The weekend’s games

Mayo’s inter-county season isn’t over yet and this coming weekend there are big matches involving the county in both women’s football and camogie.

Unfortunately, the two games clash as both of them are set to be played on Saturday afternoon, one in Thurles and the other in Birr. The LGFA and the Camogie Association have a poor track record, both at inter-county level and at club level within counties, of sorting fixtures in a sensible manner between their respective games but all the same it’s sad to see two big matches involving Mayo clashing in this way.

The camogie match is the final of the Nancy Murray Cup, which we won to considerable jubilation two years ago. On Saturday we’re seeking to win the trophy again, this time playing Wicklow in the final. The game is fixed for St Brendan’s Park, Birr, where throw-in that afternoon is 4pm. Tickets for the final are available to purchase here.

Semple Stadium, Thurles, is the venue for the LGFA All-Ireland SFC semi-finals and on Saturday evening we’re up against Kerry in the opening match of a double-header, which also features the Cork/Dublin semi-final.

Our match against Kerry gets underway at 5pm and the link for purchasing tickets for it is here. Both of these LGFA semi-finals are being shown live on TG4 and we’ll be recording a Final Whistle podcast show at the venue, which will be up on Patreon soon after the game is over.

The best of luck to both Mayo teams in their respective big matches on Saturday.

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  1. Our 6 forwards for Dublin ,4 of them not even natural fowards Eoghan McLaughlin,
    Jack Carney,Jordan Flynn and Aidan O’Shea.Going nowhere if its the same 6 again next year.There just not going to score enough.

  2. Can we please have some perspective about McHale departing and not make it into a big debacle?

    Backroom teams change all the time, it’s normal and is not a sign of trouble. It’s healthy to have new voices come in and mix things up year to year, I suppose the usual reactionaries would be shouting DISHGRACE if McStay didn’t change things…

  3. Best of luck to our two ladies teams on Saturday. In the camogie, Mayo beat last year’s champions Tyrone in the semi final so it looks like they have a strong team this year. In the football, Kerry are the standout team but our girls showed great fighting spirit against Galway and if they have worked on their hand/kick passing and on eliminating cheap turnovers, they have a 50/50 chance of winning. Maigh Eo Abú.

  4. Liam McHale was always at mcstays side on the sideline until this year.didn’t appear to have any input on match days

  5. It just goes back to why is there a need for that many, mcstay Rochford mulligan mchale and Buckley… Is 3 not enough.. A manager and 2 selectors, OK a trainer or Whatever, but football matters and picking a team.. Surely 3 is enough

  6. The dream senior management team is no more. I’m expecting him to appear again with the winning under 20 management ticket.

  7. Was expecting one of Buckley,Rochford to depart but not McHale whom McStay trusts the most.

  8. Liam McHale was one of the greatest midfielders we ever had and you would think that he would have been able to add something to our midfield play this year.Back in 2014 when mcstay went for the job there appeared to be some suggestion that the players weren’t happy with McHales involvement

  9. I wish Liam MacHale well he was a brillant footballer and gave his all for Mayo over the years. Maybe McStay should bring in someone that has actually won an all Ireland and knows what it takes. Imagine Paul Gavin coming in he’s married to a Crossmolina lady and won a few trophies in his day. Probaly wont happen but it would be interesting

  10. Glory days think they have moved back to Dublin again.
    I’d imagine they will bring in a northern defensive guru.
    Could be other changes yet.

  11. Your right Gizmo, both living in South Dublin. This could get interesting. I’d love to see an out and out defensive specialist added, but not surprised if no replacement either.

  12. Corick that ship has sailed, nominations closed last Wednesday.
    It’s between Seán Deane, Tom Mulderrig, Damien Egan, James Fallon and Peadar Gardiner.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he was part of one the backrooms though as that was rumour mill earlier week before this was news became more formal.

  13. Not very surprising as others have said…

    As others said maybe to many big names in the management team ? To many ideas at once even with them. Wish Liam mchakw all the best .

    Agree with you @ margie we need a top defensive coach I know Buckley is one but it didn’t really do us much good this year.

  14. This thread is very disrespectful to our women. Two great teams with two big games ahead, this weekend. Wishing you both the very best of luck and always believe our women are a match for any team. Maigheo Abu

  15. Mo-Direavh certainly no one means to be disrespect to the women ? We of course wish them all the beat and I’m sure they will do mayo proud!

    But we have of course got to mention the departure of one mcstays management team!!

  16. Have we not enough defensive coaches already. What are Rochford(defender), Mulligan(defender) and Buckley there for? Sure the problem is at the other end too. In this years championship, only New York, London, Tipperary and Waterford scored less than Mayp on average. We need an attack coach too. Sure you cannot win games without scoring. Our problems are alot more serious than our baby in terms of goalkeepers and our rookie full backline.

  17. @The West is best eh sure did Tommy c not just get a goal v cork and then bam hit with a penalty other end then it went downhill from there ?

    To be honest we have more problems in defence. It was sane against Armagh we were up by about 5 points then bam straight down middle were let in . Now I don’t blame reale for this he’s only one man it’s team effort and think he’s a top class goalie but he can only do so much.

    Same against louth we were leading let a stupid goal in at the end ? Dev more problems in defence then at the other end no question !!

    I think Sam calinan is a young defence star in the making the best I’ve seen in a while ..

    But honestly our issue is defence not the other end yes other end we need to work on getting less sides but come on our major issue is defence !!!

  18. Mchale seemed to have little input.. I’d be more worried about the man that seemed to have alot of input. Negative football. There cannot be two bulls in the one field

  19. Clare I agree of course about there being major problems in defense, but our defensive stats are middle of the road and we have a load of defensive experts on this management team. Our scoring stats on the other hand are shockingly poor. Beyond poor when you dig down into the stats. No wonder we only scored 3 points against Dublin in the last 50 minutes.

  20. @the west is best for sure we could use a forwards coach to and one to work on all the widea we get.. agree with you there to.

    Wonder will he get anyone to replace or leave be?..

  21. It’s amazing and disappointing at the same time. Mchale has always been by McStays side which makes it more surprising. But he was never on the sideline this year. Maybe surplus to requirements.

    I believe Oisín McConville said awhile back about the size of the McStay ticket. He was lambasted by most saying it was sour grapes. Hes been proven right. I don’t know if it’s a plus or minus going forward.

  22. Probs at both ends for sure.. Mayo conceding goals in big games in croker a major problem as we know… Lets look at this pattern just for arguments sake.

    2004- jack o Connor in his book felt mayos full back line was there to be got at.. Crowley Gooch and o cinneide played havoc, they bombarded us and game over by half time.

    2006- the same with donaghy.. 3 goals in about 15 mins.. Game over

    2012- donegal.. 2 goals from 2 high balls in..didn’t deal with them.. Game over.

    2013- high ball in between full back and goalie… Brogan tapped it in.

    2016- the own goals were freaky, unlucky

    2017- con, took a lot of steps.. But got in easy.

    2021- ball watching, keeper and I think mullin caught with high ball from wing.. Mcshane punched to net. Caught with a second goal too on a 2 v 1.

    2023- swanee caught ball watching… Over the top.. Goal. Callinan slipped unfortunately 2nd goal.

    So you see the pattern there. Now as for offence, major work needed.

  23. See a lot of Galway ones going over social media now laughing now saying we will never win a all Ireland don’t they are to close either haha

  24. Exactly – Kick it in. Good post.

    Whether we want to admit it or not, we need a defensive specialist coming in. Someone to implement a structure that we stick to, one where players know exactly what they are doing when not in posession. Any team can just funnell players back for the sake of it, its knowing your role and knowing how to sniff danger, and act accordingly.

    Sometimes our players are too honest. Loftus should have took the black card on Maguire in Limerick, or at minimum pull his jersey back. He simply didn’t sense the damger we were in, and its not his fault as he is a forward. McHugh sensed it, but it was too late.

    We need a coach who can implement and teach these players how to protect the scoring zone as best as possible and at all times. Its a game within a game.

    I knew we were in bother this year when Orme was left isolated on Matthew Tierney in the first game of the season. Complete mis match and Tierney duly palmed to the net. Nothing changed from there on…wide open with no structure.

  25. Thats all Galway have done for 22 fucking years make remarks about Mayo.1 fucking All Ireland final appearance last year, havnt beaten Dublin or Kerry in a knockout game since the the 60s.Didnt Joyce finish up his career losing to Antrim remember them losing to Westmeath and Wexford too. And lets not forget the day we humilated them in Pearce in 2013.They have a lot to laugh at.

  26. You’d wonder are galway any nearer than ourselves to winning an all ireland.. Probably not.. They thought after getting to a final last Yr they’d back it up but not good enough either… If Walsh or comer don’t fire.. No more than ourselves they’re in trouble.. They have Tierney and Cooke but even so.. Pj prob wait on and give it another yr

  27. This was Galways year to prove if they were good enough they got an easy run to final last year lost.. saw one Galway one going saying mayo will never win an all Ireland and need a total wipe out from under 20 up got to be having a laugh ha Shane wash was meant to be the new Clifford yeah right!

    At least Clifford is always on form unstoppable wouldn’t say the same for walsh the pressure was on them this year to prove how good they were they blew it against us in league final and in championship go figure !!

  28. Best of luck to Liam McHale. He was indeed a great player. I don’t know what he was like as a coach.
    Im a great believer in ‘keeping it simple ” I was of the view from the start that the management team was too big. On paper it may have appeared a very impressive line up but it always had the potential to get ‘complicated’ and needed to be carefully managed. This could well have been a distraction for McStay rather than a positive. I wouldn’t mind seeing it shrink a bit more.

  29. I suspect McHale was the one who made the call on his departure. He’ll be taking up another position soon. Best of luck to him.

  30. Wasn’t it McHale who was the whisperer who got Aidan motoring again? If that’s so, it was a great achievement.

  31. Too many cooks spoil the broth as they say!
    Saddened to hear of Liam McHales departure, but I’m sure there is more to it than meets the eye. I’m sure the players will miss him.
    He brings so much to the table.
    I wish he had more of a voice this season, but there was always a louder voice on the sideline.
    When you are unhappy in your work, it’s very hard to carry on and it can be the best decision to just walk away – for your own good.

    I wish Liam the very best of luck in any future endeavours

  32. I too wish liam all the best. A man of great integrity. Very hard done by in 1996. . Mc enany fucked that up big time. Jimmy mcguinness got a 6 month ban for god sake. Year one not even over.. is the empire crumbling already.

  33. I also think that too many chiefs can be a problem. If everyone gets a bit of input taken up there is no clear line of thinking and probably a bunch of ideas that contradict each other. If that is the case then McHale could have become frustrated.
    As far as the Galway thing goes and their obsession with Mayo, could ye not leave them at it and not do likewise in reverse.
    Wishing our ladies teams the very best for the weekend!

  34. I definetly think there was to many top managers in mcstays team to many ideas as I said wires crossed I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else steps away to . Might be better for mcstay to do to the managers job on his own rather then 3 guys..and then have your defensive coaches etc.

    Wish Liam all the best.

    And not to forget the ladies good luck ye can do it !

  35. I’d imagine Liam is lined up for some other job.
    Leaves a vacancy for some other coach hopefully defensive.
    Talking to one of the Meath 96 team last night and we both agreed Gough the best ref at present but should not ref Dublin games as living there and involved with The national schools football.
    Not rocket science to have a ref from a neutral province.
    Also agreed McEnaney should not have reffed 96 as he was a work colleague of Mark O, Really the Meath corner back in Gypsum.

  36. @JR I think hurson is a better ref then gough and I still question why he disallowed our goal against dubs to ! Def shouldn’t be refing dubs games.. yeah agree with you not rocket science should be neutral !

  37. @kick it in.. Callinan didn’t slip it was pure inexperience that caught him out. Regarding galway supporters just ask them to list the teams who knocked them out of the last 5 championships and after listing mayo,kerry, mayo, mayo, mayo they don’t be long changing the subject. After all that it kinda seems like this thread has been hijacked by the Mchale issue. Good luck girls we’re proud of you all.

  38. I wouldnt mind seeing Rochford depart as well id like to see McStay do his own thing and go with his gut. Rochford had his time with Mayo and brought them as far as he could I dont think he can bring anything new to the set up. Damien Mulligan is very highly rated in Belmullet after his time there maybe a slimmed down management of Mc Stay Mullugan and Buckley would be the way to go

  39. @Glorydays I agree with you and that I think mcstay would be better off on his own and going with his git feeling I mean he’s he’s shrewd operator and if you have different ideas coming in from 2 different people can throw you off ..

  40. Kerry captain missing is big boost, sad for her of course, very young for such a serious set back again so soon.

  41. Im going for a mayo win over the kerry ladies and a dubs win over the mens :p haha say it will be a good match between kerry & dubs all the same … just gets pretty boring as I said with the 2 of them always near the top !

  42. Glorydays
    How good is Stephen Rochford? He’s held in high regard because of the 16 and 17 finals. But if we look at it in detail, how close did we come to losing qualifiers to Clare, cork, Derry, Fermanagh and down? Some of those games went to ET. Not to mention the decision to play Hennelly over Clarke in the 16 final replay. The risk/reward of that moves was way off.

    His style of holding the ball, is something don’t have a big issue with, but it has to be done in a manner that worries the opponent. We just move it across the 65 over and back going no where.

    I wonder do the county board ask the really important questions in these appointment interviews. Like what was Liam McHales role in the management team, and how could it change so much in the space of 12 months?

    I’d personally be grilling the CB just as much as I would any one of the management team.

  43. Green and Red I didnt say Rochford was good or bad I just feel he has nothing new to offer. I said Damien Mulligan is held in high regard after bringing Belmullet to a county final. Id like to see Mcstay calling the shots and im not sure he has been during this years championship

  44. When Stephen Rochford managed Corofin they played very exciting football,having talked to players and supporters there they have nothing but praise for him,he is a brilliant coach

  45. If it’s being slimmed down more I’d say we’ll be more likely left with the big 3 of Mc.S ,Rochy,and Buckley . I’m sure Damien would find it hard to be heard in that company.

  46. I hear Ciaran Mc and James Horan aren’t talking after a big bust-up on the sideline. It was picked up by the TV cameras. I’d say Ciaran Mc will walk now too. Horan clearly doesn’t want to listen to anyone else.
    Oh, wait…wrong year…

  47. Glorydays
    I’m agreeing with you, he doesn’t bring new ideas and those players have heard a lot of it before.

    I’ll still never understand why the CB think it’s right to go back to managers/coaches and selectors that have failed in the past.

    We all know the definition of insanity.

  48. @Achill75 I do myself a favour and try not to listen to any of brollys podcasts haha?

  49. Ridiculous, there was always going to be clashes with that size of a team and people there before. Imagine if they had won something

  50. Time for McStay to step up as “Boss” and take responsibility. I hope McHale does get involved at u20 and that Colm Boyle is roped into a County Management team at some level asap .

  51. Pretty I saw brolly opening the killal marathon to last week ha he’s some cheek tbh. Yeah agree with you @kick it in he’s just looking to stay relevant I guess poor guy ha

  52. Glorydays- I’d have to agree about Rochford. He has had his time with Mayo and it didn’t work out.
    My main concern when I first heard he was on the back room team was that the players wouldn’t be too happy? Obviously not all on the panel had been managed by him but a lot had. I think a complete change would have been better… especially after Horan coming back after a few years too.
    For Buckley – why was he not good enough for Kerry but the best you could get for Mayo? Our defence was in shambles on the day of the AI SF.

  53. @ Liam, in fairness our defence was in shambles throughout league and championship.
    It’s still a work in progress according to McStay.

  54. @liam it worked out better defence wise for kerry as the defence players were older and more experienced then our defence. Sure look at the age difference and in fairness its really only realest, calinabas( who did really well ) first year it’s it’s work in progress as @on the ditch says to as well as mcstay!

  55. @Liam it worked out better defence wise for kerry as the defence players were older and more experienced then our defence. Sure look at the age difference and in fairness its really only reapes, calinan( who did really well ) first year and others in defence are all pretty knew to be fair it’s a work in progress as @on the ditch says to as well as mcstay!

  56. It’s amazing how excited are getting over this . We don’t know what goes on in some private lives .
    Play the ball not the man . Same few having a dig that didn’t want Mcstay to get the job in the first place. Best of luck to our ladies teams

  57. @liam sorry I mis read your comment ! But I think it is a work in progress fir defence for sure and all we can hope for is Buckley to do better next year ha!

  58. Lots of people doing lots of speculating without any real knowledge of why Liam McHale departed. It could be for any number of reasons sporting or otherwise. McStay picked his managerial team when looking for the Mayo job and included Rochford, McHale, Buckley etc yet we have lots questioning Buckley value, McHales value Rochfords value etc etc. Any chance of letting them get on with the job. Most of his back room group have made significant contributions to Mayo GAA. They may yet be a successful managerial group or more likely they won’t end up winning Sam, but if they don’t they are in the same boat as every other managerial set up we have had since 1951.

  59. I also Kevin to go it alone with Mulligan and Buckley. I don’t see what Rochford has to offer at all. As a previous poster quite rightly said we were damn lucky to make 16 and 16 finals. Scrapping through with a fantastic ready made team. When he didn’t get that team over the line we shouldn’t have gone back for him. His 3 years as a selector in donegal didn’t go well. Note the similarities as to how they played then and how we are playing now. Possession football is OK if there is an end product. Not sure who ended his time in Mayo in 2018. CB or players. It was never spoken about but clearly most people knew horan was again on the horizon. I think Kevin has enough in his locker to turn this around but only one bull can operate in one field

  60. Craggy when did you come up against S Rochford,he must have have you one hell of a beating,I really would !one to watch it,but I have to give you credit,you now realise that he was with Donegal for almost four years

  61. 4 years up and down to Donegal, some mileage clocked up there. I’d be shattered all that driving!!

    Hope a few can travel on Saturday to shout the ladies on.

  62. God corrick was it that long. I got bored watching them after 2. . Nothing against the man personally. I’m much older than him to have played against him. Clearly I’m not alone in my thinking. Read above. .

  63. It’s a pity we don’t have a management team that don’t have to “learn on the job”.
    Did McHale ever manage or Coach at club Level.

    A pity the Gaa wouldn’t drop the word Selector from the management teams, I always laugh at that one.

    I don’t know if it makes any difference as to how good the management team are, the players have to deliver also on the field of play.

    Expect the Dubs to run riot v Kerry in the final, when was the last time they lost a final? 1994 I think.
    The have a local enough Referee also.

  64. @Craggy, that Mayo team 2016 and 2017 were in great shape physically, very powerful man for man and the pace of those games was way ahead of anything we have seen since, Horan and management must also get recognition for building up those players.

    Ye have forgotten where Mayo were at back then, brilliant to get a win in very tight games.

  65. I just hope Kevin McStay has the intelligence to add an all-Ireland winner to the management set up . I said that last September when he was appointed manager. MCHALE .ROCHFORD and BUCKLEY had been involved in losing all-Ireland winning teams. We need somebody like KIERAN DONAGHY ,KEVIN WALSH, or somebody else who has won an all- Ireland. Winners know what it takes to get us over the line. I think Dublin will win on Sunday.

  66. Bate, he managed Belmullet,also was a vital part of K Mc Stays team with StBrigeds

  67. Jimbo has K Donaghy or K Walsh managed all Ireland winning teams,I must have been away

  68. Bellmullet did not go to plan for him… think he may have managed Athlone GAA.

  69. @Corick, I was that that memorable St Brigid’s win in 2013, great comeback.
    Even in the 1st I could see St Brigid’s had a few very basic ingredients, this was
    A goalie with a brilliant kick out and able to find his men,
    A great midfielder, Mannion I think
    And most of all a great ball winning full forward, that could score, he ran riot that day.

  70. Bate the blanket. 2016 and 17 was James horan s team. . It was the team thar carried us through them tight games. So when he couldn’t get that one over the line what makes anyone think it going to happen now especially with the puke football we played in the most of the championship. Club and intercounty are miles apart. Like it or lump it. Horan was the best man we had in terms of making us seriously competitive and team building.

  71. In all fairness to Rochford he has proven his pedigree as manager by getting the best out of a Mayo team on numerous occasions. A Donal Vaughan brain fart is what stood between winning Sam.

    First manager since Maughan to get a championship win over Kerry. That was no mean feat no matter what Kerry team was on display. Brought in Barry Solan as S+C, who was and is completely over qualified for GAA seeing as he over see’s the fitness of 100 million euro soccer players. No wonder people are remarking on here how fit and powerful we were in 16 and 17.

    Rochford was unlucky to come up against the Dub’s at their peak. The negatives are no Connacht title, and more importantly the failure to beat Galway 3 years on the trot. But if I had to pick between McStay and Rochford, id still go with Rochford all day long.

  72. @ my ball. In fairness I think there are many posters, myself included, who would have favoured McStay for the job, and are now saying to step up to the job but we need club championship to kick off soon.
    I see a full round of Galway senior championship games over the weekend, Fri evening, sat afternoon/evening and Sunday morning. Well staggered you’d have to say for supporters who would like to take in more than one game. Mayo fixtures secretary, please note.

  73. As fit as they were margie they still couldn’t kick the ball over the ball from relatively easy positions.

  74. We have had a very successful season,two major trophies and I am confident that we would have a third only for having to play a week after our league final,not to be sneezed at,and hammered one of the finalists and lost narrowly to the other one

  75. Ah Corick, I know your optimistic and that’s good but a “very successful” season? That has to go under the column of horseshit

  76. But the FBD kick it in? Don’t mind that the Connacht championship was priority one at start of year. We have the FBD.

  77. Fbd ah for god sake. A good college team could win that. We didn’t lose narrowly corrick to Dublin. They beat us out the gate in the second half. I enjoy your optism but reality is completely different.

  78. Kerry match preview pod is up now on Patreon for those of you who might want to drag yourselves away from examining the entrails of the men’s inter-county year.

  79. Dublin will win it I believe. More scoring power. Better spread and midfield. Kerry totally reliant on Clifford

  80. My dub mate just goes to me any chance of a spare ticket to the final very funny like haha

    Got to give it to them though think they will win but in fairness doubt half them be around next year and they are in trouble when the 6 in a row guys go as they didn’t blood any new players rookie mistake !!

    @corick Bridge I like your posts and optimism your very much like me ha! But I really can’t agree with the point you made saying we had a very successful season tbh…

    Cork game was the worst Dont think I’ve ever been so annoyed tbh ha then the hammering by the Dubs was even worse so cant say it was very successful tbh in my view yes they brought confidence back but learnings need to be taken for sure .

    At this stage it’s the all Ireland that mayo people want not league. Yes was great to win a league no question out of a tough division and loads didn’t think we would be competitive at all but we peaked to soon but I’ve still faith in mcstay think he’s a decent guy and shrewd manager and as I said at least he did the interview in fairness we will bounce back !

  81. Clare,I am seventy three years of age,we have four league titles in my lifetime I think that we should value it

  82. @Corick bridge, your some craic. Did you light a bonfire on the musical bridge for the FBD homecoming?

    Kerry will beat Dublin well on Sunday. By well I mean at least 4-7 point margin. Kerry have the system and fitness to overpower the Dubs. Its set up for Cluxton to concede at least 2 goals as so much is made of his “clean sheet” record this year.

    Kingdom finally playing Dublin with zero pressure on the shoulders. Pressure all on Dublin to ensure McCarthy and co bow out as champions. Im relishing the thoughts of Dublin not getting their own way in a final and seeing them bitch and moan about it. They’ve had enough favourable decisions over the years. Mostly I hope Kerry win it well for the Cliffords. A tough year for them and their a credit to keep focused and play well so soon after losing a loved one.

  83. @corick Bridge I totally agree with you I do value the league title but I just can’t say it was a very successful season tbh.

    I’ve no doubt we will bounce back next year like we always do though and I’ll be cheering all.the way as always !

  84. Corick, I value your wise and refreshing posts. Thank you also for your patience in general.

  85. Gbxi I was
    Ciaran McDonald’s young fella with 2-5..Outrageous
    Mitchels got off to a fast start but once Crossmolina settled they took over.
    Joe forry (younger brother of gavin forry)was good for mitchels.
    Stand out forward for Crossmolina was Oisin Deane fast and hard stopped but in general a very well drilled and talented Crossmolina team.
    In the other final Evan lydon(neale,younger brother of Tom lydon)kicked 1-4 but struggled to impact on the 2nd half
    Patrick mchale (balla)looked good.
    Liam Glynn (balla)also a talented boy.

  86. I can’t see Kerry beating Dublin.I was at the Dublin v Monaghan game and Monaghan brought the goalie out past the 50 yard line forcing Cluxton to kick to his left hand side at all times.They got a lot of joy out of it.
    I can’t see Kerry being brave enough to do the same.
    Mayo carved up the Kerry defence with strong running and good direct kicks,I can see Dublin do the same.

  87. @JR totally agree with you can’t see anything but dubs win by 6 or 7. Just hope it’s not another 6 in a row but doubt that my dub mate goes sure it’s one last honeymoon for us can you not wear the dub Jersey for us this weekend I’m like eh hell no I can’t ha but still think ye win haha…..

  88. @Gbxi Talented,very talented.I won’t put too much pressure on the young fella but he can do it all.
    He done more damage inside than he did midfield but I can see why he would be midfield for an underage team due to his sheer athleticism.
    Naturally gifted with the boot.
    Like father like son.

  89. Agree with Margie anove – as I often do with her comments – re prediction for the final on Sunday – Kerry by 4-6 points.
    Most of the current Dublin team are at most 70% the players they were at their peak.

  90. Pity we have to wait 5 years til he’s ready Sam! Good to know there’s talent coming though.

  91. GBXI. As , I think it was Pebblesmeller said of someone else last year. Sure we’d probably turn him into a halfback.

  92. Crossmolina have a very well drilled team at under 16 level. Josh Moyles, Ethan Reilly, Sean Òg McGuinness, Dylan Flynn, Kobe McDonald and Oisìn Deane are all very talented. Kobe gets a lot of the plaudits, but Deane is a serious operator. A Mayo forward that can score off left and right. They might be the standouts, but there’s a lot of very good lads on that team. If all club teams got the same level of coaching as that Crossmolina team, then Mayo wouldn’t be waiting too long for All-Irelands. It’s all about coaching from under 6 up. Too late starting to save the day when they are in their 20’s.

  93. Corick bridge are you winding us up calling the FBD League a Major Trophie. In my book a poor season . Delighted with the League win but it is the championship that teams are judged on. Championship Football is light years away from League

  94. Fully agree with you Margie

    Dublin have been very mediocre all season bar about ten minutes where – lets be honest – we made heroes out of them

    A shadow of the team they were, but they will come again far sooner than many think

    Think Kerry will do it with a bit to spare and – scarily, given they have plenty to improve on – the sky is the limit for them after that once they’ve broken the two in a row hoodoo. Could well be a Limerick in the making

  95. I am so happy that we have such entitled supporters,I certainly don’t know where you get it from,league not worth winning,FBD not worth winning,hammering one of the finalists in their own backyard not worth winning,losing to the other finalist in their own backyard no good,what are you all smoking?,I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to listen to you in the seventies then,when we won the league in 1970,but failed to win anything for over a decade,and let me inform you we had a lot of footballers on that team who would have graced any team since,now I know that a couple of posters have an axe to grind with the management,but it is unfair to both management and team,also I am not a fan of criticism of individual players,last time I checked it is still a fifteen man game,can we accept that no one goes out to make a mistake,I firmly believe that we will be ready next year,I hope that we have a wonderful final on Sunday and apologies to our great and fair Kerry posters on this blog,I can’t see anything but a win for Dublin

  96. Hearing on a few podcasts that David Clifford is unmarkable.Just to take it back to last year, from what I remember Oisin Mullin held him bar a goal from play.And that play it was Paddy Durcan that was lined up with him.For majority of the match Mullin bet him to all balls that went in and stopped him scoring any score from play he ended up trying to take marks and trying to buy frees.Pound for pound Oisin was the best defender in the game before he left for Austraila

  97. Corick, I do not know anyone who said league is not worth winning. It’s always nice to win a competition, but end game is championship though that’s the goal. The FBD competition is a warm up, not a “major” tournament, lads with no panel involvement were lobbed into play it and did we play a challenge game same day as one fixture with our main team??
    Players do not get paid so definitely should not get crtiticised in a personal manner.
    Management also should not get personal criticisim, but like nearly all private sector employment scenarios should be subject to performance reviews.

  98. Corick , while I do not agree that we have had a very successful season (or that the FBD is an important trophy) I do agree with you on the sense of entitlement of some of our supporters. Bearing in mind that we have never won Sam in my lifetime, have only won 4 league titles (2 in the last few years and 1 in the Foot and Mouth year) it sometimes amazes me about the expectations we have. Add to that we have not been raking in many underage titles of late either. However in fairness to us we have been extremely competitive over the last 10 to 12 years with the best team in my memory. Now that team is gone and we are building again. But it looks like some don’t have this patience for a rebuild and think we should be winning Sam with 5 or 6 new lads in or around the fringes of the first team. As regards Sunday I can’t make up my mind. I think Kerry may sneak it, mainly because they have the most talented footballer I have ever seen. The only game where I did not see him have a significant impact was when he was marked by Sean Kelly in the Sigerson final last year. It was on a brutal night and not much ball was kicked in. Yes he is held for certain times during games but he inevitably turns on the style when needed. Contrary to some views here I don’t think Kerry are a one man team. The Dubs are hard to judge. If they get a run on you they can really hurt you as they did to us but if you hang in with them as Monaghan and Roscommon did then they don’t look so good. While it has the makings of a good game I am not particularly looking forward to it. They are the two counties I least like to see win (based solely on the amount of AI they have already won) and I can’t bring myself to agree that finishing the championship in July is a positive thing.

  99. Corick Bridge, just because you continually state the FBD is a major trophy, it doesn’t mean its true. Statements like that discredit your posts about winning the league as you refer to both as “Major” trophies, as if they’re on par! Their worlds apart.

    You have a great opinion of managment and hopefully you’re proven right. Others are sceptical and theirs nothing wrong with that. Anytime a Mayo team gets bet out the gate in a Quarter final in my book represents a poor season. We’ll be going no where fast if we accept a trimming by a mediocre Dublin as a successfull season.

    Whether you like it or not, 99.9% of supporters would rather have a crap league but a great championship. Failure to at least reach the last 4 and not being competitive in the AI seiries takes all the gloss of the league win. It highlights the league win for what it was, great men flying fit in February, but ultimately crumbled like a digestive in hot tea come championship.

  100. As far as I am aware we set out at the start of the year with the possibility of winning four trophies,we won two of them ,I believe that small fish are sweet and I am thankful to Gizmo for informing us just how many players were trialled in the FBD,well done to the management for being brave,and I am sure a lot of the players will be happy to have won that trophy,the league is the second most important trophy,we won that,we went to Kerry where they had not been beaten since the eighties we won easily,some posters try and disparage that,against Dublin we probably should have scored two goals,whilst their goals could and probably should have been prevented,I am not critical of any player but as a team perhaps we could have done better,some posters claim that club all Ireland’s are not important,but whilst I am open to correction.I believe that we have only so two senior club titles

  101. @corrick don’t think we are being entitled but at end of the day mayo should be aiming for the business end of championship semi final at least and always trying to be in contention for sam we are a top team.

    No one is be littling the league title it was a good achievement . But as i said every year we should be aiming for Sam we are one of those counties who are lucky enough to be able to aim for sam and that’s what we should be doing that’s not being entitled just the facts.

    Good luck to our women’s!

  102. @Corick bridge. Good post as always,
    U too @Margie ..
    As the World Cup soccer showed , you can’t force people to be interested in women’s sports but for a mad Mayo Gaa blog , it would be nice to see more discussion on the upcoming ladies All Ireland semi final .
    Considering all the top Mayo players playing Aussie Rules , this bunch is certainly punching about their weight .
    Would be a welcome change of discussion and mood on the blog rather than the continuous raking over the coals of what was a great national league win and poor championship campaign.
    Over and out . Enjoy the weekend and best of luck to the ladies teams .

  103. I think inter county players and managers are under enough pressure nowadays without having to worry about winning a bloody FBD league. These are clearly nothing more than early season challenge games.

    If a Galway poster came in here after having Mayo’s season and boasted about winning a league they would be challenged, if they mentioned an FBD league they would be absolutely laughed out of it. To be totally honest I couldn’t even remember who won the FBD league until this thread. Think I recall Galway making 12 or so changes to the first round league game a week after, which tells you all you need to know.

    Sadly winning the league doesn’t in itself make a good season either, championship is by far the biggest game in town. The fact the team who came 4th or 5th in Division 1 are playing a Divisions 2 team in the All Ireland final sums up how important the league really is.

    How would I define Mayo’s season? Like a typical one from the 2000s I’d say.. some awful results, some good ones, however in the context of the current squad I don’t think it was overly bad (we’re just about a top 8 side on paper, if even). In the context of the 2010s it was a very poor season, but we don’t have barely anyone on the current team who would make the 2013-2017 team so its impossible to compare. We still have no distractions from other sports in the county though, a fully committed squad of players (outside of Mullin who is the last player who didn’t commit in their pomp?), no expenses being spared on the team, a highly publicised new management team, so taking all that into account we probably should be making the semis the last 2 seasons.

    Then again we may have done so with a kinder draw but given the hammerings we took in both games that’s far from guaranteed, and we were on borrowed time anyway (as well as being due tough draws after being very fortunate in 2016 and 2017)

  104. This craic about the Fbd league has to be a wind up surely.Winning the national league was great at the time mainly because of who we beat in final.Allowing for the fact we are in a rebuilding process your season is still defined by your final game and that was fairly woeful.whichever of Dublin or Kerry that lose on Sunday will consider it a poor season

  105. It has to be 1985, the underlining tone of some posters and “Thanking” them for pointing out “Bravery” of management for throwing lads not involved with squad to play a preseason friendly while real team was elsewhere, shows some people are just having the craic. More power to them, wherever they get their kicks.
    The league was indeed a nice win, and probably the highlight of an average to poor season given how championship played out.

  106. Nothing wrong with winning a league title. It’s a good achievement. FBD is completely irrelevant in a discussion of how good Mayos year has been. County teams play against college teams. It’s a warm up competition at the very best. Nobody is feeling entitled by striving to win an AI. But If we don’t set our standard on winning one we never will.

    Mayo has been a top county in football for the last 25 or so years, 96 final and replay, 97 final, 04,06,12,13,16 and replay, 17,20 and 21 finals. That’s a total of 12 finals. If people want to say that we shouldn’t be getting annoyed at not winning an AI then that’s fine, but I don’t subscribe to it.

    If we don’t keep aiming for an AI then we will become irrelevant again. One thing I know for certain, of the team that loses on Sunday, their supporters won’t be saying it’s a successful season, because they have one target every year. Not a Micky mouse warm up competition or a league. They want to win the championship. That’s why they are the two best counties around.

  107. Good post Ciaran, have to agree with a lot of your sentiments. I thought we were a good E/W bet at start of year at 14/1, with Dublin my favourites outright. This was based on squad and player pool available to us, David Morans retirement, Dublin aging, the Money we pump in to the team and S&C foundation we had ahead of most teams.
    We really should be in top 4-6 in coming years as well. There is a big fall off from the haves and have nots.

  108. My favourite line in recent posts is “I believe small fish are sweet”.
    I love it. Thank you, Corick.

  109. Best of luck to our women’s teams. As you say My Ball, these women are surely punching a big punch and I’d love to see both teams get their deserved rewards.
    Give it socks Mayo.
    Maigheo Abu

  110. Swallow Swoops,you are welcome,alas I can’t claim to have coined that saying, but I believe it ,all the best to our ladies I am sure that they will do is proud

  111. I don’t think Galway ever recovered from us beating them in the FBD final.So that was a plus.
    The other big plus was that the mic didn’t work for Stephen’s acceptance speech….and boy was he glad.
    Anyway best of luck to the ladies. They play a nice brand of football and Michael Moyles could be in line for bigger days out.

  112. @1984, Ah Sure the loser on Sunday next will have the consolation of a Mega Trophy, the incredibly prestigious Munster Title, the Cup that dosent even have a name for the 84th time for Kerry..or the Leinster Title Delaney Cup the Cup that does have a name for the 62nd time and 18 out of the last 19 years won by Dublin. All in all I think Mayo with our belittled (by many of our own) League title will probably be more consoled rather than the loser on Sunday. We can hardly say that after 3 Championship defeats that we are close to the Giants in 2023, just slightly more consoled than one of the Giants of Gaelic Football…We have to look on the bright side, I will sleep the night before the final unlike when Mayo are in the final, and its so easy to get a good ticket (or two) for the final, and I wont be heart broken after the game! .. Should be a cracker, the two best teams in Gaelic Football no doubt, very hard to choose between the two of them . So may the best team win and I wish the Ref a good game as well, I taught Sean Hurson might have gotten the final, he had such a good year with the whistle, but Kerry I suspect have a phobia of everything Tyrone on All Ireland Final day and will be secretly delighted . He might get the replay , it will be even easier get tickets for the replay. ..But its Thurles for Mayo versus Kerry as well on Saturday in the All Ireland Semifinal. Mna Maigh Eo ABU.

  113. One more thing , I hope the GAA bring out the Galway 1998 winning team at halftime instead of beforehand like they done with the hurling last Sunday to greed the crowd its the right thing to do.

  114. Management can only play the hand they are dealt. Most here felt the loss of 2 key players, one a potential star for the next decade would be too much. I have differing opinions on attack and defence. For defence we had 4 players emerge if we include McHugh who is very tall and fast albeit needs S&C on a light frame. While we had some problems at the back, getting a bit more steel into these rookies mean’s with a more defensive structure in the current climate we can compete. Tuohy should add to midfield options although we could do with an emerging Moran/ Fenton type player. Derry have Glass and Rogers and Galway have a good midfield, apart from them no county dominates the sector.
    But up front what we’ve never had is a marquee forward capable of competing for POTY every year they play. There have been 3 IMO in recent decades Gooch, Canavan and Clifford. Dublin have Con OC who’s on a blip the last 2 seasons perhaps with injury/ niggles or maybe slight loss of hunger, at his best probably more of a handful than Mayo’s best. If we could find or coach forwards to this level from the underage ranks it would be huge. People knew about Clifford from about age 15 when he started making their minor teams. If there’s 1 thing we can do as a county it’s find and nurture these players because they’re a huge benefit. Kerry are over reliant on Clifford but they might still win Sunday because Jack is a more canny manager than Dessie , and won’t panic. I’d be reasonably happy with our management team, hold all 3 in high regard and thought we probably had 1 too many in the dream team. But overall it was a decent year given where we started and in Div 1 and Championship again next year. Survival in Div 1, find a few bolters and a tougher more organised championship team with some of those rookies toughening up would be a good year in 24. Hard to see Sam without one of our forwards becoming unmarkable. Tommy C is our best chance for that with a 2nd season improvement following Cruciate and he was a handful often this year when played. But we could do with 2. Dublin have so many near top players up front when 1 has an off day another usually steps up.

  115. Anyone suffering from a lack of football action could do worse than having a look at Crossmolina U16s vs Castlebar U16s on YouTube. Very enjoyable watch.

  116. Crossmolina have a gem in one lad in particular, while he’s not the one most talk about (who is good also).
    They have a forward with potential to be the real “Deel” so to speak. Two footed, agile and a reader of the game.

    Won’t mention names as they just kids and don’t need hype on them, and they may not even bother playing in few years, but if watch it you’ll see it.

  117. Its before-hand acc to Ray Silke LeanTimes.

    Real pity RTE more or less gloss over it too. Would love to see it shown live every year, that Offaly side brings back some serious nostalgia

  118. If the Dubs get the goals Kerry will be beaten but Kerry were very defensive in last years final snuffing out any chances for us. If its a points fest I expect Kerry to prevail but I thought they were vulnerable against Derry only for yet again IC players failing to take simple enough goal chances. We will see how much exactly the Dubs have in the tank on Sunday. Poor 2023 for all Connacht teams really shooting ourselves in foot against Cork, Armagh and Cork again for the Rossies. I don’t think Mayo showed true standard against Kerry after huge energy sapping game against us week before and we were plagued by injuries but Joyce has one last year to show he has learned anything. Surprised McHale left but he owes ye nothing. 2024 defining for Joyce he really has to win it to survive not impossible but a big big ask. For Mayo McStay has work to do after the Kerry defeat and appearing to time the season wrong (small margins) but it was his first year ye have to give the lad a chance no such chance for PJ next year.

  119. @Ciaran, I’m not remotely surprised. The Suits in Croke Park aren’t in sync with the mood of the general public at all. (Is it something about wearing a suit?) I would say that the vast majority in attendance would like to recognize such wonderful footballers as Michael Donnellan, Sean Og de Paor, and our own favorite in Mayo the often praised Padraig Joyce..

  120. I was at the U-16 game. Out of the 4-11 cross scored all bar 1pt came from the two lads mentioned. The other thing i noted was that allot of this team, their dad’s were on the great crossmolina team that were contesting and winning all-irelands…..

  121. There’s a lot of great footballers at under 16 level this year. The best crop of players for a good many years. Some excellent prospects in Crossmolina, Westport
    and Castlebar of course, but there are also a few gems in Ardnaree, The Neale, Balla, Ballinrobe, Ballintubber, Belmullet etc. Hopefully the County Board will put excellent teams in place to bring this crop forward.

  122. @Chesneynet,, I think your getting mixed up a bit.. We typical of Mayo done the hard part beating Kerry ,their first defeat in the Championship in their home venue Fortress Fitzgerald Stadium since 1995. It was Dublin that defeated Mayo our third week out in a row ( our own fault) in Carbon Neutral Croke Park. The Dubs blew us away in the third quarter, a fearsome experience. I wouldnt like to face them in their Home Venue Parnell Park where they have an even longer unbeaten Championship record than the 28 year old unbeaten record of the Kingdom. The last time Dublin were defeated in their home venue of Parnell Park was when? ..Probably around the time John Wayne was wooing Maureen O’Hara around Cong..The Mayo Hurlers had beaten Galway in the Connacht (thats the time Galway hurlers were in Connacht) and that led to a row at Ballyglunnen Train Station..Steam Engine’s were the way you went to Croke Park…but Steam Engines were not Carbon Neutral like Croke Park. Long Long before your time Chesneynet.

  123. Jesus you are right I am losing it. I’ve been out of country for a good few weeks the sun must have fried my last 3 brain cells. It was indeed the Dubs, last year it was Kerry that bet ye or indeed ye bet yourselves with Moran dragging back them into it and they never looked back that year. This year the games caught up with ye particularly that awful match against us with Joyce playing at least 2 clearly injured players. The Dubs or Kerry to win it no more than Limerick or Kilkenny is a fierce bad choice. Ye must have been the ascendency below in Westport house travelling by train with poor cratures from easht Galway powering their way up through Kinnegad on the auld black bikes.

  124. @chesneychet could say the same for mayo when ye beat us in connacht in 22 when we were plagued with injuries also and ye beat us a point :p haha

  125. True enough Clare is it about time Galway and Mayo got their act together regarding managing player fitness etc as one or the other seems to always have rakes of injuries. Maybe its just really back luck! Fingers crossed 2024 neither have any injuries at all.

  126. @chesneychet for sure this year mayo were lucky enough injury wise no serious ones but that’s thanks to the huge panel mcstay has made .
    The fixtures really caught up with us but we peaked to soon for sure also!

    I thought it was an awful call by PJ to play kelly when clearly not fit ? Yeah bad season ending for both mayo & Galway!

  127. Hi Clare, we can only look forward to 2024. Enjoy the final if you can stomach it!

  128. Chesneynet, ye were lucky to have would be twice as lucky to have them to cycle home after parking them in Dublin for a Sunday afternoon.

  129. @Leantimes, sorry to bring the bad News, but according to Dublin the Galway 1998 winning team are out at 2.45.
    I’m going to the final and will give a fair assessment as I see it.
    Maybe we can expect a few surprises from the Dubs now that Gilroy is in the backroom team,
    This could be McCarthy on David Clifford or even Fenton sweeping in the defence for a while.

    The worst thing the Dubs could do is put Fitzsimmons on Clifford from the start of the game, if so it will be lights out for the Dubs in 1st half, Fitzsimmons is normally better in 2nd half, this is a sure sign of age and a player needing do much time to get into the games.

  130. All Ireland Football final week hard to believe, hardly a whisper about it unless you go and pay for a Gaa related pod or pay into a Roadshow event like Off the Ball or The Irish Examiner .Its really losing the spotlight with a July Final.Could come back to haunt the Gaa in the years to come if something isnt done.Where do interested kids in Gaelic football see content about match this week.More content about Jordan Henderson goin to Saudi Arabi than Dublin and Kerry this week.Sam Maguire is what gets kids attention in Gaelic Football all over Ireland not club football.

  131. Achill75, it’s amazing how many kids, including those who play GAA have little to no interest in the final when we are not involved ourselves (some players don’t even care when we are involved), do not think the date has to much impact on their view of things.
    The attention spans could possibly not be what they were, but also there are so much other things on all year around for them now.
    Personally I liked September, but lots of good club action no between underage and senior so I’m getting my fix, the killer will be when season ends for the long winter nights.

  132. Hate to see the Mitchell’s loose a final but the pain is dented with the emergence of 2 great young prospects from Crosmolina, hope they keep it up and do both club and county proud in the future.

  133. While we mightn’t lose sleep in who wins on Sunday, it is a fascinating batlle. And we’ll worth watching imo. Will the Dubs find a way to limit Clifford. Will the Kerry defence be a meaner lot than they were against Derry. Who have the best Impact subs? Will some players run themselves into the ground because they know they will make way for these subs. Can O Shea regain his best form on the big day? Will age catch up finally with Cluxton and the Other elder dubs?
    And where are Mayo in the context of those teams? Will a controversial referring decision be a turning point
    So many questions to be answered. You’d have to watch it.

  134. @ontheditch yeah fair enough good points! I’m Probably just feeling a little meh still over our exit haha though tbh I’m glad we are not in the final this year as don’t think we are ready yet to cross the line and obvs we weren’t this year haha and would hate a hammering in a final of all places haha

    Great to hear about crossmolina under 16s doing well ! @JR

  135. Good to hear about crossmolina s u 16 s. But there a long way away. We lll probably have gone through 2 or 3 different management s by the time they arrive. On mullin I cannot honestly say he was a great man marker. The Tyrone final spring s to mind. A fine player for midfield. 6 or even 11. On this marquee forward business that has become the buzz word lately. Dont buy into it at.all. if you have 6 forward s. They should be able to kick points from 30 to 35 yards out if they are any good. You Don’t need to be a marquee forward to do that. That’s expected at intercounty level. A good spread of scoring is all that’s needed. . Dublin don’t have a so called marquee forward this year. Con o callaghan hasn’t really got going yet. They have a good spread of men that can take points from distance. .

  136. Hello! Willie Joe and all Mayo posters. Commiserations on Mayo losing out to Dublin some weeks back. Feelings were raw, so that’s why I didn’t comment on your defeat to them until now, as I wanted to let things cool down. I really had hoped you would have done it this year. My prediction back in January was a Dublin v Mayo All-Ireland Final. I was half right anyway. I get what you’re going through, as I’ve been working up in Mayo since January 2003, up and down to Kerry every weekend since.
    Your Ladies team may have a chance against us tomorrow, as our captain, Síofra O’ Shea is out for 12 months, second time she’s done her cruciate, and she’s only 21. That’s tough. She’s a great player.

    Now, I’m putting my head on the line here, my prediction, I’m still sticking with, Dublin to defeat us. But this will be the last All-Ireland that Dublin will win for some years. They have 5 players over 30, the 3 boys will want their 9 All Stars. I just think, that they will have a bit too much for us coming off the bench. Yes, I think, we have matured since 2019, we are faster than they are, but watch Dublin in the last 10 minutes, they’ll bring on those key players, those really experienced heads. I really hope I’m wrong. I’ll be going to it. Jack Barry seems to be the only player to beat Fenton, we need to keep Basquel quiet. Jack McCaffery is most definitely not as fast, nor as influential as he was back in 2019. 3 years out of the game at the top level makes a huge difference.
    The feeling down here is not great overall. Not many flags nor bunting up, as much as last year. There seems to be a sense of foreboding.
    I keep telling them all, panel’s win titles, teams don’t. Dublin have the panel, we have the team. There’s the difference.

  137. I’ve seen Kerry ladies just the once, and they can score points from the 40 as good as any men’s team.
    Great for our ladies to get a crack at them and to get exposure to the standard that’s out there

  138. @micko good post. Enjoy reading your posts ! Hope you get to enjoy the game at least it could go either way really who knows I’ll get some sleep on sat though unlike previous years when we were in the final next day:p haha

    Kerry need all their players to tick and bring their A game if they are to win . David Clifford is some player and in fairness to kerry they have gotten to 2 finals in a row even if a lot of that is to do with Clifford!

  139. @Craggy, Costello is by far the best forward for the Dubs in the past few games, he could prove the difference in this final, Callaghan is living on past glories, but will still cause trouble v Kerry,

    My prediction,
    David Clifford to finish on 1- 7, frees, marks etc.
    Costello on 8 points
    Dubs to win by 4- 6 points.

    Kerry not impressive v Derry and really should have been beaten.

  140. Clare I’m just wondering if you think Clifford is the only player Kerry have…then how many of the other Kerry players would make our team.????

  141. @Tomthumb I’m entitled to an opinion and I’m not the only one who thinks Clifford gives kerry the edge and gets them over the line most times .

    sure he got them passed Derry he was the one who got them over the line that day as well as other days it’s actually a compliment to kerry that they have such a great player who’s in a league of his own and easily the best player in the country at the moment @tomthumb!!

  142. I believe many Kerry players will score and they’ll use their speed. I feel they have more advantages than Dublin, but the one thing Dublin have that worries me is their ruthless streak. If they get a bit ahead at all or get a foothold in the game they can be merciless. I don’t feel Kerry have that hard ruthless edge yet. I think the Dubs patented it.
    However, I still feel Kerry has a range of scorers, and most importantly, lots of young, fit runners, who can keep running and causing Dublin problems for 75 minutes. Dublin doesn’t have that although they have other advantages, such as a good midfield. I also feel Cluxton needs to be tested ruthlessly.

  143. Many thanks Clare for those very kind words expressed by you there, I really do appreciate it indeed. I think Clifford is great, but for me personally, it’s still Colm Gooch Cooper all day long so far between the two of them. Clifford may overtake him, not so far for me yet though.

    I would love to see Mayo win an All-Ireland though. Many thanks to all the Mayo folks for your support and kind words.

  144. Clare I think the question being asked was is there any other Kerry player you would rate besides David Clifford

  145. @clare
    Okay I understand we all have opinions
    So in your opinion how many of the mayo team would make either the Kerry or Dublin teams….?

  146. Tomthumb An interesting question. As I go through our team I reckon on a good day Paddy would slot into defence, Likewise Ryan would be in with a shout and Diarmaids work rate would have to be admired. (Though not his scoring rate )I say that as a Mayo man. Speaking to a Kerry man lately and he couldn’t see any Mayo player definitively making their team. As for the Dubs, most of them think no Mayo player would ever be good enough to play for them. One Dub even told me Clifford was no great shakes but then he spends more time watching the premier league than the GAA.

  147. Extremely few tomthumb (if any..?) which to me puts more perspective on the quarter results the last two years – obviously we shouldn’t be taking a thumping but at the same time in hindsight it was clearly fanciful to expect us to get through either game

    Saying that, Im not fully convinced any current mayo player would make our own 2017 team either (obviously C O’Connor, durcan, AOS who started that day were better back then, than their current day equivalents).

  148. @willie joe ah Ok sorry my apologies I didn’t even realise I had done that was a mistake !

  149. Ciaran, watch the first 20 mins of the 2017 f final and tell me you have seen worse misses at an under 14 match

  150. @ciaran so Ryan o d or Tommy conroy ( when fully fit ) wouldn’t make the 2017 team? Got ti remember though our current team are very young compared to oyr 2017 team!

    @Tomthumb I would say Ryan o d Tommy conroy , Paddy durcan , diarmuid o Connor . would make make any team

  151. @kick it in fair enough …not even Tommy conroy though ? When fully fit and in his pre injury form ?

  152. I like Tommy Clare, but he’s not the complete forward yet.. Pace to burn and direct.. Small bit headless and not great in 2 v1 when the pass is on.. Head down and run, but he will learn.

  153. @kick it in yeah good points he’s still pretty young to be fair he’ll get there!

  154. He will, if you ever wanted to know or see how a forward should play, watch Gooch.. Such a great brain, never unselfish always took the right option.. Calm, composed.

  155. @kick it in Gooch was so good much better then Clifford I think as good as Clifford is. I still remember when mayo played kerry when the Gooch was still playing my nerves went out the window whenever Gooch had the ball and was running 90 miles an hour up towards our goal haha.

  156. Ah now Clare, ha, you’re losing the run of yourself.. Clifford is different gravy to anyone we’ve seen really, you don’t agree? Who’s your fav mayo player ever?

  157. @kick it in, Ryan, Tommy, Diarmuid, and Paddy would start for any team in Ireland, including Kerry and Dublin.

  158. @kick it in haha I just think the kerry team with the Gooch in it that era were a much better team then this current kerry one Clifford is in a league of his own out of any player Atm no question though :p haha

    Lee keegan without a doubt would be my fav mayo player ever never gave up and did some magic stuff!

    @GBXI yeah agree with you there to ..

  159. I was watching Crossmolina v Castlebar U16A. In general I think young players are more skilled and having a better ‘football brain’ than ever.
    I’m not saying about any plater, just the general skills across the board.

  160. Diamuid o connor would not make either dublin or kerry teams. Especially Kerry as they already have one!!! I mean who on those teams would he compete with for a jersey? Whats his best position?

  161. That’s the problem though @JP. We’ve had brilliant natural footballers up to minor over the years but then they get towards senior and are not allowed to play their natural instinctive game and the enjoyment goes out of it for them. Hand passing the ball backwards and sideways just for the sake of it frustrates the hell out of a youngfella who just wants to play ball and show off their talent a bit. I’ve seen a lot of good lads leave and take up alternative sports due to this.

  162. Spectre:Diarmuid is a class act who is rightly recognized as one of the top and most consistent players in the country. He would make either/both Kerry or Dublin team easily as a half forward or midfielder.A comment like that seems not to be based on football at all.

  163. @Ciaran, maybe you are comparing the Mayo team of 2023 to the Championship team of 2017, the clear difference for me is the power, aggression and pace of the guys back then.

    Keegan has received all the credit in the 2026 and 2017 finals for scoring a goal each time and his brilliant man marking abilities, but believe me there were far better performances that day from the midfielders, A O Shea, Barrett, Vaughan, Andy Moran, Doherty, Higgins etc.
    Mayo just didn’t have good enough Dubs to come in late on.

    Our free taker had a bad game by his standards.

    The 2023 team has some great footballers but the issue is the S&C and that super fitness levels way below average, why do ye think Mayo get caught out in last quarter in the past few games, and after halftime v the Dubs.

    I know it can take a few years for the younger guys to be able to play at the ferocious intensity needed for this level.

  164. @spectre diarmuid o Connor would walk onto any team in the country he is one of our most important players and he’d easily get onto any other county team !

  165. Food4thought of course its based on football. I asked 2 questions. U say he would make dublin team as midfielder?? Who would he replace

  166. Clare would he walk onto dublin or kerry?? We know he would make most other county teams

  167. As brilliant as Gooch was it’s Clifford for me every time. Gooch had much better players around him. Clifford produces almost every game with lesser players (no disrespect meant as 2nd final in a row proves they’re good players) but imagine if he had the 04 to 14 players with him he would be more influencial if that’s possible. Regarding the final I’ve changed my prediction from February and go for kerry only based on Dublin being poor in 1st half of most games they’ve played and if that happens in the final then kerry will win.

  168. This final will ultimately boil down to the last 10 minutes. If Kerry are to win it will be how they deal with the Dubs impact subs who have been there and done that. For me it will be the final swan song for players like Cluxton, McCarthy Fitzsimons who will go in to the history books with 9 All Irelands. Dublin by 3

  169. I think that explains a lot really with only; maximum making Dublin or Kerry teams..and that’s on a good day…
    We have a lot of work ahead of us
    That’s the standard we gotta judge ourselves on
    Plus it shows Kerry ain’t a one man team @clare..!

  170. @Tomthumb never said they were a one man team I said Clifford makes them what they are today and carries them over the line .

    how many scores did he get against Derry and other games ? Derry should have one that game they were far better but once again Clifford got them over the line he makes kerry what they are today and I stand by that loads of people think the same to . Without Clifford in the team they aren’t a great team and that’s just an honest opinion.

    I also think ciliian o Connor would make any team is well.

    Yeah mayo do have a lot of work to do but our team is very a young team but we aren’t that far off at all.

    @spectre yes I think he would walk onto Dublin or kerry .

  171. BateTheBlanket – I don’t think you’re in any position, in all fairness, to be commenting on the use of multiple handles here!

  172. @Clare

    Everything Gooch could do, Clifford can do as well. But everything Clifford can do, Gooch could not. Clifford’s size and strength offer him far more options on the ball. Gooch could never get a meter off the ground to pull high balls down. That’s the main reason why Kieran Donaghey was needed in that Kerry team. Gooch played off him exceptionally well, but Donaghey won a lot of dirty ball that Clifford can also win, but Gooch couldn’t.

    Also I think Clifford has a far stronger mentality than Gooch. At the age of 24 I’ve seen him pull his county to an AI in the white heat of battle. Gooch never won a close game in an AI final for Kerry. Once Clifford retires he will go down as the best player ever, barring injuries. Saying that Gooch is still a top 3 forward that I’ve ever seen. My top 5 in order would be

    Michael Murphy.

    Who would yours be?

  173. Kick it in – it’s a very tough selection process I won’t lie. It could change again in 5 minutes

  174. Willie Joe, change is no harm now and again, sometimes it’s for the better.

  175. Diarmuid O Connor is a good footballer and a great guy and gives 100% everytime but he doesnt score and didnt score anything in this years championship. He wouldnt make the Kerry or Dublin team not scoring. God be with the days when defenders defended and didnt go forward, midfielders could field and our half forwards and forwards could be relied on to score. Bear in mind we could only manage 11 points against Dublin

  176. Diarmuid was employed as quarter back, in the daeft defensive ‘plus one’ setup we had. Tbh, I think he puts in savage shifts for Mayo. He’s not often in the scoring position but we’ll miss him when he’s gone. I’d be much more concerned about players given the ball in scoring position and either move the ball laterally or drop the ball into goalies hands.

  177. Aidan is such an unique physical instance of a footballer that he’s always going to the first guy other teams would want.

    Based off of form this year and assuming that by any team in the country you mean the finalists, then the top three for me are Jordan Flynn, Diarmuid O’Connor and David McBrien.

    Ryan is too short imo. Peak Paddy without a doubt but I’m not sure about current Paddy, and really if you think about the question there should really only be one or two players who would unquestionably make any team in the country at every stage of their career

  178. Diarmuid o Connor does so much stuff off the ball that doesn’t get as much credit as the scorers. Ryan O D does a lot of stuff off the ball to which creates scoring / goal chances.

  179. No I wouldn’t Clare, we played a two man ff line I recall in 2017 with Andy (FOTY) and Cillian, I wouldn’t put Tommy or O’Donoghue ahead of either. You wouldn’t get away with a 3 man FF line.

    On the wings were McLoughlin and Doherty who were all star material those years and Aidan was 11 and would have to start.

    No way Diarmuid O’Connor would make Dublin or Kerry teams, maybe Conroy would get in when he gets full fitness (definitely our best forward imo), I don’t think O’Donoghue would, and Durcan of a few years ago definitely would, but he’s very up and down these days. Of course a lot of this could change even next year. Mullin and even current day Keegan would start for both… Sums up how big of losses they are

  180. 2014 Diarmuid O’Connor has been playing with Mayo seniors and it’s still not knowing where to play him or what is his best position is and many have the opinion that he should be tried at number 6 next year?

  181. @mayomagic I think he’d be good at number 6 next year but don’t know I mcstay has thought of him being there as an option!

  182. Clare says:
    July 29, 2023 at 5:45 pm
    Poor ladies getting a bit of a hammering by kerry.

    15 minutes to play 1-7 to 1-12 now the wind advantage to Kerry in the 1st half did make a difference.

  183. In fairness Kerry made good use of the wind advantage 1st half. with 10 minutes to play they have only scored three times in this 2nd half.

  184. @MO2023 kerry ladies played much better tbh fair play to them and hard luck to our ladies!

  185. Diarmuid O’Connor in the plus one role happened over the course of this season and should be persisted with IMO.

    Diarmuid as the old school mind the fort number 6 we’re crying out for, would be a waste imo. His engine is his greatest strength and that kind of number 6 role would mean he’s tasked with staying in a small enough area of the pitch.

    I’d probably be looking to build from a base of McBrien at full back and Diarmuid as the primary plus one. I say primary because the reality is we need more than one, and while I understand the argument to having Diarmuid further up the pitch to help with scoring, we’re not blessed with experienced pacey defenders at the minute.

  186. Well done Ladies. You were good, but no shame that Kerry were better. Tiocaigh ar La. Great gumption shown by Deirdre D. More “go” by some others would be welcome. The experience will stand to you Onwards and upwards. No retirements please. You will surely improve. Up Mayo.

  187. Anyone looking too offload tickets for tomorrows All Ireland? Desperately seeking fan ?

  188. Will either Kerry or Dublin sacrifice a midfielder to play at plus one. I see the sense of having a wing half forward(s) as sweeper which allows your half backs to go forward into scoring positions but playing a midfielder as quarter back is position of weakness from the start imo
    We persisted with a system that didn’t work throughout league and championship, time to cry halt ..

  189. On the ditch. . Your dead right. But there’s a man in this management set up that will not change and has not changed from his failed system that he spent 4 years at. I feel sorry for mchale. A scapegoat for a failed idea that he had nothing to do with. The most unlucky man in mayo gaa. Never won anything. Played in 5 or so finals club and county.

  190. The sooner today is over the better. We should have been there. Dublin will take it I think.

  191. Craggy we shouldnt be there and thank God were not we’d only lose another final with our lateral passing and inability to field and win breaking ball and our 11 points per game. We have a lot of improving to do before we make another final

  192. @glorydays agree with you we were just not ready this year and I couldn’t stomach another final loss. I’m sure we will bounce back and improve next year but one thing I’m sure of is I’m so glad we are not in the final today as I don’t think we would gave crossed the line we’ve a young team who need to develop & grow and I’m sure they will!

    In saying that my dub mates driving me mad already today haha I’d say they will win 5 or 6 .

  193. My Son , only17 was just saying yesterday how boring that it’s Dubs v Kerry, ie the same teams that won all those All Ireland since 2000.

    We had our days out in finals and couldn’t win for one reason or another.
    I would loved to have seen two new Counties in the final, the defeated semi final teams.

    I’m going today but it’s never the same when it’s not Mayo that are there.

    It will be a shoot out between Costello and Clifford, or maybe the game will not be as close the pundits have been telling us.

    Both teams are vulnerable at the back in the 1st halves.

  194. Up the Dubs , never thought I’d say that in my lifetime but my disdain for Kerry GAA has developed slowly but surely over the last few years . Futile , infantile call it what ya like I just cannot bare them as an entity . Their arrogance and the way a cohort of their support look down on us is sickening .I don’t need a narrative in the media I have witnessed it first hand in the stand and terraces .

  195. The media sure know how to put pressure on someone.All we have been hearing all week is that if Clifford doesn’t deliver Kerry won’t win the All Ireland, in all honesty even if Clifford does deliver do Kerry really have it in them to beat one of the greatest football teams of all time minus a few players.Clifford would have to literally shoot the lights out.If Kerry were to win today I hope a Sean O’Shea or a Diarmuid O’Conner puts in a MOTM peformance because I feel like those players need something like that.But in all honesty I don’t think this game will be one of the greatest of all time I really do think Dublin will have to much for Kerry especially in the dying stages.Mayo beat Kerry in killarney and except for the Tyrone game have Kerry really been outstanding in any other game this year against a top quality opponent?

    But we also have to commend the two teams for getting this far we this year we’re unfortunately not good enough and probably won’t be good enough for the next couple of years.It’s always so painful sitting in Mayo and watching other fans and teams go up to Dublin and make memories on the best footballing day of the year!

  196. @Craggy Boglands I understand that McHale left as he felt he had not enough input to the coaching.
    Too many cooks,,,,,,,,

  197. I really don’t want either to win, sounds silly but it is what it is, too many titles between them both.

    In one way I would like to see the big names being brought down from their pedestals, David Clifford particularly, also James McCarthy.

  198. Glory days. Have we regressed that much. Remember we beat them well in 2021 without mullin. So tell me what’s happened to the exact group of players now. Pretty much the same team. How could they be so good then and not now. Puke football is the problem not the players

  199. Sean, it’s Dublin for me, hopefully they will win but but! Kerry can just sneak All Irelands with average teams, they prepare very very well & I think it’ll go down to the wire, looking forward to seeing them go at it, it’s a serious game today, both counties need a win to take control?

  200. Only one winner here and it could well be comfortable

    Never ever thought I’d see a Dublin side this clueless in attack

    Mannion their only forward

  201. @craggy with respect Craggy I think we have regressed spectacularly since we beat Kerry we barely got past Louth Cork beat us and we were lucky to beat Galway and of course the Dubs. I dont know whats gone wrong I think without a strond midfield our defence is under too much pressure

  202. Craggy .We exited exactly when we should have.No complaints about not reaching a final.from me..
    Super intense and aggressive final..All defensive and football coming second..

  203. Cluxton’s two frees though!! 😀

    Scarily effortless.. you think how tough we find it to score 45s!!

    10/10 kickouts won too. Still their MVP

  204. Again Clifford comes with a great set up for the goal for kerry .. thought dublin looked better before that !

  205. Jeez……that’s 38 minutes of my life wasted that I’ll never get back. What a borefest. Surely as the players tire some football might break out.

  206. @westkerry. How are you feeling? I went for kerry straight after semifinal basing it on Dublin having poor 1st half in lots of their games and saying kerry would punish them, now both teams have been poorish but I’ll still stick with kerry

  207. @achill, White is a very good player but he has given away 1-1 so far today. Having a bit of a shocker.

  208. Fair play to Dublin hard luck to kerry but dublin were the better team. Yes they have one more all Ireland but where will dublin be next year and the next few years after these 6 in a row guys go?

  209. Congrats to Dublin, delighted for the much maligned Dessie, one of the good guys

    Also delighted for the likes of Mick Fitz and James Mc two of the greats

    Thought Kerry were set to pull away but Small’s deflected goal was the big turning point. So uncharacteristic of Gavin Whyte

    Kilkenny, COC both useless and McCarthy way off his usual level…yet they’re still champions!! They’re not going anywhere

    Mannion MOTM – what a player

  210. Two very contentious decisions at the end of the game.
    Stone wall clearly James Mccarthy should have got a second yellow for a boot in on the pickup which was called a free.
    Secondly, what an absolute nothing free right in front of goal deciding a final. Gough did the You wrapped him /held him signal, replay clearly showed it was tackling with no holding.

  211. Chances of winning the All Ireland without beating Dublin or Kerry are lower than ever.

  212. James Mccarthy saying its been a tough 2 years for us without Sam …haha and Joanne cantwell going mayo people sitting at home raising their eyebrows at that to true haha !

  213. The cultural differences between Dublin and, I would guess every other county is incredible. They are an unbelievably humble group. Players took the blame off Farrell for the poor performances over the last 2 years and wanted to put it right for him. I’m not quite sure we would be doing the same in the county.

    Great game, Fitzsimmons and Mannion were really good. Dublin were the better team over the 70. Thought it was very sour from the Kerry fans boing Gough at the end. Happy that the Dubs won. Far more humble and more team spirit.

  214. Can’t understand the pessimism in here , absolutely delighted with that result , the damage that has done to the Gaelic football legacy of Kerry is wonderful. Dublin have cemented their place as top dog in the modern era Kerry are runners up . It is also the best result for a lock of counties including ourselves .

  215. @sean Burke yeah totally agree …

    @JP were not far off need to work on our defence asap and how to close out games a priority but not far off .

  216. @Clare,

    Problem we have now is that Kerry will be up for it big time next year. We don’t have the forwards Dublin have and definitely not the defensive shape.

    The only hope is that a few of the dubs step away but even if they do, are we still able to close a 12 point gap? Derry are also getting better too. It’s not looking like it’s getting any easier.

  217. Disagree JP, Kerry going for three in a row in 24 opposed to a dublin team on a last hurrah winning it , the latter is better .

  218. First half average poor, 2nd half improved, I thought some big debatable Gough calls favoured Dublin. Was really nothing between the two and if it went to extra time their could be few complaints.

    Handful of Dubs will likely retire now and that will likely open the window for Kerry to win the AI next year as it’s unlikely David Clifford will be as wasteful in another All Ireland.

  219. The main focus for us is to make ourselves better.
    What today showed is that our chaotic style in defence won’t work.
    A defence coach is needed immediately.

  220. Hard to disagree much with Jack there. Dublin don’t get handed that goal and I think Kerry definitely go on to win it. That said Dublin’s final record is absolutely phenomenal and they still would have been hard to put away

  221. Dean Rock will probably go, don’t know if any others will. Would be shocked if McCarthy retired, it’s fitter he’s getting

  222. Amazing what a year or two off can do for a player, Paul Mannion only missed one scoring chance and scored 5 points.

    David Clifford lost if for Kerry today or else we could say that Fitzsimmons did brilliant for me was the man of the match alongside Paul Mannion.

    Mayo defenders are a mile away from the defending I witnessed today from Kerry.

    It was a poor enough final, little pace particularly in the 1st half, but the more wides David Clifford had the worse it was for Kerry, Paudie was miles ahead of him today.

  223. For me con o callaghan was not ar the races today. Maybe unlucky when he hit the bar but otherwise had they lost. Questions would have been asked as to why not replaced. A game of turnover s for sure., both teams broke ar pace and played direct football. A jot to watch compared to what we were at. You could see tallys influence in kerryvs defence. Time for Buckley to step up.

  224. Congratulations Dublin. What can I say – they had it in them, and I didn’t think they did beforehand.
    What solidity, resilience and accuracy.
    And there is no arrogance in their celebrations, just appreciation. It is nice to see.

  225. Sean Burke. I agree with your comments above. Better for Dublin to win when very likely they will have a good number of retirements than having Kerry going for 3/4/5 in a row. Nice too , to see the smug puss wiped from Jack O Connor.

  226. Hats of to the Dubs and the 3 lads who have made history today, through gritted teeth !!

  227. I just want to recognise Paul Geaney – I’ve always thought the man was class and he showed it today. Paudi Clifford also put in a fantastic shift. Kerry are not a one-man team. David didn’t have an easy day and that can happen even to the best. James McCarthy’s interview after the match was interesting for anyone to listen to.

  228. Congratulations Dublin, deserved winners in Croke Park..To the Victor go the Spoils, however while so much attention will go to a miss firing David Clifford, and a mistake from Gavin White. James McCarthy lifted the Sam Maguire, his performance’s all year outstanding, but today I dont know how Dessie Farrell left him on for the whole match, James gave the ball away time after time and was dicing with danger of getting a second yellow as well. Ref David Gough had a very good game, disappointing to hear mummers of discontent when GAA President Larry McCarthy thanked the Ref an his officials today after the match. Cluxton was my Man of the Match. The player of this century no doubt it.

  229. Cluxton was very good @leantimes. Really cemented his reputation. The McCarthy love in is a bit OTT. He had a poor final, should have been sent off, could have easily seen red against Mayo as well. Great players of course but if he wins an all star it’ll be for nostalgia and not merit.

    Thought there was no real stand out player. To be honest, I’ll remember it as the final where Clifford kicked all the wides. Just want the country needs next year, a highly motivated David Cliffford!

  230. Watch the game again lads and lassies and youll understand why dublin have been so successful . The level of football intelligence is remarkable , i dunno if its coaching or just the very smart men they have playing .

    What channel were Kerry forced down nearly all day,

    and How in the name of god did they do that ?

  231. James Mcarthy put in some serious hits in the middle today, you need that too. Seamie o se used to do it for us , takes a fair bit out of lads on the receiving end

  232. @green& red yeah sure but kerry are up for it every year and so are we . I’ve no doubt we will come bouncing back next year.

    We have Tommy conroy who I think will be hard stopping with more game time/100% after injury etc Ryan o d is also a class act. Jordan flynn really stepped up to this year. Hope aido sticks around another year .

    We just need a defensive plan ASAP if that’s 2 sweepers so be it and a new defensive coach don’t mean to be harsh on Buckley but we leaked soo many stupid goals in this season.

    James Mccarthy did put in a great showing today but I’m still laughing at his oh it’s been such a tough 2 years in interview and cantwell was spot on when she said mayo people sitting at home raising eyebrows ha..

    Still think it’s much better for the game that dublin won and kerry don’t go out on 2 all irelands in a row .

    Thought was quite a flat/boring match in first half.
    Mayo are not that far off .

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