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  1. Absolutely disgusted with the actions of the Mayo County Board to the Steering Committee’s Action. To issue their own ‘revised’ plan stikes me as being slightly delusional, petulant and downright negligent.

    I hope their actions have not consigned the county teams to another couple of decades of mediocrity but I really do fear for our future.

  2. Four Easy steps devising a Strategic Action Plan.

    1. Get a group to do all the hard work
    2. Totally disregard same
    3. Copy the idea’s with minor changes
    4. Publish as your own

    Sounds a lot like the clowns in the office claiming other peoples work as their own.

  3. Naughty81. You credit the Mayo Board too much. Had they done what you suggested I for one would be happy. No. Just read the two versions and you will see what I am talking about.

    I never want to hear a Mayo man ever lash the board again. The clubs that should know Mayo football and have their fingers on the pulse unanimously backed them last night.

    Let that be the end of that. Mayo clubs are four square behind their own board. And yet why do I see nothing but more sad days ahead? When we could have broken the mould we sat on our bums and toed the line.

    If Mayo go belly up again this summer, what will we call for, the managers head, players to be dropped, the county board or will we look for a review?. Happy grazing amigos.

  4. Maybe it’s time to review the county board as a structure? We’re not the only county stuggling in this regard.

    The GAA as an organisation has progressed incredibly quickly over the past twenty years. The age old structure of the county board delegates controlling the grass roots within a county and then feeding into an ‘annual’ congress is definitely creaking.

    There are too many officials at county board level (nominated by the clubs) that are not fit for purpose. Granted these officials give their time pro bono to an amateur organisation but the county teams are amateur in name only now and these officials should be as accountable as the management teams, players etc.

    I’m sure there are plenty involved at this level who genuinely trying to progress Mayo GAA but there’s a fair element of cronies too who are quite happy to toddle along once they cling onto their mantle of power….

  5. Patrick what you say may make sense but there is a process to be followed.

    We are all entitled to be members of clubs and to put ourselves for election before a convention. The officers give all their free time to the task. They may have agendas and be poor at what they do but there is no queue to take over from them.

    Really any of us who are critical can either piss or get off the pot rather than wait for somebody else to bring about change.

    The structure of the Board will not change. That is dictated to by the GAA for the entire of the organisation.

  6. Disapointing that the County Board did not take the plunge and adapt this forward thinking plan but this is not surprising as the finances of the Board would be open and transparant and this seems to be a problem for them, I wounder why.
    I would also ask how many Board Members will be travelling to london for the mayo game expences paid by supporters.

  7. Obviously Ed the clubs in Mayo see nothing wrong with the board, the finances or the county team. The county board plan was passed without dissent or a vote.

    Why then are the rest of us getting into a tizzy about. The clubs who represent the fans have spoken. They are fully behind the board and are happy with the status quo. Perhaps its us thats wrong?

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