The road to Croker II – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E38

‘The road to Croker’ series on the Mayo News football podcast aims to set the scene ahead of Mayo’s appearance at GAA HQ on Sunday week when they take on Munster champions Tipperary in the All-Ireland semi-final. In this second episode in the series, we’re looking back, both on last weekend’s action and on the tragic events that took place at Croke Park a century ago, but we’re also looking ahead to the big game the weekend after next.

In this podcast episode, host Rob Murphy is joined Mike Finnerty, Sports Editor of the Mayo News and me. We chat about the financial difficulties facing the GAA in the Covid era of behind-closed-doors matches and we touch on possible new Championship structures that might now be considered. The Rackard Cup final last weekend, in which the Mayo hurlers lost out to Donegal, also gets a mention, while Mike talks about his interview with Mayo midfielder Conor Loftus, which will feature in next week’s edition of the Mayo News.

Rob then chats with special guest Mick Foley of the Sunday Times, a man very much in demand right now due to his standout work on the Bloody Sunday centenary, through his critically acclaimed book and accompanying podcast series The Bloodied Field. Mick talks about last weekend’s centenary commemorations but also considers the impact of more recent seismic happenings involving Tipperary, with the county winning its first Munster senior football title since 1935 to set up a Croke Park date on Sunday week with Mayo. 

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8 thoughts on “The road to Croker II – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E38

  1. Michael Foley has done the country a huge service with his work in bloody sunday, read ‘The Bloodied field’ a few years ago and it was brilliant, glad to see it getting a bit more recognition now.
    He is always brilliant as a talking head on all matters GAA and History too anytime i see him on.

    Would happily get rid of o’rourke, spillane and those sunday game clowns and replace them with Foley, Paul Rouse etc.

  2. It’s the Thanksgiving holiday in America today.

    I want to express my thanks to you, WJ, and Rob for your efforts on the podcasts. I look forward to each and every one. I’d also be remiss not to mention Mike, Ed and Ger as well plus all the other “friends of the podcast” who bring so much enjoyment and insight. These podcasts are really wonderful diversions from the present circumstances.

    This year has been unbelievable in so many ways — the old adage “you have your health, you have your wealth” was never been so apparent. Wishing for a victory in two weeks to keep the dream alive for a while longer (can’t see it not happening tbh)!

    Mick did a great job with the podcasts — I highly recommend. I was interviewed by him last year for the article he did about Mayo supporters around the globe. He’s top class.

  3. I echo those sentiments Not Half Fast.

    I did enjoy a poster a few posts back commending this blog, and thanking Willie Joe and his team.

    Willie Joe IS the team!

  4. Great podcast. I am reading about ‘One Cork” – the new initiative by the Leesiders. Surely something similar could be done in Mayo. Looking forward to hearing from our county board’s new fundraising committee.

  5. I enjoyed the OTB interview with Michael Quinlivan that Mike makes reference to.

    Quinlivan mentions that Josh Keane may be available for the semi final and they’ve other players who’ll be coming back and also available. I’d highly rate Josh Keane (half forward).

    I think Tipp will be very well balanced. Its well documented that they’ve an excellent half back line. They’ll have a solid engine around the middle third with Josh Keane, O’Riordan and Kiely. All excellent ball players. Then two absolute killers in Sweeney and Quinlivan up front. We’ve been warned and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they beat us.

  6. Hi just listened to the podcast ,and the championship structure was discussed. So here are my thoughts on how it could be structured more fairly. First the national league and provincial championships remain the same.
    But the all ireland is split into 3 sections senior, intermediate and junior championships.
    The senior championship will be made up of 10 teams . Split into 2 groups of 5 with each team playing 2 home and 2 away matches. The top 2 teams in each group qualify for the semi final.
    The intermediate championship will have the same structure, as will the junior but with 12 teams.

    The 4 provincial winners automatically qualify for the senior championship with the remaining 6 places filled based on league finishing position.
    So this year the senior championship would consist of

    Mayo, Dublin, Tipperary, Cavan, Kerry, Galway, Tyrone, Monaghan, Meath and Donegal

    The next 10 teams are intermediate based on league position . And the next 12 are in the junior championship.

    I think this is a good structure as it maintains local rivalry and as tipp and cavan proved a provincial title is still incredibly important.

    Also it gives every team a shot at winning the senior championship.

    It will allow teams to build year on year with realistic goals e.g a team could set out to get promotion from division 4 and to win a junior all ireland.

    Anyway those are my thoughts, would be interested to know what other people think

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