The weekend’s fixtures

It’s the final round of group games this weekend in the Senior, Intermediate and Junior club Championships, with all issues relating both to advancement to the knockout stages and scrambling to avoid the relegation play-offs set to be decided.

Here’s the weekend’s fixture schedule in full.

Senior Championship


  • Westport v Mayo Gaels, Saturday 5pm at Páirc Naomh Muire, Tourmakeady
  • Ballintubber v The Neale, Saturday 5pm at Garrymore


  • Ballina Stephenites v Aghamore Sunday 4pm at MacHale Park LIVE ON MAYO GAA TV
  • Knockmore v Ballaghadereen, Sunday 4pm at Fr O’Hara Park, Charlestown


  • Breaffy v Belmullet, Saturday 5pm at St Tiernan’s Park, Crossmolina LIVE ON MAYO GAA TV
  • Balla v Claremorris, Saturday 5pm at Hollymount


  • Davitts v Charlestown Sarsfields, Sunday 1.30pm at Ballyhaunis
  • Castlebar Mitchels v Garrymore, Sunday 1.30pm at Cong

Intermediate Championship


  • Lahardane MacHales v Crossmolina Deel Rovers, Sunday 12pm at James Stephens Park, Ballina
  • Louisburgh v Bonniconlon, Sunday 12pm at Islandeady


  • Burrishoole v Parke/Keelogues/Crimlin Sunday 2pm at MacHale Park LIVE ON MAYO GAA TV
  • Ballinrobe v Kiltane, Sunday 2pm at Westport


  • Bohola Moy Davitts v Castlebar Mitchels B, Saturday 2pm at Knockmore
  • Ballyhaunis v Ardnaree Sarsfields, Saturday 2pm at Parke


  • Kilmaine v Hollymount/Carramore Sunday 4pm at Claremorris
  • Kiltimagh v Kilmeena, Sunday 4pm at Clogher

Junior Championship


  • Cill Chomáin v Ballycastle, Saturday 5pm at Kilfian
  • Moygownagh v Eastern Gaels, Sunday 5pm at Foxford


  • Ardagh v Swinford, Saturday 2pm at Bonniconlon
  • Kilfian v Ballycroy, Sunday 12pm at Cill Chomáin


  • Kilmovee Shamrocks v Islandeady, Saturday 5pm at Kilmovee
  • Killala bye


  • Shrule/Glencorrib v Tourmakeady, Saturday 5.30pm at Ballinrobe
  • Achill v Lacken, Sunday 2pm at Tallagh, Belmullet

As noted above, Mayo GAA TV are streaming the Ballina Stephenites v Aghamore and Burrishoole v Parke matches from MacHale Park on Sunday. More details on that here.

If you’re planning on going to any of the weekend’s matches, remember that you have to purchase your tickets in advance. Links for where to do this online are here.

Finally, you’ll be glad to know that our Mayo Football Podcast Round 3 preview show will be online before too long. The pod, hosted by Mike Finnerty with Ed McGreal and John Casey, is being recorded tonight. As usual, it’ll be available to Patreon club members first, in specially extended form, and then to everyone else a bit later on.

46 thoughts on “The weekend’s fixtures

  1. Any games streamed via Facebook this weekend?
    Charlestown GAA streamed their last match also Belmullet GAA. Very good quality and great commentaries-very impartial!!

  2. Anyone think it’s mad that Midwest are doing commentary on the same two Sunday games that Mayo GAA tv are showing live?

  3. No yew tree, Mayo GAA tv is a subscription service so not everyone like my aule fella is going to have the luxury of watching it. People will listen to the games on the radio. Shur who cares how much coverage there will be anyway

  4. I think Oisin McConville is right in what he said on the most recent BBC NI Gaa podacst will McStay have the balls to really freshen up the panel like Dempsey definitely would have,we will have to wait and see with Kevin.Who he drops and brings into the new panel will tell us alot about how he will do as Manager.

  5. sour grapes from Oisin imo, in regards your statement Sam Og of who he drops and brings in will define him… that’s a very sweeping statement and in my mind a stupid one ….I ask you the same question who would u drop and bring in, please !!!!

  6. I’m not sure it be fair to name individuals BazHam. But I would guess if you partake in Mayo GAA discussions like most of us some names you’d have heard.

    Kevin McStay, Pat Spillane, Colm O’Rourke ad now Dessie Dolan. RTÉ doing some clear out!

  7. On Mayo GAA official website, which is far too busy and needs a bit of segmentation. One would have expected a link, on the w/e fixture page, to the current tables, for all the grades concerned – couldn’t find it, so apologies if the fault is mine.
    Also, why are starting times on Saturday not staggered (similar to Sunday) to enable attendance at two venues.

  8. Because Mayo gaa dont care about the ordinary supporter. They have been doing it for years.In Galway you can go to Tuam stadium and Pearce Stadium and watch 3 Senior championships game one after the other.

  9. Thanks Joe G on the mayogaatv updates.

    Good to see Keegan coming out strongly in giving new management team a chance to prove themselves.. Pointless discussing the merits of other management teams. And equally pointless going back over possible scenarios in various past finals. Is it a mayo thing, trolling over the past and consoling ourselves by arguing what might have happened if only…
    Get over it and get on with, Mayo God help us at times……

  10. Bazham what did Oisin say that sounded like sour grapes? I listen to podcast and didn’t hear anything like that

  11. I think Oisin should wait and see how things pan out over the next year, at least, for our new management instead of highlighting possible problems. Also, I would have thought that he has enough on his plate at the moment, sorting out problems in Wicklow.

  12. Another great Podcast. John Casey brilliant as always and Ed, just baffling how he manages to make sense of all the possible permutations. I’d think Oisin Mc. might have done well to listen to the lads discussing Kevin McStay and his management team before coming out with stuff that is at best “unhelpful” and at worst “divisive”. Very positive attitude towards the Mayo management setup and the need for keeping senior players involved whilst still trawling for new talent. Loved John’s anecdote about marking Kenny Mortimer in training and how big a plus it is for Maurice Sheridan getting K.M involved with the Mayo U20s. Finally, does anyone know if there are still plans afoot to change the ages for Minors and U20s and if there is will they be introduced for the season ahead?

  13. I always found Oisin McConville straight talking. I had a listen to what he said on the podcast and it doesn’t come across as bad as what the headlines on some articles are suggesting. He gave his opinion but didnt just drop it out of context, he was asked a question and just said he thought Dempsey would have been a better fit for Mayo.

  14. I like Oisin McC but surprised he went down that line with his answer. He is entitled to his opinion but for a man in the media he should have been aware what impact his answer would have .
    He obviously is disappointed that the Dempsey ticket didn’t get it which is fair enough but his answer looks like sour grapes and not in the best interest of Mayo Gaa …
    Probably best if he now concentrates on his new managerial role

  15. Lads, I don’t know why ye are taking offence at McConville giving his opinion. He’s entitled to it, and that’s why he’s on those podcasts – to give his opinion.
    I’d take it as a compliment to Mayo and Ray Dempsey that he’s so disappointed that they didn’t get the gig.
    Some of the comments about past behaviour on the sideline and personal issues he had in the past is a bit below the belt imo.

  16. Pebbles, I was at that one with my parents. It was the only time ever at a GAA match where I genuinely felt in danger!! In the stands. I won’t repeat all the comments they made. But basically, “f*ck off back to the south”.

  17. That’s fair enough Tubberman,but its the most blatant example of sour grapes ive seen in a while. And considering he’s worked with Kevin in Rté, its even more pronounced.
    Anyway it is what it is.


  18. @Pebblesmeller you could say the same thing about Kevin McStay I suppose. Very composed on TV as one would expect, but in his last year with Roscommon he got a 12 week suspension for throwing a ball at an official. Wouldn’t think that it would be fair to say that either are “a lunatic on the line, a complete loose cannon, absolutely no self-control or discipline at all.” At least they both show a bit of passion I suppose, as long as they can stay the right side of the line. Officials, players and coaches all need to be respected and they also need to show respect and lead by example.

  19. Was just about to say the same west is best, to best of my knowledge Oisin hasn’t tried to assault an official, which is what others managers have been suspended for.

  20. Liberal sadly the abuse from stands is getting more and more common. It’s a sad cultural decline within society

  21. Gixzmobobs – that’s the second time you’ve alluded to a specific incident that ‘allegedly’ occurred in a comment posted here. My information is that this incident may not have occurred in the way you’ve claimed so I’d be grateful if you’d desist from posting about it again.

  22. Apologies Willie Joe. I was at that game in that area of pitch. I will not state names or specific details as no benefit to it.
    But this type of behaviour is sadly not uncommon.

  23. That’s fine, Gizmobobs – I’d agree that there’s no benefit in posting specific details.

    Pebbles- I’ve just seen now your comment from earlier on which references Oisin McConville. I don’t think the way you’ve characterised those events is fair to him and so I’ve deleted the comment.

  24. Apologies, Up Mayo, and thanks for pointing out those missing details, which I’ve now added. The Group 4 games are:

    Davitts v Charlestown Sarsfields, Sunday 1.30pm at Ballyhaunis
    Castlebar Mitchels v Garrymore, Sunday 1.30pm at Cong

    Breaffy/Belmullet is also being streamed live on Mayo GAA TV on Saturday evening.

  25. WJ,
    Fair enough.
    But I was there, beside him and saw it. Fair enough though, I’ll take the carta bui.

  26. Liberal role in the tie, yeah I got that feeling also that evening, and heard the comments too. I always remember the reply from one Castlebar gent, “go on with yer washed diesel and yer queens pound” :). It was time to go then!

  27. Hi, i hope that i did not make personal detogatory comnents aboutt Oisinin McConville. I did refer to the fact that at he had docunentefd the difficulties he had in his own life. This was by way of being impressed by his honesty. I didn’t divulge what these difficulties were and neither would i anywhere.

    As far as i know he only divulged them in the context of being useful to others. He certainly never came across as self-righteous to me. I may inadvertly have given the impression that i was denigrating him or a ‘Bit beow the Belt’ as one of the contributors suggested.

    It was much more in the vein of taking an overall view of the situation. I know nothing abiut the sideline incident. But his story did move me. I had similarities.

    He has always being such an easy commentator to listen to. I particulary enjoy himself and Micky Harte, on BBC Sport and could watch any gane with those two analysing the play. Aftet all i am a relative ignoramus.

    Apologies for the late defence of what i interpreted as a below the belt remark on what i alluded to n truth and in retrospect it would have been better not referenced.

    It is so easy to pick up the wrong intent and even know what you intend.

    All is well as i hope you all are.

    Keep the faith?

    Ciaran 2.

  28. Funny thing was, when they’d finished their Free-State themed abuse they shook our hands and genuinely wished us well in the final. You couldn’t make it up. You’d have to laugh at that.

  29. Agreed Liberal. There was no bad blood, it was just all in the heat of the moment stuff. What was lost in that night was the brilliant tactical job Mitchels did on Crossmaglen, they completely smothered them and Rangers were a brilliant side back then.

  30. No need for apology Ciaran+2, after I posted my message I realised what you were saying, you didn’t meant it as a dig as McConville.
    I think his straight talking, without insulting anyone, is a welcome thing.
    Too many are either afraid to say what they think , or go for the cheap headlines and insults (Brolly).

  31. This weekend is the best weekend in club championship, above the final weekend.
    All the permutations, pressure, and must win games.
    Let’s hope the games go to the wire!

  32. Not to prolong the Breffni Park episode, but I was on the opposite side of the pitch; we were beside Cross supporters for the whole match, and a nicer bunch you couldn’t meet. Castlebar supporters really thought initially that Cross would be too good, and for the first 20 or so minutes, that was the case; Cross were outstanding. But Mitchels reeled them in gradually and got over the line eventually. They took their defeat well I must say.

    In any case, aside from McConville, we have had Tony McEntee as a selector, who was a great addition to the Rochford ticket in 2016. I’d say Oisín was desperately disappointed not to get the gig.

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