The weekend’s matches

Another weekend is fast approaching – a Bank Holiday one too – and, with it, more Championship action involving teams from the county. There’s football on this coming weekend but not involving the men this time and there’s plenty of small ball action too.

Let’s start with what’s surely the most significant tie of the weekend, the one where national silverware is on offer. This is the final of the Nicky Rackard Cup, hurling’s fourth tier competition which Mayo last won in 2016 and in which they were narrowly beaten in last year’s final.

On Saturday at Croke Park they face off against Tyrone in this year’s decider. The game is the curtain-raiser at GAA HQ for this year’s Ulster final and it throws in at 1.30pm. It’ll be streamed live by TG4 on their YouTube channel, with live match commentary on Midwest Radio too.

That’s not the only matter to be resolved between ourselves and Tyrone on Saturday. This is because at 5pm that evening at Adrian Freeman Park in Tooreen the county’s camogie team take on the O’Neill County in Round 2 of the Nancy Murray Cup. Jimmy Lyons’ charges made a blistering start in this competition last weekend and they’ll be seeking to build on this by recording their second win on the spin.

Like their Senior counterparts, Mayo’s Minor camogie team enjoyed a very positive start to their Championship campaign last weekend – beating, ironically, Tyrone – and they’re on the road for Round 2 this Sunday. Their opponents then are Cavan and that game is set for St Matthew’s Park, Crosskeys in Cavan where throw-in has been fixed for 2pm.

Then on Bank Holiday Monday the focus switches to MacHale Park where the women footballers take on their Galway counterparts in the LGFA SFC quarter-final, with the throw-in at the Castlebar venue set for 2pm. Like last Sunday at Croke Park this is knockout Championship football, with both sides vying for a spot in the All-Ireland semi-final, so everything is on the line for both teams.

The match will be broadcast live on TG4 and there’ll also be live match commentary on Midwest Radio. Tickets are on sale for it too – further details here.

The best of luck to all the Mayo teams in Championship action this weekend.

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  1. I’ll post this now good and early… Before our Senior Football semifinal opponent is known.. In all likelihood of demand far exceeding supply of tickets available for the Semifinal.. Those Mayo supporters who travelled from Mayo to Croke Park for the Connacht Final, should be given priority .. Fair is fair, and loyalty should be rewarded.. I wasn’t actually in Dublin for that particular Match, but before Covid, had been a season ticket holder for over a decade, so I’m not posting this for my own benifit
    . Before the season ticket came out, for me in particular, it was infuriating, how so many loyal Mayo fans, for all the other good days and bad, seemed to lose out, and the Sunshine VIPs seemed to be able to get tickets no problem, the season ticket didn’t eliminate the problem, but certainly improved the situation.. Regardless of Dublin or Kildare, but especially if it’s Dublin, in the Semi, the demand is likely to be similar to All Ireland final.. The time for Mayo County Board and Croke Park to plan for fairness in the distribution of tickets is now.

  2. I fully agree with Leantimes. They certainly were leantimes before the season ticket became available when it came to getting tickets for All Ireland Finals. It was VIP’s [and that meant VIP in their own mind] only. Back in the early days of the “new Croke Park” I splashed out on a Premium ticket which covered me for all games at CP for the years 2002 to 2007 but then the powers that were doubled the price putting the Premium ticket way out of my reach. So the coming of the season ticket was a God send.

  3. I see on Google news that bigger crowds will be allowed to the All Ireland, on the same headline there is a clip of Aidan O Shea holding the Nestor Cup, is this some type of forward plan ideal that Mayo will win the All Ireland and Sam will be presented to Aidan ?

    I did have that dream in early 2019, Mayo won the league later but I don’t Aidan was Captain.

  4. Leantimes, I severely doubt the Gaa would go to that effort with tickets. They gave us 20 minutes notice as to when the tickets were going on sale for the Galway , so there not going to put themselves out and go to the trouble of organising tickets for anyone that went to that game, and ensure they get tickets to semifinal

  5. Good luck to all The Mayo teams playing this weekend.
    Tickets will be a Big problem for the semi final and I am sure the Dubs will get plenty as usual.
    Does anyone know yet the exact date it’s to be played ??

  6. Good point Leantimes and those who made the effort to go on Sunday should be rewarded. I wanted to be there but a family commitment meant I couldn’t make it. 36k tickets if that what it turns out to be will be gone in no time when they go live but you would like to see those who are true fans to be there. The race for them will be nuts!!!

  7. I don’t think there will be a big demand for tickets in Mayo, less than 2000 Mayo supporters attended the Leitrim game in McHale park and circa 8000/9000 travelled to Connacht Final.

  8. Surely those of us who forked out 200 euro last year for a season ticket (and are now out of pocket) will be given an opportunity to buy a ticket before they go on general sale?

  9. @Its too hot, Season ticket holders were partially refunded last year, I forget exactly how much, €30 or €40? .. We had already gotten the Donegal, Monaghan, Meath and Kerry league games before lockdown.. It’s a very fair point you make, and it is one way of measuring loyalty.. But in fairness thousands of Mayo fans were regular attendees of Mayo match’s, and thousands were and maybe still are on the Season ticket waiting list, if it returns when hopefully thing’s return to normal!

  10. Yes Leantimes we got 40 back and got 4-5 league games along with 2 club games and a few passes for mayo gaa TV so I am not complaining about being out of pocket, I have no problem with the GAA keeping the shortfall as they had a very difficult 2020. But I do think that current (2020) season ticket holders should be given priority access to purchase 1 ticket before the General public as some of us are up to a decade paying 200 up front at the beginning of every year for our ticket (where would the gaa/county board be without this windfall?). It would be extremely poor form by the the gaa if we are not considered as between Dublin and mayo there would still only be less than 10k season tickets. That leaves plenty of tickets for other priority stakeholders e.g. player families, club officers, sponsors etc

  11. Momentum starting to build here about tickets. Going to be alot of disappointed people come throw in, including me I might add. I envisage tickets being available just through the clubs, and I’d say a high percentage of season ticket holders wouldn’t have paid to be a club member as well. I could be wrong.

  12. Priority will as always and rightly be given to clubs first. Considering the clubs are the backbone of the GAA I think this is only right. The work club members did during covid lockdowns, delivering groceries and checking in on the old and vulnerable was everything that was good about the GAA.

    Volunteers involved in coaching and playing have had a massive workload with covid checks, cleaning all equipment before and after training, there have been outbreaks in clubs not to mention the stress that goes with it. The importance of sport and participation can not be understated for the mental health of young and old.

  13. Correct yew_tree. After the officers of the county board, the players, the mchale park stewards, the sponsors, divisional board delegates, club committees/officers and season ticket holders, all remaining tickets should then be distributed to club members with priority given to active club members, leaving public sale as a last resort. If the capacity is 30-40k and there is less than 10k season tickets between the competing counties but these season ticket holders dont get an option to buy one then i cannot see the point in the season ticket system? In my house there are two people who are season ticket holders and club members. At the beginning of every year we fork out 1000 euro (500 each) to the gaa from modest earnings to support our club and county. This is broken down by 200 for the season ticket and 300 to the club covering annual membership, county board draw ticket and weekly club lotto. If we are not entitled to 1 ticket each in a 30-40k capacity then it will be the end of season tickets and county board draw tickets in our house. What would be the point in continuing our loyalty to the cause?

  14. The Season Ticket scheme is suspended for this year. No money was put into it by anyone. I cannot see it in any ways being a factor for distribution of tickets.

    The idea of Connacht Final attendees (whether they travelled from Mayo or elsewhere) being given priority for the semi seems a bit daft to me. It would involve extra work on the part of the GAA and Ticketmaster which I doubt they will bother with. Also, one single match seems a low enough bar for testing ‘loyalty’. If you’re going to go down that road surely it should be measured by attendance over the years? I know plenty of genuine fans who couldn’t go to Croker last Sunday because of cost, not being fully vaccinated etc.

  15. If mayo were to win the semi final then I could see the county board giving chairde mayo ticket holders the option to buy a final ticket if they also pay for next years season ticket in advance. I could be wrong but i think we got the option to buy a second all ireland ticket for the 2012 and 13 finals if we paid in advance for our chairde tickets for the following year! I know non season ticket holders will like to say “there is no season tickets in 2021 so they should not be considered” but some of us are chairde mayo members for a decade and whether people like it or not this type of loyalty and cost should be recognised by our county board!

  16. The season ticket discussion may all be a moot point if we can’t get past Dublin (most likely). The method of ticket distribution will depend very much on the numbers allowed to attend

  17. Season Tickets are not in operation this year, no one has paid for renewals either this year so holders cant really expect to be given priority for tickets, tickets should go through the clubs and remainder go on general sale. I have a season ticket myself and am not expecting any preferential treatment. Season tickets are not a badge of “loyalty” and I hate how some perceive themselves to be more “loyal” or a “true” supporter simply because they have one. Some where lucky to secure one when on sale, there are plenty who wanted one but couldnt get one. There are thousands of genuine Mayo supporters in this country and indeed around the world who cant get to games because of various reasons, work, cost, health, location etc etc etc, some can only manage to get to a game once or twice a year and really look forward to those times. It laughable to suggest you’re not a “true” supporter unless you attend lots of games. If you’re from Mayo/have family from Mayo and you like Mayo football you’re a Mayo supporter, no more or less than anyone else, simple as.

  18. Agree Mayomad about some of the people who had been lucky enough to secure a season ticket. I had one myself- and was delighted to have one. It was obvious from talking to some of the season ticket holders at games that they had no interest whatsoever in thier local club. These people were living in the county and when asked about their club – they didnt even know what level the club was playing at. Remember all county players start and finish with their club. Without a good club structure there is no county team.

  19. Anyone who purchased a tile for the wall in McHale Park should be top of list for tickets this year. Its the only fair way of distribution.

  20. Unfortunately there’s no 100% fair way to arrange distribution of the tickets. The fairest really is to go via the clubs.
    It doesn’t matter what way you do it, there will be people who wouldn’t darken the doorstep of a GAA club, match or any form of discussion on the topic all year who will get tickets for the final regardless of who’s playing. It has ever been thus. Season ticket is certainly reasonable but given it’s not been active this year, it’s hard to justify giving favour to that now.

  21. Season ticket holders of the previous number of years is ONE way you could measure loyalty.. Absolutely no doubt that Mayo have several thousand of what I would term ‘Loyal Supporters’ and they don’t or haven’t had season tickets.. Absolutely club members and volunteers are the backbone of the Association and all should get tickets if they want to go to the match…We will win or we will lose in the Semifinal..
    First if all, I doubt that any of Mayo’s allocation of tickets will be going back to Croke Park.. But I imagine that a percentage of tickets will be sold via Ticket Master and Super Valu ECT as had been the cas5 for all previous semifinals, this year’s semifinal the demand will outstrip supply more than it would for a normal semifinal because of reduced capicity of Croke Park… Those who have consistently travelled the high ways and by ways,of Mayo’s long and winding road, and it has been a very long and winding road this last decade, deserve to have their support acknowledged in by way of priority for tickets in some way..By the way, this last number of years, the way it worked with ‘Season Tickets’ was that as the season progressed the money was withdrawn from your account regardless of if you went to all the games or not..In my own case, until Covid struck,I hadn’t missed a single home League game easily for 20 year’s, and easi6 travelled to well over 3/4 of the away games. I had never used the one ‘opt out’ we were allowed to miss for championship games, and only missed one single Championship game (versus Down in Newry) in well over a decade..I think having a ‘Season Ticket’ is one very good measure of loyalty, but there are others just as loyal, and have been on the ‘Season Ticket’ waiting list for year’s…It will be interesting as to how it all pans out.

  22. I don’t understand why Croke Park can’t be at full capacity in 2 weeks time.Covid Cert can be a condition of entry.
    Over 70% of the country is fully vaccinated.Probably 80% or more by the time of the game.At one point we are going to have to make a call to go back to normal living.If everyone in the stadium is fully vaccinated….where is the risk

  23. Southmayo exile apologies if you misinterpreted my comments, i didnt mean them to be a season ticket vs club member debate. I am an active club member for 2 decades (selling lotto, playing, train underage, taking on administrative roles, purchase annual county board draw ticket) and am completely in agreement that the club is the GAA and we are just lucky to be from a county with such a competitive senior team. My issue is with general sale tickets and “non active” club members. I think if the capacity is 30-40k there should be ample tickets for season ticket holders (somewhere between 8-10k between the 2 counties i think) and “active” club members. The reason i say active club members is that i know of people in my area that pay basic club membership every year of 50-80 euro (depending on the club) but who do not get involved in any capacity, do not attend club games and do not go to mayo games throughout the year. These same people turn up to the community centre looking for all ireland tickets when mayo qualify thinking they deserve one just because they paid membership (this is clearly the sole reason they paid it). Im sorry but theres no way these people should have a better chance of a ticket than any loyal season ticket holder. I know the active and non active member thing is a bit of a grey area and obviously some clubs will have significantly more active members than others (the difference between mitchels and a small rural junior club would be huge) but i stand by my point that the paid up season ticket holders of 2020 should be able to be catered for in a 30-40k capacity while also having enough tickets for clubs to cover “active” members, players, sponsors etc etc

  24. It’ll like a rich uncle who didn’t leave a Will before he died, who does and who doesn’t deserve a slice of the cash will be hotly contested

  25. So 4-13 was scored into the canal end last Sunday. 0-9 into the hill. Both teams found it almost impossible to score into the hill.

    More proof if it were needed that the canal end is indeed the scoring end.

    Why is the ‘Nally Stand’ called the Nally stand? It’s not a stand. It’s not even a covered terrace. It’s an awful part of the ground. Also what is that huge monstrosity of a white concrete block at the back of the ‘Nally Stand’ which is supported by about 6 concrete beams? It’s putting shooters off from taking their chances.

    The other thing we learned on Sunday was “Don’t fuck with Mayo in the tunnel”. Them days when we were nice innocent laddeens seem to be gone, thank God.

  26. I won’t be able to make the semi so not paying too much heed to ticket allocation. I would presume they will be distributed through clubs and then remainder on ticket master again…the touts will have a field day with Dublin v Mayo.

    Interesting to see Harrison on the pitch during the celebrations on Sunday. I beileve he wasn’t far off making the panel for Galway. He’s played a few games for Aghamore, and with another 3 weeks training/challenge games, hopefully he could make the squad for Dublin? We’re severely light on fb line options so Harry would be a great man to bring on with 10-15 mins to go if needed.

    Kevin Mc is probably my favourite player of the last 10 years, but I wonder does he have the full 70mins in him against a team like Dublin? My thinking is he does, but JH knows far more. Eoghan McLaughlin has to start the semi imo.

  27. There used to be a stand there, Carrot Face, but it was got rid of in the redevelopment. That was the Nally Stand, named for Balla man PW Nally, and, believe it or not, it’s still in use. It was shipped off and installed at Páirc Colmcille, the home of Carrickmore GAA club in Tyrone. Story on that here:

    What’s there now is the Nally Terrace and I’d agree with you that it’s an awful part of the stadium.

    The monstrosity you refer to is the original media tower. That was made redundant when the Hogan/Davin Stand bit of the redevelopment was completed, replete with new swish media facilities.

  28. From my good memory, Mayo also score more into the Canal end, all matches against the Dubs since 2012 have been this way.
    Two things I hate when Mayo v the Dubs in a semi or final.
    Playing into the Hill in 2nd half, look back at those games and ye will see I’m correct.
    Playing the Dubs on a Saturday late afternoon or evening.
    One exception to this comes to mind, the 2006 semi final v the Dubs, I think it was nearly all points from play, with many scored into the Hill16 end.
    Fast forward the 2006 final v Kerry, Mayo scored 3_2 in 1st half into Canal end and only 3 points in entire 2nd half.
    Even clubs refer to one if the ends as their scoring end.

  29. That big grey box is where security etc is controlled. there was a behind the scenes documentary of all-ireland final day a dew years ago, and they have bank of screens in there for coordinating crowd control, stewarding etc
    And i think the stadium announcer might work from there too

  30. very disappointing crowd allowed, 24k is miserable . very hard to understand the metric used that for example two weeks later 40k are allowed .

  31. Fk sake
    24k in a huge stadium
    What are we at ?
    Everyone will watch in pubs instead so. Makes no sense

  32. Mayo dunphy you are quite right about our full back line especially the corner backs. It would be massive ask off Harrison. The fact that he hasn’t played a minute so far tells me .not in 2021. Doherty either . We probably needed Barrett and Higgins but age caught up with them. It’s an awful pity that the previous manager s couldn’t see this void arriving. Yes the mcgloughlin s will have to start I think. Kevin is an amazing talent and hopefully this year eoghan will push on.

  33. @Mayo88.. 2006, Mayo scored 3.02 into the Hill End in the All Ireland final, I was in the Hill, I’ll never forget.. Goals by Kevin O’Neil, Pat Harte and Kevin O’Neil when he reacted quickest to McDonald’s attempt for a point coming back of the post!

  34. @Mayo88, absolutely spot on. Our record in Davin end is what gave me hope at half time on Sunday. 2015 & 2016 drawn games back up your stats. 2012 was the opposite, think we done most of the damage into the Hill that day, but that was the “old” Dublin so to speak.

  35. 70% are vaccinated , why are our outdoor sports stadiums so far behind the likes of england . This is a crazy decision . You can scan your vax cert the same as a match ticket too .

  36. Those who went to New York in 2019 should get priority as they are obviously the most loyal fans!! God almighty, the metrics some people are using to measure loyalty and fandom are ridiculous. Some people are just lucky to have season tickets. Some fans live abroad or down the country and aren’t affiliated with a Mayo club. Maybe all contributers on the blog should get tickets but then we’d have to give Jaden, gamechanger, tuamstar, Chesneychet some of our allocation and it would give WJ a headache trying to organise ticket distribution! We’re all Mayo fans – try your best to get tickets over the dubs and we’ll bring the usual electric atmosphere! Maigh Eo abú

  37. 24000 is disappointing Thought they might have allowed double that. Hopefully genuine regular match goers get tickets I expect there will probably be no children’s priced tickets again which makes it a very expensive day out for a family

  38. They’re in the process of vaccinating teenagers at the moment. Really makes no sense having so little there.

    Agreed Sean. Only 24k at the football semi finals but 40k at the hurling final 7 days later. Are they going to explain the reasoning behind that?!

  39. Mayo88 have to agree there. We always play better playing into the Davin End. So hopefully if we win the toss, we’ll play into the Davin end in the 2nd half. Believe it or not we are unbeaten against the Dubs over the last decade in the championship when we have played into the Davin End in 2nd half 🙂
    2012, we played into the Davin in 2nd half.
    2013, Hill 16 in 2nd half
    2015 draw, Davin End 2nd half
    2015 replay, Hill 16 2nd half
    2016 draw, Davin End 2nd half
    2016 replay, Hill 16 2nd half
    2017, Hill 16 2nd half
    2019, Hill 16 2nd half
    2020, Hill 16 2nd half

  40. Mayo Focus.

    That is an incredible statistic if it’s true.

    Somebody needs to get that information to James Horan and if we win the toss we know what to do.

    Mayo88. I think the 2006 final v Kerry was the other way around. That was a crazy first half anyway. An outlier in many ways.

    Willie Joe. I think this topic deserves a whole new thread on its own. There could be something in this. Daft as it sounds.

    Willie Joe again. Thanks for your very informative answer re the Nally Stand from earlier on.

    Please do consider raising and debating this issue of the Canal end / scoring end / Mayos record playing into it in the 2nd half etc. Nothing else has worked for us. Could this have been the missing link in bringing Sam home?!!!!!!

  41. @Leantimes, I just now watched the 2006 final again. The one and only time I was seated in the Hogan stand for a semi final or final.
    O Neill was very good in 1st half, scored 1 and made the pass for other 2 goal.
    Pat Hartes soccer skills were brilliant that led to his second goal.
    One good thing was that Mayo players were alert to the ball coming off the upright.
    Defenders were opened up in 1st half but were very good in 2nd.
    Forwards lost there way in 2nd half, notably O Neill went off at halftime. Too many of the big name forwards were absent for the game.
    Like in recent finals 2012, 2016, 2017 and 2020, early goals went in, after 11 minutes Kerry had 2-3 on the board. This is mad stuff.
    The referee was Crowe, I think he was from Ulster, why is their a Leinster man as referee in the Mayo v Dublin finals ?

  42. In 2006 we should have learned from Tyrone and played defensive football. Brought in Brady at full back too late and he dominated at full back

  43. Those who have climbed Croagh Patrick in the last 12 months should get priority for tickets, it’s the only true metric of loyalty!

    I’m afraid there will be allot of disappointed fans but I’d expect a certain amount to go on general sale through ticketmaster. At least everyone has a chance of purchase that way.

    40,000 at the AI final whoever’s in it will be impossible for most ppl. Even as a club member the season ticket was a godsend as it cut out an awful lot of headaches with regard to tickets.

  44. Just need to win the toss first 🙂 it could be a pure coincidence, but I always found it interesting. We always play better playing into the Davin & you would always like to finish strong!

  45. I have noted this too @Mayo focus, its no coincidence, we are clever enough now in our middle ages and having seen Mayo play for so long at this stage.

  46. Ahh lads/lassies please quit with the daft notions. If we were to beat the leinster champions in two weeks time it will have nothing to do with what end we kick into in the second half .

    It will be down to Keegan finding his form of old , Diarmuid waking up from this going through the motions phase hes in , it will be down to keeping con o callaghan quiet unlike the way failed to stop shane walsh influence the first half last week, we had no answer to him and ive yet to read a comment worrying about such . Conroy had us hammered in first half , you think fenton and mcarthy are going to run out of diesel in the same we he did. Aido cannot manage the middle of the park .

    overall id hate to be James Horan cause i believe we just dont have the answers to go further on present form . Would not write our bucks off , not on your nelly , but it will take serious managerial skills to organise this team to defeat Dublin .

    Dublin dont look as good as 15-19 but they weren’t great last year either

  47. Might be more to that theory about the scoring end there Seán after that Ulster Final. I wouldn’t be so dismissive.

    No doubt we’ll need to do a lot more that win a coin toss to get things right against the Dubs.

  48. Mayo cannot be depending on Lee Keegan to get the goals as per the old days, time moves, guys get older, plenty of running power in the young guys to get those goals. The direct route must be perfected in next 2 weeks.
    I’m taking bets now, if its into the Hill16 end in 2nd half, we will see the same old shortcomings occur,
    Forwards moving too far out the pitch, no shape, etc.
    Lack of scores
    A defensive strategy arising.
    My motto is simple, get well ahead and stay ahead, this means Mayo need to be up by at least 5 points at halftime.

  49. This hill 16 theory supports Cillians late missed frees in ‘16 replay and 17, where as he scored his late late ‘16 equaliser into the canal end. Call the X-files!!

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