The weekend’s matches

Unless you’ve been closeted away in a cave over the last while, you’ll know that we’ve a big knockout Championship game on this weekend. That’s not the only match involving the county that’s taking place this Bank Holiday weekend – there are, in fact, three Mayo games on – so here’s a quick reminder about what’s on and when and all that.

First in action are the county’s U17 hurlers. They’ve reached the final of the Celtic Challenge competition and that decider, in which our lads play Sligo, is set to be contested on Saturday at Markievicz Park. Throw-in is 12 midday and it’s free admission into the Sligo venue.

The prize on offer for the winners is the Corn Michael Feeley. More information on the Celtic Challenge, the only hurling competition that features teams from all 32 counties, is here and a preview piece on all the deciders in the competition this weekend is here.

Also on Saturday, the big one – the Senior footballers’ All-Ireland Qualifiers Round 1 clash with Monaghan – throws in at MacHale Park at 4pm. Tickets for the game are available online here and they’re also obtainable from selected Centra and SuperValu outlets. Season ticket holders should have sorted theirs by now.

The match is live on Sky Sports and there’s also live radio commentary on Midwest.

We’ll have a ‘Final Whistle’ podcast for club members on Patreon soon after the game is over. By the way, if you haven’t yet caught our podcast episodes building up to the game – with Rob, Ed and Malachy Clerkin (Patreon), the James Horan press event pod (Patreon) with Mike, Rob and me, the preview show (all platforms) with Rob, Colm Boyle and Kevin McStay and the ‘Here Comes the Weekend’ pod (Patreon) with Mike, Billy Joe and Paul Finlay – there’s still time for you to gorge yourself on them.

On Bank Holiday Monday, the Connacht Minor football final is on. This game – in which we face Galway – takes place at MacHale Park, with a 7.30pm throw-in time. Tickets for the game are available here and it’s being broadcast live on TG4, with live radio commentary on Midwest as well.

The best of luck to all three Mayo teams in action over the long weekend.

73 thoughts on “The weekend’s matches

  1. Busy weekend. Munster minor final last night should serve as a warning to our minors. Kerry whacked Cork in the round robin, but Cork regrouped, beat Tipp and gave Kerry a good hiding last night. We gave Galway a good beating but they’re back in the final against us now. They have had competitive game time since while we have been waiting round for a long time, courtesy of us playing 4 games on the spin and topping the group. Looks like the beaten provincial finalists are allowed back in, which in my opinìon is not a great idea.

  2. Folks match is on sky sports arena….its allowed me to set it to record but I only have the basic sky package…..not asking me to pay….does anyone know will it work?

  3. We cannot use hype as an excuse if Mayo are defeated on Saturday, I have never experienced such a non build up to a Mayo game in my life. We don’t know what to expect.

  4. @Mayo88, Ah there has been loads of hype, look at all the articles and podcasts etc, that doesn’t happen in other counties.

    Not saying it’s a bad thing or a good thing though but maybe less is more sometimes.

  5. To win just once.
    All 8 provincial finalists making it to the quarter finals has been there for a few years now.
    I would expect the game against Galway on Monday night to be a much tighter affair because Galway like ourselves have loads of brilliant players. Could be the game of the weekend.
    Can’t wait for the Monaghan clash on Saturday and fully convinced Horan and Mcdonald will get a performance out of the team which will get us through. Normally the championship would only be starting around now and maybe that accounts for some of the apathy around the country in general but for me the All Ireland starts this weekend.

  6. Anyone get down to the otb roadshow in castlebar last night.
    Good craic with JOD, andrews and Higgins.

    Andrews is a great laugh

  7. O’Rourke tipped Monaghan this morning on RTE. Let’s prove him wrong

  8. By hype I understand excitement, confidence, enthusiasm, obsession with the team from dawn until dusk, deification of the manager and star players.

    I see none of those boxes being ticked in the run up to this one.

  9. On the rule change thread, I found the last 15 mins and first half of extra time poor enough watching despite the close scoreboard. Revelinos suggestion of a 1 min shot clock isn’t a half bad idea with the clock restarting whenever there’s a foul.
    That said there won’t be a change during championship and we need to adapt to any tactics put in front of us. Dublin have the template for coping with it, so no need to reinvent the wheel. They’re not as reliable under Dessie and could come unstuck against Kerry.
    Some debate here about Aido at FF and it’s worth considering especially if light on FF options but we do have more natural forwards waiting their chance like the 2 Darrens so if Aido does play there we need runners off the shoulder when he catches it, something that’s rarely happened any time we played him there.

    Looking forward to the weekends action and the minor game could be a real humdinger too.

  10. @catcol, I understand but that’s not really the meaning of hype though.

    I think there is an obsession by many with the team to be fair, it’s never ending really.

    Perhaps too many are overly obsessed by it all and waste too much of their time on it because let’s face it whatever is said and written by fans wont make a bit of difference in the end, as a matter of fact it could actually be doing more harm than good because even a fair and honest opinion could have some negative affect.

    It’s an amateur game, a small county relatively speaking so there is no isolation for players or management as such, if they don’t read it, they’ll hear it.

    I do get your point though regarding excitement etc. but because there are doubts regarding who will start etc. it’s understandable that things are a bit muted but that will change once there is official team news.

  11. I used to believe that we were hyped more than anyone , I don’t think there’s that much truth in it , even counties that are traditionally non hype are hyped these days , been to Kerry before an all Ireland and it’s no different , singing in the pubs , jerseys spotted at golf tournaments etc etc .

    Hype before this game , not on your nelly is there .in the ten years or so of mania , this is a damp squib , I know plenty of die hards who are not even pushed about going back to castlebar tomorrow , they will go but more habit than enthusiasm/hype , which is unfortunate. And that fella on twitter is annoying the hole of Mayo supporters too with his leaks .

  12. @Supermac,
    Yes,was up in the TF at it.
    A great set up and a really good evening.
    Host Tommy Rooney and Andrews were both surprised that there is some negative views out there on Horan after how he has completely transitioned the team,this mirrors the surprise when I say this to friends outside the county.Many of them consider Horan to be the best manager in the game.Im not sure about that but he’s top 3 at least,we mightnt appreciate the level we are at until he’s gone.

    Something all 3 on the panel mentioned at different times on the pod was the importance of the Mayo crowd.James O Donoghue said when the crowd would get behind Mayo after a turnover and Mayo would get a point out of it,it would be worth 2 points.Andrews said Mayo are most dangerous when there’s unity between supporters and team and all going in the one direction.

    In my opinion, both Mayo and Monaghan are stuttering a bit (us because of injuries and them because I think they’re a tired team with an average manager and are on the slide) Our advantages are even with the injuries I think we’re a better team and we’re playing at home,we have to make that count in the stands.

    Andrews said he thinks there’s a big performance in Mayo,I’ve been saying that for weeks,we’re going to win tomorrow.

  13. Just heading down to Paddy Power to do Mayo/Armagh double, Ó Rourke went for Monaghan /Tyrone and last week he went for Donegal /Roscommon “That’s enough for me”

  14. I think the word you are all searching for is “buzz”, hype is more to do with the promotion of something, there’s lots of that but not a lot of buzz.

    And you can’t really compare an All-Ireland final to a first round qualifier, it’s Monaghan lads, we’ll beat them.

    They are a perfect opponent actually, they’ll knock work out of our fellas and that’s what you want.

  15. Well said FW. Any realistic assessment of James Horan has to conclude that he’s a great manager and a great promoter of talent. The game has evolved so much in the past eleven years -almost professional-yet he ( and others
    have always given us the confidence that we will be there at the last four. If it was me I’d give him an extended contract to get it right because -at least imo-there’s no doubt that he can do it. I’ve been accused of writing love letters to him on here but the surprise of Rooney,Andrews et al should give people some Food4thought that the consensus on Horan is that he is doing ( and has done)a phenomenal job. My god , he beat the greatest team of all time in a big game with a gang of youngsters. Does he have flaws – yes. Will he fix them -yes. He is process driven so I trust he will get it right. The nay sayers should understand that the pundits can’t all be wrong about the same thing – namely the quality of our forward lines these past ten years hasn’t been as good as Dublin’s or Kerry’s and maybe now ? Galway. Yet no one ever writes us off now ,except maybe ourselves. It’s time to let go of last year’s All Ireland. Aren’t we carrying too much baggage already? It’s time to back the team and Horan whole heartedly again. If we do ,we’ll all be better off for it.

  16. If there are any betting people on here I would venture that the “reverse O’Rourke” would almost always be a good bet.

  17. @Sean Burke best to everyone to ignore that desperate attention seeker on twitter

    @Joey o. Yes more often than not Colm O’Rourke gives the kiss of death to the team he predicts and i think he’ll do the same this weekend.

  18. Will be watching in from the other side of the world this time, but I’m as excited as ever for this game.

    Would love to be there, with people not giving us a chance, shouting, chanting and encouraging the team to regain focus after every missed opportunity, just like game against Derry in 2017, the Kildare game in 2016 and Donegal in the league in 2017.

    Have to completely agree with those stating the importance of James Horan as manager. Part of the reason I felt the crowd, including myself, needed to be more vocal in those years was because we didn’t have him.

  19. @Food4taught..Is it Mayo your supporting or is it James Horan?. Pundits differ, and many change with the wind, something no body could accuse your good self of. Last July several pundits taught that Padraig Joyce’s time should be up with Galway, they just couldn’t take another defeat to Mayo. Today those exact same pundits are either mute or on the opposite side of the fence, quietly stepping away from their previous pronouncements..James Horan is in his eight year of Mayo management, those deciding his future, the Mayo County Board have to decide on James Horan future as regards extending his contract or otherwise, maybe James will decide for himself. I don’t know, win tomorrow and the question is deferred, the same with Padraig Joyce’ his Connacht Final victory can only ever defer that question. But Padraig Joyce’ definitely did address one of last year’s problem, eg Galway’s defense. Dublins facile victory will only have deferred the verdict on Dessie Farrell as well, and in his two complete year’s in charge of Dublin, he has already led them to one All Ireland victory. In an objective world every County Manager should be judged on his merits and the present and the future have to take priority over the past. Ask Mickey Harte, or Eamon Fitzsimmons how it works?

  20. Haha just came in to echo most of the previous posters on the colm o rourke prediction.
    I would be encouraged as a mayo fan by that prediction, he is almost always wrong. He wasa disgrace during the ulster final coverage last year, rte inhabited exclusively by dinosaurs like himself mcstay, Spillane, marty etc

  21. @Leantimes,I believe that supporting one is supporting the other.This young team has progressed to elite county level ,at a time of ultra professionalism among the top six teams,in a very short period of time.That’s down to Horan and his team of professionals.This is his team and his protégés ( not to diminish the more important impact of club volunteer coaches etc)

    I think no matter what happens tomorrow (we will win I predict) Mayo football is in a better place than when James Horan started.He has brought professionalism and process to our approach. That’s why I believe he will ultimately prevail at the final hurdle – given enough time.

    This (below)is what the armchair warriors were writing about Alex Ferguson after his first three years. It took him four years just to win his first -the F.A.Cup.

    “3 years of excuses and it’s still crap… ta ra Fergie” read the banner held aloft as Manchester United fell to a home defeat to Crystal Palace in December 1989.

  22. We’ve been here before with this sentiment but we’re still mean, tough, rough critters, the baldest around.
    In the stream of Revellino, of our own blog, have a look at Ciarán Murphy’s piece in the Irish Times yesterday entitled “Time for Mayo to Round up the Posse for One Last Ride”:

    This doesn’t invalidate what you say either Food4thought. (I still believe).

  23. @Food4thought… Supporting Mayo and supporting James Horan are not one and the same thing. The armchair warrior’s, as you describe them, were definitely Man Utd fan’s, whose ticket money helped to pay Alex Ferguson wages and the team’s wages..Those few, how ever many they were, were undoubtedly wrong in their assessment at the time, but they were definitely always Man Utd supporters, who wanted the best for Man Utd, and without whom Man Utd wouldn’t even exist. . Alex Ferguson had a hugely successful CV before he ever managed Man Utd, he had already won the Scottish Cup final, and the Scottish League with unfashionable Aberdeen, and he had won the European Cup Winners Cup with Aberdeen. After 3 year’s he was rightfully under pressure at Man Utd, James Horan has already had 8 year’s in charge of Mayo. I hope tomorrow that everyone gets behind Mayo and indeed James Horan, even though it is most definitely not one and the same thing. And don’t worry, there is no armchairs in McHale Park for warrior’s to hold up any such banner’s, but the absence of such banner’s, something I hope we never see in McHale Park, should not be confused for universal support for the manager, nor should it be confused for universal objections to the manager either, there will always be different views on the matter..And after tomorrow’s game, win or lose we should try to be objective as regards how well we are being managed, and I sincerely hope there is almost universal praise for our manager tomorrow evening!

  24. @Food4thought, even though my opinion is in the main completely different than yours there’s something admirable about someone who nails their colours to the mast.

    You say the game has evolved so much in the past 11 years, I think you will agree that James Horan’s tactics haven’t though.

    For a team like Mayo to reach the last 4 at this stage really can’t be looked at as a great achievement though considering the very small pool of teams who have an actual chance of winning the All-Ireland, had we 32 counties that all spent the same amount of money as the Mayo’s of this world then I would agree with you, back in 2016 for example we spent more than Dublin.

    You say Horan beat “the greatest team of all time in a big game with a gang of youngsters”, hardly a “gang of youngsters” and arguably Dublin at their weakest, but regardless, the question is, to what end ?

    A waste of time if you can’t beat Tyrone a few weeks later unless they are an even better team than “the greatest team ever”, I think not.

    The euphoria displayed after beating Dublin that day and the big parade back from Dublin as if Mayo had won the All-Ireland done serious damage to our chances of beating Tyrone.

    I knew right then, we weren’t going win the All-Ireland , it was a further display of Mayo losing the run of themselves, the professional thing to do was shake Dessie’s hand, a wave to the crowd and get back down the tunnel right away.

    I agree with you that he has flaws but he had flaws ten years ago, how many years does it take to learn do you think ?

    Most people would be embarrassed to say they still have flaws after being so long in management, like what flaws did Jim Gavin have or what flaws does Jack O’Connor have to compare with ?

    How long did it take Dooher and Logan to figure it all out ?

    A lot of people were sniggering about the likes of Dessie Farrell and Pádraic Joyce, they’re not doing too much sniggering now though. I agree every manager needs a couple of years to really get into it, but Horan is a bit long in the tooth now to be still learning wouldn’t you agree ?

    As for the likes of Rooney and Andrews, grand lads but what would you expect them to say in Castlebar, but when people start blowing smoke up your arse, that’s the time to be on guard, I’m not saying that’s what the lads are at but I’d be ultra cautious.

    Some people will believe everything they hear though as long as it tickles their bellies.

    I prefer critical analysis.

    Apart from that, I agree with everything you say.

  25. @Swallow Swoops, the piece you have linked.. reminds me very much of a piece ‘Revelliono’ wrote on this blog a few years ago. Wonder was it the inspiration?

  26. I agree, Leantimes, it does remind me of Revellino’s style indeed. He wrote lots of poems like this in 2017 on our famous run to the final. And he did a reprise of a story about the critters last year before the Tyrone game. They were brilliant stories.

  27. @leantimes

    Agree with your comments as I am sure a lot of Mayo supporters do.
    food for thought WTF has alex furguson to do with mayo. nothing. such BS
    James Horan in his eight years has done a lot of very good things for Mayo, but his cultivation or lack thereof scoring forwards and a tactical plan to open up a backline or even put pressure on them at best cannot be ignored.
    As has been mentioned hundreds of times, we have become so predictable going forward.
    Dublin have kicked the ball into their full forward line all year, they have developed an inside forward line.
    Galway also have, Tyrone have, Mayo have not, focus has been on runners.
    The apathy in Mayo right now, goes back to our failure to adjust tactically in the all-Ireland final, our ass kicking in the league final and the loss to Galway, where other than the last ten minutes we were very well beaten.
    lets hope that enough of the mistakes and loss of form have been rectified ahead of tomorrow.
    All of us supporters have the same end goal no matter who is manager.

  28. WJ
    Are we precluded from meeting Kerry and Dublin before the final.I did think it was open draw at the Quarter Final stage but now I am not sure

  29. 1989 we can draw anyone except Galway in the quarter finals if we win our next 2 games

    After that you take the place of the provincial winner you beat
    This year it is ulster V Connacht and leinster V Munster

  30. 1989 if we manage to make it to the quarter final, we can’t face Galway in quarters but could be drawn against any of the other provincial champs.

    Galway & Derry are one side of the draw & Dublin & Kerry are on the other.

  31. Leanings. In my opinion it is lack of a defensive system that’s been our problem. Year after year its what we talk about.

  32. 1.Rob Hennelly –Roibeard O’Hionnaile –Breaffy

    2.Lee Keegan –Laoi MacAogáin –Westport

    3.Oisín Mullin -Oisín Ó’Maoláin –Kilmaine

    4. Enda Hession -Éanna Ó hOisín-Garrymore

    5. Paddy Durcan-Padraig Ó Durcáin-Castlebar Mitchels

    6. Stephen Coen © –Stiofáin O’Cadhain –Hollymount/Carramore

    7. Eoghan McLaughlin-Eoghan MacLochlainn-Westport

    8. Aidan O’Shea –Aodhán O’Sé–Breaffy

    9. Matthew Ruane-Maitiú Ó’Ruáin-Breaffy

    10. Bryan Walsh-Brían Breathneach-Ballintubber

    11. Aiden Orme –Aodhán Orme –Knockmore

    12. Diarmuid O’Connor-Diarmuid Ó Conchúir-Ballintubbe

    13. James Carr -Seamus MacGiolla Cheara-Ardagh

    14. Jack Carney -Sean O’Cearnaigh –Kilmeena

    15.Cillian O’Connor-Cillian Ó’Conchúir-Ballintubber

    Just on twitter

  33. Team announced – considering all the possible ones that could be out it looks strong

  34. Team has been named. Couple of surprises in there.

    Walsh back in on the half-forward line. Been a while since he was in the squad. Hession named in the full-back line ahead of O’Hora. Jason Doherty on the bench. Jordan Flynn is in the 26 but Ryan O’Donoghue is not listed.

    Good news is that Mullin, Hennelly and Durcan all fit to start.

  35. Ah ROD is an astronomical loss altogether…

    Think we’re relying on Orme and/or Carney coming of age and having a big scoring day or I fear we’ll be sent packing here. COC and Carr just won’t be enough to carry us up front on their own, and sadly – outside of that – I just can’t see where the scores will come from.

  36. strong and experienced side name with some youth in the forward line

    Subs – R Byrne, P O’Hora, R Brickenden, D McHugh, C O’Shea, Jordan Flynn, K McLoughlin, D McHale, C Loftus, J Doherty F Boland

    So three injuries. Ryan O’Donoghue,Plunkett and Tommy Conroy.

  37. Ciaran – Diarmuid, Mattie and Paddy well able to score. McLoughlin and Jason Doc coming off the bench too. It’s a team that’s well strong enough to win tomorrow, assuming all the ones returning from injury are match fit.

    Mayomagic – Harrison and McBrien (I think) are on that list too. So not too bad!

  38. Wouldn’t pass any heed of the named starting 15 anymore. More interested in who has made the subs.

  39. Wide ball, Harrison tore his ACL. and is out for the season.
    Feel O’Hora will surely start and can’t see Carney lining out at ff. If Coen is starting his form must have picked up over the last 6 weeks. Was hoping to see McHale starting but at least he’s available. Mayo by 6/7.

  40. I can see the usual happening here. Not enough scores from our forwards, our backs feel the pressure to push up and we get picked off.

  41. I’d imagine Aido & Carney interchanging… sounds like the occasional big bomb to the edge of the square with plenty of height in there.
    We turned over the Stoney grey soil in the spring and reaped a decent enough crop in that we retained our div.1 spot which is very important since the neighbors are also there,even if the league final was a blot.
    Tomorrow we need to turn that soil again and plant the harvest crop… We’ll harvest it a bit early, like late July. Up Mayo.

  42. Its six changes to the starting team from the defeat to Galway and not 7 as MayoGAA states as Diarmuid O’Connor started then and is starting again tomorrow the changes

    Rob Hennelly – Rory Byrne (stronger for that change)

    Enda Hession – Padraig O’Hora (O’Hora may start yet?)

    Paddy Durcan – Michael Plunkett (stronger for that change)

    Bryan Walsh – Kevin McLoughlin (Bryan started last years AI final and Kevin more of impact sub nowadays)

    Aiden Orme – Ryan O’Donoghue (weaker for that change if Orme starts)

    Jack Carney – Jason Doherty (inexperience for experience)

  43. @Leantimes and Swallow Swoops.

    ” Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, he walks into mine “.

  44. I like Carney at FF maybe a target man other than AOS.
    OHora is a surprise I expect him to start assuming he is on the bench?
    Hession could replace Walsh maybe

  45. Revellino, heehee! Brilliance is timeless. I must admit I had a bit of grá for those gringos you told of.

    Catcol, so much pace from the full back line to midfield, even a touch in the half and full forward lines. Is there a faster full back line in the country? Hession at 4 reminds me of Higgins there. What that pace means I don’t know.

    I like the gumption and go forward attitude I saw from Jack Carney in one of the last matches. That’s worth a lot. It reassures me also that Jason Doc is in reserve to come on – I saw enough from him early in the season to know he has got the scoring factor if he can turn it on.

  46. O rourke very dismissive of Mayo this morning.
    He cannot have it both ways!!
    Saying Mayo were terrible and we only lost by a point.
    Roscommon scored 2-16 against them so if if Mayo are that bad galway must not be be much better?
    We’ll take them in semi final ?

  47. Weak forwards, we will be relying on scores from 1 to 9 unless Cillian is back on song!

  48. @Viper, you reference that Mayo spend more money than Dublin in 2016.. But that needs to be put in context. A few things come to mind, how many championships game’s did Dublin actually play outside of Croke Park?..Mayo were playing Championship match’s, here, there and in the Neutral Croke Park. With associated travel and Hotel costs that Mayo must pay, …If Dublin had to play in McHale Park as often as Mayo,or indeed, Kerry, Tyrone, Monaghan, or Donegal has to play in Croke Park, you’d find Dublin need to spend more money pretty quickly. Another rarely mentioned advantage conferred on the Royalty of Dublin County Senior Gaelic Football team. They are even training regularly in Croke Park, a virtually National Stadium, paid for by the rest of the Gaels in Ireland and World, but Dublin despite it being their defacto home,where they are allowed out on the pitch first always since 2006 unless it happens to be Antrim, and they they don’t even pay for the cutting of the grass!.. God save a level playing field say I.

  49. In all our big matches our so called bad forwards with the help of our backs scored enough to win, giving away soft goals cost us. We have to just get on with it.

  50. Good team named considering the recent plague of injuries and I hope they start as listed but with horan I expect a change or two. ROD is a very significant loss for Mayo and it could potentially cost ye the game if its played on a fulcrum like finish with the honours decided as the ref checks his watch. By that I mean I feel he is worth about four to five points by way of an advantage to Mayo. Not only the scoring potential he brings to ye but he totally changes the defensive requirements for Bantu to deal with a fast moving, intelligent and Jinky forward that will win critical frees (that he will nail) in a tight one.
    Hessian is named to start but personally I have a major Grá for O Hora as he brings a wildness and warrior like edge and resulting uncertainty to the fray that only whets the appetite of the neutral.
    Mullen is a great returnee if he is properly fit and has a few good challenge and A v B games under his belt but it seems very soon to recover from what looked like a nasty enough hammer injury to allow him to be at the required level but to be honest as observers we haven’t a notion as to what stage his recovery is at, I hope he is fully returned to fitness.
    Hennelly is a settling man to have at the gate and I thing it will be to mayo’s benefit to have him back, it’s beyond description how important for the full back line and players in the middle eight to have a trusted stopper and practiced kick out strategy is.
    Monaghan are a team that pride themselves on maintaining Division one status despite their lack of population and and financial cushion that others at their table enjoy. With that said I always feel that the burning ambition is to land The Anglo Celt cup is their primary prise. If they achieve this then the county will resort to the “imagine if we did” territory. After the Derry loss I think they will be crest fallen and lack the belief that they can challenge in the All Ireland series, they will be up for it no doubt but with McManus struggling to find sand in the top lobe of the hourglass I wonder if they can go to the will again.
    I can’t wait for it but I will be a little saddened regardless of the result but I hope Mayo come out on top.
    The other game with tectonic repercussions is the Tyrone v Armagh game of thrones. I think Armagh clearly targeted the league and maintained the Division one status which was hugely important for them but the fitness advantage is now starting to lessen their advantage. Tyrone are a team I to put it mildly don’t like but I do have a begrudging respect for. I think they will win on Sunday but I pray they don’t as I would love Armagh to challenge other teams with their front for foot ball.

    Anyway save journey to all tomorrow and I sincerely hope ye win, good luck and up Mayo

  51. Thanks, Sinead – this one was nothing to do with me though! Mike and Stephen Drake were quick on the draw with it alright. I’ve been offline for hours today myself.

  52. Does anyone know for sure can we meet Galway again in the Quarter finals, I thought it was just Roscommon and Galway that couldn’t meet again but on the Galway footballers homepage it says Galway can’t meet Mayo and Roscommon in the quarters. If we cant, we can only hope to get Derry to avoid the hard route of playing both Kerry and Dublin in the quarter finals and semis!!

  53. Strong team named there, with plenty of pace. Mayo need to be on song tomorrow from the very first whistle, as that’s a decent Monaghan outfit who can hurt if given space. I’m expecting a close cagey game, with us just shading it.
    Up Mayo!
    MAYO 2.11
    MON 1.12

  54. I don’t think we can meet them, TH, as the Master Fixtures schedule says that repeat matches will be avoided where possible in the quarters. We’ve a bit to go, though, before that could be of concern to us.

  55. Hard to know really as both teams have question marks. The winner will have a fair chance of making a QF. Mayo need more from their forward line as Monaghan are more than capable on their day relegating Galway and Dublin in last two seasons and are strong at finish of games. I cant call it, its a real 50/50 game.

  56. @Leantimes, I agree with you but my point was in regards to what should be looked at as a success considering the millions upon millions that keeping the show on the road costs.

    I have no gripe with spending big but there comes a point where you expect a return that reflects that.

    For a county like Mayo the difference between winning and losing a final could easily be north of 5 million euro.

    I have no doubt that had we won a couple of All-Irelands in the last decade that we’d have a top class Centre of Excellence by now, so there’s a lot more at stake than the emotional side of things, failure to get over the line has many knock on effects.

  57. Just looking at the pitch, looks fab. Did they widen it when they put in the new pitch as comes right out to seats now

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