The terrible twos, the Blog Awards and a small slice of fame

I’m in a self-indulgent mood this morning so indulge me for a few moments, will you?  The first reason is that this blog has recently turned two – last Sunday was me birthday, like – and so you can expect me to start kicking and screaming and f-ing and blinding at any minute over the smallest possible incident.  Well, more than usual at any rate.

The second reason why I’m feeling a little pompous this morning is that I have, apparently, made it through the Irish Blog Awards nomination list and I’m now on the 2009 longlist in the Sport and Recreation Category (with thanks to – they said to mention that).  There’s still another cull to come, as the longlist becomes the shortlist, so I’m not feeling overly conceited yet.  Just a little bit more than usual, that’s all.

Then, just when I needed some calming down, I discovered that the Mayo News only went and published extracts from my match report last Sunday in this week’s edition under the guise of a “Blogger’s View”.  They never told me in advance they were going to do this, mind, but, media whore that I am, I can’t help but bask in this tiny sliver of fame.  (Thanks, by the way to my fellow Mayo GAA blogger No One Shouted Stop! for tipping me off about this – it’s your turn next, sunshine).

Right, that’s it.  I think I need to lie down for a while now to let the swelling subside.

7 thoughts on “The terrible twos, the Blog Awards and a small slice of fame

  1. dont forget about us now WJ!! 🙂 Seriously really well done and so deserved. Are you picking up royalties btw??? 🙂

  2. Thanks, Ted – the swelling has now subsided and I’m back to myself again. I’m afraid that piece was, like all my other efforts on the site here, purely a pro bono one!

  3. Well done on both WJ, totally deserved. You could be in line to take over where McStay left off when bowed out of the Mayo News last year. Next stop the Sunday Game

  4. But that means I’ll have to stop using the word fuck. And bollix as well, I suppose. Sounds like too high a price to me.

  5. Well done WJ.
    If only you were as good at predicting the weekends results as you are at this blogging lark.

    If you ever stop using fuck and bollix, we’ll know you’ve finally sold out.
    Say no to censorship!

  6. Thanks, Dan – I’ve a feeling my prediction skills (or lack of same) will become an issue of ever increasing hilarity as the league campaign progresses. I took a punt on Mayo, Donegal and Dublin last weekend and got badly stung in the process. I’ve no problem with the outcome of the first two matches – both were deserved wins – but I’m still a bit irked about the Dubs. If that bollix Marty Duffy had applied the new rules properly, then there would have been no Sean Cavanagh on the field to kick those two injury time points and myself and Pat Gilroy would have got a result. We wuz fookin’ robbed!

  7. Never mind Willie Joe. You didn’t make half the hames of the first week predictions that I did. Of all years, I’m not clued in yet to the form around the country. Must be the long winter, or the early onset of old age……..!

    Keep the Faith!

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