The weekend’s matches

The Bank Holiday weekend is drawing near and so too are the four matches involving the county that are taking place. There’s camogie and football action as well as two national finals in hurling, with two games on Saturday and two more on Sunday.

The camogie match is on first. This is an All-Ireland Premier Junior Championship Round 2 clash against Cavan, which is fixed for Hastings Insurance MacHale Park on Saturday. Throw-in is 2pm and the ticket link for the game is here.

The footballers’ All-Ireland SFC Group Stage Round 2 meeting with Roscommon at Dr Hyde Park also takes place on Saturday. This one throws in at 5pm, it’s live on GAA GO and there’ll also be live radio commentary on Midwest. The ticket link is here and tickets are also available from selected Centra and SuperValu outlets.

The first of the two hurling finals on Sunday is the one involving the U17s who take on Laois in the All-Ireland Celtic Challenge final. This title decider takes place at the GAA’s National Games Development Centre at Abbotstown in west Dublin where throw-in is 1pm. It’s free admission into this game.

Croke Park is the venue for that afternoon’s Nicky Rackard Cup decider, in which we’re up against Donegal. This is the final game in a triple-header at HQ on Sunday, with the Lory Meagher Cup final and the Christy Ring Cup decider both on beforehand .

Our game throws in at 4.15pm and it’ll be shown live on TG4. The ticket link is here and tickets for it are also available from selected Centra and SuperValu outlets.

The best of luck to all the Mayo teams in action this weekend.

26 thoughts on “The weekend’s matches

  1. Good man, Lee.
    Hope the games this week bring a bit of a buzz. Very little to get excited by, yet.
    Máigheo abú

  2. Great articles Lee hard to argue with anything you said best luck to mayo team and management Saturday let’s get behind our team you would not no where it’s taking us

  3. Hi.
    Also liked the Lee Keegan article. His nice approach to the Roscommon game and nice riposte to Philly and His column.

    I got the impression from, Philly that he could not find anything of more interest to write about and he had to find a certain amount of words.

    He can apparently write about what takes his fancy and his argument was nonsensical. He might have been on the beer?

    Ciaran 2

  4. Giving the dubs both Barrell’s Leeroy, fair play. Well balanced article. There’s a lot of games this weekend, but only one that really counts in my eyes.

  5. Including Senior and Minor games, the last two months seem to have been fairly evenly spread for trips to McHale Park and Hyde Park. I must say while McHale Park is my favourite venue for many reasons (including some sentimental ones) I actually love going to the Rossies home venue which these days is in super nick.
    Hoping Mayo have fine tuned the faster pace attacking they used against Cavan with more accurate hand passing and surer handling. If they have then the tools are there to get the job done with a few points to spare. Another game with Ryan, Cillian, Darren and Matty displaying similar accuracy while Aido causes panic and Tommy regains his major in the half forward line should be enough to boost team confidence. Expect McHugh to do a similar job on Enda Smith as he did before and Coyne, McBrien, Callinan, McLaughlin and Coen to shackle the othe Ros forwards. Kickout strategy needs to be right at both ends and if it is it will go a long way to getting the two points.
    Finally full credit to Willie Joe and this blog on the stance against unsubstantiated rumours which drive me mad whether they prove right or wrong. I mention it because I listened to another well known Mayo podcast last night and the presenters were free and easy with injury rumours. A definite lack of professionalism I’m afraid.

  6. JoeG, I think you being a bit harsh on the other pod. Like in games before this the injury situation was quite common knowledge around the place despite no official announcement at time. Ireland is a small country, Mayo just a county within it. These lads are amateur players and aren’t squirreled away hidden from the world, a lot of people will know the situation with lads. Willie Joe is correct to not allow mad tales spread in his house as per his rules, I have been guilty of breaches myself on this front.
    But in philosophy and early physics, horror vacui or plenism commonly stated as “nature abhors a vacuum”, if something is known around the place it will be talked about. If the Powers that be do not issue confirmation on situations like that, that’s up to them and they well entitled to do so.

  7. Gizmobobs. Have to agree to disagree on this one. Whereas what you say is obviously true I think it’s understandable for individual fans to feel the urge to pass on something they’ve heard but if the management, player or cb don’t turn a rumour into a fact then a blog should respect that. It might even make them more reserved and secretive.

  8. Thought provoker. We’re all too bloody cowed down on and off pitch. A stat that stopped me in my tracks. The Dublin outfield players against Roscommon were an average of 31 years old. Let’s grab a hold of our core 12 players for the middle sector (starters/bench) and go out and take the win from the next two teams. Take it.
    We’ve loads of lads in their prime early to mid to late 20s. Go out and be the match that signoosted clearly the end season for several Dublin players. Go and do it with conviction and wild eyed bloody mindedness.
    Spirit of the escaped bullock in the farmyard, hit collisions. Black book of recent grievances. Release the fury.

  9. JP, love that post. You wouldn’t want to be too near the escaped bullock in the yard. Step right out of the way! All hands on deck to deal with him!

  10. It’s not up to the managment or the county board to clarify if an injury rumour mentioned on a podcast is true or not the week of a game.

    @Gizmobobs – you had mentioned on here before the Cavan game about a clash between two starting players and it’s unlikely either would play when in fact both of the players played against Cavan.

    If a player is named in the 26 on a thursday they are obviously close enough to being fit to play that weekend unless another injury occurs.

  11. Tony is right – if the management or county board have to issue a clarification in relation to every rumour that is out there about injured players – then there will be a press release every day and it turns into a complete circus. The only people who need to know about injuries etc are the players within the squad. The rest of us will know at 5 pm on Saturday

  12. Tony Freeman think I said something along lines that they may be doubts following clash. And did Aidan start v Cavan?? Fair play to Jordan, for playing in circumstances I’m sure he’d tell ya the craic himself if you were chatting to him, if I was him I know I’d have taken the day off 🙂
    Similarly with Paddy it was well known and turned out true.
    The current “rumours” may or may not come to pass, sure we will see the weekend. As I presume as usual the team announced tomorrow could on past experiences be taken with a pinch of salt.

    And as I said above I am in full agreement with ye, CB and management are perfectly entitied to say nothing. That’s totally up to them. And doesn’t bother me one iota. People involved in football locally generally know the craic anyways.

    But in relation to the “unprofessionalism” comment of the lads talking about stuff they are generally in the know on, on another pod it’s worth remembering they aren’t professionals and haven’t put their chats behind a pay wall, people don’t have to tune in. Just felt that was a bit harsh given the serious amount of free promotion they have given to club football in particular within the county and have been recognised with award nominations for same.

  13. Seán, I’m not fluent in that language you’re talking…I might need to learn it.
    I’m getting a hankering to listen to more Mayo Football podcasts. This must mean we’re in the middle of our season, out in the middle of the lake or sea, sailing that Mayo boat on its voyage.
    We have three more guaranteed games it looks like – this one against Ros, one against Dublin and as of now, it looks like a preliminary quarter final. Then it could be holiday time or maybe there’s something more written in the stars. Let’s hope there is – I want to have some more fun following our team.

  14. Count yourself lucky swallow because it is the lingo of losers who like to waste their hard earned .

    Basically what im sayings is , Boylesports which is a betting firm , in their betting markets for our game v ros the weekend and more specifically the players markets , ie , goalscorer, man of the match etc , Aido is not listed as an option which is odd or imo might indicate the bookies have word Aido might not be named for sat for some reason .

  15. Thanks, Seán, I’ve been enjoying your posts. You are on form as we head into our season!

  16. @Sean burke: Glancing at the other games they seem to be just relisting the starting 15 from the previous round of games as their starting point.

    The only exception I spotted at a brief glance (wouldn’t be a gambler, so not looking very closely) is the Dublin/Cavan listing have 32 players rather than the usual 30. With Colm Basquelle & Sean Bugler (both non-starters from the Roscommon game) among the players listed, with Colm 6th favourite for MOTM and Sean 10th favourite – both coming in ahead of the 1st Cavan player listed.

  17. That would explain , youre on the ball Tsu.

    Paddy is a massive blow , if we were to be dealt another even my new found optimism this year would hit a low , pro baords mayo gaa wouldnt fill your heart with hope .

  18. No Ben O’Carroll on the Roscommon published 26 and blow to them and boost to Mayo

  19. Paddy out is a big big blow for us
    Himself and Diarmuid are always sorely missed as they provide the line breaking pace and nous in the middle sector .
    God help us if anything happens Diarmuid
    It will be sideways football again

  20. @Thedarkyfinn..I taught that I was the only one who wrote about the Seagulls in Croke Park.. but of course Lee does it better.. Now that it appears that those “Suit’s” in Croke Park seems to have eventually half killed the Golden Goose that laid all the Golden Egg’s for the Suit’s. It wasn’t just in 2024, . it’s was all this century that the greater good of the national Gaelic Football inter county game was made secondary to a more narrow interest, not even the Light Blue’s across the Irish Sea of Manchester City have been allowed to be so advantaged as the Light Blue’s that share a ground paid for by their opponents, by the governing organisation. The Harris Hawk appears to have been frightened off by the size of the Sea Gulls and maybe they are safe in Croke Park. .. or will will an objective debate ever take place on the subject a formerly Sacred Cow be culled?

  21. Leantimes – your a dab hand with the old quill yourself ! I’m sure if Lee wanted a week off you’d be a formidable substitute for that rte column. It would be like bringing in new hawk to clear those gulls !!

  22. I’ve tried to buy tickets yesterday afternoon and again this morning on ticketmaster – but it says unable to reserve your tickets just now – anyone else have the same problem

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