The weekend’s club action


Photo: Castlebar Mitchels (via Facebook)

With the cold weather starting to bite, the club championship season – which has now moved on from county to provincial championship action – is once again in full flow. There were ties involving Mayo clubs at senior, junior and intermediate level this weekend and, for good measure, there was some hurling action too.

Let’s start with the small ball. Ballyhaunis followed up their Connacht IHC win over Roscommon’s Oran in midweek by taking on Galway club Ahascragh Fohenagh in the intermediate provincial decider this afternoon. This tie, played at Athleague, was the fourth championship match played by Ballyhaunis in the past fourteen days and their endurance qualities were tested further today when the game went to extra-time. It eventually ended in a 2-13 to 0-19 draw and so it’s back to Athleague for them again next Saturday for second helpings, with throw-in for the replay set for 2pm.

Castlebar Mitchels take the field once again this day week. On Saturday, they had no trouble getting past the challenge of Sligo’s Tourlestrane in the Connacht SFC quarter-final at Markievicz Park, winning by 1-10 to 0-5 (match report here) but next weekend they’re up against a more formidable hurdle in the form of Galway champs Corofin. That one takes place at MacHale Park next Sunday, also with a 2pm throw-in and it’ll be broadcast live on TG4.

Westport and Louisburgh, meanwhile, have a bit more time to draw breath after their respective wins over the weekend. Westport had a point to spare over Galway’s Monivea-Abbey in today’s Connacht IFC semi-final at MacHale Park, where they won by 0-7 to 0-6, and they now face Ballinamore of Leitrim at Páirc Seán Mac Diarmada in a fortnight’s time. That 20th November decider throws in at 2pm.

The day before then (November 19th) sees Louisburgh go into battle for the Connacht JFC crown. They’re up against Roscommon outfit Creggs in that one, which has been fixed for Kiltoom, once again with a 2pm start. Louisburgh earned their place in that decider with a one-point win (0-15 to 3-5) over Galway’s Oranmore-Maree at Pearse Stadium this afternoon.

Well done to all the clubs from the county on their provincial exploits over the weekend and the best of luck to them in the forthcoming tests they now face.

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  1. Its a big game between Castlebar and Corofin alright on Sunday next. I believe who ever wins will win the province and have a good chance of making the AI final (Munster champions await). Corofin are going to be dangerous coz they’ve had a chance to refresh themselves after with the AI in 2015. However Mitchels are at home and have beaten them twice in the last 3 years. I fear Mitchels are not quite as strong as last year……but we’ll no for sure next weekend.

  2. One other thing. I believe Enda Varley is doing a job for Vincents up front……interesting!

  3. The result of the weekend has to go to Ballyhaunis hurlers. Did not see that coming. I did not expect Louisburg to win against Oranmore. Oranmore are a big club compared to their Mayo counterparts. That was a great win for a small club. They did not look great in the Balla game. Well done to Westport and Castlebar. Corofin will be hard to beat next Sunday, no point in looking beyond that one.

  4. I actually think Mitchels look like a better team than last year Spotlight. They’re in great form going into this. Need Paddy back and fully fit mind you.

  5. I doubt we will see varley back with Mayo. Reape loftus and co are the way forward and are physically a lot bigger and tougher than varley.
    I haven’t seen castlebar playing recently but I’ve heard that they are trying hard to right the wrong they caused themselves last March. Neil Douglas is a case in point, dropped by Mayo and went about making himself worthy of another look, I think he will be in the Mayo team in summer 2017 if he can get going at all in the league. Well done to Louisburgh and Westport and Ballyhaunis too, some good wins that were not expected, all down to belief in themselves and hard work.

  6. Id agree , Mitchels are stronger this year, maybe not on the score board but look to be better set up defensively and control games better which will bode well in the latter stages.

    Enda Varley is doing well hope it continues (unless Vinnies meet Mitchels) he was in the Mayo setup a long time, does the manager go back to him or forwards with the new breed. Prob best to move forward, better in the long run.

  7. Jack Reilly from Charlestown scored 3-06 from midfield yesterday against Hollymount in the U21 championship. Kicks off both feet, tall, athletic and was on minor panel in 2014. Michael Solan was in attendance, hope he took note.

  8. Dave, I agree re Douglas, looks like he has improved again this year. If Mitchels get past Sunday I don’t think he will be available to play many league games for Mayo next year. in saying that I think he should be in the Mayo squad next year regardless of league availability. Didnt hurt Durcan not playing league. The real championship training and work is put in between April to June. Playing league would be nice but not a requirement to making the panel.

  9. @East Mayo Joe.
    Interesting with Jack Reilly. I usually know most hidden gems that were peripheral on panels. I hadn’t picked up on him.
    Was he away for the summer? Dont recall him making much impact with the senior team yet?

  10. He played in New York for the summer JP. Would be one of the top scorers for Seniors as well. Was being marked by Stephen Coen for large parts of the game yesterday and still racked up that score, no mean feat.

  11. He must be quite an athlete then because Coen is starting to get comfortable at senior intercounty level and is a well built 6’1″.
    Encouraging. I love to hear of peripheral players improving rather than falling away. Dangerous period after being a minor county panellist where motivation/performance can plateau or even decline.

  12. Corofin came through the Galway championship very easy again this year. Not sure what to read into that. Either they are improving or the overall standard of club football is in decline in that county.

  13. Indeed he is JP. One of the most natural two footed players you’ll see. Really hopes he gets a fair crack at the U21’s next year, unlike this year.

  14. Reilly has great pedigree too. Both dad and granddad played for Mayo.
    Clement, his dad played at midfield and Sean was a really good full back when full backs were full backs. Will make it for Mayo and the sooner the better for us.

  15. Lovely piece released by the GAA from Friday night ncluding interviews with Diarmuid O Connor,Austen Gleeson and…….Ciaran Kilkenny. Lovely token gesture.

  16. Wow that is some pedigree. I wasn’t aware of that family in football. Surprised I hadn’t heard it before.

  17. Wasn’t his father who played for Mayo, was his uncle Kenneth. His grandfather played for Donegal and Mayo. Father a good footballer and all his uncles, it’s in the blood.

  18. People of my generation would be very familiar with the name Reilly from Charlestown and indeed there is pedigree there. I hope this guy comes good.
    Saw our very own Anne Marie on UTV programme on Knock Airport earlier. You are one hell of a supporter Anne Marie. It did me good to see such joy and commitment to the cause. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Fair play to you.

  19. Diehard. I was watching that program on UTV earlier. Ann Marie looking good last summer. What an inspirational supporter. The program was most enjoyable indeed. I remember Jack Reilly coming on as a sub in the second half in the 2014 AI semi. I hope he shows ambition if he gets a chance with the u21 team.

  20. If it is true that David Clarke is considering his future I really hope he decides to give it at least one more year His presence in goal is vital in my view if we are to challenge next year He is by far the best goalkeeper in the county even if that has not always been fully appreciated by supporter’s and management

  21. I would be amazed if David Clarke didn’t give it another go. He is a very steady, level-headed guy and will know better than anyone that now is not the time to call it a day. It all depends on how Stephen Rockford handles it. It would be unthinkable that Stephen wouldn’t want a player like Clarke involved next year. I think talk of family and work commitments possibly preventing his involvement is just a kick to touch.

  22. J J Kelly I wouldn’t read too much into the clickbaity crap Hogan Stand put up, they took a lot of the quotes out of context. Like any senior player in this time of year he’s deciding his future but not mulling over retirement.

  23. Any posters have view’s on Joe Brolly latest offering, doesn’t much like sports psychologist especially those one’s, helping or hindering Mayo, depending on your take on the subject… He ends up with the quote that no Mayo players scored with their weaker foot… Whatever Joe thinks, and Joe is entitled to express his opinions, he’s not entitled to his facts. In the All Ireland, final and replay Lee Keegan scored with both left and right, maybe that doesn’t count because neither might be called exactly ‘his weak foot’. But, there you go Joe, wrong again!… He failed to mention about all the, Dublin forwards that didn’t score at all, right or left. In any event, it dosent matter one jot with what foot you score with, so long as you score more than the opposition.. After five weeks thinking and rethinking, viewing and reviewing the match’s, I have came to the conclusion that the reason we lost was down to ourselves, from freaky, own goals to our replacing our Goalkeeper, but their the obvious things. It should be noted that both own goals were goal chances, created by Dublin and to some extent allowed to be created by a lack of concentration by an otherwise outstanding Mayo defence. Hennellys meltdown, his early kickout going astray were due to Dublins extreme pressure, Hennelly obviously felt nervous and would have been better going as long as he could with his kickouts, and if Dublin won the ball at least they would have to earn their scores.. . That’s an area of the match where Jim Gavin called Stephen Rochford bluff and won,. Hennellys confidence seemed to leave him, leading to his poor kickout to Connolly, which in turn led to Leroy black card, dropping a simple ball leading to the penalty was a result of shattered confidence in my opinion., I think most poster’s would agree with all that… . But in two games of such tight margins, there were other things, much less talked about within the control of Mayo, or at least should have been in the control of the management. Our substitutes in our forward line, were not in my opinion the right player’s to bring on, eg Connor OShea was first substitute for, Donal Vaughan in the Replay, have Mayo no one better? I am certain they do, would you not get more out of Alan Freeman, much better chance of getting a score, Alan Dillon was brought on with a broken bone in his foot, now that’s absolutely ridiculous, no player with a broken bone in his foot can possibly be as good as as even a middling forward. I’d love to see Alan Dillon pick up the Celtic Cross more than any Mayo player, but the management has a duty to play the best player’s, regardless of who they are or what club they belong to.. Now I wonder did the management have complete control of the selection of the team?? , if you go back to the league Aiden OShea was constantly selected despite being in poor form, as the championship progressed, Aiden played allot of very good football, in particular versus Tyrone, but in my view our management needs to pick the team, ruthlessly, and also based on performance.. I understand totally that is a subjective exercise. Look Jim Gavin is where it’s at in terms of management, he has no qualms about dropping, Bernard Brogan, his incredible and deserved reputation as a several times All Star and former Player of the Year, you have to base your selection on form, but you have to be doing it all the time, from the league to the championship.. In Mayos match versus Galway, Stephen Rochford withdrew one of Mayo’s best players, Paddy Durcan, he was totally right to do so, but he was also right to bring him back. Where Stephen was wrong (if Stephen has enough control) was to ignore the lack of form from one or two other high profile Mayo players, from the beginning of the league.. Players no matter who they are, have to know that their can be no ‘protected species’ what happens when you have ‘protected species’ is that the other pushing for places stop expecting to be selected.. If you look at the case of just how well Stephen Coen played when he came on for Lee Keegan, you can see Stephen was prepared to play well, and he did have to mark one of the best fowards in the country, Diarmuid Connolly. You might think from reading what I have just wrote is that I don’t have much time for our management, the opposite is the case, I think Stephen Rochford is a very intelligent coach, and I think job done on the Mayo defence was fantastic, but did you notice that defenders got dropped from time to time.. Other’s came in and did the job I wish the management and team all the very best for 2017, and where as to Joe Brolly it seems important as to what foot a Mayo forward scores with, personally I could not care less, I don’t even care particularly who the forwards are, so long as they are the best available fowards at Mayos disposal, that for me is where the challenge lays ahead for next year, we are definitely good enough but we have to start putting our best foot forward all the time!

  24. Being too one sided helps the defender. It’s an easier job to shadow and make blocks. Also you reduce the available opportunities throughout the game. Bernard Brogans point was a snapshot running to his left on his weak foot.

  25. Reading the Mayo News it appears the Commercial Manager role will be kicked to touch.

    There will be an appointment made. But not now, but maybe soon. “when the time is right”. What better time than now to look at these things?

    Seems like there is a desire that everyone forget about it and let the storm pass.

  26. Ger, did you really expect anything else. That position will never be filled. The county board will never give up any power over finance and are definitely not going to pay someone more than they are earning to do the job. As long as the supporters keep buying tickets, paying into lotto and the clubs keep paying extortionate levys , the county board will keep things ticking over and will keep their positions as the “leaders of Mayo football”

  27. I agree with JJ Leantimes, a very insightful post. It covers topics that I think need looking at, but in a way that doesn’t get everyone’s hackles up.

    As for the Mayo CB, if a thing has outlived it’s usefulness, it needs to be replaced. Look at Wicklow, it’s had the same bunch running the show for the guts of four decades – their record in this timeframe speaks volume.

    You get the Country Board you deserve, if it isn’t performing, then it is both the duty and the remit of GAA members to change this.

  28. Leantimes In my opinion it is past time you got over Joe Brolly and yourself. I will agree with you on one point. Gavin beat our lads hands down, as he beat Fitzy on several occasions. You failed to mention the most obvious in your piece. Dublin transitions from attack to defense and vise versa were much better than ours. Dublin ended the game with their strongest team on the field. No matter what Brolly or anyone else tells you those points will not change so now we accept them. They introduced their POY with minutes left their sharpshooter and a two footed forward with real pace for the winning of the game. This is strategic thinking and its a game Gavin has played and been successful with over us for a number of years. its akin to our introducing Keegan, DOC, and say Parsons with 15 minutes to go. Lets see how Dublin would have coped in that situation the last day. (I know Mayo people everywhere would be up in arms, 3 great players dropped???) Rochford and Co had a great first term. Stop knocking a great bunch of Mayo players, its nauseating. Stop taking your ideas from someone like Joe Brolly. He is one of the finest windup artists there is in GAA.

  29. pjmcmanus, I would tend to agree with you there, I would add that inferring that the manager didnt have full control over selection is incorrect. Gavin did beat us hands down in terms of selection. We need to get past all this players being dropped craic, its a 26 man game and thats the way we need to think. Gavin played McAuley and Brogan from the bench, they were fresh in the last 15 mins and thats what got them over the line. Whatever happened in the previous 55mins contributed to their victory but the game was there for mayo in the final 10 but Dublin had the better team on the field at that stage. Rochford needs to be a whole lot smarter in team selection for the big games 2-3 top players need to be played from the bench (not dropped, strategically played). Mayo need to be introducing big name players in the final 15mins, not Conor OShea, Regan etc, decent players they are but not big game winners. This of course will all depend on increasing the player quality in the panel. At the moment we have about 18 players who are ready and trusted by the management to play in big games (big games are v kerry or Dublin), then we have maybe 3-4 who can come in a do a decent job. Outside of that the panel is made up of players who are there for AvB games and most likely wont see championship football. This needs to change, in an AI final you need 26 players who you know can play to the standard required to win. Dublin have that and will have that advantage until we reach that level.

    Re Alan Dillon, the medical team, management and the player himself declared he was able to play, that should be the end of it and people shouldnt be trying to make a controversy where there isnt one.

    Re Hennelly, the management made the call to try and eek out that 1 or 2 percent needed to ensure victory, winning primary possession from kickouts was identified as an area we needed to address. They made the call, the wrong one in hindsight but nobody could have envisaged what happened (though plenty will say they seen it coming).

    For me I think we have the defence sorted and with Caff to return our options are good especially if ODonaghue and Hall deliver on their huge potential.

    Goal keeping is an issue, Clarke not confirmed and Hennelly confidence would be rock bottom. Flanagan is an obvious option and I think he is fit for the task. There are other options in the county Rory Byrne is impressive and Scott Kilker is a serious talent.

    Midfield is ok but I think we are a player or two short, we have plenty of big strong ball winners but only one Parsons. An injury to tom would seriously damage our prospects. You need that all action player who is able to cover ground in the middle, Vaughan and Coen can do a decent job but not to the standard of Parsons. Ruane is the next best option but needs to be part of the panel for a season.

    Forwards is still our achilles heal and Gavin knows this. Too much goes through AOS which makes us predictable and easy to setup defensively against. Not enough scoring forwards, our play is not varied enough to capitalise on the position we get. The OConnors and Andy are the only out and out forwards we have. Doherty is very good but after years of doing the selfless hard work, has lost a little on the scoring front. For me there are serious question marks over Freeman and Regan, the way they dropped off the radar and didnt feature in croke park is a big worry and indicates that the management doesnt trust them in these games. It is the forwards that require the biggest improvement, we need alot more options in this area. Loftus and Reape are part of the panel and will be ready to play next year. Douglas is ready and scoring, for me he is ahead of Regan and Freeman as real option to play in croke park. Add to that the potential of Irwin both in play and long range frees then the options are there for us.

    Overall its been a good year for Mayo, especially after Galway game. Dublin are ahead, just but I cant see them improving much other than McCaffery coming back. Mayo on the other hand can improve significantly if the management makes some changes and gives fringe players some serious game time.

  30. Mayomad That’s a more balanced view and well articulated. I disagree that Dublin will not improve significantly into the future.. I see them now, where Kilkenny were a few years ago. While we all waited for the enviable dip they soared above everyone else. A good structure and a good strategy was key for them. I see Dublin in a much similar position now. Success breads success. Whether we like it or not we are chasing, at full trottle just to keep up. Hoping our quarry will ease up a bit, I am running out of words.

  31. I love the amount of sheer common sense and analysis that is going on now. it is refreshing and informative. long may it last. This is what has been lacking among so many posters up to now. Carry on the good work lads and lassies.
    I don’t want to win the league next year or Connacht. I would love the qualifiers again! Look at the extra game time that brings; helping to blood new players and more time to practise any new systems. We need that above all else and if we didn’t get Sam this time, what harm. We have waited over 60 years, another year won’t matter, especially as we will be getting closer and closer to the real thing, and possibly leading to more than one victory!!!!

  32. pjmcmanus, I would agree Dublin will improve in the future, with the funding, facilities, sheer playing numbers they have to. I was basing my post on next year. I dont think they will improve dramatically from this year. McCaffery coming back being their biggest plus.

    Joe mc, I would agree, the qualifers were great (other than the second half v westmeath) and I think helped Rochford in shaping the defensive structure we seen in the final. It really shows how messed up the whole champonship structure is.
    I would also agree with you re winning league and Sam. The relentless drive to win sam at all costs is kind of taking away some of the enjoyment of the games and attending the matches. If we cant see signs of an AI winning team in each and every game then we walk away disappointed. Next year I aim to take each game as a stand alone , go and enjoy the day and the game and see where it takes us, notto worry about AI. Just enjoy a game of football. I think if everyone approched it this way it may take some of the pressure of expectation form the shoulders of the players.

  33. Great post mayomad. Someone else mentioned that we use the panel members rather than first 15 summer team during the upcoming league, let them at it and see who stands out and is able or willing to get us over the line in those games in spring. I had thought that we should be going full pelt to win the league but now I am thinking that it may be better to use it as a practice item for the panel guys that really need gametime at that level. It may also be time to look at other goalkeeper options, Clark is 33 and hennelly is a good keeper but that fumbled ball might cause doubts in his own head and other heads too. Unfortunately a goalie can perish on a single mistake while outfield players can recover and no think twice about it

  34. I have seen Clarke in a lot of football games. He is good in the air and brave, very brave. At club games the guy with the hump is usually the No3. If he spills one I would either say he is unlucky or else he was impeded unfairly. I think he gets a fair crack from the ref at club games, maybe not so at inter county level. I was impressed with Flanagan in Sligo this year. Might be something there for us in the future.

  35. The qualifiers run made the summer. It was a great experience. It paid off big time. I always saw us as being poor in the backdoor because we were. I have a different perspective on that now. I do not have anything against winning the league, but not for us now. The timing in 2001 was perfect for us at that time. We are too close to an AI and that is why we need to double or efforts and focus on that alone.We have a great chance in 2017

  36. With no league semi finals this year to qualify for the final we would virtually need to play our 2016 team throughout the league, that would not suit us, we need to be introducing players to the panel and resting others. Kerry wont be going hard for the league, they will be introducing alot of their minor stars in preparation for the summer and resting some of their senior players, thats how Mayo need to be thinking. The league is virtually meaningless to Mayo, we will always be judged by our championship performance.

  37. Raz,.. I definitely was not on the Vino at the match versus Galway,. Paddy Durcan in my recollection of the match was withdrawn, now maybe I’m mistaken as to which match, he was definitely withdrawn in some match. Paddy was no doubt one of Mayo’s best and most reliable players over the championship. The point I’m making is that some excellent players can be withdrawn and rightly so on occasions, and some others seem to be immune.. PJ, McManus, I don’t know from where in my last post you get it that I’m am taking my idea’s from Joe Brolly, quite the opposite really.. Mayomad , you state, re Alan Dillon, and Mayo’s medical team declaring himself fit, What a load of nonsense that is. If(and I find it very difficult to believe this to be the case) the Mayo medical team declared any player with a broken bone in his foot, fit?? I would get a new medical team. As to the player declaring himself fit, of course any player worth his salt is going to declare himself fit, and that being the end of the matter, absoloute rubbish! The same happened in 2015, for the Replay versus Dublin when one of our starting and most important player’s, Donal Vaughan, declared, along with the Mayo medical team, presumably that Donal was fit, he obviously wasn’t.. It wasn’t in Mayo’s interest to play an Donal Vaughan on that occasion either. It can NEVER, be the right thing to play an obviously unfit player and its not in the teams interests.. James McCarty did not get started when carrying a much less serious injury.. That’s where the bar is in terms of team selection, we have to learn from our mistakes, and down the year’s, we made plenty of them. . But Mayomad, I do entirely agree with your take on the Goalkeeper change for the Replay, It was a gamble that backfired… Hindsight is 20/20,but to be fair, all around Croke Park in the hours leading up to the, throw in for the match, the majority of the Mayo jury was not in agreement with the selection.

  38. Lads – there’s no need to be wondering about when so-and-so was playing, subbed etc. – all the details are there in the results archive, which tells me that Paddy Durcan was indeed taken off against Fermanagh, with Donal Vaughan coming on to replace him.

    Raz – I took out that reference re the vino from your comment. Leantimes clearly isn’t upset by it but better not to be making those kind of inferences about others all the same. You’d never know, craft beer might be his thing instead!

    By the way, can anyone point me to a definitive source anywhere confirming that Alan Dillon had a broken bone in his foot ahead of the replay? It’s been mentioned here several times but I don’t ever recall seeing it confirmed officially. Anyone?

  39. No offences intended lean times it was said in jest , can’t wait for start of new season ,it’s when we diehards are at our best , Think this broken bone foot or what ever story seems to have grew legs in the last few week’s,

  40. Leantimes, durcan, subbed v Fermanagh, not Galway (though he had a bad game v galway amoung others), information available in the results section of this site.

    Regarding Dillon, do you have access to Alans medical records to know the actual extent of the injury? Before the game the injury was reported as brusing to the foot, not a broken bone, was this a lie or was the broken bone infact sustained in the replay. Now the medical staff are paid professionals with their reputation and possibly insurance/licence at stake so I would give the benifit of the doubt to medical professionals when they deem a player fit to play or not. There is absolutely zero evidence to suggest that the medics are incompetent, were pressured to declare Alan fit or that the management disregarded medical advice. Personnally im taking the situation at face value, Alan was deemed fit to play by management and medical professionals, they are the only ones who had the facts and we should trust they were doing their jobs. The only people who are making a big deal out of this is a certain section of the support who seem to love a bit of controversy. I havent heard Ballintubber accusing Mayo of mismanagement regarding their player thus contributing to club Championship loss.

  41. A Stat too far….
    The GAA hierarchy will not have to delve too far to find reasons as to why Senior Inter-County football attendances have fallen dramatically over the past couple of years. Aside from the knock-out element missing from all games except quarter finals onwards it is also obvious that we have been blinded with science while the core skills of the game have dwindled.
    All the analysis now is on:
    • % Possession by team
    • No of ‘plays’ by each player
    • No of KMs covered by each player during a match
    • No of shots attempted/scored/missed
    • No of turnovers by each team…..

    And rarely if ever a mention of
    • Number of clean fetches
    • Number of accurate foot- passes
    • Points scored from 40 yards plus
    • How many shoulders …….

    Throw in the Rugby speak (‘turnovers’, ‘offloads’ and ‘plays’) plus Soccer speak (‘Sweeper’, ‘Dive’) and one wonders where all this will end up. Gaelic Football has evolved but maybe not always for the better.

    Time to put the foot and the skill back into Gaelic Football and to revert to our GAA speak.

  42. Re, Alan Dillon broken bone in his foot, confirmed by the man himself to me and other’s. I have great time for Alan, and a player that would definitely do anything to play for and win an All Ireland for Mayo, the type of mindset that is needed by players to get us over that line. But it should not be upto the player in question to make these calls. Allot of adrenaline, desire, emotion and years of hard work put in coming up to an All Ireland final. But the management had to be cold and rational. Some people might take my criticism of decisions as critism of player’s. But that is not my intention or motivation. A few years ago I read Mick O, Dwyer’s autobiography ‘Blessed and Obsessed’ and I might not personally be as blessed as Micko but just as obsessed, same as many poster on this site . Anyway one of Micko’s golden rules when it comes to, injured players, is that you just NEVER play them, Micko also seen it as his job, to know when a player was really injured,. It stands to reason that, player’s who have put in so many years of effort to be in contention to play in an All Ireland final in the first place, will actually believe that they are good to go, but it also stands to reason that someone else should make the rational decisions.

  43. I spoke to a Ballintober club man before the Castlebar game and he had not heard anything about a broken bone. Only other place I heard it was on social media?

  44. Leantimes – leaving aside whatever it is you say you were told (which can’t be verified) are you aware of any official substantiation for what you’re claiming was the case re Alan’s injury? I’d like to see some official confirmation before ‘facts’ are presented as such. Private conversations can’t, for obvious reasons, be accepted as proof, regardless of whom they were with.

  45. We appear a little aimless at the moment. Certain players stating that they are giving it another year. Clarke unsure etc. I would like those calls to be left for the management team to call, it’s their prerogative, not the individual players. No problem with any guy announcing his departure. Would prefer those that intend staying to let the boss state it, not themselves.

  46. John,
    I agree entirely. I posted on the other thread that it is not up to the players to decide if they are on the panel or not. It’s up to them to make themselves available for selection IF the manager decides that he wants them. In my opinion, on the last 2 years performances, there are 2 or 3 forwards in the squad that should be sweating over their positions.

  47. Willie Joe, that case I cannot point to any official confirmation of any injury.. Pebblesmeller., in an ideal world, I would agree with you, but player’s might be answering a direct question from a journalist. When you are a player over 30 years old, it seems to be a normal question for a journalist to ask of a player, as I think was the case in Andy Moran situation, I think. Anyway I’m delighted to hear Andy intends to stay another year, he for me was without doubt, Mayo’s best forward in 2016..Andy’s business now is running a Gym in Castlebar, I’m sure this will help him with his fitness, by the way Neil Douglas works with Andy in the Gym, hopefully it will reap reward with Dougie as well. I’d love to hear, David Clarke confirm that he was staying for 2017.

  48. Alan Dillon told me himself that he had a broke a bone in his foot in the first all Ireland match going for the ball with cian O’Sullivan. I was surprised because I hadn’t heard this anywhere else. I’d tend to believe Alan though considering it is his foot.

    I think everybody is in agreement that if fringe players don’t get serious game time in the league they will remain fringe players.

  49. Olive Kerrigan good post. Game is over analysed. Diarmuid o connor covered 16km in Kildare game. Was it really necessary that he covered all that ground. He was mediocre by his standards in all ireland series and of course he had long season with u21 but next year he should be peaking at business end of season and not before. Better game management needed but I’m sure they are aware of it. If their not then I will sort it lol

  50. Leantimes/Niall – I accept what you both say but it can’t be validated or proven so I think it’s best to leave the discussion there. In particular, I’m concerned about conclusions being made about the medical team on something that hasn’t been reported on or confirmed officially.

  51. I for one am not into creating issues where they do not exist or looking for reasons to criticise our team or management even at times when it is warranted. Quite the opposite as my record of posting over the years shows. I’m also old school enough to trust professionals when it comes to matters I don’t understand like medical problems..
    But I’m not naive or all-trusting either and it seems clear to me that we made two very big mistakes in the All ireland replay: dropping Clarke and playing Dillon.
    Whether Alan had a broken bone or not I don’t know but I do know he had a significant foot injury It was serious enough to keep him out of the club championship. Whether the medical team got it wrong or not, I can’t say because I don’t know the dynamics in play at the time. But clearly someone got it wrong because if he wasn’t fit to play the club championship he clearly wasn’t fit to play in the All ireland a week or so earlier.
    It doesn’t really matter now – it’s over and I don’t think it cost us the game! The Clarke decision definitely did cost us but that too doesn’t matter either because it can’t be undone. Let’s move on………..but for gods sake please let’s not make silly mistakes like this again.
    I have said my last word on this. It only annoys me when I think of it!

  52. On a different subject, Lee Keegan will be on Off the ball, Newstalk tonight, 106/108FM, in about 5mins time!

  53. Olive Good post on the value of the stats,
    We clearly need some focus on the second list.

  54. Again we seen at the weekend that Joe Schmidt DIDN’T include two of his best players against New Zealand as they were just coming back from injuries, Sean O’Brien and Peter O’Mahony. Both players claimed they were ready to play but Schmidt DIDN’T start them and Ireland still won.

    “I wouldn’t say I completely agreed with it but that’s the call they made,” O’Brien said today at the Irish rugby press event.

    Even the New Zealand media before the game were saying that they were surprised that O’Brien wasn’t starting. Did that give Ireland a bit of a physiological advantage as well, maybe New Zealand didn’t think Ireland were at their strongest for the game. Sean O’Brien’s replacement Jordi Murphy scored Ireland’s first try. Something for us to think about in relation to selection issues next year.

    P.S. I really enjoyed Lee’s interview on Newstalk. He is some man for one man!

  55. I have seen the list of players nominated for Mayo News all stars. As the same every year its a joke. Those nominated are those who played in the semi finals and finals. So its not a all star for the best footballers who played, its for the best teams and then pick the most from those teams. When you look at Mayo football this year Hollymount/Carramore won Division 1 of the league on merit, and yet they only get 1 nomination and only because he is on the County Panel. They played a lot of games without him in league and won and they only won 1 game in championship. AOS gets a nomination for midfield and he played no 11 in County Semi final and was bottled up. If you look at Mayo News team of the week there are a lot of names on this nominated list who did not make team of the week. I have seen where a players got nominated team of the week on 2 and 3 occasions and yet failed to get nominated.
    You would think that if those were that good on that week, would be nominated. Tom Parsons got 2 nominations at midfield and I didn’t see Aiden O Sea get 2 nominations and yet he gets the nod before Parsons. I,m sure there are more players that the same thing was done to them. Would it be too much to ask Mayo News to let all the nominated players pick the player of the year. At least he would be picked by his fellow players and not by the Media Mafia. I also notice who selects those players, and I have no problem with Sean Rice, Aiden Garvin, John Casey ( all 3 writes for the papers) The other selector is a (former Selector with Knockmore) how intresting. Never seen him putting anything in paper. Where and how was he selected? As its for charity they will rope all in under false pretences. Notice how many is selected from West Mayo. The same every year. At least the Connacht Telegraph has a slogan” Be just and fear not”, Perhaps others would do likewise. Next year they might select all the players who get the most noninations on team of the week,as this then is who are the best players, not the best team.

  56. Lee on newstalk last night was excellent spoke well. I was wondering would it be a good idea to make Lee Captain for next year, hothing wrong with Cillian but Lee will br targeted yet again next year by the Dublin media (which is actually the national media), being captain would give him greater access to the ref and probably make it more difficult for the ref to judge against him.

  57. Is there a new Mayo jersey being released before the start of next season? Reason I’m asking is that the current jerseys are heavily discounted on various websites which is usually the sign that a new one is set to come out?

  58. True Grit,I do as the players do when it comes to these awards,and not get too excited.
    Níl ann ach píosa spoírt!.

  59. I thought lee was excellent. Not bitter even though he has reason to be. I 100% believe him when he says he wouldn’t come back if he thought we couldn’t win Sam in 2017. I’m excited already!

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