The weekend’s fixtures

It’s midweek and, with another weekend approaching, so too are more matches involving the county. A few big ones too.

Three games take place on Saturday, all at different locations. To make matters worse for those supporters who might want to take in more than one game, there are two hurling matches involving ourselves and Roscommon being played at two different Roscommon venues that afternoon. It’s all a bit bats.

The first match to get underway is the U17 Celtic Challenge semi-final against Roscommon. This gets underway at Athleague where throw-in is midday on Saturday. Admission is free.

The county’s Senior hurlers are also up against Roscommon, with their Rackard Cup Round 5 match throwing in at Dr Hyde Park at 1pm. This is a must-win game if the lads are to advance to the Rackard Cup final. The ticket link for it is here and tickets should also be available in the old-fashioned way from selected Centra and SuperValu outlets.

The footballers, meanwhile, face off against Cavan at 5pm in Hastings Insurance MacHale Park in Round 1 of the All-Ireland SFC Group Stage. The match isn’t being televised or streamed but Midwest will have radio commentary on it and we’ll have a Final Whistle pod afterwards. The ticket link for it is here (with a special offer for all three Group Stage matches) and and tickets are also available from selected Centra and SuperValu outlets.

There’s one match on Sunday, which is a camogie one featuring ourselves and Tyrone in Round 3 of the U16 C All-Ireland Championship. Adrian Freeman Park in Tooreen is the venue for this one and throw-in is 2pm on Sunday. The ticket link for it is here.

The best of luck to all the Mayo teams in action this weekend.

38 thoughts on “The weekend’s fixtures

  1. Good podcast from Ah Ref ( Spotify) on the Cavan setup this week.
    Waiting patiently for the ” Here comes the weekend” Pod…………………….
    Roll on Saturday

  2. A new phase of the competition and hopefully we’ll see something new from Mayo. It will be interesting to see how the team bounce back from the Galway game.
    It’s an under the radar game in a way with the Galway v Derry game taking centre stage.
    I hope Touhy, Towey and McHale see some game time, they deserve it……

  3. Would like to see Cillian and Diarmuid start and hopefully Paddy back to full fitness. Pull ROD back to Half forward and feed Aido, Cillian and Tommy with clinical passes.

  4. Tommy c should be put as half forward he needs space to run at opposition.

    Be good to see Diarmuid o Connor get more game time. Definetly wouldn’t rush paddy durkan back maybe he’ll be good to go come the rossies game.

    We need a good win here to get the confidence back such a pity can’t even watch it on gaa go but guess can’t complain as we’ve had a lot of our games shown live.

  5. There will be a a couple of changes at least from last day out. Some unfortunately likely enforced. But that’s nature of beast, injuries in training as likely as in matches.

  6. Lee keegan in his article today doesn’t seem sure as to paddy durcans fitness and he also makes reference to the prearranged switch of Aidan o Shea and cillian o Connor.This of course was happening with colm Boyle back in 2017 and it didn’t matter how he was playing.surely the way a player is performing at a given time should be more of a deciding factor than the time has come to make the switch

  7. Think Jordan, Diarmuid, Ryan and Paddy are key to our success. If they are fit and on form, we will have no worries about Cavan or Roscommon.

  8. Inclined to agree Deel River. If I’m not mistaken Gizmo was on the money at various times in the past.

  9. Very true Gizmobobs.All they can do is get up and get on with it.I’d like to see Cillian starting this game rather than coming on late, just to see where he is at.
    Let’s get the win and build momentum.

  10. Yes I to would like to see Cillian start and move Tommy out to HF. I always thought having those 3 on (Tommy, Ryan and Cillian together) could do magic for us. We haven’t had the opportunity to do that for yrs it feels like, now we have a chance to do it for a few consecutive games. Thought Cillian appeared to be in good shape the last day.

  11. Will cavan approach be a mirror of Galway approach? Pack defence, and keep two up front. Will Mayo, play possession game, and wait till we get shooters on ball? Will Paddy Durcan be back in fold? Will Mayo throw shackles off and do more hard running from everywhere? Can our forwards be more accurate than galway game? Is management going to shake thing up after loss to Galway? Is AOS being subbed for Cillian a pre-set move? What is our best team, with players in best positions? Can Mayo close out a game? Lot of questions, but alot of these questions need to be figured out by management. Unfortuately wont be at match on saturday, as be at my daughter communion, but hope for a positive response from Mayo team and managment

  12. Talk of injuries may force us to make changes,not a bad thing in my opinion.
    The real trick is to spot the weakness on the field as the game unfolds and make the correct changes.
    Jordan has not been up to his normal standards, possibly a niggle.
    I would like to see Loftus start.

  13. @JR pretty sure Jordan flynn was injured just pre new york game so maybe he’s not back to his full best since but I’ve no doubt hell get there

  14. If they must insist on sticking with the preplanned AOS/Cillian switch then they need to do it the other way round with cillian starting and aiden coming in at 55 minutes for the final pitch.

    There should be far more lads under pressure in that team, to my mind ROD and Durcan should be the only absolute bankers to start every game, everyone else should really be under pressure. I’m worried, like last year, management have decided from round 1 of the league on about 13 of their first choice 15 for the year come what may.

    In the ulster final there were massive contributions and impacts from the bench (oisin o neill, nugent, odhran Doherty, o baoill returning after a rest). When did we last have a meaningful impact from bench?

    Also, was interesting to hear the cavan pundit on ah ref saying Galligan has shaken up the squad for the group stages bringing in 3 under 20s and a couple of in form club players, bit of a similar shakeup might have done us no harm to freshen things

  15. Most important thing on sat is to win of course , be fantastic to get two wins going into the clash with dublin , be just nice to get a right good bounce out of these two games , confidence and momentum lost from the Galway game would all be replaced by postivity .

  16. Sean you are spot on, if we had beaten Galway,as we should have it would be papering over the cracks.

  17. I agree @Bonni Boyler – I would start Cillian this weekend if he’s good to go.

  18. Actually do feel bad for cillian he’s barely got any game time I know he had bad injuries but he’s been a star for us in the past and he’s still nearly a guaranteed scorer he must be getting frustrated at not getting much game time..

    I agree with the poster who said having Ryan O D, Tommy C, and cillian O Connor all fully fit and starting at same time would definetly create magic I’ve always said it to myself also!

  19. The game is as much about how we play as it is about who plays. And if big names are not performing on the day, then they should be substituted.
    I expect to see more directness in our play, feed plenty of long ball into O Shea, create goal chances by moving the ball forward at pace and manage the last quarter with some degree of authority.
    Agree with Sean B. Two convincing wins will have team and supporters mentally right for the Dub game (hopefully in Roscommon)

  20. Agree that if big manes are performing on the day then they should be should be substituted I’m saying cillian has barely gotten a chance he deserves nord game time he hasn’t even gotten a chance to prove he’s ‘not been performing’

    Every time he’s come on he’s got a score or created chances I for one hole cillian starts v cavan.

  21. *names

    Also Aido has been great but not have the stamina for the full game which is fair but he’s also missed a few points also. Cillian is a guaranteed scorer nearly and rarely misses a penalty shoot out. He deserves his chance.

    Sorry for double post!

  22. Going to presume Paddy is out, so I’d go with something like this

    McHugh, McBrien, Hession
    Callinan, DOC, Coyne
    Ruane, Flynn
    Tommy C, Boland, McHale.
    Rod, Aido, Towey

    Carney to come on & be told to dominate the skies.
    Touhy as above.
    O Hora for physicality.
    Cillian for cuteness
    Eoghan McLaughlin for bursting holes.
    Coen to steady the ship.
    Loftus an option but as a forward

  23. Jack carney is not going to dominate the skies at this level whether he is told to or not .he is a good player but doesn’t have the height against most inter county midfielders.I don’t think there will any major changes in personnel unless forced and almost certainly won’t be any change of game plan .The management have hung their hat on this method of play and it’s very unlikely they will attempt to go down a different route at this stage of the season.we should and probably will beat Cavan with a few points to spare though.At this stage it’s take one game at a time and see where it leads us

  24. Ontheditch. I would say the vast majority of Mayo fans and the pundits agree with you but we are waiting for this to happen for the last 2 years. Maybe management might think this is their last chance saloon and eventually change their tactics. However think of Donegal under Rochford and Roscommon under McStay and all the lateral negative play and it may be difficult to get old dogs to do new tricks.

  25. @sticks for the reek. Hoe you are right and we see a different Mayo. I read recently an article about Carlo Ancelotti and he says very little to his players but trusts that they will know what is required. It’s a great vote of confidence for a player. Mayo seems to play according to how they are coached. We have talented players but they need to be given their head to work things out, to a certain extent at least. Otherwise it’s same old same old..
    I’d still have faith well see something different on Saturday Evening.

  26. @1985 you could be right. But there is a lot more in Carney. And if he’s coming in fresh, he could be more effective. Against Galway, we took him, Flynn & Aido off & we had very little options for kickouts late on. That’s schoolboy stuff in my view. I firmly believe if Jim McGuinness had him, he’d be the very best version of himself..

    Unfortunately I think you are correct on the style of play. Loftus was the scapegoat last year & I fear we’ll finally admit the error of our ways much too late to address it..

    You can see the spark is being taken out of the likes of Boland & Carney. They were heads up, inventive players. They look completely overcoached to me. No risks.

    Our best performance last year by a country mile was against Kerry. They contributed with their set up but we went out & imposed an attacking game on them. It was excellent. It was night & day compared to what we see now.

  27. @mayo focus I agree with you but I don’t think it’s realistic to think the management two years in are suddenly going to change direction.There was a good reason why Liam McHale left as he didn’t see this style of football as the way forward.As another poster said a few days ago we have alot of big men around the middle but no huge man who is capable of dominating in the air.alot of talk of Matt ruanes return to form as he scored 3 points against Galway but he is a midfielder and needs to contribute in different areas and in a way the management are at a disadvantage because of a lack of that type of player

  28. @1985 I think it was myself who said it, or certainly something similar 🙂

  29. Another thought on a team would be to give likes of Dublin a problem with the quickest middle eight in the country.
    Colm Reape
    Jack Coyne David McBrien Donnacha McHugh
    Enda Hession Sam Callinane Eoin McLoughlin
    Paddy Durcan Matthew Ruane
    Tommy Conroy Diarmuid O’Connor Jack Carney
    Paul Towey Aidan O’Shea Ryan O’Donoghue.
    Bring in subs to add to our performance :
    Jordan Flynn
    Stephen Coen
    Bob Tuohy
    Cillian O’Connor
    Darren McHale
    Paddy Durcan in a big game with the freedom of midfield is a ground game weapon.
    That’s the kind of move can end up retiring a James Mccarthy where there’s moments where a player is left for dust.
    We have the players to bring something innovative and best in class.
    We need to stop togging these mix and match teams that are not approaching top 3 in the country in any aspect.

  30. We’re delighted and honoured to welcome Colm Boyle as a columnist for the podcast. Boyler’s first column is available now for club members to read over on Patreon.

  31. @Sticks for the Reek

    Roscommon under McStay was direct and attacking yet left themselves wide open defensively. Not sure how much of a say Rochford had in the lateral negative play with Donegal he certainly did play that way when manager or Corofin and that style was more Declan Bonnar.

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