The weekend’s matches

Yet another football weekend is careering in our direction, another one in which Mayo has plenty of skin in the game. More than most weekends, in fact.

I always used to love All-Ireland quarter-final weekend and I often pitched up at Croke Park both days to see the two sets of double-headers being contested by the final eight in the hunt for Sam Maguire. The dreadful Super 8s did for that weekend feast of football but this year it’s back and the line-up of matches for Saturday and, in particular, Sunday is an attractive one.

Sadly, I won’t the able to gorge myself on all the quarter-final action this year as I plan to be elsewhere on Saturday. That elsewhere is, of course, the lovely O’Connor Park in Tullamore – one of the nicest provincial venues around – because that’s where the Mayo Minors are in All-Ireland semi-final action against Kerry.

I’ll get to the Minor game anon but, taking the four matches involving Mayo this coming weekend in the order they’re set to be played, the first team in action are the Masters. They have an All-Ireland Championship Round 4 clash against Dublin early on Saturday afternoon, a match that throws in at Kiltoom at 1pm.

The U17 clash in Tullamore is the second of the weekend’s matches involving us. The game is set to be an intriguing contest between our bucks – now, according to Tony Leen on the Kerry preview episode of the podcast, the outstanding football team left in the competition – and what has become a most un-Kerry like über defensive Kingdom side.

This game is scheduled to throw in at 2.45pm at O’Connor Park on Saturday. If you’re planning to go then tickets are still available here but, if you can’t make it, the game will be broadcast live on TG4.

Rob and I will be at the game together and we’ll be recording a ‘Final Whistle’ pod after it’s done, which will be available for club members on Patreon to listen to soon after. I’ll also be doing my match report for the blog straight after and will aim to have that online before hitting the road back to Dublin.

The third match involving us takes place on Saturday evening. This is the meeting of Mayo and Dublin in the LGFA Senior Championship, a match that’s fixed for O’Moore Park, Portlaoise, with a 7pm throw-in.

Both counties are already through to the All-Ireland quarter-final but Saturday’s clash will decide which of them tops Group A. Tickets for the game are available to purchase here and the match is also being broadcast live on TG4.

On Sunday, of course, it’s the big one. Our All-Ireland quarter-final clash with Kerry gets top billing in what’s a cracking double-header at Croke Park. The meeting of Armagh and Galway is, however, arguably the tie of the weekend, not least because the winners will most likely get to contest this year’s final. That game gets underway at 1.45pm.

Our clash with Kerry follows at 4pm that afternoon. Tickets for this one are selling out fast – with the GAA seemingly engaged in a cat-and-mouse game by releasing tickets in small batches on successive days – and it looks like the attendance will be close to a full house. It’ll certainly be the first time a crowd of this size will have been at Croke Park since before Covid hit.

The link for purchasing tickets online for the quarter-finals is here. Tickets may also be available at selected Centra and SuperValu outlets so, if you’re still on the hunt, it’s worth checking with them as well.

Both of the games on Sunday will be broadcast live on RTÉ. We’ll be doing a ‘Final Whistle’ podcast for club members from Croke Park and that’ll be online soon after the game, with the full match preview pod to follow the day after.

It’s set to be a hectic and, one senses, a defining weekend for at least some of Mayo’s football teams this weekend. The best of luck to all four Mayo teams in action this coming Saturday and Sunday.

98 thoughts on “The weekend’s matches

  1. I really fancy Galway against Armagh, there’s something about them this year. Armagh had big victories over two poor Ulster teams in the qualifiers so its hard to understand all the hype about them. Saying that, I’ve always been a huge fan of young Burns and Stefan Campbell.

  2. @Travelling Wilbury – i think people are tipping Armagh because Galway have a defensive system but are still conceding lots of scores. If they can keep out goals on Sunday they have a great chance to reach the semi final and i would fancy them against Derry / Clare.

  3. @Liberal, the podcast guys are sure that Derry, Dublin and Kerry will win, but cannot call the other game, I have a feeling Armagh will win on the day.
    Have we any chance at all v Kerry?

  4. Always a chance Mayo88. Probably have my Mayo hat on but I’ll stick with my prediction.

    I genuinely believe Clare have a great chance against an overrated Derry.

    The rain might go against Galway but I still think they’ll prevail.

  5. @liberal. I thought I was the only person in the country who thinks Clare can beat Derry. I can’t backup the feeling with any great logic but I think they could win this one.

  6. While we had some small hope against Kerry if we got ROD back, think that’s gone now with word circulating of another significant injury. It’s been a terrible year with injuries and a miracle required at this stage for Sunday. Think we will need to step back if we don’t get through it and look at how we are picking up so many injuries and a fresh approach will be required going forward. We have the players, we just got to try and find a better approach to getting them on the pitch.

  7. Hi guys. Hope I’m not breaking house rules and apologies Willie Joe if I am. I have 2 spare Lower tier Hogan stand tickets, section 335 row kk if anyone is interested. I got an opportunity to go to the Premium seats hence the extra tickets. They are printed tickets so I can meet up around Croker on Sunday if anyone is interested. Face value of course. I’m not sure if I am permitted to leave my email address or phone number. If anyone is interested maybe Willie Joe can pass on my details. Thanks

  8. Same as that @no doubt. I do think Croker should suit Clare more than an ultra-defensive Derry. Plus, they’ve played against each other regularly in Div 2 etc so Clare will absolutely hold no fear of them. They definitely have the capability to turn them over. What a golden opportunity for the Banner to make an All Ireland semi final. It would be magic.

  9. I’ve seen Clare this year and they are decent but they are as defensive as anyone. I’m not sure the Derry style is going to work and I also think winning Ulster was huge for them. Clare were dead and buried the last day with 5 left and showed huge character so I think they will do it.

    Dublin will beat Cork.

    I thought Galway when the draw was made but the closer it gets I’m not so sure. Also would question the hype around Armagh. I’d go for Galway by a point or 2.

    I’d tip Kerry for a point or 2 win also. Huge time for this Mayo team but I just can’t see them outscoring Kerry and Morley blocking up the D will mean scores and goals in particular won’t be easy to come by. Actually suited to long range shooters like Coen, Boland and Doherty. Kerry are under massive pressure lads, Mayo aren’t.

    Enjoy the weekend

  10. Derry, Dublin, Armagh and ourselves to go through.
    9/1 on that lot.
    Up Mayo!

  11. @Justoutsideballagh – I’d say that is just rumours on ROD. Both Horan and the CT gave positive updates in the last 2wks. In addition it was also reported that he was 99% ready for Kildare but it was decided to give him the extra time – playing it safe I assume. So unless something new has occurred in the last few days I fully expect him to be named in the team/squad for Sunday

  12. They cost me 40 euro each. I would let them go for 70 euro for the pair

  13. Thedarkyfinn would love if you were right but general concensus seems to be that he is out and one other key player injured. Let’s hope he lines out, no other injuries and rest of team fully fit so we can at least compete. Terrible year with injuries and whatever happens this year, think it is something that needs to be looked at to see why we have so many injuries compared to other counties like Kerry and Dublin

  14. I see Ciaran Whelan and Eamon Fitzmaurice are saying Aido has to go in FF. I’ve being saying this all year and they know a lot more about it than me. A two man FF line would suit and drop one of the forwards back or even play an extra defender. We have enough attacking backs. If we don’t do something different we will be in trouble. Anyway roll on Sunday.

  15. Jack Carney is a better full forward option than Aido. No reason he can’t win a few marks over the Kerry full back line and he’d be way more comfortable kicking scores than Aidan.

  16. The bookies seem to get the news before anyone else. If a player has been pulled from a market it doesn’t look good. Nothing certain yet though.

  17. @Sticks for the Reek. I’ve been a supporter of AOS at FF but it gets mixed views here. Some will say its been tried and failed but I disagree. Joe Kiernan once said it takes 2 yrs to perfect the big man at FF. We in the last 5yrs have only sporadically did it with Aiden (few minutes, halves here and there, never a full yr in place). The first half of last years final it definitely worked or at least showed it was worth building on (bar the misses of course before I get slaughtered)

  18. Or Deja+Vu’s ticket I would take either. Sorry Willie Joe and appreciate your exceptional forbearance.
    A quality I saw up close as your workmate all those years ago in Room 208 😉

  19. Hi Willie Joe and fellow bloggers. I think a wet and windy day if thats whats promised weather wise will suit Mayo. I was in Tralee at the league match when we butchered 2 goal chances in the first half and a late Lee Keegan kick in injury time denied Mayo a draw. The teams are well matched for Sunday. Sure Kerry have the superior Forwards but We have a very good back line .Its our Forwards where we need to improve. I would play either Steven Coen or Kevin Mc as a sweeper and help protect the D. We cannot give Kerry goal chances and We need to score Goals ourselves.
    How do we score goals? I would put Jack Carney and Aido into the Full Forward line with cillian and Fergal Boland playing off them in a diamond. I would place Diarmuid O connor at centre half forward also and get the Mayo backs and half backs to bomb the high ball onto Aido and Carney. This could cause major disruption inside the Kerry back line, the likes of White and Morley would surely have their hands full with this tactic. also it could potentially stop White bombing down the pitch setting up Kerry attacks.
    Aido does not have to score but catch and lay the ball off to a scoring forward like Cillian or Boland or Carney. we need goals to beat Kerry so by playing a TWIN TOWERS approach goal chances will happen. We must move the Ball quickly by kick passing into these Diamond with speed and hit Kerry again and again.
    JH needs a new approach for the forward line this could be it. Darren Mc Hale, Loftus and Orme to come on in the second half to keep the Mayo scoreboard ticking over . ROD is potentially a huge loss for us but last year he stepped up when Cillian was injured. now its time for Cillian, Jack and Fergal to step up and get the scores.
    A Mayo win by 2 points.
    Bring on Dublin!
    I believe this Mayo Team will be ready remember that night in Tralee is a better barometer than the League Final where half of the Mayo Team starting on Sunday will be starting this Sunday. it will be a lot closer than expected and I believe if Mayo bring a game plan like this Diamond Twin Towers approach with Aido and Carney we could cause havoc in the Kerry Back line.

  20. Hi Mary. I am so sorry. One of my work colleagues bought the tickets off me. Really sorry again and hope you get sorted with a ticket.

  21. Thoughts on 2 things, 1) how good is Clifford and who should be marking him. In my option Clifford will be a legend on the level of Gooch and Canavan. His skill set is similar, scores off both feet great eye for goal. He is bigger and stronger and quick but maybe not as blindingly so. His great goal v O Hora in the league was more about size and strength than speed. If he gets past you it spells trouble. As for who should mark him, Oisin Mullen is best suited because of his speed. Has done a good job on him in the past and league game in Tralee wasn’t one of his better days doing that but scores are not always about 1 v 1 match ups. It wouldn’t mean Mullen couldn’t make runs up the field. Also Mayo will need to deploy a defensive or sweeper system regardless. The 2nd most suited player for the job is Lee Keegan who is very wily. O Hora is a great guy but without great pace so he’s probably more suited to marking anyone other than the 2 Cliffords or Stephen O Brien because of their pace.

  22. Mary there are plenty of tickets for sale on the Armagh Fans twitter page.They seem legit as they panicked at opening sale time and many got double the amount needed.

  23. 2) how would a wet day affect the teams. It’s likely to diminish skills and chances and keep it more close, diminishing great players chances . I agree the 2008 game in a monsoon between Galway and Kerry was a classic with Michael Meehan putting on an exhibition. But that game was the exception to the rule, the 2 teams were awesome, but a 1 off. Our recent league game vs Dublin was on a wet pitch , Mayo lads were throwing bodies on the line and causing Dublin all sorts of problems. Intensity probably more important than weather along with a proper defensive structure like Tyrone did last year. They had extra bodies there for most of that match and eventually wore the out. Kerry have a better panel this year but with huge intensity they can again be beaten.

  24. You can still back Mullin on PP for man of the match and first goalscorer?

  25. It may just come down to who takes their goal chances, we have terrible conversion rate and Kerry were bad in SF last year…

  26. I looked back at Tyrone’s v Kerry last year. It was remarkable how Ger Canning kept talking about the pressure the Kerry players were under.
    Not “ must be “, “were”!
    There is no question that Kerry blew it.They had the beating of Tyrone but the pressure manifested in a very un-Kerry like way. Stephen O Brien’s disallowed goal for square ball being the most egregious. The two Clifford’s played very well ( Paudie more so near the end) But there is no doubt that the supporting cast around those guys were well quietened. There is also no doubt in my mind that had David been able come back on the field that he would have won that game for Kerry.

    This was a huge error that no one was trying to fix what ailed him. He was left “cold” on the bench with no one trying to ready him for the last five minutes. They had almost thirty minutes to work on him and it looked like generalized cramp – something that should’ve been able to be partially remedied for a return to play for five minutes. He is a big game player and anyone on here thinking otherwise is fooling themselves.

    However, and this is huge, the supporting cast of scorers ( other than Clifford and O Shea)were well marshaled by Tyrone and I think only scored two points from play between the other thirteen ( in regular time)
    So it’s a bit rich to hear Pat Spillane and others -including some of our own-wondering where the scores are coming from. For Mayo ??

    My guess is that Mayo’s defense can be as good as Tyrone’s were that day. Can be. On the day.

    If our defense are “ at it” on Sunday then with a bit of luck we should be there or thereabouts.

  27. These injury rumours are driving me insane. Can’t wait for throw in so all this chatter stops and we can just get on with it.

  28. People tipping Clare must not have been in for their game v ros before our game. They were poor, very poor. Derry will wipe the floor with them and think they will also beat the winner of the Armagh galway game.
    Dublin to beat Cork.
    Armagh and galway, who knows, maybe a draw.
    Unfortunately kerry to get back do what kerry used to do. On form can’t make a case for us.

  29. I think Mayo has a chance. Writing Mayo is not fair basing it on one good player for Kerry. It will depend on the day and how we start.
    Remember we haven’t had a fantastic game yet. We have only performed in last 10-15 minutes of our games so far. Here’s to Mayo and let’s beat Kerry.

  30. MichaelK/Sarsfielder – I’ll put you both in contact now. Apologies, Deja Vu but MichaelK made his ticket offer first, though another poster (Mary) is still looking so if you want I can connect you both on that one.

    Sarsfielder – that Room 208 reference takes me back. We hadn’t even started losing All-Irelands that long ago!

  31. Willie Joe you can put me in contact with anyone that wants the ticket. Much appreciated.

  32. The lack of clarity regarding injuries is so frustrating but I guess that’s part and parcel of the pre match mind games..

  33. @ The heather is rising.

    I agree. I would stick Aido and Carney in close to the Kerry goal and they could field and dish off or bat ball down to the forwards around them.

    I think it would have the Kerry backs in complete turmoil and we could end up putting up a respectable and winning score with this strategy.

  34. Agree 100% Revellino. It you can’t play through them play over the top of them.
    If we can get any sort of ball to Aido at 14 then they will have to double mark him. Morley will have to drop deeper and that might give us a bit more space.
    If we havent got scoring forwards then best we have one that at least occupies 2 defenders.
    Aido at 14 with Duarmuid at 11 would be worth a go.

  35. Just following from Food4Thought’s post above, our defence strike me as players that will be up for the challenge.
    They have a fabulous mentality.

  36. One thing very noticeable about Kerry this year is that they retreat very quickly into their defensive shape when they haven’t got the ball.
    No Messing about. Get the ball in long. Hit them from above.
    It will also help us keep our own defensive shape and make sure we don’t get caught on the counter.

  37. I’m delighted it’s gough , he is the best out there . You know what to expect . Who reffed Cork v Kerry ? He was terrible , Kerry fouled several times in the tackle and got away with it

  38. We are going to have to score at least two goals in order to have any chance to win this game. Remember Andy and Boyler getting two great goals in the first half of the drawn 2017 game. That game was in the rain too.

    Kerry have enough up front to hurt us severely even minus Clifford (be he will play).

  39. Shite weather is good news, will be a leveller for sure.

    Lads are these injury rumours coming from any type of a reliable source?

  40. @ Revinillho and Mind the House. With Aido and Carney both near the Kerry goal and Cillian, Diarmuid and Fergal Boland swarming we could score the goals to win the game. We need to change our forwards formation Use the Diamond.
    I hope James Horan is reading this……….

  41. Christ you’d be sick to death of all the rumours like i mean there are two polar opposite rumours on Ryan and both sides would convince ya they know . I tell ya though there’s one man I usually get a bit of solid info off from below and not a word out of him in the lead up to this game . Im not convinced anyone knows for sure only the panel and management.

  42. @The Heather is Rising,

    I wouldn’t normally be an advocate of Aido at 14 but this is one game where we need to mix it up. Quality ball in on top of the Kerry back line and pick up the scraps. We have to hold our shape and make sure we don’t get caught on the counter.

    There is no way we will beat Kerry in a gunfight. A dogfight might just be a different matter on a bad weather day,

    And Mind the House at all times.

  43. On where the scores will come, we scored 13 points in a league final where we were completely bossed by what will be virtually the same team. 13 won’t win many games but from what I’d imagine was 30-40% possession, it’s not exactly terrible either. If we can get 60% of the possession this time, I think we can get the scores.

    Aido v Carney at full forward is a very interesting debate. I think what is happening around the middle might be more important than what’s happening inside, in determining which of them moves to full forward

  44. Lets hope O’Rourke’s 100% record continues ! he is very emphatic in his prediction this time so must be a very good omen !

  45. Let’s just enjoy the game and whatever will be will be ..we’re getting too hung up on situations beyond our control ..we have fantastic ambassadors to represent us on Sat and Sunday with both our ladies and gents let’s just enjoy

  46. “When will team be announced?“

    Might not be able to make up the numbers at this stage .

  47. Can’t see anything past a Kerry win here.. Sean O Shea should be instrumental..
    Dublin will win with ease.
    Clare will put up a fight but fancy Derry.
    Galway to do it.. but as usual I have severe doubts… but now the time for Walsh to step up on the big stage…

  48. @The Heather is Rising… Good luck with your wish, that James Horan is reading your posts.. I wonder would the Mayo selectors ever consider writing their opinions on this Blog to get their opinion across?. However it’s very well rumored in Mayo GAA circles A man with A baseball cap only has eyes for one particular poster.. “Viper” … but there will be several Mayo fans with baseball Caps in Croke Park on Sunday, and probably a different opinion for ever baseball cap… We can speculate, we can ruminate, we can have Crystal Clear plans that absolutely can’t fail.. But Jack O Connor and James Horan will try to read each other’s mind, both will have plans to upskittle the other’s applecart… And in the meantime we fans will have to wait in dark on many things unknowable to us.. Some of what Jack O Connor has planned is unknown by James Horan, but an experienced manager might be able to have an educated guess at the plans… And Visa Versa of course.. The next big thing in the drama is the announcement of first 15 and the 26 of either or both teams, possibly this evening or sometime tommorow.. And our hearts will all be all a flutter… And not a single football fan in Kerry or Mayo is going to agree with that selection 100%, .. And we will all be able to pick a better team in our own head’s. That’s the way it has always been!

  49. Yes the Mayo team and panel for Sunday is out there James+Fleming. Can’t be putting it up here but I’m sure you’ll receive a WhatsApp picture about it from someone (or it will be officially released this evening!).

  50. Can’t see ROD making it in time. He shouldn’t be risked either, the groin is a very complex injury. Its time now for Orme to step it up and prove himself if he starts or comes on.

    The other rumour is very concerning if true. I really fear we could be in for a long day. I hope Horan and others give it another go. James dererves to half a fully fit Tommy, Ryan and Cillian in that FF line, for one season at least. The vulchers waiting to stick the knife in him will say “sure he had them in 2020 and still lost”, but in all fairness, Tommy and Ryan came on leaps and bounds physically between 20 and 21, Cillian really was the missing piece of the jigsaw last September.

  51. Horan has been very unlucky with injuries alright Lineball 2.0. However he really needs to shakes things up tactically on a more regular basis, starting this Sunday. It would be great if he went a bit rogue e.g. start Carney and O’Shea in the full forward line and have COC hover for breaking ball and quick passes/lay offs etc.

  52. Lineball it’s a discussion for another day but any other team playing kerry would have learned from watching how Cork played Clifford.
    You can see the Tyrone influence on a number of teams this year, how they’ve changed their defensive set ups.
    I think people just feel its the same plan no matter who we play. I can’t see the harm in things being freshened. Teams usually get a bounce from a fresh approach. But, it’s a chat for another day. Fingers crossed its down the line.

  53. Travelling Wilbury, completely agree that Aidan should be FF, with good diagonal ball played in. If i said it a few times on here the last couple of weeks. Quick ball in on the turnover will cause chaos in the Kerry fb line. They’ll be expecting us to have the same laboured build up, which gives them so much time to get back and get set.

    Horan does need to change it up Sunday, ultra decensive would suit me. Protect the goal no matter what….a bit like 1st half of Dublin game last year.

  54. Good man Corrick. That’s what we need. Optimism
    ..there’s not that many here that sat in those lonely stands in 1981 to witness mayo being beaten by that great kerry team. I too sat there . Back to Sunday s game. There’s so many uncontrollable s that any manager can do zero about. Giving away possession. Kicking wides. Kicking short into the keeper s hands. Missing frees. Etc. We have been guilty on all those front s against kildare. A repeat of this will end our campaign rapidly. Also very poor start s to all games so far. . But all that aside I trust in our management to get us right for the other uncontrollable s.

  55. Going on all all I’ve read, heard and listened to (including all those horrible rumours) is that Mayo will make it to the last 5 in the race for Sam.

  56. Corick Bridge. I think you’re right about Ryan. Surely a man with a name like that, knows what’s going on in Belmullet.

  57. @Lineball 2.0.. James Horan is not entitled to another year with a fully fit Cillian, Ryan O Donohue or Tommy Conroy in the team.. because regardless of how fit they are, no player can be considered to be “Entitled” to be starting in the 2023 Championship in the year 2022.. And regardless at the end of Mayo’s Interest in this year’s championship James Horan tenure will have to be analyzed on his management of his team as it was, not as a uptopian wish of everyone being fit.. because next year other players will also be injured…Every manager has player’s injured that we all wish were fully fit…In 2004, a few weeks before the All Ireland final,Jack O Connor Kerry announced that both Séamus Moyhian and Darragh O Shea were injured, and unable to start for Kerry, no doubt that at the time two of the best player’s in Ireland..there was no talk in the Kingdom of judging Jack O Connor on the following year when maybe they would be playing with a full deck… That’s just the way it has to be… Best of luck to James Horan and his management team on Sunday,.. I sincerely hope we are all singing his praises on Sunday evening!..PS Anyone who tries to objectively appraise the manager is NOT a Vulture!

  58. Rob and I feature in a piece today by Malachy Clerkin in the Irish Times, which is here. This is a follow-on piece to one he did with us back in 2017, when we were all enjoying the journey much more!

  59. I haven’t seen the team for Sunday but is there any way possible that Mayo management can throw a few curve balls, excuse the pin but have they the balls to do this, basically make Kerry adjust their style of play and their personnel if Mayo were to use a few certain players in key positions and adopt a few tactics.

    I have 2 or 3 that I would love to see being tried, this could surely force Kerry into making adjustments.

    I have mentioned this next sentence on this blog for the last 4 or 5 big games, a few were actually the finals.

    What would one or better still two early goals do for Mayo ?
    We would be looking at something novel, force Kerry to adjust etc.

  60. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the players fight like dogs for James. Hopefully we see that Sunday.

    As David Brady said on OTB two days ago, when it comes to the final quarter, plus ones, sweepers, double sweepers, match-ups etc mean absolutely zero.
    It’s kill or be killed at that stage. Hopefully Kerry aren’t out of sight by then.

    Great piece today by Malacky Clerkin on Mayo and its disgruntled supporters!! A must-read. Nice context given by Willie Joe too.

    Hope that injury rumour is untrue. Unfortunately some players are just injury prone. That’s life.

  61. Robbie

  62. Phew!!! That injury rumour clearly isn’t true.

    Nice one Exile. Team named folks. The bruisers are all starting. Makes sense given weather.

  63. Seen the team finally, Samo samo… Flynn in which is good, hope we have some good news on Sunday, the not knowing is a pain

  64. We need to give Kerry plenty timber (fairly) from the first whistle.

  65. @Liberal role in the tie

    Correct. Controlled aggression and ferocity from the first whistle. Drag Kerry into a dogfight.
    I was thinking earlier can we keep Kerry at bay. Remember we kept Dublin to 4 points in the second half and extra time of last years semi final.
    Kerry will present a different set of problems to Dublin but we have to believe.

  66. Was thinking that if that team is named there’d be a decent amount of grit in there Liberal! If we have a plan not to get overrun in midfield, we have DOC in the right place, with him, Flynn and AOS all being able to kick good passes, and who knows maybe AOS will be able to get in closer as well. Something clear to get behind now

  67. Depressing set of forwards really
    Rod a huge loss

    I can see one change to team . Two at most
    O Hora for o Shea and then one of our quicker defenders will play up on Gavin white

    All our fanciful ideas of Mullin being freed from back line were never going to happen
    Horan isn’t for changing

  68. Do the people who go around carrying mad rumours in the week before matches ever think they mightn’t do it the next time, when they see the team named??…. I see one fella that was out for the rest of the year with a torn hamstring and another fella that was clocked by a teammate both in the team for Sunday!!….

  69. I dunno Willie Joe, I’m still enjoying the journey. Even the final defeats in the last decade are easier to move on from than the dismemberings we experienced in ’04 & ’06. Look at the victories along the way, Cork in 2011, Dublin in ’12, Kerry in 2017 and the Dubs last year. A great league title and numerous other games we won that maybe we shouldn’t….and plenty going the other way too. Mayo have served up a feast of some really and truly magnificent full tilt football the last few years. They are like no other and neither are we as a result.

  70. On reflection.. This is a dummy team, bit of shadow boxing no harm at all, we won’t know who will start until 4pm on Sunday…

  71. I think he’ll start with that team but a couple of positions might change. As few have said already Mayo may need to make this a dogfight that team may do that for the start. Bench now becomes interesting, O’Hora, Boland, Kevin Mc, McHale, Doherty, Coen and hopefully ROD to finish the game and Kerry !

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