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I’m delighted to welcome back into the guest slot John Cuffe who provides a review of Half Solid Production‘s new GAA-based play The Pull

A few weeks back, Breaffy GAA club was the site for the debut outing of The Pull, a play written and performed by Liam Horan and John Corless of Half Solid Productions. The setting is the club house of Ballybore GAA club, a team that predates the GAA itself, where we encounter a chairman who not only runs the club but seems to have a finger in multiple pies in the area, not least politically.

Whilst the chairman wishes to eliminate Ballybore’s debt he also wishes to float his own political career. Horan and Corless marry the many characters that populate our clubs, at times throwing in D’Unbeliveables style participation with the audience.

One of the important facets of this offering is the edginess and participation with the audience because that self same audience is comprised essentially of the same kind of club members that turn up for the fundraising meeting at Ballybore. Many stereotypes are on display and all are familiar. What then shifts the story onto a different and unexpected plane is how the actors introduce and deal with characters we don’t normally engage with.

Suffice to say that at that stage the audience sits a little more attentive as it follows the new direction so unexpectedly introduced. Liam Horan as his alter ego Knowledgeable Noel and the multi-talented John Corless engage us from the off. We, the audience, travel the journey with them amid the twists and turns.

Both men are to be commended in this fine new play that they have produced and brought to our attention. The work put involved in writing, rehearsing and delivering this offering would tax most of us beyond our comfort zones. Corless and Horan force us out of our comfort zone and the journey home will leave the paying customer with plenty of thought. The Ireland we are familiar with meets the Ireland we are uncomfortable with.

Half Solid Productions are currently touring the country with The Pull and a full list of upcoming dates is available here. The play is set to make its Dublin debut at St Vincent’s GAA club on 30th November and details on obtaining tickets for this showing are available here.

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  1. Jesus, this is terrible John , no comments , are we all so old we don’t care about the Pull anymore.

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