The Road to Croker III – Mayo News Football Podcast 2020 E39

‘The road to Croker’ series is running here on the Mayo News football podcast as the build-up continues ahead of Mayo’s clash with Tipperary at GAA HQ in the All-Ireland semi-final on Sunday week. 

In this latest episode in the series, host Rob Murphy chats with Mayo News duo Edwin McGreal and Ger Flanagan as well as with podcast regular Daniel Carey.

The discussion with Ed and Ger concentrates on the injection of youth into this new-look Mayo team, with a particular focus on the increasing importance of the cohort of players who won All-Ireland honours at Minor level in 2013 as Under 21s in 2016.

Rob then catches up with Daniel Carey to chat about following Mayo from afar and the frustrations that flow from trying to do so via the RTÉ Player. To round off this episode, it’s back to Ed and Ger to learn about some key numbers relating to Mayo’s 2020 Championship season.   

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14 thoughts on “The Road to Croker III – Mayo News Football Podcast 2020 E39

  1. In a shocking development Cormac costellos red card has been overturned meaning he is free for the cavan game
    Has there ever been a Dublin suspension that has been upheld

  2. No shock there about that decision. Of course it got overturned. Were you expecting a level playing field or something? Actually what took them so long?

    10 Leinsters in a row and still the penny hasn’t dropped with many. I have spoken to two Dubs this week who actually think it’s a great achievement. I told them that Dublin haven’t “won” a provincial title in well over a decade. Every one of them was handed on a plate to them. We spoke about it for 15 minutes and by the end they were in agreement with me.

    These two Dubs knew the price of everything and the value of nothing. Now though they are a bit worried. The big blue monster could take down the whole Leinster championship to the depths of the swamp, never to reappear. Soon God willing. Soon.

  3. Almost 20 year’s I attended a double header Leinster Championship Match in Croke Park, . Westmeath won the curtain raiser, and progressed in the Leinster Championship,… Dublin beat someone else in the main Match… When it was all over, that guy the annoncer in Croke Park who’s voice we all know so well but can’t put a name on, anonced that Dublin would play Westmeath in the next round of the Leinster Championship, in two weeks time…A Dublin father and son were sitting beside me in the Hogan Stand… Says the Father to the Son, ‘Is Westmeath part of Meath?’ Obsiously the father must have believed that the son was doing Geography in school and know whether or not Westmeath was part of Meath or not… Although Dublin do have fans that travel to the odd league match, it goes to show that they would never really need to learn anything of the Geography of even Leinster, to follow Dublin in the Championship… Last Saturday in memorial to the events of Bloody Sunday, the sound of U2 and ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ rang around Croke Park ..The song contains the line ‘How long, how long must we sing this song?’ anyone hoping for fair play in relation the pampering of the mighty Dubs by the official GAA , might well sing the same line…’How long must we sing this song?, How long?’

  4. Eight wonder of the world: Agnetha from ABBA. 9th wonder of the world: Mayo, no all-Ireland lately.

  5. Full focus and commitment required for the Tipp game. No doubt Horan will have the lads ready for battle. Tipp’s work rate and ability to get numbers back whilst playing good attacking football against Cork was unreal. Need to move the ball quick and at pace which we can do so need to take our chances.
    Another great podcast. What would we do without them and this blog!
    Good as well to hear that Loftus is on about the competition for places not only in the starting 15 but in the starting 26. Reckon we could see a change or two from the Connacht final.

  6. Brilliant podcast. Contains precisely the type of detailed information about the players that we need; who fits where, why players are being picked in certain positions.

    Good summary on Stephen Coen. He is playing with more confidence this year and is more positive on the ball, going forward instead of his previous tendency to go back. Needs to continue with this, taking the risks, and contributing more to attack He has got the game for it, he has the ability. Certainly he’s ahead of Plunkett this year, and Boyler, so Stephen’s place is fully deserved and I hope he retains his place.

  7. The previous podcast seems to be this one too. Road to croker 111 is also under Road to Croker 11 post. Or am I missing something???!!!!!

  8. @baconfactoryend whatever about Agnetha from Abba let’s hope we don’t meet our Waterloo against Tipperary we want to progress to see the winner takes it all in the final

  9. Thanks, Sinead! You weren’t missing anything, I was. We’ve switched the player we’re pointing everyone towards to Podomatic and just getting used to how it works. I’ve fixed that link in the post now so it’s playing the correct episode. All the podcast are also still available – using the SoundCloud player – in this podcasts tab on the top right.

  10. Great! Thank you. Will listen to number 2 now. While away a walk. One week left! Flying by when there is something to look forward to. I normally don’t like this time of year but I have to say even with the pandemic because we have GAA I’m not minding it at all.

  11. Hope you enjoy it Sinead. There are more episodes in the series to come as well ahead of next Sunday, with some good input from the Tipp side of the fence included as well.

  12. It was excellent. Enjoyed Mick Foley at the end too. Looking forward to the next one. And hopefully an exciting few after next weekend too. Thank you!

  13. Podcasts excellent as always. Some good interviews on Midwest Radio today. Conor Loftus talks about the competition for places & James Horan eagerly anticipating whats ahead. Nobody underestimating Tipperary. And Stephen Coen – comes across as a solid individual, very impressive.

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