The truth in the news + Face The Ball Week 6 results

It’s nice to have match reports like these with which to break up the monotony of a Monday morning.  Keith Duggan (who else?) is his usual excellent self in the Times, where he ends his report by observing that if Galway knew there was “any stray boot waiting to trip them out [surely that should be “up” not “out” – WJ], it was likely to have a Made in Mayo stamp on it”.  Cliona Foley’s account of the game in the Indo has a quote from Johnno, where he says we’d stayed calm in the first half.  Calm?  We were positively laid-back, from what I could gather.  Liam Horan does the honours in the Examiner.  And, of course, if you haven’t already done so, make sure to check out what There is a light that never goes out has to say about proceedings yesterday.  If that’s not enough for you, those insightful lads on are still busily kicking over the traces.

Right, onto the penultimate week’s results for the mini-league and, to celebrate the fact that the competition is nearing its climax, I’ve decided to splash a bit of colour round the table this week (if it’s too lurid for you, please note I am colour-blind and so can’t be held in any way responsible).  The big news this week is that we have a new leader – SixPointsUp – who has been loitering with intent in the top five right from the word go but has now made his move, displacing Dearg Doom at the top.  It’s still very tight amongst that leading cohort and I’d say that anyone out of the top seven or eight could find themselves at the top of the pile next week when the music stops.  Here’s the full table:

mini-league-week-6-table_My downward slide continued this week and I’m now almost back to where I started at Week 1.  It serves me right, though, as I went for Galway yesterday. Moreover, my inside knowledge about the Dubs’ well-being (what with the Vinnie’s connection and the fact that Pat G and myself send our kids to the same school etc. etc.) was reflected in my getting their result wrong for the sixth week on the trot.

Happiest man this week, though, has to be my old china TJ, who, with a stunning 138 points this week (including getting the Tuam result right), has finally managed to wriggle free of bottom spot.  He’s now up to 27th and, with only seven spaces between us, I might yet find myself coming off second-best in this one too.

5 thoughts on “The truth in the news + Face The Ball Week 6 results

  1. reckon there were a lot of NIL POINTS on the Mayo Galway outcome ? just curious how many of us went for a Mayo win (i didn’t i regret to say!!) and even better if anyone correctly predicted a 1 point win – anyone got that spot on almost deserves a few bonus points.
    Unlikely too many had any points from Dublin sharing the spoils with Kerry either

  2. Well I made a complete pigs ear of this week. I only got Laois v Wexford right (20 points!). I’m consoling myself by the fact that I have been trying things out in the league. But “in all fairness” (as Pat OShea might say), I’ve gone badly off the rails – particularly with the Division 2 stuff.

    I don’t know what it is but I have never been less tuned in to the whole league thing than this year.
    I’m putting it down to 2 years of shite weather, too many poor Mayo performances, and the fact that Kerry (the hoors) just wont go away.

    Still, that was a nice win in Tuam. On the way home, I was thinking that following Mayo is a bit like driving a good car on bad petrol. At times we are going like the clappers but then the jets get blocked and we splutter and backfire and no matter how many fucks we fire in, its frustrates the hell out of us. Next thing, just when our frustration is lowest, the dirt gets blown through and we are off again like a formula 1 car.

    Maybe we need a mechanic – not a TD – in charge!

    Keep the Faith!

  3. just looking at the votes in the poll our optimism has sprouted with the kerrs pink. we are now ( unlike the K P ) Blight resistant and unbeatable !
    by the way WJ whats the arrangments for the NY trip I believe it was great craic in 04 so have booked flights. names of hotels being used by supporters ? Belvedere and Wellington are mentioned any views ?

  4. It’s a pretty stunning turnaround alright: on Saturday, almost 60% thought that we’d lose to Galway (I was among them) whereas 84% now think we’ll beat the All-Ireland champions next time out. (That 60% isn’t necessarily the same as the 84% of course). But I guess if we didn’t have optimism, there’d be no point in following the team at all.

    Dunno what the story is with the NY trip. I was thinking about going myself but, for a variety of reasons, won’t now be able to do so.

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