The weekend’s matches

We’ve the bulk of the working week, I know, to get through first but all the same I think it’s no harm to give a bit if airtime at this point to the matches involving the county that are on this weekend.

On Friday evening, we’re in the All-Ireland Minor football final in what’s a first ever all-Connacht Championship decider. It’s us against Galway, it’s on at Dr Hyde Park, Roscommon, and it’s set to throw in at 7.15pm that evening. Niall Cullen of Fermanagh is the ref for it and the weather is forecast to be only gorgeous.

The final is live on TG4 and Midwest will also have full radio commentary on it. But that’s of no interest to you – right? Because you’re all going to be there, aren’t you? Well, those of you living in the country and capable of getting there. Yes, that 10,000+ of you and the louder you are, the better.

Tickets are still available for the match. I know, because I got mine up the road in SuperValu this evening. They’re also, ahem, available on Ticketmaster (here) if that works for you in the way that it didn’t for me. Each to their own.

By the way, our Minor final preview episode of the podcast will be online in extended format for club members on Patreon tomorrow morning. Rob and I are on it, with Mike chatting with Seán Deane and Gary Ruane, while Rob gets the Galway view from Jonathan Higgins of Galway Bay FM. This pod (minus the bonus chat at the end) will then be available on all platforms tomorrow night.

On Saturday, there’s another crunch Championship game involving the county. This one’s the LGFA Senior All-Ireland quarter-final against Cork and it throws in at Cusack Park, Ennis, at 3pm that afternoon.

Tickets for this game are available to purchase here. The game is being streamed live on TG4’s YouTube channel and so, because it’s on YouTube, I’ll embed the stream on the blog for those who might want to watch it directly from here.

We’ll have a preview pod on this game for club members during the week as well. We’re also aiming to have ‘Final Whistle’ pods available for club members soon after each of the games are over.

14 thoughts on “The weekend’s matches

  1. Good luck to the minors and the ladies team at the weekend. I’d be expecting a mayo win in the minor game but anything can happen at that age grade. A loss at this stage to galway would be hard to take considering we beat them twice and for them to win the all ireland after losing 3 games already. Hopefully we’ll see mayo at their best and a satisfactory result.

  2. Both the Minor and Ladies games should be crackers.

    Here is hoping for 2 Mayo win’s and some Silverware back in the county on Friday night.

    Up Mayo !

  3. Another great podcast really setting the scene for the final. €15 for adults free for U16s so everyone with Mayo jersey who is able to attend should do so. Also anyone who is not a Patreon member should sign up, you don’t know what you’re missing for a fiver per month. Best of luck to our Minors and the ladies too.

  4. You were quick off the mark there, Joe G! That was the Minor final preview pod you were listening to, was it? If not, that’s now online for club members this morning.

  5. I think there will be about 15000 at the minor final . MAYO will outnumber the Galway supporters by 4 to 1 so the Mayo chanting and cheering will be loud across Hyde Park. I hope the huge Mayo support will inspire the Mayo team and that the players do not get stage fright. We should win it but Galway are an improving team and will be very sticky opponents. My group are landing into REGANS AROUND 4.30PM to take on some food and pre- match drinks. Its has the makings of a wonderful evening if MAYO can win it.

  6. The future of Mayo GAA will be on the pitch and many of them in the stands on Friday night watching on.

    A big turnout of Mayo support will give the younger generation a taste of what it means to following Mayo teams and no doubt will have every young person in the county striving to some day play in an all Ireland Final.

    I cant wait for Friday evening, lets turn the Hyde Green and Red and get behind the Lads.

  7. Anybody an idea of what sort of crowd will turn up?
    There were about 8k in Ennis in 2016 with about 7k from Mayo.
    Outside of players families there will be very little support for Galway on fri so I’d expect it to be almost exclusively Mayo support.
    Hyde Park is reasonably straight forward to get to from most of Mayo and most of the country really,crucially tickets are only €15 and u16s free which harks back to old school GAA times which I think is great,weather going to play ball too.
    This has the makings of a special occasion.

  8. I think more Galway fans will show up than you think. Football in that county is on a high at the minute. As long as Mayo win it don’t matter a jot who or what shows up.

  9. Thats great about the weather Willie Joe. This could be a classic. An all Ireland local derby in proper summer weather with nice cold pints beforehand. Friday night style. Up Mayo!!

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