The weekend’s matches

Right, another weekend is fast approaching and with it three more matches involving Mayo teams. Here are the details on them in the order they’ll be played.

First up on this occasion are the county’s women footballers whose Championship campaign resumes on Saturday. The LGFA Championship is now at the group stage and our first match is against Tipperary. The game takes place at MacHale Park on Saturday where throw-in is 2pm.

We named our team for this game earlier on today and here it is:

The game is ticket-only and you can purchase tickets for it here. It’ll be live streamed on the LGFA’s excellent streaming service, where you can buy match or season passes. Further details on that are here.

Next up, at 6pm on Saturday evening, are the men, whose All-Ireland SFC Round 2 qualifier clash with Kildare takes place at Croke Park. The match is live on Sky Sports and will be streamed overseas on GAA GO. There’ll also be radio commentary on Midwest. Tickets for the game are available to purchase here and are also obtainable from selected Centra and SuperValu outlets.

Then on Sunday the second Mayo/Kildare clash of the weekend takes place, this one the All-Ireland U17 quarter-final. The venue is O’Connor Park in Tullamore and throw-in is fixed for 2.30pm. Tickets for this one are available to buy here.

The best of luck to all three Mayo teams in action this weekend.

30 thoughts on “The weekend’s matches

  1. Hello,
    Just some idle speculation as we await team news. Will the team travel up tomorrow and possibly stay ln the Midlands or closer to Dublin? Then maybe a fitness test on Saturday morning to finalise team selection. Then Garda Escort to Dublin.

    Alternatively maybe charter a plane? If I am not dreaming a Kerry team had to do that recently because of the scarcity of hotel accommodation or the cost of lt.

    Ciarán 2.

  2. Could be a small crowd in Croker for Saturday’s games, loads of tickets available on Ticketmaster currently and this is for the Lower Tiers of Hogan & Cusack stands.

  3. Mayomagic. Thanks for that. Will be watching in Brum UK, senior game has been blocked on GAAGO in UK. Anyway around that anyone?

  4. Small crowd indeed. An if its anything like the league final, the rossies who stay on will be shouting for Kildare. I’ve no doubt we’ll be out numbered this time, but whatever few of us are there will roar them on lunatics.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Darren McHale getting a run in the half forward line. He’d a poor semi final last year, but kicked a nice point again Monaghan, looked zippy enough too, definetly worth a start as its our weakest line.

  5. My guess at the team for Sunday:

    Keegan (on Hyland)
    Mullin (on Flynn)
    Hession (on Kirwan)
    Coen (man marking job on McCormack)
    Kev Mc

    Subs – Byrne, Aido, O’Hora, Doherty, Orme, Boland, McBrien, Brickenden, Darren Coen, COS, McDonagh.

    This assumes that ROD is out and that McBrien is over his knock. That’s a strong team with some great subs to be bringing on. I think Kev Mc comes alive on Croke Park, and the way Kildare set up is perfect for him dinking balls in over the top. McCormack has some strike of the ball, for both point taking and passing, but he doesn’t have burning pace so Stephen Coen should be able to hold his own and spoil his influence. Keegan on Hyland worked a treat in the league, keep that the same. Flynn didn’t play in the league, he is an athletic freak and a game breaker, I think Mullin is the only player who can go toe to toe with him, O’Hora is too slow and Hession will get out muscled. Now we’re back in Croker, it’s time for Aido to become an impact sub, just think of the influence he could have coming on with 20 minutes to go when the game is getting loose and he’s totally fresh.

  6. Congrats to willie Joe’s blog guest Contributor Darragh who got engaged to Noelle this evening. Who says Mayo and Galway people dont get on? Well off the field anyway. I always enjoy Darragh’s contributions

  7. @Fourtyfive, I really like the look of that team. I’ve been thinking all week that K Mc should nearly just go in from the start, along with McHale. I think Aido will start, and could be given a more defensive role like the Monaghan game. Be no harm to have him around the fb line to cut off the aerial threat.

    If Flynn is starts, my bet is Aido will start at 11 in a free (more defensive) role. That would probably come at K McL’s expense. If Eoghan Mac could sort out his finishing, he could do untold damage to Kildare. Paddy will have blown out alot of dirty diesel against Monaghan (excuse the pun 🙂 ) and should be alot sharper.

  8. I like that selection too FourtyFive !! Would love to see McDonagh back in the match day 26 at the very least if fully recovered – another player who I think could thrive in Croker if given the opportunity.

  9. Forty-five
    That’d be pretty much my team too,I don’t think Flynn is fit for a full game so maybe he or Aido starts and one comes on for the other.
    Leeroy nearly had Hyland in tears in the league game and I think Mullen is the only man that can match Daniel Flynn athletically.Id expect kildare to try to keep it tight from the start but it’ll open up at some stage and I think we’re going to cut loose and overrun them with pace coming from everywhere.

    I really really believe we are going to see a statement on Sat.

  10. @FW, I believe Flynn played the full match for Crossmolina against Ballyhaunis on Sunday. I know that’s 60 mins, but even if he’s limited, I think it suits us better for him to start and have Aido come on.

  11. @Fourtyfive.

    A fine team picked there fourtyfive. I would be smiling of that line up walked out.

    Far better indication where we are after Saturday, but I really do expect us to come out on top here with a bit to spare.

    I think we need much more than a scrape through this week because we could be up against anyone our next time out and we need to get confidence more than anything else on Saturday.

  12. Forty-five,
    He did indeed play the full game from Cross but was off the pace and noticeably tentative in the tackle.Now this is totally understandable as he’s coming back from the first major injury of his career but I just don’t know how much he can do v kildare.Horan will jave a better idea and of course its an extra week on aswell so we’ll see.

  13. Any word on Ryan O’Donoghue’s progress, lads? Jordan Flynn is some man if he’s back already, even tentatively.

    @Latchico: I can recommend Surfshark, €65 per year but what a service! Only thing is that I can’t remember off-hand if Sky Sports would be on it…

  14. Paddy power took James Carr off their scoring markets last night (means nothing I know but sometimes I think they get a sniff of teamsheet before the masses ) I have a bad feeling he’s injured . BJ padden mentioned there was talk pre Monaghan game he wasn’t 100% and he wasn’t as full throttle as he was v Galway .

  15. No ROD or Jordan Flynn. Good to see Doc in but think Boland should have been other change. No subs until tomorrow. Good to see O’Rourke tip Kildare

  16. Very good team with McHale,Flynn,Kevin Mac and possibly o Hora to come in and drive it home.
    I feel this sort of game will suit Loftus and he needs to take this chance.Jason Doc scored 5 from play against them in the league, I think he’ll bring more to the table than Orme or Walsh.

  17. Really surprised at Loftus getting back in, given he’s been off-form for a while. Maybe he’s going well in training? Though it may well be one of JH’s usual dummy-teams…

    J Doc may have been selected with Kildare in mind, given his excellent performance against them in the league.

    Poor Fergie might as well rejoin the hurlers at this point.

  18. @FW – I think Orme get`s a hard enough time from us fans, he hasn’t been terrible in any game just hasn’t shot the lights out. It`s his first real full season with the exception of a few minutes here and there last year. He is a good asset to have and is still very young. Not every forward is going to make the instant impact Tommy and Ryan did.

    Bryan Walsh has shown glimpses in some game`s but hasn’t done enough in 2022 season to deserve a starting spot for this one, any game i recall him making an impact he came in off the bench so it could be the role for him the weekend.

    In regards to McHale, Flynn, Kev Mc and P O`Hora, they are 4 serious impact subs to be able to call upon.

  19. Loftus and Doherty adds further experience to starting 15. Flynn will get minutes on Saturday. Should beat Kildare by a bit to spare and ROD probably available to start the Quarter final.

  20. @jkel88. I agree regarding orme. Think he has real potential and it may take a while to get to the level required for intercounty. happy enough with the team and also agree Loftus did well the last day and was impressed the way he held possession after taking 2 big hits and won a free for it. I went for a 4 pts win against monaghan and this time I’ll go with 6. Any predictions here? 5 bags of turf for the winner

  21. @jkell88 I’m certainly not having a go at Orme for the very reasons you state,he could be a big player for us once he develops a bit more.I just think Jason offers more on this occasion and we’ll probably see Orme come on too which is great.

  22. Honestly think that’s rubbish that orme gets stick from supporters. What I do think happens in the case of orme is he took on a shot v Galway to level it and missed , then people straight away jump to his defence but nobody has actually attacked him for taking on the shot . I dunno it’s like when people get offended for a cohort of people who they think will be offended by something .

  23. @FW – i never said you were, apologies if it came across as if i meant that. I mean in general i think he is getting a harder time than he deserves by fans, he has a lot to offer and i have no issue with him starting, a lot of his good work goes unnoticed.

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