The weekend’s matches

The first weekend of the new year is fast approaching, the decorations are coming down and from a Mayo perspective there are two matches of interest on, one on Saturday and the other on Sunday.

Lahardane MacHales have an All-Ireland Junior football semi-final date with Listowel Emmets of Kerry on Saturday. The match is fixed for O’Connor Park in Tullamore where throw-in is 1pm.

The link for purchasing match tickets online is here. Tickets are also available for purchase at selected Centra and SuperValu outlets.

The match is being streamed live on Saturday by TG4 on YouTube (here). As I usually do for matches shown on YouTube I’ll be able to embed the live stream here on the blog to make it easier for those interested in watching it.

On Sunday Mayo’s inter-county pre-season gets underway with an FBD quarter-final meeting with London, who this year are making their debut in the January competition. As has been the case in the last few years all of the FBD matches will take place in Connacht GAA’s splendid University of Galway Air Dome at the Centre of Excellence in Bekan.

Sunday’s match throws in at the Dome at 1pm on Sunday. Tickets appear to be still available on the Universe platform (here) so if you fancy going along on Sunday you should still be able to do so.

The match will also be streamed live by Connacht GAA, where Mike Finnerty will be on commentary. Mike and I will be doing a Final Whistle pod from the Dome afterwards and that’ll be online for club members in the late afternoon.

29 thoughts on “The weekend’s matches

  1. Great. Will we be peaking on a wet Saturday night in February against Kerry again, then getting bet up and down the pitch by Cork a few months later.

  2. Best of luck to Lahardane on Sunday. Looks a daunting task but these lads know how to battle. Would be a massive achievement to make the final.

  3. Looking forward to Sundays match in the Dome and hope Lahardane put the Kerry boys to the sword.

  4. Good luck to lahardane would be an amazing achievement if they can pull it off even if they don’t win they should be proud of themselves forgetting this far!

    Would be amazing if they won and to get one over kerry club just an extra bonus haha

  5. Best of Luck Lahardane ..
    Will be interesting to see the panel for Sunday.
    I’d expect to see only a sprinkling of established players starting

  6. Need to stop building up Kerry. Living in Galway you never hear that sense of reverence toward them. It’s a bit sad tbh. Enough Mayo teams have had success against Kerry sides in recent years. Need to change our mentality.

    Good luck to Lahardane.

  7. Best of luck to Lahardane, a big ask given the Kerry club structure.

    Sunday should be good run out for lads just starting out on panel, and some of the lads who have been in and around it the last few years. Cannot imagine more than 2-3 starters/older heads being named. Robbie probably be goal again, Jordan or Diarmuid in midfield with Reid or McHugh, and given Tommy was named last day but could not play he could be in forwards. Brickenden likely be given the FB duty again.

  8. I agree with Gizmo above.

    I think Jordan Flynn and Tommy Conroy are taking on the leadership responsibilities for the FBD, Cillian backing up Tommy if there are fitness concerns.

    Eoghan McLaughlin is a guy I think will be asked to support those and see a lot of FBD time.

    Otherwise tbh I imagine we’ll do same as we did last year and there’ll be a challenge game outdoors on Sunday, in which most of the senior guys will be used.

    I think this is a good approach from management.

  9. A very happy new year to everyone. Haven’t posted here in a while. Best wishes to Lahardane who have lit up the winter, even through the fog!

  10. Kevin has really gone with a experimental team for Sunday, the fact it’s against London probably made it easier, will be interesting to see which of the new players stand up and show they could be bolters for the league.

  11. Lots of names on that team sheet i wouldn’t know much about so excited to see if any can make the breakthrough

  12. Very experimental team there…

    But that’s the way to be going for now. Hopefully lessons have been learnt fromast year

    Will be interesting to see how they go..!

  13. I see that Mayo lgfa are struggling to fill some key positions on the executive. I am not surprised. The time required in these positions – even at club level- is gone crazy and its getting harder every year to get volunteers to step up.
    It’s a lot easier to go onto social media and critisise the volunteers trying to do this work rather than put a hand up to help out. If current trend continues where there are less volunteers having to do more work – we are heading into a crisis within the gaa.

  14. Delighted with that team; I predicted 10/15 and for the first week of January, I’m pretty happy with that.

    WTS I don’t think that team will start, but the 26 looks correct to me. My only doubt might be Darren Quinn – I think we’d have seen him last weekend if he was fit enough to start tomorrow. I think Kevin might be naming him just to remind us that he’s in contention. I’d hope he can stay in the squad and is fit enough to play a part, but I can’t see him starting.

    Other than that I guess the question is where are the senior players? Have we an outdoor challenge on Sunday? I’d hope it’s not a case that we crippled by injury but I doubt we’ve 30 others fit enough for an A v B.

  15. Best of luck Lahardane, absolutely nothing to lose in this game, just go for it as hard as you can. Also all the young lads lining out for Mayo on Sunday.

  16. @frost the hammer I’m delighted to with that team selection this is the time to give young guys a chance I think Kevin quinn could become a great option..

    I would say that most of the seniors are in a challenge match or resting either way it’s great to see

    We went in to hard to fast last year and showed our potential to early.

    I heard London have 13 new young guys on their team so we shod still win it no offence to London it’s great to have a gaa team in London!

  17. So Frost T Hammer let me get this right you are whinging that there are not enough Senior players starting against London in the FBD league in the Dome on the 7th of January. Will you relax , some just cant help themselves from whinging.I hope we dont see the likes of Aido , DOC , Paddy or Matty Ruane till the after tge League break.Whats the panic.We need to blood new players and give less established players game time.

  18. @Sam og – I hope you are trolling, because otherwise, no; you are completely incorrect and appear to have just read the final paragraph.

  19. @Sam of totally agree with you!

    I do think Tommy conroy needs game time just because he’s only getting back to his full 100 % best lately but not quite there yet..

    But other then that I don’t want to see any big names or less of them anyway.

    It’s great that mcstay has named so many new faces tbh I haven’t heard of a lot of them so they must been out scouting then which is great to see.. Best of luck to the young guys!

    I think our whole approach this year is going to be completely different to last year prioritise yotr best till when it matters most… and I can already see that happening in this game we didn’t have as many new faces in the first FBD game last year this one best of luck guys ..!

  20. A very strong team named,hopefully we should be good enough,I see Mayo for Sam my self

  21. Didn’t Tommy conroys cruciate injury happen almost 2 years ago now .he came on in last year’s league final and his pace was still very evident as it was in salthill in the championship

  22. I’m hopeful we can get new 15/21/26/34 players out of the new and former panellists. Did not think we had the necessary panel depth last year.

  23. Clare I see your point about Conroy needing game time but with heavy training at this time of the year and Siggerson starting it might be better to be a bit cautious. I agree with FrostTheHammer regarding the team and giving the youngsters a run. Let them bed in without pressure and on an easy surface. Shouldn’t be make or break for any of them but in their own minds it probably will be.

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