for us all. If we were in Sunday’s semi-final as Connacht champions I’d have missed it and the curious way that the qualifiers have sent us back along the same route means I’ll still miss it. So that was all expected – what isn’t is that it’s an All-Ireland semi-final involving ourselves and Tipperary. That I certainly didn’t foresee.

Surprise packets they may be but there’s little arguing with the fact that they’ve got this far on merit. Wins over Cork, Derry and Nestor Cup winners Galway prove that point. Tipp have earned their place in the final four this year and we have to view the challenge they’re likely to pose for us in the most serious terms.

They may not be seen as a footballing county but, before we tackle with them on Sunday, it’s worth our while noting that, for all our huffing and puffing, they’ve more All-Ireland senior football titles than we have. Sure, two of them – 1889 and 1895 – were captured in the century before last with a third, in 1900, added before we’d ever begun to kick a ball in anger as a county.

Their most recent success was way back in 1920, sixteen years before we won our first All-Ireland, and eight years before the Sam Maguire was first contested. Actually that’s not true – they won the 1920 championship alright, beating Dublin by 1-6 to 1-2 in the final but that decider wasn’t played until June 1922.

That 1920 championship also provides us with the second act in the Mayo/Tipperary footballing rivalry (if it can be termed thus). As we’ll do on Sunday, we met then – though on that occasion doing so as respective provincial champions – in the All-Ireland semi-final.

They won that June 1922 fixture, on a scoreline of 1-5 to 1-0, and that made it 2-0 to them in our championship head-to-head as they’d also beaten us in the semi-final of the 1918 championship, a match played in the middle of January 1919. That first championship meeting between us ended in a 2-2 to 1-4 win for them.

It would take us eight decades, the dawn of the current Millennium and the advent of the qualifiers for us to land our first championship blow on them in return. In that Round 4 qualifier played in late July 2002 we prevailed by four points, on a scoreline of 0-21 to 1-14 (match report here).

(NOTE: The original version of the above potted history which I wrote earlier on today has now been revised, based on the more thorough account put together by Mayo Mark of Club ’51. His excellent piece, which also mentions a 1921 championship semi-final walkover win to us conceded by Tipperary, is here.)

That year, incidentally, was the only previous time prior to this summer in which we had a successful run through the qualifiers from Round 2. Then, like now, Tipp entered the qualifiers as the beaten Munster finalists. Unlike this year, the Round 4 hurdle we presented proved too much for the Premier to get over and we ourselves bowed out that year in the quarters.

In terms of Tipp’s recent record, there was no real hint prior to this summer that something big was on the cards. Sure, there was that famous minor All-Ireland title in 2011 – incidentally, it was us who dethroned the then minor champions the following year, at the All-Ireland quarter-final stage, with Paddy Durcan, Stephen Coen and Diarmuid O’Connor all featuring for us then – and last year’s narrow U21 final defeat to Tyrone. Form at senior level, though, was modest in the extreme.

Last year they thrashed Waterford in their opening Munster championship fixture before going under to Kerry by 2-14 to 2-18 in the semi-final. The same kind of pattern ensued in the qualifiers – thumping Louth by 3-21 to 0-7 in Round 2 at Thurles before succumbing by 0-19 to 0-7 to Tyrone at the same venue in Round 3. Mid-July, then, was as far as last year’s summer gallop got them.

NFL Division Three this spring wasn’t a whole pile better for them either. Here’s how they got on: a Round 1 draw (2-9 to 1-12) against Limerick in Kilmallock; a 2-7 to 1-7 win over Clare in Tipperary town in Round 2; another draw, this time against Westmeath in Mullingar (1-8 to 0-11) in Round 3; a 2-11 to 0-12 win over Offaly at Tipperary town in Round 4; then two defeats – 1-17 to 1-7 against Longford in Pearse Park in Round 5 and 2-13 to 1-5 against Kildare at Clonmel in Round 6 – before a 3-9 to 0-18 draw against Sligo at Markievicz Park in Round 7.

Their seven League points saw them finish in sixth place in the Division. This was two points more than relegated Westmeath just below them, with Limerick finishing bottom of the Division Three pile.

So far, so mediocre you might say. Drawn again against Waterford in this year’s Munster championship, their Fraher Field meeting in May resulted in a far less decisive win for the Premier than their encounter the previous summer had done. Tipp made it through but their 1-15 to 1-7 victory wasn’t a convincing one.

At Semple Stadium two weeks later, however, they ripped up the script. Their 3-14 to 2-15 win over Cork that day was their first championship success against the Rebels since the Fifties and it sent them through to their first Munster final since 2002.

Kerry were never really troubled by Tipp in the Munster decider, cantering serenely to a comfortable 3-17 to 2-10 victory in Killarney in early July. The Premier lads weren’t done yet, though, and despite getting a tough assignment against Derry in Round 4, they prevailed up in Breffni Park by a single point, winning a total shoot-out on a scoreline of 1-21 to 2-17.

Better, much better, was to follow. Galway – blindsided by everyone telling them, and them eagerly telling themselves too, what great lads they were altogether –  wandered into the All-Ireland quarter-final seemingly expecting Tipp to lie on their backs at Croke Park and have their bellies tickled. Instead they stumbled into an ambush, Tipp tearing them to shreds in a 3-13 to 1-10 massacre.

A week later ourselves and Tyrone squared up at HQ battling for the right to contest this year’s All-Ireland semi-final against the Blue and Gold. We made it, just about, and immediately we were installed as raging, red-hot favourites to make it through to our third final in five years and our first since 2013.

Let’s finish this one, then, with a vote: how do you reckon we’ll do against the Tipperary giant killers on Sunday?

Will we take Tipp?

  • Yes (88%, 610 Votes)
  • No (12%, 80 Votes)

Total Voters: 690

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  1. 47 votes to 4 and still no comment…I suppose it’s hard to know what to say except I hope my feeling is right and we do the business with a professional approach on Sunday…you just never know though where dark horses come from…Up Mayo!!!

  2. Every match has me on edge now. Can’t take anything for granted.

  3. If I’m honest I think I lost a lot of heart after Limerick ..Last year almost felt like salt in a wound..This spluttering championship has been in a warped way been cathartic..Only saw highlights of Tipp vGalway and while Tipp looked pretty impressive Galway were wiped in midfield and I don’t think the same will apply on Sunday..

  4. If we have any real plans to win the All Ireland we need to be disposing off the likes of Tipperary. No disrespect to the Premier County, but we have been at this stage now for 6 years ina row and are deemed to be a top 3 county, whilst Tipp have came out of no where. If the shoe was on the other foot and we met in Hurling, you can be sure Tipp would adopt the same approach. I don’t feel its cocky or arrogant and certainly not intended that way.

    All I want to see on Sunday is a win ina professional manner. Nothing fancy just get the job done.

  5. If we play as well as we can we will win. I don’t think there will be complacency at this stage. We showed alot of weaknesses against Tyrone but came through. No matter what we do in the next game we will get no credit win or lose. We still don’t know where we are at versus the top teams. We will find out in the next 5 weeks

  6. limerick broke me as well regina , we were robbed and I think we would have more than matched donegal in the final . Tip must now be beaten , as the NASA lads would say , failure is not an option.

  7. Four goals for this Semi:
    1: The win which is Key.
    2: A positive professional Mayo performance.
    3: Nobody suspended or injured.
    4: A loud Mayo supporting crowd.

    I feel that Barrett might well start he needs game time to be a solid option should we manage to get to a final. Boyler on the other hand is a black card away from suspension will they risk him? I feel it is very important for the shape of the team to have him there especially since there has just been one solid performance this championship. Those for me is our biggest call to make.

    Once more I will reiterate Vaughan on form is a must. Of course with bloody Sky I could not see a replay but he was an early exit. Was it that he ran the feet of himself? There was a serious amount of tactic changes in the first half against Tyrone, he was the epicenter of a hell of a lot. But he did fade and his withdrawal was I felt the right move.

    I must say I felt it was a great performance the last day, we are living through a bloody brilliant Mayo senior setup, long may it continue. With the likes of Conor Keane, Shairoze Akram, and Micheál Togher coming up through the ranks even in the lost game to Kerry the future is looking bright.

  8. Hopefully a little pressure on Tipp now that their hurling brothers are in their final. Liam looking very smug when he mentioned Mayo on Sunday Game. Maybe its time to make a statement, out of our way Tipp, the cream of Connacht are in town.

  9. The interesting aspect of Sunday’s games is how we deal with the high ball into the square. This has been a problem area for us and one that Tyrone did not exploit. If we deal with this adequately, them we will have proven that we can handle both a defensive setup and a quick long ball approach.

    One highlight that was great to see V. Tyrone was a break down by AOS to AM for a simple point. In fact had AM looked up AOS was free to take the return for a goal chance. There is no defense that can deal with AOS if he decides to break the ball to an in rushing forward. Can’t understand why it has not bee employed much more. It would put the fear of God into teams and help our defensive strategy as well. With the right ball in AOS has the ability/opportunity to take 3 defenders out of the game (his two markers and the defender marking the in rushing forward).
    Its so so basic can’t understand why we have not perfected it over the years.

  10. Interesting comments from Alan Dillon:

    Alan Dillon says there’s no danger of Mayo underestimating Tipperary in Sunday’s All-Ireland SFC semi-final. The veteran Ballintubber attacker, who was a late addition to the Mayo team that edged out Tyrone in the quarter-final, told the Western People: They’ve been a bit like Mayo in terms of having underage success at minor and U21 level. They’re in a similar position to where we were back in 2011.

    “Liam Kearns has been around the block a few times and he’s a very shrewd manager. With that youth and flair, they’re going to be a hard team to break down. “Most of the analysts will probably have Mayo as favourites. But we’ve been down that road. At the semi-final stage, everyone is within 70 minutes of getting to a final. If you’re not playing at the top end of your game, you will be taken out. We just have to make sure our preparation is nailed.”

    Dillon also hails the unity in the Mayo camp.

    “There’s a great dynamic in the squad. It was evident against Tyrone, there’s that understanding and trust within the squad. In teams of the past, you may not have had that trust, in terms of too many individuals doing their own thing at critical junctions in the game.” He added: “Everyone believes in what we’re trying to do and that’s the most positive thing of being involved in a squad like that.”

  11. I have yet to speak to anyone (in Dublin) who thinks Mayo will win. All (six) I have spoken to so far, shook the heads, and commiserated along the lines of: ‘don’t think ye’re going to win this one; Tipp will have too much for ye…’

    We need to have the right mindset. Certainly not the Galway one. Having beaten them last year they probably were thinking ahead to the semi against Tyrone. And we have been guilty of that mindset too in the qualifiers, particularly against Westmeath. We’ve demonstrated a kind of ‘take that, you little bugger and lie down now that we’ve hit a few goals past you’.

    Could Tipp be the new Down, or Offaly? They certainly have the pedigree. And Tipp hurling supporters and players never lack confidence. Their rightful place is at the top and how dare anyone think otherwise.

    This one is a potential banana skin cum jellyfish sting and needs to be treated as such.

  12. Catcol…did the dubs elaborate on what exactly Tipp will have too much of??Heart?Experience?Power to grind out a result??Pace??his is a genuine question btw..

  13. Thanks for that, Mark – I missed out on that 1918 championship meeting in the summary I did earlier on. Nothing trumps proper research when writing up historical pieces!

  14. Regina I was in limerick also. Sickened but reality is we should have that semi won the week before. I believe our sideline were not tactically crafty enough as I believe we had what it took to win. Any how let’s look forward. Not back. We’re not going that way. Let’s see what will be brought to the table on Sunday. We need adaptability. Flexibilty. Management know this. We have shown signs of it. No longer are we predictable or 1 demensional. U can’t afford to be nowadays

  15. I haven’t spoken to a *single* Dublin Fan who honestly believes that Tipp will win. I have spoken to a load of them who are siding with the underdog – but that’s just human nature. Everyone has a soft spot for the plucky contender, and Tipp fit the bill well.

    This Tipp game is a hiding to nothing. These are always the hardest games to setup for – you either swat aside a weaker team, or you get caught out on the hop with a shock result. You risk much, and learn little in return.

    Let’s look at some of the positives for Tipp:
    * Tipp have good open, and expansive playing style.
    * They are big, and they are mobile.
    * They are riding high after destroying Galway.
    * They have no burden of expectation.

    Now some of the cons:
    * They’re in uncharted territory.
    * They’re Div 3 after all.
    * They’re up against a team that have fought hard to get here, at every step.
    * They’re up against a Div 1 team that on paper should destroy them.

    Common sense says Mayo by some way. But the problem with common sense is that it ain’t all that common…..

  16. Chances come one at a time and one at a time they they need to be dealt with. Let us be on the ball and show our depth of belief and maturity!

  17. Such a strange vibe around this one, it feels more like an All Ireland Qualifier in July than an All Ireland semi in August.

    And if it was a qualifier I’d have zero doubt we’d win this comfortably. But when it’s an AI semi, there’s always an odd lingering doubt, given what’s at stake- no matter who against.

    What if we get an early sending off? What if Tipp’s FF line have a lights out day and we can’t hit a barn door ourselves? What if conditions are awful, and the referee has a mare?

    All things said though, I’m sure we’ll be fine. We’ve far more experience, a better bench and their “element of surprise” is gone. It’s clear as day where their strengths lie after the Galway game and we should be able to adapt accordingly.

    I have a feeling though that we could see plenty of drama in it. The Championship hasn’t really got going yet but i do think this could be what sets it off. It’s been that kind of a year for us. I’ve a bad feeling we’ll play useless too, but still do enough. I think that could well be our best scenario though coming into a final

    Whatever though, I just don’t get the feeling this will be as comfortable as some think. We may well be in a position where we’re shitting it so to speak coming into the last ten, but our bench wins it.

    In terms of betting, I see it as a virtually definite Mayo win but take Tipp to cover the handicap

    It’d be interesting to see a poll like that actually!

  18. I see tickets are on sale now for Upper Hogan on Section 731. its right in the middle of the pitch. Does anyone know what its like to watch a game from the upper decks.There must be going to be a sizeable crowd when they are now selling tickets for the upper decks.

  19. 2013 still disappoints me more than 2014 to be honest

    We were the best team in Ireland in 2013, blew Dublin away in the first 20 yet could not convert our dominance into points. The image of Brogan fisting that ball into the net and Cafferkey literally handing Connolly a point still haunt me. I’ve never ever been able to watch that match back. My God we were so awful that day, and we had been so brilliant leading into it. I remember actually being inconsolable for months, which is embarrassing thinking about it but that’s what sport can do 😀

    The first day in 2014 hurts me more to be honest, as we had the match won. Whatever about Reilly, the O’Connor/O’Shea collision, missed sitter in ET, we were never “home and hosed” in that replay. It was such a weird game though, we had no plan at all for Donaghy, couldn’t win a ball in midfield, didn’t even score in ET, made much worse use of our bench, yet were probably the more deserving winners overall! But there wasn’t much in it, I still can’t fathom how we threw it away the first day after such a good second half massacre-like fight back

    In a way it’d be ironic if we actually ended up winning this year, as I think this is the worst level we’ve shown since our 2011 breakthrough

  20. Ciaran banish those demons. Watch the hurtful games back. They won’t matter to ya any more if u do. It’s what I done.

  21. Not sure what level of a lunatic you’ve been speaking to Catcol but I haven’t met one Dub yet who has suggested anything other than a Mayo win. And that’s not a view I’m necessarily courting as being overwhelming favourites doesn’t always suit us.

    There’s a different kind of pressure on this game – we’re absolutely expected to win a semi and that’s slightly new territory for us. It should help us that we’ve been here before, we’ve suffered at the hands of expectation [against Galway] and dealt with it ably through the qualifiers.

    Tipp in a semi is a dangerous one for Mayo but also presents a great opportunity to get back to Croker in Sept for another crack at the holy grail.

  22. I don’t think for one second these lads will underestimate Tipp. Rochie is a shrewd manager and great back room team too.

    I can see a few changes I think Vaughan to fullback makes sense as well as his height his pace is necessary. Keane can get found out in wide open space of Croker and of 2 man full forward line.
    It would be outright disrespectful to drop boulder and send the wrong message but he has to be ultra cautious.
    Pace and direct running is needed to match like for like and for that I would like to see Keith Higgins back at 12
    It should free up Aido too with diarmuid and Keith on his shoulder.
    I hear lads are pushing hard for places and not only on the 15 but the 26 is hard to pick so that’s only positive for us.

    Hope and expect us to win. Hope for another big one from the osheas to get them in peak form.
    Likewise Cillian and Andy being sharp and maybe a good part of not the full games for Chrissy Barrett and Tom parsons.

  23. Kerry 5/2 to beat Dublin.
    I can’t see anything but a Kerry victory.

    Their forwards are still pure class and dubs backs are rockin from loss of McCarthy and co.

    Cooper and McMahon are overrated and Darren o Sullivan James o Donoghue and Geaney full forward line means goals.

    Kerry will also dominate midfield with Moran and maher and their half forwards of Walsh Sheehan and Buckley or o Brien will work their balls off.
    They will suffocate Fintan and MDA Kilkenny and Mcmanamaon.
    Their halfback line of probably Murphy Crowely and young are experienced physically strong and very experienced.
    Then a bench potentially of Donaghy cooper o brien Geaney eile is a massive squad.
    Think dubs overrated and this Kerry team has gone under the radar.

    They will have a plan for Cian o Sullivan and probably means James o Donoghue or Paul Geaney standing on Front of him. They are due a big performance dubs are overrated and brogan Mcmanamaon are on form of old and despite Mangan and o gara I feel Kerry have a better bench as a great 20 mins yet left in Marc o se and Aidan o Mahoney

  24. This Mayo team is used to being favourites. If you go back over the games since 2011, we’ve been favourites more often than not (league and championship).

    The difficulty we as supporters have is that we are really uncertain bout our form. If this game was in 2013/14 or even 2015 we wouldn’t be even contemplating anything other than a comprehensive victory. However…

    We haven’t a clue where the team is at. Our league form was poor. Summer: Beaten by a Galway team whose reputation took a serious hit three weeks ago…we then proceeded to stutter our way along the scenic route without playing anywhere near our form of recent years. Then Tyrone…

    Trench warfare. One we managed to overcome through guts, determination and a good slice of fortune. Sure, it was our best 70 mins this year but let’s be honest, that’s not saying much is it! If we put in that performance in 2013-15 we’d have been all fairly disappointed. Compare it to our wins in recent years at QF stage and it’s not at the same level. But it didn’t have to be. We are still in the mix.

    I don’t think anyone of us really know how we will perform on Sunday and that’s what’s making us a little apprehensive…which isn’t a bad thing. We will need a performance at least on par with what we produced 2 weeks ago. Otherwise we’ll be in trouble.

    The good thing is that I believe our players know this. They are on the road a long time (some of them) and have the hunger burning inside. We’ve also lost the last two semi finals we’ve played. Therefore, complacency shouldn’t be a concern.

    The question marks do however, remain over our form. That is a concern.

    Tipp will have plan(s) to nullify what they perceive as our threats. Rochford got things right the last day but one swallow doesn’t make a summer.

    We need a really good performance on the line and on the pitch to win on Sunday.

    Our role in it is to really get behind our boys. Fuckin remember Limerick. I don’t know bout ye all but I’m sick to the teeth of falling at this hurdle. Time to win. On the pitch and in the stands.

    Cmon Mayo!

  25. Ok, we all love to speculate and hypothesize during the lead up to games. Especially the bigger ones. There’s only one bigger than next Sunday’s. Our talent throughout the panel and our intelligence on the sideline point to one, and only one, outcome. One feels that there is a lot of ink and time being wasted hereabouts by those who suppose that Tipp might shock us and the rest of the world. Truth is, that ain’t gonna happen.

    Obviously we, as supporters, must play our part on the stands. The Premier fans of footballing persuasion will never thus far have encountered anything like the volume, enthusiasm and raw emotion of support as that with which they will be confronted next Sunday. Ditto their footballers.

    Admittedly it’s a two horse race, fifteen v fifteen anything can happen in seventy minutes, referee could screw us or whatever cliche you’re having yourself. However, Tipp and ourselves, while playing on the same field next weekend, operate in different orbits. I could see them tripping us up in Feb., March or April. Not in late August in Croke Park when even Dublin would not fancy duelling with us. Heads up, shoulders back. Date with Destiny.

  26. That’s basically how I think we should go about it @Outside of the boot.

    Parsons into midfield beside Seamie. With those 2 plus Aido dropping in for kickouts we should be able to nullify Acheson.

    Push Vaughan back into defense to give us some extra height to deal with Sweeney & Quinlivan. Higgins to move up to wing forward, Doherty missing out.

    Although Dillon was very effective the last day, I think that was mainly due to the element of surprise. Nobody expected him to start. Tipp will have a plan for him if he starts again so I would probably go with Regan.

    I don’t think we should start Barry as a sweeper either. That straight away screams that we fear them and it would just be robbing our attack and taking the pressure off their suspect defense. It could be an option for closing the game out though.

    Also, Boyle and DOC must play. Talk of resting them is foolish and disrespectful.

  27. Out of the boot, a couple of things I disagree with you on

    Boyler sitting this one out? this is a game where Mayo are well capable of winning even with him on the bench, he would be far more important in a final than this semi . It’s slightly dismissive of tipp but that’s the reality
    Id sit him for this game unless it’s going very wrong on the day.
    About Dublin being overrated.
    Dublin have win 4 leagues in a row and 3 of the last 5 allirelands, they are far from overrated. The battered Kerry in this years league final and last years allireland , they are not overrated. Granted the wheels will come loose some day soon but they are still the team to beat. If it’s a mayo dub final, mayo will defo not be favourites and for good reason. 1 national trophy in 45 years. And Kerry are still counting on dinosaurs to carry them, they will be hard pushed to beat Dublin. I cannot see how they’ll turn those last. 2 pastings at dublins hand around

    To each his own, mayo Dublin final and I’ll say nothing about that result other than I hope Dublin have an off day

  28. Jaysus outside of the boot I don’t know where to start with that!

    All I will say is though I hope you’re right as although we’ll still be rightful underdogs I give us a much better chance against Kerry than dublin!

    I do find it unusual how so many mayo fans don’t give dublin credit though. Same in the run up to the semi last year. We haven’t beaten them in league and champ for ages now.

    Fully agree with Dave

  29. A few here warned about complacency and the red alert ambush risk going into the Galway game which is exactly how it unfolded, however, now that the aul dose of liver salts have been ingested, digested and passed through the system with a fair bit of spluttering along the way, I fully expect our lads to be fully primed going into this game!! Once again, we need leaders and they all must stand up to the test. The Tyrone game was a watershed for me so I believe they will. Mayo by 8 !

  30. Just to be clear @Outside of the boot, I fully agree with your first post, but not about Dublin. They are the best team in the country and have been over the last 5 years. I really don’t see how Kerry can beat them this time.

  31. I`m going to start beating the drum again — about stifling the middle third and the

    supply line to their inside men. Allow long high balls in to those boys and they will

    make hay.

    Of course we do expect our full back lie to be on their toes. And be responsible man

    for man. But the hard yards will need to be put in further out the field. That means

    the forwards covering back as well and harrying everything. Ninety percent

    perspiration ! And maybe even a drop of holy water at some stage of it like we got the

    last day.

  32. I can’t see anything but an easy Dublin victory,where is the new talent in Kerry to say they have improved,they have not been good enough for Dublin the last few years,they needed the ref to beat us two years ago,not near Dublins standard.with regards to us and Tipp,if we cannot beat them,well we have no business thinking of Dublin,with Rochford I can’t see how it is one swallow,he has won an all Ireland as a player and manager,he started after Christmas kept us in div one despite injuries players out due to clubs in all Irelands,and under twenty one duty,I think he has been fantastic,and will have a plan for Dublin as well,when you see that M Harte is already planning for next year ,you realise how well we have done,up mayo.enjoy your holiday and time with your family Willie Joe,I am sure yo will get to see it on tv

  33. Tyrone were overrated. Dublin are great side. With players on the bench that would walk onto kerry team or any team. Fuck all teams can boast that. To say that dublin are overrated sounds like a statement made out of fear. The facts remain they are the bench mark. Look at the success. Was it a fluke? Certainly not. Connolly. Macmanaman. Brogan. To name a few. Can kick points for fun. Their composure is outstanding. Mayo don’t fear them. Or kerry. Or tipperary. To be no 1 u gotta beat no 1. So let’s concentrate on tipp. Anything can happen on the day.

  34. Think we should set up quite defensively v Tipp. Would prefer not to get involved in high scoring shoot out as they are well able to score goals and points. Better to overwhelm them at midfield and starve their forwards. Their scoring forwards provide the oxygen to the team. In contrast their defence is not great so we should be able to get the better of them. I have great admiration for Tipp. Had things been different they could have at least six guys better than the 15 who start. O Riordan is a class player but he s gone to Aussie Rules, some others opted to go to USA for summer and then of course theres the hurling. Not only did they take Seamus Kennedy who was brilliant for Clonmel Commercials, they also took Stephen O Brien, a brilliant footballer but who is nowhere near the hurling match day 26. Some hurling people in Tipp don’t want any success for the footballers and the Minor hurling manager ruled that no dual players be allowed to play for minor hurlers this year. He was backed by the Co Board Also some clubs containing Co Footballers are now in the process of been thrown out because clubs refused to play games without their Co stars. If it was hurlers involved the matches would be postponed. Despite this they have got to an AISF a fantastic achievement. Their panel is stretched and their bench is weak, but they have a good manager and like any Tipp team wont lack self belief. We should beat them because we have better players. are way ahead of them in strength and conditioning and have been operating at a higher level than them for years. But of course we could say the same about Galway and look at what happened that day. A professional competent display without injuries or suspensions will do just fine.

  35. Tipperary beat a very very tired Galway team Galway had not got the legs Tipperary won’t get it as easy as they did against Galway if we are one top form I can’t see anything but a mayo win by 5 plus points win

  36. The suggestion that playing Barry Moran as sweeper, ‘screams fear’ is way of the mark. I think it’s an excellent idea. A similar role that Barry played versus Donegal in last year’s quarter final is a very positive. Barry goes higher for the ball, and moves it on faster to a better placed college better than most. Against Galway dummy runners took Conroy and Flynn to the wings, for the very long Tipperary kickouts, Almost all of them that Tipperary won (mostly by Quinliven coming out from full forward, to claim the ball in a great area of the pitch) If Tipperary were to try the same tactics versus Mayo, Barry would be ideal to the counteract those plans,sitting deep and coming forward for the match opposition kickouts…. As Thursday or Friday comes closer, Mayo fans will be getting anxious as what team, Rochford an Company will announce? . Then we will be still scratching our heads as to what will be the team that actually starts come 3.30 pm on Sunday.?. I wouldn’t surprised to see 3 or 4 changes, Mayo are less predictable this year than under Horan , with continuous attacking half backs, or Holmes /Connelly with virtually every ball going in high to AOS on the edge of the square. I for one would not be in the least bit surprised if, Barry Moran were to start, I can even contemplate a return of Robbie Hennellys between the sticks. I expect a big Mayo crowd to be in Croke Park next Sunday , most of those that I have spoken to are going, some of these have not been to Croke Park in our previous matchs this year.

  37. The front of the upper decks is a great place to watch the match Rostown.
    Best views. You get a great overall tactical view in terms of movement.
    Once you go back beyond row k or j i feel your a bit far away ..
    Very steep up there though..

  38. leantimes – David Clarke was one of our best players against Tyrone. Rob Hennelly was only member of panel to play with his club last weekend.

  39. Kearns will have his team well motivated and operating at a level that wil not countenance defeat. Every team that walks onto a football field with a feeling of foreboding will retrospectively speak of the inherent failures in the pre match preparations.

    Thos will not happen with a team trIned by Kerins, he is meticulous and relentless when it comes to preparation. Personally I think Mayo will win this game but both Fitzmaurice and Gavin will will be very keen to develop the chinks that Tipp will undoubtably expose in some aspect of Mayos game.

    For me a telling point was Kearns stating after the Munster final that he didn’t expect Kerry to set up so defensively,,, he was clearly expecting a swashbuckling gung-ho display from us. To this I would ask the question does he really think they will go toe to toe with the top teams if they play open attacking football. Remember Galway threw the shield on the ground and snapped at the second sword to make it a quick kill, after all there were more serious battles ahead ..

    Mayo now line up in sequence to enter this particular unexplored sporting cave, I would strongly suggest a defensive set up as thus far in Championship 2016 the only team to close the trap was Kerry. Raw skill coupled with unbridled enthusiasm is like going on the piss with your nephew, you can drink him under the table but then he suggests something called shots,, you say yeah I’ll have a go,,,,

  40. Playing an all Ireland semi final and Ciaran McDonald is playing for the opposition. What has the world came to.

    Ya as u say lads its matter of opinion but I still stand by Kerry pipping dubs.
    I fear Kerry forwards and midfield more than the dubs.

    I can’t see Barry starting in any capacity if anything as regards starting defensive I would think we will start with more recognised defenders but not as defensive of that makes sense.

    Harrison-Vaughan – Barrett
    ————-Kevin mc
    Keegan —-boyler—durkan
    ——-seamie—–Tom P

  41. Lean times , on what basis would you contimplate hennelly back in goals ?

    Clarke has been superb in the wuarters finals and quarter final

  42. Not sure why we need to comment on Kerry v Dublin at the moment. Doesn’t concern us. We have Tipp this Sunday and everything else is just noise.

  43. I did not attend the Galway v Tipp game, I had to watch it on TV. I know and appreciate that there is a big difference between being at a game and being lead through it by a TV camera lens. However from what I could gather that Galway team of 2016 were piss poor. It actually challenged me to believe that they were good enough to beat the Rossies. Of course Tipp looked good, very good in fact. A better measure of where Tipp are at you really need to look at their win against Derry. They conceded 20 scores and showed great character in the closing stages. This game I believe is a better measure of their true worth. Mayo are a seasoned Div 1 side. They play with higher skill levels and intensity. I am not suggesting we should take them for granted. A couple of points will be enough this weekend. I would like to see more of Loftus, Nally, Barrett, and COS. A great opportunity to get semi final experience against one of the top teams in Croke Park.

  44. Defensive set-up is the way to go here. Win ugly, turn them over in the middle and don’t make it easy for them. Smother them. I don’t care how we win and if we only win it by a point – just as I didn’t care that we didn’t win well against Westmeath (or indeed Tyrone, if we’re talking numbers). Just get the job done in the most efficient way possible, expend as little as possible to get the right result.

    I would be surprised if we lost to Tipperary – while I’m looking forward to seeing them play and I certainly think they will put it up to us, I don’t think our lads have battled to this point to lose to a division 3 team, or without getting a crack at the big one again. That has been the objective all along and they will not be complacent – if they need to, they will empty the tank to get there. I don’t think they will have to, though.

    As for the supporters, Adrian Langan has a superb column in today’s WP about the power of the sixteenth man. Well worth ten minutes of your time. We rise up and claim Croker as our own on Sunday – as it should be.

    And if – if! – we end up fortunate enough to be meeting the Dubs in a final, no way can we let what happened in 2013 happen again. No way. That silence in the final quarter still haunts me. Never, ever again can we go missing like that. We outshout them, we outsing them, for 70 minutes we cast off our poxy western reserve and just give it everything we’ve got, like we did against Tyrone. This is our team, they deserve all that. And we’re all in this together, after all. 🙂

  45. (Obviously the same goes if we beat Tipp and end up meeting Kerry, which I have a funny feeling might just happen. I just used the Dubs as an example cos they’re louder 😉 )

  46. Tipp have nothing to lose here and a lot in their favour on the day.

    They have had a week longer to prepare than ourselves.
    They play for 75 minutes.
    They can win tight tough matches as demonstrated against Derry and push on when they have to in the second half as demonstrated against Galway.
    They also probably will get a lot of the 50/50 decisions from the referee as most “modern” refs don’t want a hammering for the big underdog.

    And what of Mayo?

    On paper we are Div1 with five All Ireland semi finals appearances prior to this so experience and status is in our favour in a big way. We also have big name players who can play under pressure at the top level.
    We came through a really tough encounter with Tyrone which should give the players confidence.

    But we do seem to either fall asleep or worse choke when the line is in sight. This was most alarming the last day when in all honesty Tyrone should have taken at least one of the chances that was offered to them. Similarly earlier in the year against Galway when after going 4 points up the team switched off totally and we saw the result of that fiasco.

    But that Galway game is well forgotton now. Its a different time of the year and this is an All Ireland semi final match. The prize up for grabs here has to be too tantalizing for this Mayo team to turn down. And as a result they should win this match even with all the talk above.

    There is simply too much on offer now.
    Mayo by 3.

  47. I think Sunday will be the first time in championship history that both teams will have the same sponsors.
    I think talk about a Tipp double should help us…..will put a bit of pressure on them.
    Ultimately, when all the variables are accounted for, our experience should see us through…….a defeat would be catastrophic really.

  48. Regina and others, these Dubs may not be fanatical supporters (how many Dubs are?), but the line they are buying, or selling, is something like this:

    Tipp – new fresh, goal scoring, have swagger and have beaten quality opposition.

    Mayo – beat Tyrone (just about) in an awful game and did their best to throw it away. Beaten by Galway who were hammered by this fearless lot from the South.

    Just hope Rochy and the lads have a good plan for this one.

  49. We ain’t sure how tipp will set up yet. They might spring a surprise lol quinlevan is great player and may wander out to midfield. My thinking is tipp will struggle with mayo round middle sector. We will bring an intensity that they won’t have faced this year. This ain’t no league game. Or quilifier. It’s all ireland semi final. Any Chink in the armoury will be exposed and mayo are seasoned outfit. But they still gotta go out and do the job. No game won on paper. It’s won on the field

  50. Re, Hennelly possibly starting in goals. I speculate as the possibility of just that happening. I think it’s a very good thing for Mayo to have the opposition management unsure of what Mayo are going to do. We need to take advantage of every slight advantage we hold. Of course you have to get the balance right, maybe I could be guilty of looking a bit further ahead( to the All Ireland final) than is wise.. As for the match Hennelly versus Clarke debate, both are very fine goalkeepers. I rate Hennelly better for kickouts, I am more comfortable with Clarke under a high dangerous ball,. Since the defeat to Galway our management has gone for Clarke, he has been good but same as any other player on the Mayo team, his performance has to be judged objectively.. Hennelly lost his place following a poor kickouts that Galways midfielder Flynn won and scored a goal. But Clarke done the exact same thing in the same area the same McHale Park versus Kildare, it led to a similar goal threat, the difference was that Colm Boyle took a nessary black card. There is a cost to taking a look black card as well. Colm Boyle is now black card away from a one match suspension. Two of Clarke’s kickouts against Tyrone led to the points scored against us, in the last same match. That’s according to ‘’ I assume the people at ‘ dontfoul’ are objective and do their statistics based reviews on a scientific basis! In my opinion, there is very little to choose between both goalkeepers, and competition for places is a very good thing also. It has an added advantage of keeping the opposition guessing.

  51. Ciaran, you summed up 2013 for me. Took me until after Christmas to not hurt so much after 2013 final. Worst ever. Never thought losing a match could hurt so much but it was 2nd final in a row (no.7 in total With Meath replay – no wonder no one understands Mayo supporters passion and overreactions).I remember going into Easons week before xmas and looking at a gaa yearbook, flicking to all Ireland pictures(just to sicken myself or see if result had changed!) and hurting all over again – sick in the pit of my tummy. Think by Jan 2014 I began to feel better – with the thought of a new start in the league. And then 2014 Kerry in Limerick happened. I’m most angry about that one because I really thought we were fighting strong, determined and were playing great football and on a complete mission and nothing was going to stop us and I don’t think it was. I blame ref for 2 goals and 3 points against us but really we should have been home and dry in first match against Kerry. I thought the ref was a bit easy on Kerry the first day too though or am I looking for someone to blame there too?!?! I can’t remember! Need to blame someone!!!! We will beat Tipp. Nothing will stop this team getting to AI now.

  52. Sinead37, I hear you! I genuinely wasn’t right until February 2014 after the 2013 final, no exaggeration. That was the lowest for me because I felt – and still feel – that they didn’t win it – we handed it to them on a plate. Meanwhile I still have the rage about 2014, but I think it changed us as a county and our outlook, fundamentally – and maybe for the better.

    Leantime, I absolutely agree with your analysis there. I think we can all accept that we feel safer with David Clarke under the high ball, and there was never any doubt when he came out to meet his man at the end of the Tyrone game that nothing would stop him ensuring our safety, but Robbie’s kickouts are top notch. I’ve said it before, I know, but the scapegoating of him for the Galway game has really stuck in my craw.

    Seriously, is it Sunday yet? I will genuinely think of little else this week.

  53. We have good reason to approach this match with caution simply because we haven’t played a high intensity match at all this championship. The Tyrone game was a strange one. It’s a performance I was certainly encouraged by, but it was a tactical match, a slow-burner, cagey right to the end. Sure, it did take excellent concentration levels from us to maintain our shape for the bulk of the match, meaning Tyrone never got a real run on us. However, as we’ve seen from Tipps performance v Galway, they can, and will, bring a huge sustained energy to Sunday and we must react accordingly.
    It’s dangerous talk saying that Galway didn’t show up against them. Tipp were relentless in that match and should have added easily another 10+ to the scoreboard.

    Throughout the qualifiers, we have shown that we can play quality football at a high tempo, but only for very short periods at a time. Make no mistake about it, Tipp will fly into this match fully believing they can carry their form on though and knock us out. We have yet to see how we react this year to sustained, attacking pressure. WHEN this happens, only then will we really know if lads are truly in form or not and where we are really at.
    Again, I’m not disregarding the positives from the Tyrone match and we have undoubtedly learned and benefited from our qualifier journey. Consider the Kilkenny hurling set-up for a moment – They genuinely give every team they play the utmost respect and they just don’t get caught out. They don’t come across as cute hoors to me, even though they’re undoubtedly shrewd and smart. They simply bring a continuous professionalism, common purpose and unity to their sport that is unsurpassed. They do their talking on the pitch and their results speak for themselves. Lessons can and should be learnt from the best.

    I agree with Anne Marie that as supporters we need to continue as we’ve been doing this year, and shake the stands as often and as loudly as possible. We’ve seen our team face nearly every form of adversity at this stage and it’s a credit to the lads to still be there, fighting, and refusing to say no. The supporters see this and even if things aren’t going well during Sunday’s match, I am certain that the Mayo crowd will roar them on all the more.

  54. Tipp are dangerous, the 2 guys inside can cause damage if allowed to, we have best man to man marker in Country (Keegan) and he should be picking up Quinlivan, their main man and leave Sweeney to Higgins. If we keep these 2 guys quiet we will win this match, no doubt.

  55. Galway went well ahead in that quarter and actually missed a couple of other good goal chances. They had Tipp in real trouble but then retreated into their shell, began to cede control of the middle third and just never recovered.

    For that reason I think we’ll target midfield. We’ll try to get SOS, AOS and DOC running down the middle and get Acheson turned.

    The two lads inside for Tipp are very capable and need minding. I’d leave Higgins back in there on Sweeney. Harrison is having a fine season and is well capable of holding his own. A big decision has to be made on who picks up Quonlivan.

  56. Leantimes, Clarke will be in goals against Tipp, Solid under high ball and commands his box, gives confidence to the backline, which is what we need, and we didnt have that when Robbie was in goals.

  57. Sinead, Anne-Marie I think it hurt so much as it was the first time I actually truly fancied us in a final. We went through the Championship in such a business-like, ruthless way it seemed as if nothing would get in our way. After 2012 and a positive performance it felt the next logical step was to use that experience to our advantage in the 2013 showpiece. Boy how wrong I was, we were even worse 🙁 I still can’t fathom it

    That’s sport though. Many smaller counties would only dream of having days out in August and September on a regular basis like ourselves. The team give us far more better days than bad ones. While I regrettably don’t see us winning a final this year, I’ve little doubt myself that we’ll nab one before the decade is out

  58. It’s impossible to try and pick the team for Saturday. Rochford and his team on the sideline really showed that they are thinkers v Tyrone. Nobody, NOBODY predicted a team like he started. And it’s absolutely brilliant. Dillon and Moran were “finished”, “too old”, even on the comments section in this blog, as far back as 24 months ago. Now Andy is arguably our best forward and we know we can use Dillon whenever required and he will put in a disciplined, composed shift.

    How much better do we look with Andy on the pitch? He has been outstanding.

    I have no idea what 15 he will go with on Sunday, but I am looking forward to finding out.

    It has a strange feel, this game. It doesn’t feel like we are in an AI Semi-Final. If we are honest, it’s one we should be winning. But that was the case v Galway 2 months ago.
    It would be lovely to be looking forward to the showpiece again. I haven’t watched an AI Final in 2 years 🙁 That’s what’s up for grabs.

  59. Dublin won All Ireland in 1974 operating out of division three, Mayo reached and should have won the 96 Final they were also in division three of the league. Tipperarys win over Galway will give them a big boost of confidence. Some Mayo followers are talking about the All Ireland Final, very dangerous talk, Joe Kernan said no body should talk about an All Ireland Final until they have qualified for it. Mayo were complacent against Galway and they paid a high price as a result (Galway defeated Mayo by three points,Tipp defeated Galway by nine). Read Jim Mc Guinness in the Irish Times re Tipperary. Willie Joe I do not agree with a poll on this site before a game.

  60. Well there’s not much point having that poll after the match Gerard 😉
    The performance against Tyrone wasn’t top-notch in pure footballing terms (nowhere near as impressive as v Donegal 2013 for example), but what it showed for the first time IMO was a tactical awareness and game management from both players and the sideline which went beyond anything we’ve seen from a Mayo team before.
    That’s what has me excited. We aren’t going to win the All-Ireland playing the old Mayo style unless we are far and away the best team in the country.
    We need to be tactically astute and have a clear plan that everyone understands and believes in completely.
    I think we’re getting towards that point, and that’s what makes me think we have a chance this year.

  61. 93% voting for a win, Mayo 1/5, but comments do not reflect this. Of course we all expect a handy win but most afraid to say it. Who would have had any concern about Tipp in a Semi at the start of the year. No changes to either panel since other than all Tipp players not available. OK we list Caff but other than that we have a full panel to pick from. Only one result on Sunday. Hon Mayo!

  62. Comments from Stephen Rochford:

    Stephen Rochford believes Mayo will have to find the back of the net to get past the challenge of Tipperary. The teams meet at Croke Park on Sunday in the first of this year’s All-Ireland SFC semi-finals and the more-experienced westerners are generally expected to advance, but Rochford isn’t taking the Tipp challenge lightly:

    “We didn’t create any goal chance, which wouldn’t necessarily be easy against Tyrone but is still something I think in order to beat Tipperary and the scores we accumulate we will need to be able to score a goal,” the Mayo manager notes in The Irish Examiner. “Otherwise, you’re on about kicking 16 or 17 points and that’s a very difficult challenge considering the way they played against Galway anyway.

    “They also expected us to beat Galway and we didn’t. If that isn’t a lesson for what is outside the group and what can get talked about, maybe I’m not doing my job properly. I don’t see that being a factor at all. We’re acutely aware of what Tipperary bring. “They had the standout result in the early rounds when they beat Cork and the way they regrouped after the Munster final defeat was really super, travelling to Cavan and the performance they put up against Galway, the team that handed us a good beating a number of weeks ago.

    “If somebody just landed back in the country thinks all we have to do is turn up that certainly isn’t the language, the mood or vibe that’s currently in our camp.”

  63. This will be nothing else other than a facile win for Mayo. People can point to the what happened against Galway earlier on in the year but that is completely irrelevant to the Tipp game. galway caught Mayo cold in the first game of the championship and gave the team the wake up call that was badly needed. Mayo will not lose focus in a semi final.

    Add in the fact that this Tipp team will more than likely stick to their principles and play open expansive football which will be suicidal against this Mayo team.

    Mayo by 10..

  64. Any team that manages to progress to a semi-final is by definition a good team and should be treated as such.

    But Mayo are overwhelming favourites for a reason and it will be a massive upset if we lose on Sunday. It’s well within the realms of possibility but I just don’t see it happening to us.

    I would be happy enough with a full-value-for-the-win type of a result and no injuries being carried into a four-week lay-off which is badly needed at this stage.

    But if Tipperary really put it up to us no question we will raise our game.

  65. What’s your problem with the poll, Gerard? I run polls all the time and have been doing so for championship games for a good while. Is it just this one you’re worried about or do you have a deeper philosophical objection to the waters being tested in this way?

  66. To be fair Galway, Cork and Derry are very like the calibre of opponents we beat every year to make a semi. If you equate this Derry team to Roscommon in 2014 it is a very similar run of opponents we defeated ourselves that year. Derry/Cork combined would be similar to Donegal last year and so on

    While teams in knock-out sport can often land arse backwards in a semi as a result of a draw opening up or beating nobody opponents, you can’t say the same for Tipp.

    We definitely have to be wary. There’s no real evidence they’ll shit themselves, they’ve had plenty of tests so far and have built up great momentum

    We’re not conditioned to seeing Tipp at the top table so subconsciously many of us see this as a walkover. Similar to why so many talked up traditional names like Tyrone and Galway this year with limited basis

    I think we’ll win as we have better players and that bit more experience to eke out a game but it wouldn’t amaze me if it was only by a point or two and with a late flurry. Think it could be quite tit for tat all the way through

  67. I really don’t see Mayo winning this by 10. I don’t think it’ll be as easy as some think.

  68. Willie joe I have a problem with the poll. actually I have no problem with the poll , i have a problem with the result. are there really 36 people who think that we will lose the game ?
    surely it will be one of the biggest upsets in GAA history if we lose ?

    I dont expect it to be easy , but i expect us to win , do we really have so many who expect us to lose ?

  69. No Question Clarke will be in goal……….

    I think he has been exceptional since he got back in,

    Solid under high ball and gives confidence to the defence, we didnt have that when Hennelly was in goals.

  70. A one point win, pretty please. Just enough for everyone to write us off for a month then an AMBUSH in September. I don’t mind seeing heartbreak in Croker again – as long as it’s not ours.

    And hey, if you can’t dream or express your own opinions as a sports fan, what’s the frickin’ point in all of this?! We may as well just take up knitting ….

  71. Anne-Marie I hear ya but Id much rather we hammer them out the gate. Then hammer Dublin or Kerry in the final and sit back and enjoy the last 20mins of both games…sound good?

  72. Playing keep ball in the final with 15 mins to go. 13 points ahead.

    I’d take that now alright Yewee!

  73. I think Mayo will win in Sunday. Not by the silly margins some people suggested but a solid win. I think we will see a confident consistant display.

    Why does the keeper discussion keep cropping up. I felt that Robbie was harshly treated by some sections of the supporters and made a scapegoat for past losses. However Rochford did make the correct decision as Robbies confidence was possibly dented following Galway game. Only Manager would know from seeing him in training. Clarke has been solid in goals, not exceptional as some suggests as there is a question mark over his kickouts, a number of which havent reached the required 13m which has cost scores (Hennelly would have been crucified for that). Clarke has been very good and has given no reason for a change so will start on sunday.

    From reading the posts over the past few days alot of talk about complacency, not looking ahead etc. I believe way too much emphasis is given to Mayo being complacent. Mayo were not complacent v Galway, they were just very poor on the day and beaten by a slightly less poor side. No way was a new manager on his first championship game and a team who pulled rank on their manager taking the Galway game lightly. Personally I think the Galway loss had a lot too do with the players not buying into rochfords ideas at the begining. Players were all over the place doing their own thing, running on instinct. All 15 must be playing off the same plan for things to work. It has been a slow process getting Stephens ideas across but the Tyrone game will have proven to the players that the right man is in charge. Therefore I would expect a very confident display on Sunday. Also if (when) we get the result on sunday I can see a huge weight lifted from the players, they will feel vindicated over last autumns activities and the pressure that brought will evaporate.

  74. Ah Jazus Anne-Marie, a one point win? Don’t think my heart could take it on top of the last day!

  75. My line-up would be the following…

    1. Clarke
    2. Harrison
    3. Keane
    4. Higgins
    5. Keegan
    6. Barry Moran
    7. Durcan
    8. Vaughan
    9. Seamus O’Shea
    10. Parsons
    11. Aidan O’Shea
    12. McLoughlin
    13. Diarmuid O’Connor
    14. Andy Moran
    15. Cillian O’Connor

    Barry Moran to drop back and sit in front of Keane to cut out long and high diagonal balls. Vaughan drops back to no.6 with Parsons dropping back to centrefield to partner Seamus.
    Diarmuid comes out from the corner to leave Andy and Cillian inside. Aidan and Cillian to rotate positions with Cillian looking to target Aidan when he is inside.
    McLoughlin to drop back as sweeper and also as a launch pad for attacks.
    Higgins to push forward to man mark Fox. Fox plays a withdrawn forward role looking to start attacks from inside his 45m line and carry ball forward. Higgins should target him, relentlessly, forcing him back and force turnovers.

    I’m not being arrogant or dismissive of Tipp but they’re dancing with the big boys now. This is All Ireland semi-final stuff, in Croker. Not a Munster semi-final in front of a half empty stand. It’s not a flaky Cork team or a Galway team that had their heads elevated above the Ballybrit racecourse. It’s Mayo that Tipp are facing now.
    Everyone is looking and panicking about how are we going to stop Tipp from scoring big against us. Well, I’d rather ask what are Tipp going to do to keep with us? How are they going to stop us?
    Mayo by 5.

  76. Against galway mayo looked like a team that had fu k all training done. Clueless at times. Since that it’s been up and down but still winning. I felt against Tyrone they defended well for the most part. Which is important. Transition from back to front is key. We can’t afford to get turned over and allow tipp to counter. If it was derry cork or galway we were facing on Sunday I would be confident of doing the job. Mayo will win. Let’s keep our defence tight. Fast transition to Andy Aiden Evan or whoever is picked. We will be too strong and seasoned for tipp.

  77. Just trying to work out if this is the longest 2 weeks in the year feels like it. This a game we should win but doesn’t mean we will. Play the team in front of us just get a win whatever it takes. As I said while ago be the Portugal and like Anne Marie has said have an ambush against the favourites in final. Feels easy to say but if you can’t dream you have very little to look forward to.

  78. Positive sentiments from our manager Stephen Rochford:

    Rochford accepts the display against Tyrone wasn’t perfect but it was still significant. “We always would have liked to be playing more consistent but we knew there was a big performance in the group, we had seen that in training, we had seen the focus and energy levels the boys had put in over the couple of weeks. Because it was Tyrone and provincial champions, your confidence will be sharpened being that sort of big team. I’ve every reason to believe we’ll get that out of the group when we get back to Croke Park.”

    Having returned to their natural habitat of an All-Ireland semi-final, Rochford senses the players have rediscovered part of themselves. “The biggest thing is last week’s win was a bit of a release for the lads from the point of view they are going to be playing with much more confidence than evident in games up to the quarter-final.”

  79. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing the words “remember Galway” for the next 10 years, a foreboding warning of a great calamity of the past!

    Robbie played for breaffy against Castlebar last Sunday so really doubt he’ll start.

    I have never watched back any of the games we’ve lost in the last 4 years and I Havnt watched an all Ireland final since 2013, simply couldn’t after Limerick. It still hurts thinking back. Bringing my young fella to his first game in croker on Sunday, I wouldn’t be bringing him if I thought there was a chance we’d lose.

    In Stephen we trust!

  80. There comes a time in life, as well as on the field, when you must come face to face with your demons. With those uncomfortable, awkward, soul searching moments that don’t paint you in a good light. The ’13 final AND the ’14 & ’15 semi-final and replays are those demons for this Mayo squad and us as supporters. As hard as it may be to watch those games it is absolutely necessary and essential viewing.
    We should have won 13 and 14, we know that, the players know that, everyone knows that. We must know where we erred in the past so we learn from our mistakes and don’t repeat them when similar situations arise. That’s why it’s vital we watch those games.
    This All Ireland is ours for the taking, I’m convinced. We (players, management and supporters) just have to be strong enough to face down our demons and fears, and be brave enough to take this chance. No one is going to hand this All Ireland to us, we have to fight for it, reach out, grab it, shove it under our geansais and head West with it. WHATEVER IT TAKES.
    Hon Mayo.

  81. Look, Mayo should have enough. But you just don’t know.
    Tipperary have absolutely nothing to lose. And that makes them extremely dangerous. As others have stated before me, a one point victory would absolutely suffice.
    Talk of not playing Boyle is madness. That kind of talk is dangerous, Mayo need their best players on the pitch. This is an All Ireland semi final after all.
    I’ll be interested to see Rochford’s team. I myself think Regan, Keane and Parsons will all start. Not too sure if Doherty and Vaughan will.

  82. Way to go Pebbles
    I think Rochie could do with you coming in for a wee motivational session with the lads.

  83. Jim McGuinness going for Mayo, but he’s not exactly putting his house on us:

    “It has the makings of a brilliant game but for me maybe Mayo’s experience of what it takes to win matches such as this can be potentially decisive”.

    maybe, potentially, hmm.

  84. I havent been keeping up with updates last few days , working crazy hours. Have we any new injuries? Weird the way the paddy power market has not named evan regan in goal scoring markets????

  85. Catcol I can accept what jim says. If he had not stuck in that “maybe” it would seem more positive statement. Just journalism. It’s funny ya know. Everyone was saying including me that after Tyrone game we will know where we are at. I think some people ain’t too sure. I guess past hurt comes into play. But I think that victory over Tyrone cannot be underestimated. It was tough in every way. We survived. It’s bit like a war. It may not luck to pleasant at times but winning is the only thing.

  86. Sean, according to The Mayo News today:

    Rochford has a full squad of 33 players to choose from with the Mayo team expected to be released to the general public on Friday evening. Breaffy goalkeeper Rob Hennelly was the only member of the panel to be released by county management to line out with his club in the Mayo senior league against Castlebar Mitchels last Saturday evening.

  87. I don’t think the bookies are in tune with the pundits. While most if not all are saying a Mayo win, all still have question marks over Mayo’s form.

    The most interesting article I saw in the Mayo news is the interview with the father of Tipp full back Alan Campbell. His father is a native of Charlestown, but has nailed his Tipp colours to the mast on this occasion. Most interesting are his opinions on Mayo(perhaps gives an insight to what Tipp are thinking and saying):-

    “Mayo…aren’t anything like they were in my opinion. They are not the team they were two or three years ago. It was experience that got them over the line against Tyrone”.

    “Aidan OSe is averaging one point a game. They are not to be feared and I don’t imagine Tipp will fear them. I don’t think Mayo are a 1/5 chance”.

    “I don’t think their full back line is settled. I don’t think Rochford knows his best full back line. And I am damn sure he is wondering how his back line is going to handle Michael Quinlivan and Conor Sweeney”.

  88. Mayonaze, let s hope the views of Mr Campbell have permeated through the Tipp supporters, which means it will eventually make its way to the team. In hurling Tipp displays breath taking arrogance based on a long gone golden era. That arrogance is key to unhinging them, the more the better

  89. What is the story with David drake ? Has he been dropped from the panel ??

    He’s not getting a look in this year

  90. He was on the bench for the first few championship games Ned, but when Barrett, Parsons and Loftus returned from injury he missed out. He’s still in the 33 though.

  91. Mayonaze, I love to read quotes like that. After handling McAlisky, Harte and Cavanagh I think Rochford will have an idea on how to handle two division 3 forwards. I certainly believe our backs will be able for them.
    Let’s not big up Tipp to be something they’re not. They narrowly avoided relegation to division 4, are a mobile big team with an aerial threat. But Dublin they are not. Donegal circa 2013 they are not.
    The time for talk is over. It’s time to walk the walk. Personally, I don’t give two shites what McGuinness, Liston, O’Se, Paddy Power or anyone else thinks or says about us. I couldn’t care less. We know what we have and we know if we play to 90% of our ability that we win.
    By the way, I wouldn’t start Boyle. Why risk him? I think we can hold him in reserve and give Moran, Barrett, Coen or Nally a run.

  92. Well if we weren’t to start Boyle, Tipp would defo use it as ‘they aren’t giving us the respect we deserve’.

  93. You can’t call a player a “division 3” player though, even if his team operates in it. Quinlivan and Sweeney would make most division 1 teams.

    As well as we handled mcaliskey he found himself wide open for a serious goal chance. That was the winner had it gone in. Give tipp chances like that the next day we may not be as lucky

    I don’t think that guy is arrogant tbf I’d be saying the exact same if I was from tipp. We have no fear factor about us like Kerry and Dublin, and until we win an AI we will just have to put up with others writing us off and talking us down. It’s fair enough imo

  94. Mayonaze let tipp say what they like bout team selection. It’s crucial call on Boyler and we know why. He is combative and runs the risk of suspension. Sure if he was injured we would have to make do without him. Management have a big call. That’s what they are there for. Not to bothered what anyone will say. Our selection will be interesting

  95. Is one black card enough to rule Boyler out? I’ve even heard some saying a yellow would do it

    I’d be tempted enough not to start him in fairness if that’s the case. You can throw your hat at it if he’s out of the final

  96. A black card or 2 yellows would rule Boyle out of the final. 1 yellow doesn’t mean anything.

    The best thing to do is start him and sub him before the end if he’s on a yellow. He’ll know himself not to make any black card deserving tackles. If Tipp are as bad as some of you think he won’t need to take a black card!

    Also, if we were to win this game without Boyler he would have a 6 week gap between games which is not ideal preparation going into an AI final.

  97. Fully agree. MayoDan.
    Not starting him would be arrogance and madness.
    But if they are winning, do what they did with him against Westmeath, where they took him off in the second half.
    Anyway, I’m sure every footballer wants to play in an All Ireland semi final, no matter what.

  98. Not starting Boyle would be a sign of confidence in your other defenders to do a job, it would be a sign of belief in your defensive structures, not arrogance. This notion that you take Boyle off when we are winning is based on the premise that he won’t get a black card if we are losing? And is planning your substitutions based on when, or if, we are winning not a sign of arrogance?
    With huge inconsistencies in reffing this season, particularly where the black card is concerned, it represents a huge risk to select Boyle and you are giving the ref the opportunity to make the decision. Then, you are not in control of the situation and are “hoping” that Boyle doesn’t get the line, as opposed to being in control of the situation and not having him on the pitch in the first place. Bear in mind Coldrick is a Meathman and how sick would we be if Mayo win but Boyle misses the final due to a black/red card? The questions asked then would be “what the hell was Rochford doing picking Boyle anyway?”
    Boyle plays with the choke fully out. He gives his all in every challenge and you will not get the best out of him by playing him and asking him to be “restrained”. I’m not saying Boyle cannot tackle or is a dirty player. I am saying that we cannot trust the refs to make the correct decisions. We need to be cute and shrewd in this situation. I might be on my own on this but I believe we have enough in defense to handle Tipp without risking Boyle.

  99. Playing devil’s advocate more than anything but even if he didn’t end up starting I’m sure Boyler would be named to start

    So this talk of Tipp having a major incentive and how fired up they’d be, but they’d only find this out very close to the start while they’re possibly in the middle of a warm up. It’s a very short time for the news to register and sink in

    I do see both sides to the argument though. Personally I wouldn’t risk him, the Mayo side without him would be good enough to beat Tipp and that’s good enough for me.

  100. The ticket saga in McHale Park earlier in the year and Reilly’s cluster fuck in Limerick are now becoming a whole lot clearer. Pat Hickey was a consultant to the CB for ticket allocation and Reilly learnt his trade with the IABA.

  101. If there’s one part of the field we have plenty of cover its the half back, donie can drop to CHB or nally could come in as a direct replacement for Boyle, from what seen they do not have 6 top class forwards and nally could handle himself. He had a great against Dublin in the league!

    My only argument for playing Boyle would be the 6 week gap that he’d have a 6 week layoff between championship games. As for being arrogant I really don’t give a sh!t if tipp think we’re arrogant or not, from what I’m hearing they are pretty confident of winning anyway so who cares.

    I would have been happy with a one point win every game up to now but I think we need win this one well, we need to put down a marker to get some momentum and confidence going into the final. I was at an event recently with a former Kerry footballer who told me that every time they played a team considered inferior they expected to win by 10 points and if they were at nothing, he assured me that that was the attitude of fitzmorris every game this year up to the semi. I think we need that confidence back.

  102. Not playing Boyle would be the height of arrogance. Surely he is intelligent enough not to get a black card. He should not have committed that black card offence v Kikdare as we had a good lead. Similarly S O Shea should not have got involved last year v Dublin when he also received a stupid black card. Cillians one in London was also unnecessary. Mayo players need to play with their heads as well as their hearts. Most did this very well v tyrone when they were hugely provoked but there were silly flashes of indiscipline that day as well

  103. If Rochford didn’t rest Boyle against Westmeath, he’s not going to rest him for this game. It’s pointless debating it really.

  104. Tough decision re: Boyler.

    There’s definitely no shortage of confidence in Tipp. I was chatting to a guy from Tipp with work this afternoon (he doesn’t know I’m from Mayo and I said nothing). The conversation headed toward football..he was delighted theyve “avoided the dubs or Kerry” at this stage. The conversation went on to discusding Cork’s double All Ireland in 1990 and how Tipp might be in line for that etc and how everyone in Tipp would love to do it cos of how they dislike cork etc…

    The last time I spoke to someone so confident was a Kildare supporter the week before the 1998 final… And we know what happened there.

    The rest of the country really don’t rate Connacht. Ok some do, but your ‘average Joe’ doesn’t!

    I don’t know if any of you saw the team selected as potential ‘All Stars’ after the quarters were played (I saw it on Facebook – I think an AIB thing selected by county players[none from Connacht]). Boyle was our only player on the starting 15. Tipp had quinlivan. Tipp also had 4 lads make the ‘subs’. We had 3… Not a mention of Cillian, Aido…

    Maybe it’s fair enough seeing as we probably haven’t actually played all that well this year but it’s as if you have to play twice as good to get the recognition.

    I really hope we put in our best performance of the year on Sunday. If we do it should be enough. There are still a lot of doubters out there. Like many have said before, until we go and win the bloody thing outright we’ll always have to contend with outsiders lack of respect, slagging etc. Let’s hope Sunday is a stepping stone to what we want..!

  105. Mayonaze, I hope we can save our very best ever performance for the big one.. on Sunday I hope we put in a performance that has us just falling over the line where the whole of the country have us as been completely shite this year.. that we wouldn’t have a player to tie the likes of Quinlivan or Connolly’s shoe laces never mind get an All-Star. For too long we have pretended to be the next great tsunami coming in from the west, sweeping all before us only crash on the shores of Croke Park on All-Ireland final day. An assured, confident, no frills, no injuries, no sending off winning performance is what we need on Sunday.. we do that.. then everything else is up for grabs.. can’t wait

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