The weekend’s matches

Teams from the county are involved in three different Championship matches this coming weekend. Here are the details of these fixtures.

Two of the games take place on Saturday at 2pm. One of them is a camogie match while the other is in women’s football.

The camogie game is an All-Ireland Premier Junior Championship Round 3 meeting with Roscommon at St Aidan’s GAA club in Ballyforan. The ticket link for this game is here.

The LGFA fixture is a crunch All-Ireland SFC Round 2 Group Stage meeting with Kildare at James Stephens Park in Ballina. While it’s not strictly a must-win match – a draw might be enough for us to get through, depending on how the Lilywhites fare out subsequently against Dublin in Round 3 – it’s definitely a must-not-lose one.

The ticket link for the game is here. It’s being streamed live on TG4 Sport’s YouTube channel (here) and so I’ll embed the stream here on the blog on Saturday. Midwest will also have live radio commentary on it.

On Sunday it’s us against Dublin in Round 3 of the All-Ireland SFC Group Stage. This one throws in at Dr Hyde Park at 3.45pm that afternoon and the game is live on RTÉ, with Midwest also providing live radio commentary.

In these changed times and altered Championship structures, this appetising fixture still hasn’t sold out. Maybe it won’t. The ticket link for it is here.

The best of luck to all the Mayo teams in action this weekend.

63 thoughts on “The weekend’s matches

  1. I have 2 tickets for sale (willing to sell them for 15 euro each). We are both season ticket holders that cant make it due to family commitments.

  2. Sunday cannot come quick enough plus there are a few other tasty games on to. I dont get it when some say play the wider panel Sunday to avoid injuries and go the other route. Surely its much higher risk playing 3 games in 2wks versus 2. The only injury doubt we were made aware off was Diarmuid – if he is not fit dont play him, if he is then maybe bring him on as sub. Plan the team / panel available to win the game – there isn’t an option B in my mind. Win Win Win !

  3. @Thedarkyfinn: Diarmuid the biggest one but we’ve a few more.

    David McBrien came off at half time with a tightness against Roscommon, James Carr we’ve not seen since his surgery at the start of May but hitting the range when he might be fighting for a return depending on how rehab is going (could be a few more weeks yet too & might not manage to get to match sharpness even if/when fit), Rory Brickenden missed the Roscommon game (knock picked up for Westport the weekend of the Cavan game when we, absolutely correctly, released the panel to play some ball) & Diarmuid Duffy missed the Roscommon game as a late withdrawal (think it was ribs mentioned by one of the lads on the pod?).

    Risks of tiredness hitting us in a QF from going all out and not managing to win… but risks with everything in life & you’ll often get much worse injuries going into a challenge half pace. Reward is more than there to make it worth pushing for if (or when) we do win. Completely on board with the “Win Win Win” stance.

  4. Thanks TsuDhoNim – didn’t know about Brick and Duffy and I doubt their current status is known. We know from interviews Diarmuid is pushing to be involved for this game and by all sound bytes O’Brien was purely precautionary the last day and is available for this. Also Boland’s appeal did go in and is up today so we’ll know his fate- later today. Irrespective of who is injured go for the win for this one – go with the known knowns and not down of the road of the unkown unkowns…

  5. @Thedarkyfinn: Ohhh wow. That’s good to know. Fingers crossed on that one.

    All very quiet there since it happened. I hadn’t even heard it confirmed yet if he was potentially facing a Category III (1 game – “minimal force”) or IV (2 game – “force”) ban on it. Neither would be a great result.

  6. Go all out to beat dublin I don’t understand the play a weaker team to avoid injuries. If we do that we will get slaughtered and our confidence will be fecked anyways.

    I expect mcstay to name the strongest available go all out for this we will know where we are come Sunday loose badly and sure we may as well go out at quarter final stage loose by a few and we will have a decent chance win and the sky is the limit.

  7. James Horan on the Examiner pod had heard rumours(unsubstantiated) that both DoC and McBrien aren’t available this weekend

  8. So from what I’ve seen/heard through my podcasts every single one is predicting a Dublin win, but one thing stood out, the god himself-Mr Canavan(joking, a legend) on the RTE podcast was leaning towards an upset. I find it interesting in that when everyone last year was pumping Mayo after the league, for me he stood alone in saying pump the breaks on our AI potential

  9. Fair play, YouThree – I love that you’ve been checking out all the podcasts! That’s proper nerd behaviour – in a good way. I was getting frustrated that they all seem to be behind paywalls now. I am thankful I’m subscribing to the Mayo Football Podcast in this sea of blocked-off coverage.

  10. It’s obvious that that management will pick the strongest team available but with paddy durcan definitely out and a good chance we will be without diarmaid o Connor and David mcbrien and his replacement Brickenden possibly out and fergal boland suspended pending appeal then we are severely weakened anyway with options on the bench becoming even more stretched.The hope I am clinging to is that Dublin are an unknown quantity so far this year and at some stage the mileage might start to show on some of their older players

  11. Agreed Swallow Swoops, it became expensive as most decided to move to a subscription model around the same time. But I don’t hold it against them as its reflective of advertising in media generally. Big companies have much more data now on their return on investment in advertising so pump money into eyeballs over potential return on investment, hope that will change. But as someone living in Oz and can’t put my money towards gate receipts, I think the money going to podcasts on Gaelic Football plus lotteries is a great trade off for the value I get

  12. Good on you, YouThree. It’s a great way to keep really well clued in with Gaelic football in Ireland when living out of the country. And it’s entertaining too. It’s a good investment when put like that.

  13. Hi James, yes I still have them. Can be collected in Headford area or I can send on by PDF. If willie joe could send you my email address or send me your email/phone number that would be greatly appreciated

  14. Sunday is not the day to be beating Dublin . The day to beat them is when it is knock out football . If we were to go all out against Dublin and do beat them it would make harder to beat them a second time in a semi or final. The top Teams learn more from a defeat. If we have our best available team playing at their max and even draw or be defeated by one point then we have to use the exact same player’s for the following two weekends. Much better to play our second choice 15 against Dublin and wait in the long grass .Don’t show our hand just yet. Keep the first fifteen fresh .Give players with needles more time to recover. Also who knows we may uncover a player from the second choice 15 that hasn’t been considered yet . Lat year we did go down to Killarney and beat Kerry (who had not lost a championship game in Killarney for more than 30 years) in what was not a knockout game. This result meant nothing in the following games against Cork and Louth or Dublin in the 1/4 Final

  15. Need to focus on the prize, a win. Playing 3 games in 2wks brings other jeopardy’s – just have to look at last year. I’d prefer to meet Dublin again after they have played an additional game and a possible Kerry before meeting us (hypothetically speaking). I’m confident McBrien will start and Diarmuid possibly in the 26

  16. Three out of four group winners made it through to the semi-finals last year and if Armagh hadn’t lost that crazy penalty shootout to Monaghan it would have been all four. I’m not expecting anything very different this year. Winning the group is the only safe way of reaching the quarter-finals and that’s why I agree with the posters that are in favour of us going all out to beat Dublin on Sunday, even though the odds are not very much in our favour.

    Finishing second takes us down a very risky path and we could be playing a team like Donegal in Castlebar next weekend and there will be nothing easy about that. If we get over that preliminary quarter-final we are playing a group winner the following weekend and we know how well that went for us last year. The Dubs are travelling to Roscommon with only one thing on their minds and that’s to knock this Mayo team back on their arses, win the game and then rest up for a week. That’s the way great teams think and we should have the same mindset for Sunday.

  17. How we do on Sunday is all about that early to mid 20s cohort. You’ve got to be pulling them aside and making them go out and outrun the older Dublin players. Like making it a thing they get after. It’s priority number one for us to have any chance of winning.

  18. Predicted Team:

    Coyne McBrien O’Hora
    Coen Callinan McLaughlin
    Ruane McHugh
    Carney Loftus Flynn
    O’Shea Cillian O’Donoghue

    In the absence of really experienced depth on the bench I think it might be best to have pace to bring in instead, so Conroy and Hession.

    Fitness and suspension will likely be crucial in determining who plays 3 and 11. If McBrien is out then hopefully Brickenden is ok. They have been the two guys filling the jersey so far.

    It’s tough not starting McHale, given his form, but I’m not sure he’s what we what we want from the position on Sunday. Darren has added strongly to our attack in recent games but he’s still a little unproven wrt the dropping into midfield side. The guy I really want is Diarmuid, but in his absence Boland and Loftus have more experience playing the role, but it does look like exactly the kind of role we would be hoping Bob Touhy could do.

    Dubs have been playing with both an adventurous and forward heavy line up, and a good few inexperienced players. It’ll be interesting to see if Dessie persists with that.

    We’ve been defending well, and if we can cut out the sloppy goals we’ll be competitive. I’m optimistic. Killarney last year was a 13 point swing from the year before. Last year’s defeat should be the itch that needs scratching. Sunday needs to be our best showing of the season – win, lose or draw that’s the minimum imo.

    Mayo by 7.

  19. Jese McHugh must be annoying to be marked by. Plus when you get hit he’s all bone, sometimes those lads are the worst hit, they’re all corners and solid.
    He’ll run all day, you’d imagine he’s top of the ranks or near it for stamina.

  20. I am fairly certain basquel won’t be too annoyed to see o Hora at corner back again

  21. Management surely know at this stage that O’ Hora is not fast enough and a good enough defender to play corner back against the top teams.
    Or will it take another roasting for him before they realise it.

  22. Any word if Fergal Boland will be available to play? Was the red card appealed?

  23. You don’t go “half hearted” into a big game. Have any of you played or been involved with your club? It’s daft to suggest Mayo don’t go all in for Sunday. I’ve never been involved in a dressing room where this happens.

    Win and we may reach a semi final. Loose and I think our goosed is cooked. A semi final appearance wouldn’t be a bad return considering the team we have and injuries.

  24. @Southmayo Exile: Funny way to describe a recent All-Star nominee. Especially after the last game where he kept Conor Cox scoreless from play, limiting him so his biggest contribution was a converted mark and holding him to less than 10 touches of the ball for the afternoon. Even more so with those 9 touches including a forced fumble, a forced turnover, a wide kicked under pressure & a shot dropping short all under Swanee’s pressure.

    When you compare it to the 3 from play & mark Cox got against Dublin & have a lad coming in flying in confidence, I’d have thought it a fairly impressive corner-back performance by anyone’s standards.

    Looked like a man relatively short on minutes and no doubt has more to improve than what we saw against the Rossies, but to suggest he’s not at the level is factually untrue. Wouldn’t be the right fit for plenty of match-ups (e.g. being left out to dry 1v1 vs Clifford or left on Basquel who clearly had the pace to burn him) but he’d be perfect for plenty of others, just as he was for Cox.

  25. McBrien was withdrawn as a precaution in the league final against Galway and for several weeks so I would not pay much attention to similar reports after the roscommon game.

  26. The evidence on Padraig o hora is he not suited to corner back .he played well against Dublin in 2021 semi final after being moved out of corner back onto Kilkenny but he then got torched against mccurry in first half of the final.then badly caught out by Clifford and basquel in successive years,yea he was left exposed but whose decision is that.cox also miscontrolled at least one ball in which would have left him one on one with o hora and we know he lacks pace .O hora has attributes that could be used but asked a player without pace to play at corner back is asking for trouble and is like asking Ryan o Donaghue to play at midfield

  27. There’s to be a shower or two in Sunday so that will add a bit of zip to the surface.
    It’s real shame diarmuid is to miss out and Carr too they would be great impact guys from the bench and have the skillets and physical attributes for the dubs.

    I see what your saying Frosthammer but it be counterproductive dropping Mchale, he’s the inform player and links halfforwards and fullforward line .
    He’s also a goal threat .

    I wouldn’t start O Hora, Hession be a better fit for this game .
    Mchugh on Fentons a gamble I spoke of last week but firmly belive he will do a job once Ruane and Flynn play aswell as they can .
    I don’t belive AOS and Cillian can start together in this game anyhow so I’d start cillian and have AOS for impact maybe even at 11 later in the game .

    Looking forward to it everyone will have to play well but may aswell try get up to speed now and test ourselves and see where we at, as no easy game after this

  28. I certainly hope yer man, the same man who crops up every time there is a juicy GAA fixture involving Mayo on this Blog gets enough Tickets. Despite all his interest in Tickets time after time he seems totally unaware of the normal avenue’s . It’s a Free country I suppose!

  29. Tsu – I did say O’Hora struggles at corner back against the top teams. I wouldn’t put Roscommon in that bracket yet. The pace and movement of the Dublin forwards is a good bit better than what Roscommon had to offer.
    Some people might think he is good enough to play corner back next Sunday – I don’t think he is.

  30. Hoping that Jack Carney starts on the bench. On the basis he is coasting in a Mayo shirt. That’s my view. We know he can win possession. We know he can kick points. We know he has physical strength to not be pushed around.

    But what do we get from him in most games. A pussy cat performance! Turning back at every opportunity. Playing as if sticking to the script. It’s absord. He needs a stint on the bench. A reality check. See at first hand how ridiculous the ‘across the field’ play is; see how ridiculous the lack of physical play from our players. See the lack of urgency.

    If we win without him, it could only lead to something good :- a more determined Jack Carney to ‘break loose’ next time he is on the field in order to prove himself.

    If we loose without him, it could only lead to something good;- a more determined Jack Carney to ‘break loose’ next time on the field in order to show colleagues what it takes to win games.

    So a win-win situation. Last thing we need is a Jack Carney contining to perform in later games as if the game is a dress rehersal for something else.

  31. @Southmayo Exile: ‘Corner Back’ isn’t really going to be a thing next Sunday. Dublin rotate their 6 forwards constantly, even by today’s standards their 6 are swapping in and out way more than standard, so far more about a specific match-up they’d feel he’s the right fit for (he can’t be left on Basq/Paddy Small/Con or he’ll be burned for pace again) than a specific position. I’d not be the least bit surprised to see him lining out against either Kilkenny or Costello. A job that’ll see him back in the corner plenty, even if they’re nominally lining out in the half-forward line.

    Having Kilkenny closer to the goal a lot of the time one of the big ways they’ve sparked his return to form this year. Far more direct & dangerous than he looked in a number of years. This year they’ve even added Fenton into the mix there, constantly pressing in to 14 and dropping back to the D as a target man/distraction/shooter (3 against Cavan, 2 against Roscommon, 3 against Louth & 1 against Offaly so far this Championship puts plenty of corner forwards to shame).

  32. Corner back won’t be a thing on Sunday.oh lord well if Dublin identity a weakness as in a lack of pace then then they will make sure corner back is a thing.Whether rotated or not Dublin will attempt to isolate o hora one on one at some stage of the game

  33. We know that we are definitely without Paddy and probably Diarmuid and Carr and, most likely Fergal. Also Lee confirmed, in his article, that McBrien has a hamstring issue and, if there is the slightest doubt, he should’nt be risked. Even with our strongest line-up, we would be put to the pin of our collar to beat Dublin. So, with the best will In the world and, even with my green and red glasses on, I cannot see us beating Dublin and would settle for a good performance and a reasonably narrow defeat, but, of course, would love to be horribly wrong. . Whatever our absences, we must go all out, throw off the shackles and have a real go, and, if we do go down, go down with all guns blazing.

  34. @1985: You realise that everything said after “oh lord” is exactly what makes before it true?

    If there’s a mismatch at centre-back, wing-back, corner-back, midfield or any of our forwards tagging back they’ll aim to manipulate it, isolate it and hit it. That’s exactly why it’s ensuring the mismatches (on height, strength or pace) aren’t there (or minimised as far as possible) rather than worrying about a specific nominal position that’s important.

    We’re going to have lads like Swanee, Coen, Loftus, O’Shea & O’Connor on the field at stages over the 70. It’s their match-ups at a given time that matter, not whether we start them at centre back, wing back or corner back.

  35. @Glaaagusderg 100% agree there we need to go all out and if we loose so be it we will know we are at.

    Saw some comments saying now is not the time to beating the dubs knock out stages is well if we can’t beat the dubs now there’s not a chance in hell we will beat them in knock outs.

    I’d rather keep our pride and put it up to the dubs then go out to loose as some posters say we should to save players for pre quarters.

  36. The phrase “go all out” is interesting. I rarely played on a team that did not go all out to win. I have no doubt but that the starting 15 will go all out to win as will Dublin. BUT as this is not a must win game, management will surely not risk anyone who is carrying an injury and if we are getting well beaten they may remove some important players with an eye on the preliminary quarter final in 6 or 7 days. I have no idea who is or is not injured or carrying a knock or anything like that but I am sure management would not be daft enough to risk them. The reward of beating Dublin is a big one in that you get an extra week off, but even at full strength the chances are we wouldn’t beat the dubs so with 4/5 of our good lads out well then our chances are minimised further. That does not mean the starting 15 won’t to all out to win it though. Every guy who pulls on the jersey wants to do it justice and will surely relish the opportunity of a start v the dubs. It’s what you train and dedicate yourself for. Whether they are good enough is another matter.

  37. Sorry Tsudho but that is just nonsense a load o verbal gymnastics to try to prove your point.I actually like o Hora as a player but the simple facts are that he has been exposed numerous times against the top teams because of his lack of pace and if he plays at any stage in that line Dublin will manipulate a situation to exploit it

  38. Expected crowd not what they expected , read somewhere last night there was just over 10k tickets sold so far .if thats true , its all the proof needed that this present format is a failure .

  39. O’Hora for me can only play in a sweeper type role, he has been caught out 3 times in big games in CP. He has attributes but any plan to use him needs to be very carefully considered, if he plays Dublin will 100% target him. I’d start Hession personally and have POH as option to bring on later in the game.

    Any word on Bolands appeal last night ? I don’t see anything in local media yet

  40. O Hora is not a starter for this game he’s an Ok player but he’s got absolutely roasted v dubs in quarters last year he got roasted v kerry also. Maybe bit unfair to judge him on that but I don’t think he will start v dubs.

    I’d be surprised if fergal bolands red card was over ruled that footage of him was as clear as day red all day even if unintentional.

  41. O’Hora is a good player but not top class inter county. He wouldn’t make the starting 15 of the top teams. A bit like Enda Hession people keep harping back to Dublin in 2021…that’s three years ago lads and we ended up losing the final!

  42. yew-tree – Enda has played well and has been consistent when used and I don’t think folks are judging him solely on a coupe of games in 21. Injury has blighted his starts that has been his only problem

  43. Two main topics here, one doesn’t deserve any debate but I’ll add to it.. the idea that we might hold our powder. Players are competitive animals who go out to win. It’s not a must win but almost is because the odds stack very poorly for any team not winning the group. Our best chance of winning a QF assuming we can beat a 3 seed in the previous round is if Cork win their group and draw us. Not a bad team but beatable after a hard game the week before and with revenge motivation. Cork are better than at the same time last year so relying on a lucky draw . The northern teams have all lost but have all been good on their day and a 2 break would stack odds very much in a 1 seed’s favour. So yes we’re outsiders but so what, just go for it this weekend.

  44. The other debate is around O Hora. I think we need to use him especially with a weakened panel and there’s a case he’s ahead of Bric in the queue so the question is how and where. Sweeper is definitely a good option, half back could work and he likes to drive forward. And corner back is risky. I don’t think Besquel is Dubs best forward despite a good 2023 and yes he got the better of him once but would be more worried about Con who has a serious combination of pace and power. Being left footed O Hora would more likely play the other side on Mannion or Small, both with plenty to offer the dubs. If Scully plays could let O Hora follow him from half back and drive on when we get the ball. If O Hora plays half back then we have two left footed wing backs. I was against Eoghan Mac on the wrong wing but he does more damage on the scoreboard from there and the last game he seemed to alternate maybe being told to do so by management so I’ve come around on that. Sam is a good player but I think he’s that bit quicker for corner back and mightn’t get torched regardless of which Dub he marks. If McBrien doesn’t make I’d definitely bring Sam back to the corner one year on from last year’s rookie year mistake. He’s been good to excellent most games in there apart from on Canavan who’s a handful for anyone.

  45. We usually stick with what we know so expect pretty much exact same team. Tommy, Ryan, Aidan, Jordan, Darren, Cillian in the forwards. Matthew and Jack in the middle.

    Defence will depend on availability, it is hard to imagine McBrien is fit enough for this game given body part injured, but he could well be named with Brick to start on the day.

    I reckon we will have a good competitive game with them, they are missing lads as well and have been slow burning in a lot of games to date until they need to open up a bit; and our lads will give their all as they always do. We have lots off all Ireland final experience in our panel, would not be surprised if we pull off a win. But would not be to despondent with a respectable narrow loss once semblance of a plan is there.

  46. Mccarthy couldn’t be that fit though even off on the bench.

    Strongest team the dubs could name really.

    Be interesting to see our team whenever it’s named but we won’t know the true starters till 5 minutes before throw in Sunday ha.

  47. The bookies are rarely wrong and based on current form, injuries etc, the most likely scenario is the Dubs win this game with plenty to spare or win a tight game – We are out again in a week’s time with little recovery and if we win, a week again after that.

    Knowing this to be a likely possible outcome, we should select the game day panel accordingly. There are some players that would cope with 3 weeks on the trot a lot better than others.

    100% tell the squad on the day to go out and win the game. But select the squad and tactics on game day knowing it is not a knockout game.

    Absolutely do not risk key players in a game we don’t have to win. And don’t overdo any players that won’t cope well with 3 games on the trot.

    We shouldn’t give 2 flying f**ks about what others think of our squad selection. We are aiming at a bigger prize.

  48. The Dubs are like a machine, unless they get to that point where they sniff a defeat. The Extra Time in the 2021 SF was a prime example. They lost their composure and tempers flared. They got cards and went into panic mode. They will want 2 weeks off to prepare for AAQF.
    They are relatively open at the back and we have to target goals here above all. How many matches have we got into goal scoring positions only to punch the ball over the bar. Look at Cork V Donegal 2 weeks ago. The momentum completely shifted and Donegal could not reel them back in, as the more they pushed up the more they were exposed at the back.
    I feel this is our opportunity to strike. We know how good the Dubs are but they are not unbeatable.
    We are not at full strength but why fear them. Look at how question marks are arising on Derry, Galway and even Donegal. It frustrates me when the ” Big Contenders” lose, its quickly brushed off and that they are still a potential winner and will come back stronger. When Mayo lose its ” Same old Story”.
    The format of this competition is like a slowly deflating balloon at this stage with the lack of real jeopardy.
    Derry should be gone at this stage but could still win an AA!
    I don’t think the pundits know anymore than the man on the street.
    Lets put the Dubs to the sword. Roll on Sunday.

  49. That’s a very strong team and bench Dublin have named. Could be a long day for us.

  50. Jack and Basquel are the strongest calvary on that bench. Mccarthy probably won’t see to much of it and if he does more about game time.

    @Bonni boyler love that your spot on great post!

    Still think mayo by 2 or 3.

  51. Tomas O Se gives a fair synopsis of how people are feeling regarding the football this year. I’m not sure people are tuned into the football yet but it’ll be the last year of this nonsensical system, hopefully, with Jim Gavin and co working towards something better.
    Don’t think the crappy weather is helping matters either though.

  52. There are certain players in that Dublin squad who detest Mayo , iykyak. . They cannot bare the thought of losing to Mayo . This was an occasion we should of embraced as supporters and turned the hyde into a cauldron of green n red , noise and smoke but we havent done so , we missed a trick there . Ye just sit there shouting at the tvs then go hell for leather on here and social media after telling us how aido shouldnt be starting or mcstay hasnt a clue etc etc whilst not even doing the small part were suppoosed to play.

  53. One change: Conroy for O’Hora

    Colm Reape Knockmore
    Jack Coyne Ballyhaunis
    David McBrien Ballaghaderreen
    Donnacha McHugh Castlebar Mitchels
    Sam Callinan Ballina Stephenites
    Stephen Coen Hollymount Carramore
    Eoghan McLaughlin Westport
    Jack Carney Kilmeena
    Matthew Ruane Breaffy
    Tommy Conroy The Neale
    Darren McHale Knockmore
    Jordan Flynn Crossmolina Deel Rovers
    Aidan O’Shea Breaffy
    Cillian O’Connor Ballintubber
    Ryan O’Donoghue Béal an Mhuirthead
    Rob Hennelly Raheny
    Rory Brickenden Westport
    James Carr Ardagh
    Enda Hession Garrymore
    Conor Loftus Crossmolina Deel Rovers
    Diarmuid O’Connor Ballintubber
    Eoin O’Donoghue Béal an Mhuirthead
    Pádraig O’Hora Ballina Stephenites
    Michael Plunkett Ballintubber
    Paul Towey Charlestown Sarsfields
    Bob Tuohy Castlebar Mitchels

  54. Be interesting to see if we leave Donnacha in the backs or push him out to the middle. 50/50 for me with pros and cons either way.

    If pulling him out, you’d expect one of CO’C/Aido to make space & then either Brick (Brick on Mannion, Jack on Small) or Enda (especially if Brick is already in for David – Enda on Small, Jack on Mannion) to come in.

    Strong 15 and strong bench with plenty of experience and battle in them. If David is fully fit & can make ~60 and Diarmuid & James fit to offer us a solid ~20 you’d have high hopes of pushing hard.

  55. One thing learned over the last week or 2 on injuries – only listen to what is communicated from the Mayo camp. Outside media and other podcasts are only using rumours as click bate. Officially McBrien was fit Diarmuid was close and Carr now being the pleasant surprise – they are the only ones that provided accurate information.

    Delighted with the squad named

  56. @ Sean Burke. 100% agree with your comment regarding the Keyboard Warriors.
    Unfortunately, I have been one of them this year. Financial cost is the main but not only reason. Being based in Drogheda, Croker suits me well and if the game were there I would be attending. I was in Castlebar for the league match against the Dubs but that was my only outing.
    From listening to the Podcasts in general with players, the crowd can have a massive impact. No matter how much I scream at D’tele, it will impact none but me and my long suffering family.
    Hopefully they have organised a chopper for Fathers Day on Sunday and I will parachute into the Hyde! ( don’t count me out just yet ; -) ).

  57. The DarkyFinn, the pods were fairly accurate in fairness they were right on Carr, Paddy and Diarmuid.
    Then factor in when whas last game the 26 announced actually started? I’d say on average the various pods were more accurate than our officially released 26 🙂

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