The weekend’s games

There are football, hurling and camogie matches involving the county this weekend. Here are the relevant details.

Let’s start with the camogie. The county’s Minor camogie team play Cavan on Saturday in the All-Ireland Minor C semi-final. The match takes place at Duggan Park, Ballinasloe, where throw-in is 2.30pm. The ticket link is here.

We also have two hurling matches on Saturday, the first of which involves the U17 team. They’re taking on Sligo at Kent Park (throw-in 12pm) in Round 3 of the Celtic Challenge competition. Entry to this game is free of charge and details of the Mayo team are here.

At 2pm the same afternoon the county’s Senior hurlers are up against Donegal in Round 2 of the Rackard Cup. This game takes place at O’Donnell Park in Letterkenny and the link for tickets is here.

On Sunday it’s the turn of the Senior footballers. Their Connacht SFC semi-final against Roscommon at Dr Hyde Park gets underway at 4pm and the link for tickets is here. Roscommon named their starting team for Sunday a short time ago – details here.

The best of luck to all the Mayo teams taking the field this weekend.

29 thoughts on “The weekend’s games

  1. I see both the Roscommon and Galway have named their 26. No doubt we will be much smarter and only name the first fifteen. Eventually.

  2. Nephin – it’s compulsory to name the 26 for championship games by Friday afternoon. We did so for the NY game two weeks ago.

  3. @Nephin: The 26 (& 4 potential alternatives in case of injury) have to be submitted to HQ by 9am on the Thursday. HQ will then release the 26 at 10am on the Friday of a Championship weekend, allowing management time to inform players at training on the Thursday night, if teams haven’t released it themselves already.

    Can’t remember last year if was mostly Thursday night or Friday morning we were tending to see them released. Seems so long since the last Championship game it’s hard to remember.

  4. Cheers Tsu. You’re right, I remember now checking the phone at 10am last year, but as you say it’s a long time ago.

  5. Folks is it just me or is there completely zero national coverage on this game?

    I was looking through the examiner and the Irish times and there is not a single article on this game.


    A very subdued feel…

    No real buzz for this game at all, maybe it will be no harm going under the radar until the business end of the championship

  6. On a separate note? What are our thoughts on the Roscommon team?

    He has two defenders and a midfielder in the half forward line.

    Davy is going to go ultra defensive and try and beat us on the counter attack. Surely we won’t fall for this crap again.

    With that team named he has no intention of playing swashbuckling football…

    We need to get out of the traps early…

  7. A reminder of some of the nonsense we’ve seen over the last 14 hours. .

    We’re an elite county?

    Sorry, we’re a county that plays one sport that has a very very sparse amount of underage titles in the last 40/50 years and sweet F all senior titles. The sooner we grasp that fact the better. Sligo know their lot and have somehow started to rival galway as the best Connacht underage county recently

    Another county that knows their role, Roscommon. Produce consistently good forwards, understand they’ll never quite compete at the top level but will always be dangerous to a bigger county. Meanwhile we go from identity crises to reality crisis and back again

  8. Bit negative there Stephenite. Agreed we’re not elite this year unless a few forwards step up into high scoring form but no need to overdo the gloom. Our job as supporters is to support. The bolter could be James Carr or Darren McHale or Paul Towey .. if they get a chance they should grab the jersey. A few years ago Kerry launched a not overly young Paudie Clifford who quickly nailed his jersey. Tommy C could return to top form at any time. A run in the half forwards could help him.. wins loads of frees which is one reason our free stats are high. We have some great players every year but just need a few marquee forwards. Andy before injury in 2012 was unmarkable and in later years was awful hard to mark often getting 3 or 4 points. Cillian at times has been marquee especially with goals. We don’t see many just yet but things change. I think we’re stronger overall than Ros based on the league but can’t take them for granted as there’s talent there.

  9. @Driveitlongandhard

    The examiner and indo have pieces with Conor Hussey.
    RTE have Lee Keegan’s column.

    The reality is it’s Thursday and what little Football coverage there is is focused on Derry Donegal and Kerry Cork. I expect there’ll be plenty on us in the Sunday papers when we’ll have top billing.

  10. Yeah, the Mickey versus Jim narrative dominates coverage for sure. Gas thing is it could be a bore-fest after all the hype. It just doesn’t sit right having games this time of the year.

  11. @stephemite yeah we’re not elite this year as @shuffly deck said but we are still in the top 6 counties.

    We usually get to least a quarter final. Some counties will never get there So I’d say we are an elite county and have been at the business end nearly every year and are one of the few counties who have a chance maybe not this year but I still think we will reach a semi.

    Rossies may produce good forwards but they still haven’t won a championship match in croker in 33 years… See Davy has gone defensive in his set up as they know if they play open game of football against us they will loose we have the better panel. I’m sure mcstay will have a plan for this let’s hope so anyways.

    Mayo by 4.

  12. For the Hyde, 20 to 30 Euro for an Adult ticket and 5 for a Juvenile, you can see why a lot of families are weighing up whether to attend or not. My day out could potentially be 80 euro for tickets alone!

  13. You would barely know there’s Mayo/Roscommon championship game on at the weekend. No hype about it whatsoever. The GAA have ruined the championship with the new format. The championship was always about the summer. Now there’s games starting in the first week of April directly after the end of the league. Itl be all over by the end of July. Nothing to watch in August or September. I think it needs to be brought back to the old timescale.

  14. Blond64 sure team is nearly always same bar injuries. Hession could start perhaps for McLaughlin. Doubt Flynn is fit enough yet so may or may not make panel. If he’s fit he would start as well.

  15. Dave Johnston, I don’t think it’s the timelines that’s the issue. It’s all the pointless games.
    Realistically provincials and even round robins for the top 5/6 teams (barring odd shock) are fillers.

  16. I have one change in that Roscommon side – so if Davy has gone defensive, he did so about 6 weeks ago.

    Handful of changes from the game in Castlebar look more injury enforced to me.

    Davy showing us the same respect as Derry and Kerry suggests he at least doesn’t think we’re too far from “Elite”.

    IMO we’re fourth ATM and honestly if it wasn’t for a certain someone I’d have us ahead of Kerry.
    (WTS if Kerry’s midfield walk the walk that might be a different story).

    I note that same Kerry midfield did a lot of damage on the scoreboard against both of our nearest and dearest – Mattie Ruane could imo have a big Connacht campaign.

  17. IMO it’s a really good Connacht for us this year.

    Galway crippled by injuries.
    Rossies looking quite unsettled.

    We need to be ruthless and punish them. Reasonably young team, and if we can start consistently putting our weight behind our punches we’ll be competitive over the next 5-6 years.

  18. @Frost the hammer agree with you..

    Great to see paddy durcan back again and good to see hession starting again to another important player!

    Pity about Eoghan mc and cillian.

    Any word on diarmuid o Connors injury?

  19. Frost – Galway are getting the band back to together now. Seems to be only McDaid missing from the named squad. And maybe that Tomo lad, but he is no great shakes

    By the time they face us they might have the full deck to choose from…

    I wouldn’t call them crippled with injuries at this stage.

    Be interesting to see what shape Walsh is in tomorrow though….

  20. @frost have u seen the Galway panel? Walsh and Comer are back.

    I’d have us 3rd in Connacht to be honest. I think we will concede at least 2 goals on Sunday because our defenders aren’t defending. All 3 full backs are excellent with ball in hand, but what is the point in Sam or Jc ploughing forward in to an area that will have half the Parish of Tulsk waiting for them.

    We all agree the likes of Tommy needs space to attack…what space is there if our 6 backs keep launching forward.
    I’ve no problem with them taking a ball on the run, but find a mid fielder or a playmaker and return to base….

    Think unless we score goals early it could be a long day but no doubt ill be told I’m wrong

  21. You might be right guys but I’d be of the opinion that the Connacht final is coming to soon for those lads to be properly up and running.

    Might be dangerous later in the year, but right now I think they’re there for the taking.

  22. No DOC, Cillian or Eoghan. First I’d heard of Eoghan and cillian carrying knocks.

    Looking at the rossie team again they have actually gone with a v defensive half foward line so you can see their plan. It’s a game that actually would have suited Eoghan as our hb line will be seeing oceans of ball and may need to break lines and punch holes so he is a loss from that pov.

    Not surprised by DOC absence, that was a bad injury he got, indeed I’d say he would be doubtful for connaught final.

    I still think Jordan Flynn starts

  23. @Moose79: Teams are pushing backs/everyone including keepers forward to try and create that space.

    In set defence, teams (underage, schools right up to senior) are dropping back +12 and up to 14 (or the odd 15) whether their men are pushing forward or not. If there’s nobody pushing up to provide width or depth to the attack they can sit on the edge of the square (goals) or the D (points) and make it far harder to get a score off with far less space available. Think of the early Donegal defence days before sides figured out to breach a blanket.

    In theory, the defender is going to be filling more dangerous space left on their own than where they’ll end up pulled too if they’re tagging one of our attackers (or defenders that are attacking). So more bodies isn’t necessarily the same as less space.

    The flip side is there’s a massive difference between doing it well with smart lines, pulling the defence out of shape, greatly increasing the cognitive load they’re under and overwhelming the defensive structure to breaking point (Dublin and Derry have been doing it fantastically well – half of all Derry’s goals coming from attacking defenders, Kerry doing it pretty well – defenders not as high a threat but successfully creating enough space for the forwards, we’re often struggling to create space for our forwards or get our defenders into enough space) and doing it poorly where people are simply getting in each others way.

    We certainly need to improve our efficiency and effectiveness with it, but it’ll be one I’d expect you’ll continue to see for this year and probably well beyond (same with the sweeper keeper for all that hate that one). And at this point pretty much a necessary evil.

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