The weekend’s matches

It’s football on the double for the county this weekend, with away matches against Kerry for both the lads and the women. Both of these games take place on Saturday.

The LGFA match is on first. The venue for this one – which is a Round 4 game in the LGFA NFL Division One – is Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, where throw-in is 2.30pm.

The link for tickets is here. The game is also being streamed live by the LGFA and details on that are here.

A bit up the road later on that evening the lads lock horns with Kerry in Round 3 of the NFL’s Division One. This game takes place at Austin Stack Park in Tralee and it throws in at 7.30pm. Derek O’Mahoney of Tipperary is the ref for it.

The link for tickets for this game is here. Tickets are also available at selected Centra and SuperValu outlets. The game will be broadcast live on RTÉ2 and the RTÉ Player and Midwest will have radio commentary on it as well.

92 thoughts on “The weekend’s matches

  1. A shout out for Martin and Maureen Lavin originally from Swinford and live on the Wirral Liverpool, great Mayo supporters who attend as many games as possible. On Friday 23rd February they celebrate their golden jubilee with mass at the church where they celebrated their wedding on the Wirral. Beautiful couple and family who fly the mayo flag across the pond. In jest I give them a hard time about been Mayo and Everton supporters but reality is they are unbelievable people who worked hard and never forgot their roots. Sharing their story with you all in Mayo. MJ Lavin Plant Hoylake Liverpool. Looking forward to the celebration with the family. Hon Mayo

  2. Looking forward to weekend games and the Sigerson Cup final tonight whetted the appetite. It was a game of excellent football and some brilliant scores on a wet night. The Mayo lads did ok for UCD especially in an attacking sense but both Rory and Sam had their hands full with the guys they were marking. The Canavan brothers were top class and a few more of the Ulster guys were excellent. Dara Cregg from Roscommon was outstanding but they really missed his fellow county man O Carroll. Goals win games was proved again tonight and there is a big lesson there for us. We tend to concede too many ( often at crucial times) and score too few. So far in the league this year we have not conceded any and that gives the platform for a win. Think back to last year and the three important games we won v Galway in league final and championship and v Kerry in Killarney we did not concede. In contrast the Dubs hit us for two as did Roscommon in Connacht championship

  3. Is it too much to expect a bit of joined up thinking and have both men and women’s games on in Tralee in a double header.

    Give the ladies the respect they have earned.

  4. Yes Cregg excellent. Good learning experience for Brickenden and Callinan but both exposed at times. The Canavans are very exciting players.
    It would be good to see Hession back for this one

  5. Would tend to agree on the Double header @ West Kerry. Mayo played Dublin in the Ladies the Sunday after
    the Sat night clash of the Men’s game. 15k in Mc Hale for Saturday, small numbers in Ballina for the ladies.
    Would have added to the overall night.

  6. @West. Absolutely, a double header would be the logical thing to do..but this is the GAA & LFGA we’re talking about. By my reckoning, this is the 3rd weekend where the Mayo men & ladies teams are playing the same opposition (granted the Galway game had different teams at home). Yet no double headers. Seems crazy when you think about it

  7. @JKEL88 makes more sense now, but I’d imagine the ladies would prefer playing in front of 15K in Castlebar for the atmosphere alone. For away games where the opposition is the same, would be great to see.

  8. Common sense and would reduce expenses for supporters of both. More exposure is what ladies football is looking for, but GAA and common sense don’t rhyme.

  9. Them canavans and cregg are very difficult to mark 1 on 1. There too lively and are dangerous from either foot. Great experience for all involved. Let the young guys develop and being up against those fellas is great experience.

  10. Both Callinan and Brickenden got bad roastings last night in the sigerson.

    Tricky decision for McStay to make on whether he makes them take another long slog of a trip to tralee days later where they will have to go up against the cliffords. I’d nearly be inclined to let them off on this one and let them enjoy a night of beer with the sigerson lads before returning in omagh. Bigger battles lie ahead and mental fatigue can be as bad as physical fatigue

    Darragh Canavan is some player though, a joy to watch, all the skills and 3 of his left his right

  11. Double headers are not a great idea at this time of the year. Pitches are extremely wet and are just about able to take one game at a time. Saw pictures on line of Semple Stadium, one of the best surfaces in the country before the Galway v Tipp hurling match last week end and there was water standing on in it before the grounds men got to work. Sigerson final was played in Tralee in rain last night. It’s due to be raining when Mayo play Kerry there on Saturday so doubt if those who look after it would hardly be in favour in putting on extra game there

  12. This time of the year also its hard enough with the cold, wind and rain to sit or stand and watch one live game – never mind two games. The ladies game would also have to be finished at least 45 mins before mens game – so to watch both games in full you would be at stadium for the most of 4 hours.

  13. @Supermac. Re Brickenden Callinan, I agree fully. Brickenden on wrong side of defender for one goal and know where in sight for another. Callinan didn’t offer anything. Constructive in his bursts forward. They are both learning their trade. As are many more on the team. Yet the expectancy from supporters is great. I’d be resting both of them in Tralee. Opportunity for Hession. I would also continue the McBrein experiment at 6. It’s such a pivotal position we have to get it right.

  14. @Supermac: How did you feel Sam got roasted?

    One of the top players in the country hitting red hot form managed 3 points against him in the 1st half with a strong wind behind them where UCDs kickouts completely imploded and they got absolutely decimated in midfield. 1 of those points was on his wrong foot, on the wrong side for that foot while under physical contact from Sam as he kicked it from a near impossible angle. That’s not poor defending that’s just brilliance from Darragh.

    Darragh’s 1st point was a mistake by Sam in the 1st minute alright and questions to be asked on Sam/Ryan O’Toole/Peter Duffy/half the UCD defence on falling asleep and not tracking McCann’s run for the second goal but overall Sam one of their better players last night (Cregg >>>>> Garland > Egan off the bench > Sam > the rest well back > Smith > Coffey > Midfield > management & everyone responsible for goalkicks… even the ones that worked out were by a whisker and a massive risk besides the 2-2 conceded directly until UU dropped off in the 2nd half) and he certainly wasn’t roasted (or anything close to it) in my eyes.

  15. Brickenden not playing well Isn’t really a surprise. He doesn’t seem to be as dynamic as Coyne or McBrien, when he gets turned he’s always in bother. He lacks speed, which was really evident when he was cleaned in the ‘22 league final. A squad player in my opinion, and in terms of summer Championship football he’s well behind McBrien, Coyne, Hession and a fit Plunkett in that FB line.

  16. Sam is a hard man to shift once he closes someone down but he has work to do imo in his runs forward. They just lack incisiveness at the moment, more often than not, ending with a basic hand pass. He travels at pace and it makes it difficult to see whats happening in frint of him. It’s a skill he has to learn and no doubt he will. Not a criticism, sans a player with a great future but supporters have to give him and others Time

  17. @ Margie, I think it’s ability to turn quickly or recover once wrong footed more than speed. He’s also a confidence player, maybe Lisa O Neill will have an influence. On a positive note, his long passing is excellent, generally giving his teammate at least a 50-50 ball.
    Presumably management are working on specific weaknesses in players games and we will see improvement throughout the season

  18. @Ontheditch: Completely agree there. He was frequently carrying possession forward yesterday (or us this year), didn’t waste or turnover the ball, but was of very little threat or creativity relatively speaking.

    He ran into a few bad turnovers in cul-de-sacs last year (a few against Tyrone/Kerry/Galway/Roscommon stand out) and looks like he might be a little gun shy since. Hopefully he can keep working on the timing/angle of runs/standing up defenders and the odd point kicked from a little range to mix it up a bit more and punish teams. Has all the tools to do it, potentially exceptionally well, but still a lot to work on there alright – thankfully lots of time to work on it too.

  19. Margie. I would agree re brickenden. Does lack pace and is probably better going forward. That s been a problem with a lot of mayo defender s. Great going forward but can they do the real job that they are supposed to do. Defend. Vacancy at corner back I think. Can we afford to put Hessian in there. It’s not good when 2 mayo men playing in defence concede 3 goals

  20. @TsoDhoTim

    Ah come on now, that was a roasting by any objective definition. I’m not sure how you could call it anything else.

    FWIW I’m a huge fan of callinan, he will be our CB for the next decade at least and likely a future captain but I’m not going to have our players on such a pedestal that I can’t call out an obvious roasting when I see one. Leave the cheerleading to the irish rugby crowd

    He wasn’t alone though, ucd got ate at midfield and at least 3 other defenders were chasing shadows

  21. A bit much to be writing lads off based on a Wednesday evening college game. University of Galway looked absolutely toothless in the quarter final despite having Mayo’s top 2 forwards in their team.

    Surely the fact that Rory and Sam have got the better of their Galway and Dublin markers in recent weeks is a better reflection of their abilities?

    Every player has bad days and if your team is cleaned out in midfield then backs will give up scores.

  22. I really hope management try out at.least 5 new players on Saturday. Moral victory s in February count for very little. Ask any kerry man about Tyrone in the league a few years ago. It’s no good going down there with a championship team. There’s so much we need to find out about our panel. Somebody said kerry have booked the weekend of the league final to go away. It wouldn’t surprise me. Sam maguire is big picture in any county that’s serious about 2024

  23. @Supermac: Zero cheerleading and zero pedestals. More than happy to view a performance completely independently of any thoughts on a player. He wasn’t roasted.

    Roche had a nightmare on kickouts (not helped by tactics/teammates). Lynam, Duffy and Coffey got roasted. O’Toole (huge fan of) and Smith were very poor. Brick and McElearney (they combined errors along with Smith for the 1st goal which seemed to drop heads and lead to a lot of the other issues) were poor and Sam was ok.

    In a half where UU dominated everything at midfield, had a strong wind behind them and had numerous UCD errors to capitalise on Sam kept Darragh well in check. Poor on the first attack giving Darragh an easy score. Could have done better on the McCann’s goal (so could 5 others) and Darragh’s 2nd point (Smith’s mistake fumbling a catch in his square led to UCD being in a scramble to block the goal chance so Sam allowing Darragh a bit too much space very understandable in the context). Darragh’s 3rd point a piece of brilliance where Sam had him under pressure for the kick and he still managed a worldie of a point. Other than those scores he prevented Darragh from even creating much (anything from what I remember? I think he earned 1 scorable free where Duffy took him down) despite the UU dominance.

    I’ve no idea which part of that or what else happened I might have missed that was a roasting? (Genuine question)

    The game was lost on scores from lost kickouts (2-2 for UU from them & could have been an awful lot more), goals conceded (Sam only marginally involved in 1), midfield being destroyed and the UCD attack aside from Cregg completely forgetting to show up (they hit 7 out of 18 shots from play so even with the goals conceded should have been in the game if they hadn’t kicked it away).

  24. TsuDhoNim – Sam had a bad day night doubt about it. Again though, it’s not a cause for panic. He’s still only 20 and was up against Tyrone’s top forward who is 3 years older than him.

    I remember Keith Higgins having a terrible game marking Paddy Andrews, possibly 2015. Think Andrews kicked 4 or 5 from play off him. Of course Keith came back better than ever the following year.

    Sam and Rory will be very important players for us this year for sure.

  25. Again last night Sam didn’t kick the ball once in the whole game. He really needs to develop that part of his game. Getting very predictable now when he gets the ball – head down with a 5 meter burst – then he gets swallowed up and lays off a simple handpass.
    Would love to see him get the ball – look up and drop a 30 meter pass in front of a forward.

  26. Calinan may have a had a bad night in sigserson but the guy is still very young with lots of learning to do.

    He’s still a star in the making in my view anyway. Every player has on off day at some stage in their career.

    Onto the kerry game love how we are pretty much written off for this game. Be very interesting to see the team tommorow is like to see a few changes and rest the likes of Ryan O D and some of the main guys.

    Kerry will be hell bent on winning this and not want to loose to us 3 times in a row.

    No goals conceded and not a hammering with a few new players being tried out I’ll be happy.

    We will loose by 2 or 3 points or a draw I think..

  27. Sam isn’t ready to play the 6 position like he was asked to by UCD in the second half for Mayo yet.

    And we don’t need him to either. What UCD needed at 6 second half was Paddy Durcan.

    What Sam is for us is a man marker for guys that drift between the lines – he’d be ideal imo for Paudie Clifford at the weekend for example.

    He’ll play 6 for us in the future, but right now he isn’t there yet in possession. He’ll get there though.

    I wouldn’t rule him out for midfield some day.

    I’d back him to nab himself a goal before the season is finished.

  28. We may well play Sam and Brickenden on Saturday. I heard Enda McGinley on the RTE pod a couple of weeks ago after Round 1 where he said that this idea of increased risk of injuries to players playing too regularly is complete rubbish, and that the opposite is in fact true from a sports science point of view. Have a listen.

  29. @spectre haha I know I just have this feeling ha

    Also feel we don’t need the points as much as kerry atm and hope to see new players given a chance and our main guys rested..

    Also hope mcstay has learnt not to go full tilt at kerry in February.. And I’ve a feeling he has learnt a lot from last year..

    In saying that then we go beat kerry come championship if we cross them :p haha

  30. @Liberal role in the tie: Yeah. Remember someone sharing a really interesting recent study (GAA specific) backing that up just after that pod but can’t for the life of me find it now.

    After the two week break there shouldn’t be any issues with loading, so only really potential injury benefits in them playing. Just a question of the Dublin/Kerry/Dublin/Kerry trips in 4 days along with the emotional toll of the final, along with the likes of Coen/Hession/Plunkett/DO’C/PO’H needing minutes, that might see them rotated out.

    I was 60/40 on them not playing before the Sigerson. I’d be 70/30 on them playing now there are no celebrations to tie them down and given the way the game went.

  31. The fact that this is the first time people feel Sam has been roasted is a testament to him. He’s 20 & has already marked Shane Walsh, Paul Mannion & plenty more top forwards in championship & didn’t do badly against any of them. He made a mistake in the semi last year but he marked Mannion well overall..To be doing that at 20 is absurd. Sam is going to be some player if he can add a bit of end product in attack.

    I remember a lot of our all time great defenders get plenty scutchings down through the years & they were a lot older than Sam too!

  32. Hi Willie Joe, not sure if it’s worth a segment on its own ,but from this weekend, Screenshots of matchtickets will not work at games, tickets must be downloaded to your phone wallet in advance.

    I’ve absolutely no idea why the Gaa have brought this in. We can get through border securities and board planes with a screenshot, but not watch 30 players kick a ball around a field .

    Details are on the Croke Park X page

  33. I saw that Paddyjoe. They seem to be going out of their way to make life more difficult for supporters, whose needs appear to have been completely forgotten about in this brave new world of theirs.

  34. Paddyjoe,

    I am open to correction but I think that’s only for Croke Park.

    Shouldn’t be an issue in Tralee.

  35. @West Kerry: They’ve started announcing it at other venues too (Armagh’s Box-It had a warning up about it).

    It seems it’s a Ticketmaster thing (happening at Rugby/other grounds too) not something being pushed by the GAA themselves, so can’t imagine folks on gates getting too pedantic as long as there’s a valid scan for them to use. I’m crossing my fingers for lots of stories of folks getting in on the ol’ WhatsApp Screenshot we’ve all been using for a while.

    Loved seeing John Haran and the folks from St. Eunans say they’re setting up a “help desk” at O’Donnell Park ( Anyone wanting to pay in cash can pay it to the Eunans’ team and they’ll do the fiddly TicketMaster stuff to sort the ticket out. Great to see some common sense in a community where not everyone can jump through the unnecessary technical hurdles being introduced by a dreadful choice in ticket partner.

  36. It’s ticketmaster a disaster. The grounds are refusing tap and go at the gate. Lots of people turning up without tickets, then trying to download them from ticketmaster site which struggles to deal with volume and crashes. Also Co Boards tightening up big time on screenshots of tickets. GAA is a great organisation but they make life very difficult for supporters. Trying to buy a ticket online is a challenge for many, and an impossibility for some. People who have given their lives to the organisation often have to get someone to purchase their ticket online.otherwise they will be unable to attend the game

  37. It’s scandalous what the GAA are doing. I’ve a friend, 85 years old and a staunch Mayo supporter all his life. Indeed, his brother played for the senior team back in the day. He’s unable to get to as many games as he used to for obvious reasons, but still gets his season ticket, just in case he misses the big day. My son does the online stuff for him as naturally he can’t. I’m 20yrs younger and I can’t do it but I have someone to help, unlike him. This man and his like carried the flag for generations and are now being totally ignored. Shame on the lot of them.

  38. Well said Nephin,

    Absolutely disgraceful,

    I love the GAA but they lose sight of what it’s really about.

    Culture and community and for many older folk it’s their passion.

    Fair play to your son for son for helping that gentleman,

    That’s the type of young man we need in this country.

  39. I feel that Callinan and Brickenden are getting far too much of a hammering for the Sigerson final. For me, it was more of a total defensive systems failure, with a lot of poor performances all around, total UU control at midfield and a kick-out disaster, which really put UCD on the back foot. The defence had waves coming at them, as I am not sure that their forwards did much defending either and some individual defenders must have felt like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke. Also the game was really decided by a mad few minutes, when UCD conceded 2 goals and a few points, which completely upset whatever game plan they had and left them chasing the game.

  40. Just in praise of this standard of posting from TsuDhoNim
    “One of the top players in the country hitting red hot form managed 3 points against him in the 1st half with a strong wind behind them where UCDs kickouts completely imploded and they got absolutely decimated in midfield. 1 of those points was on his wrong foot, on the wrong side for that foot while under physical contact from Sam as he kicked it from a near impossible angle. That’s not poor defending that’s just brilliance from Darragh.”
    I like it when someone lays out a fresh detailed perspective on something.

  41. Paddy power thinks this is a home banker Kerry 4/11 Mayo 11/4. I’ll hold off on a prediction until I see the teamsheet but I believe this is a targeted game

  42. @thedarkfinn.its definitely a targeted game from a kerry viewpoint. Sure they couldn’t be letting them mayo ladeens be getting notions.

  43. If Mayo win people will be saying we are peaking too soon and its only the league.

    If Kerry win people will be saying things are ticking nicely for Kerry and Jack is going all out for redemption this year.

  44. I completely agree with JP.

    Thanks @TsuDhoNim for your work keeping us all informed on the Sigerson Cup. It’s a really difficult one for the casual fan to follow, and you made it so much easier for someone like to stay informed. 🙂

  45. I’m not being a downer, but, off of last years and this years game data and eye test we really don’t at the moment have enough scoring threat up top. In my view this is coming down the line in terms of a quality pipeline of underage forwards.
    So, we simply need to enjoy the season because we are where we are. Competitive, but just lacking enough threat.

  46. Jp the issue is aiden o shea. He is neither in ff or midfield. Goin here and there. You cant have a proper attacking threat when u have a non funtional target in there. Its impossible to have proper attackin plan. I have said it a thousand times aiden was best as a defensive midfield player. Trying to shoehorn him into the team simple wont work anymore. Loftus last year. Aiden this year. Maybe an impact sub but not a starter. Tommy conroy for me would be class ff. Fast. Strong and can score.

  47. @Gizmo

    I’m not expecting much change to the team named today – with a number of changes made on the day.
    Keep everyone guessing 🙂

  48. I believe that if AOS and the Mayo management team were priests,some people would criticise them for saying mass,enjoy the journey

  49. I’m not sure Tommy Conroy could prosper in a big game at full forward versus likes of Sean Kelly and Jason Foley.
    He’ll be first out to the ball, but they’ll be coming over the top of him to contest with a reach and weight advantage. Could take a bit of a battering.

  50. @JKEL88 your spot on there it’s really annoying isn’t it..

    I guess until we win Sam that’ll be the way of it we are either peaking soon if we beat kerry tommorow or kerry are off form and if kerry win they are on their way to the final again ha sure it was the same after the dubs game.

    But anyway really intrigued to see this team be interesting… Expecting to see changes but on the other hand mcstay won’t want a hammering in tralee on TV either ha so he may well name a strong side.. (even though I’d like to see changes)

  51. You’ll likely see plenty of changes in team named this evening anyways Clare so you’ll be happy 🙂

  52. I’ll take your word for it Gizmo. You seem to know a bit more about what’s happening with challenge games etc, than most of us.

  53. If we win its only because Kerry were poor
    If we draw then we really should have won and were lucky not to lose
    If we lose then that’s us gone for the year and we can forget all hope of anything.

    A free hit for us tomorrow. A chance for us to throw a few players in and get a few miles into the legs of the panel.

  54. Mind the House, u summed it up well there lol. Personally the result is irrelevant to me, I think its the first time ever im more worried about the starting team as opposed to result. This team selection will tell us alot of how Kevin is thinking. I really hope he learmed from last year, and see’s this game as a great option to get minutes into panel players and give the likes of ROD, Paddy and Jordan a break. Lets wait and see…..

  55. Margie – those 3 players you named haven’t played a match in two weeks. Don’t see why we should be resting them tbh. Will Dessie Farrell be resting Fenton, Con etc vs Roscommon? Will Jack O’Connor be resting Sean O’Shea?

  56. At the moment, Aidan in the full forward line for 45 minutes or so is more challenging to a defence than any of the other contenders we have to play there, with the exception of Ryan. This may change as the season wears on and others improve. I’d be more frustrated about the considerable amount of that time he spends out the field at present.

  57. By the way few posters should get a grip. Theres a difference between critisism and observation.

  58. Spectre. Your spot on. Some fellas just can’t wait to have a pop and offer absolutely nothing to the conversation. Only up mayo. It’s the same poster and his dwindling few cheerleader s. Does these people struggle to interpit a valid post. Aos is either going to stay in or go out but he can’t do both and blank from 2 matches tells its own tale.

  59. We are not a ‘rady to go’ championship side yet and I expect McStay to name a strong side.
    It’s as much about testing our systems and paterns of play when in possession. No better opposition than Kerry to put us under the microscope.
    Have we a defensive system that clicks into place when we lose possession? Have we got the right balance of long ball passing and deliberate build up to threaten Kerry? Austin Stack Park is the ideal venue….

  60. Craggy boglands yes thats it. Willie jo does not allow much criticism towards players and rightly so. If he allows a post then its because its fairly valid. Michael murphy was only footballer who could influence at ff and effectively spend time at midfield. By doin it though brought his retirement forward. Poor chap had too much to do lol fair play to aiden ya cant fault him for effort. He is not a scoring forward. Id give cillian a run in there tomorrow. See how he fairs out

  61. Wideball, did Fenton and Con start back training in November? Doubt it. Not sure what Kerry’s schedule was, looks like they’ve a bit of work done so maybe similar to us. The Cliffords got the first game off, maybe o shea will get a rest.?.

    If anything happens to any of the 3 players i mentioned, we are royally screwed. I cannot fathom why we would risk 3 of our best players in a game that deep down we all know we’ll lose, because we have probley over achieved with 4 points in 2 games.

    Why show Kerry what we have in February? Why not play lads who need game time? No poi t having 30 odd lads training, soaking up resources like physio and nutrtion, if they are not getting game time? This is the perfect scenario to see what lads are like.

    You can put out your strongest 15 in Feb and possibly beat Kerry, all you want, but in the long run your only fooling yourself (as a manager).

  62. Ticket available for the Kerry game if anyone wants to give me their email address I can forward it on

  63. If the priest dropped the chalice then most likely someone would comment on the incident.Aidan o Shea has been one of mayo’s greatest ever players but it hasn’t worked out for him at full forward in the last few games which is obvious to anyone that observes the game.mcstay was adamant that this was the only place he would play him so hopefully he doesn’t continue to show the same stubbornness as last year.I still think Aidan has a part to play but they have to find a way of getting him into the game

  64. Reape
    O Donoghue

  65. McHugh, Coen, O’Connor and Plunkett in.
    Durcan, Callinan, Brickenden and Reid out from Dublin game.

    Actually expected one maybe two more changes. But again these team announcements aren’t always worth the pixels they are displayed on 🙂

  66. Yes 5 change s. I’m always happy to see new faces and panelists getting a chance. Yes 1985 your right.. finding a place for for aos is a work in progress. By the way some men are posting here…. you would swear I completely wrote the lad off. I think Tommy is better in the half forward line. More room to run at people

  67. Changes alright Craggy, no new faces though. Thought might use this game to develop panel depth. Same lads on bench first two rounds, many yet to see grass.
    Glad Sam and Rory getting a break. A lot of games and training in 3 weeks, coupled with the long journeys to and from Tralee, Dublin etc. takes its toll. Especially with Omagh next week as well.

  68. Margie – just because you rest the 3 lads in one game doesn’t mean they won’t get injured in a subsequent game. We seem to be the only county obsessed with this.

    Look at Derry. If Shane McGuigan gets injured they’re at nothing for the year. No chance of Mickey Harte resting him though. Darragh Canavan has been the main forward for UU and Tyrone so far this year. I’m almost certain he’ll be starting this weekend though, unlike Sam and Rory for us.

    We’re not coming off the back of multiple All Ireland wins here. It’s a young Mayo team overall and these division 1 league games are how players improve. We should be using it to iron out our systems of play and to do that you need majority of starting xv involved.

  69. @Gizmobobs: Definitely an opportunity I’d have been thinking of throwing in a new(er) player to try and swim too. Wouldn’t rule it out yet. Notable we didn’t name Conor Reid to start against Galway and swapped him in for Coen late on. Would take a little heat & attention off a Murphy, McDonnell, Quinn, Duffy or even an Irwin as a late drop in.

    That said… wouldn’t be too disappointed with the named team starting. Plenty of lads there in need of minutes or searching to find some form with enough of a spine around them you’d hope to help them in the search.

  70. I would have like to have seen Rob Hennelly getting game time. If he is every needed , he only has got
    1 Mayo game under his belt in last 2 years. That was last year in the League game we lost in Castlebar to Monaghan. He could do with some game time.

  71. @Spectre, I completely agree with your pithy distinction between criticism and observation, which some people don’t seem to understand. If you have the temerity to find some fault in the team’s or some individual performances, systems, tactics, point out where there is room for improvement, suggest that Mayo were a bit lucky to win, the opposition were poor or predict that Mayo might lose a particular game, some over sensitive souls get in a lather and you are deemed, negative, a doom and gloom merchant, and the one that most annoys me, you are not a proper Mayo supporter. It seems that to keep some people happy, you have to be happy clappy all the time.

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