The weekend’s matches

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A new year of football action got going tonight, with that historic first inter-county match played at an indoor venue when Sligo got the better of Andy Moran’s Leitrim by four points in the FBD League.

The 1-21 to 1-17 scoreline racked up in that game played in the Air Dome at the Connacht Centre of Excellence demonstrated the good sense to use the Dome as the venue for all this month’s FBD ties. It certainly made sense tonight, as it was pelting down rain outside while the match was being played in perfect conditions inside the Dome.

Friday evening’s FBD semi-final between Mayo and Galway at the same venue (throw-in 6pm) could, then, be a real belter. Pre-season clashes in January aren’t normally high-scoring encounters but, on tonight’s evidence, there’s every chance the Friday’s one will be too.

As was the case tonight, Friday’s match is being streamed live by Connacht GAA (details here). A match pass for the game costs €10.

Aside from that bit of inter-county jousting, the coming weekend sees two Connacht club football finals involving Mayo teams taking place. One of these matches is on Saturday and the other on Sunday.

The Saturday one is the Connacht Junior football decider, in which Mayo champions Kilmeena are up against St Patrick’s of Sligo. The final will be played at Markievicz Park, Sligo, where throw-in is 1.30pm. Midwest Radio will have full match commentary live from Markievicz Park.

Then on Sunday Knockmore take on Padraig Pearses of Roscommon in the Connacht Senior football final. That provincial decider has been fixed for James Stephens Park in Ballina, with a 1.30pm throw-in. TG4 will be broadcasting it live.

12 thoughts on “The weekend’s matches

  1. Any news see about tickets for the 2 club finals? The Universe platform has no details yet and I was wondering if the sales method had changed? Thank in advance.

  2. By the way a month pass for FBD matches costs €25. That’s good value for four matches sitting at home.

  3. Thanks wj
    I always come here just to get the basic information reliably and kept to the point.
    Link to game Friday
    Time and station for Saturday
    Time and station for Sunday
    Simple stuff made complicated on other media.
    Fair play

  4. Hi
    I just want to make the point that I taught coverage of yesterday’s match in the dome was very very poor by the.
    They showed an interview from inside on the sports section, no scores or any play only what was in the background.
    They could have made a big fuss, some positive news for a change. If they had a camera outside at six when the game started and showed the contrast between match conditions and the weather it would have looked class.

  5. Ww,
    Agree completely with you. The dome will offer great comfort to players, managements, supporters and press. National media do not comprehend the harsh weathet conditions we have to endure on the western seaboard, because the weather on the east coast is drier, and less windy. An interview witn a player after the match would have been good to gauge the reaction to the dome.Cant wait to get into it. Its a massive facility.

  6. I have a club+ season ticket up for renewal 250€ – can I renew an ordinary season ticket instead ? – the 150€ one

  7. It appears that the GAA are not allowing season ticket holders to change from club + season ticket to ordinary season ticket which is very unfair in the current circumstances. I have emailed the GAA about it, but they will not change. I have been a season ticket holder since 2013, and upgraded in 2019.
    With the current situation and the way season ticket holders were treated last season, I have made the decision I will not be renewing the club + ticket at a cost of 250 euro, when I won’t be able to attend any club matches.
    I have explained this on detail to the GAA but they are not in any way accommodating , only responding by email and refusing, to discuss it over a phone call. The Mayo gaa board were non contactable also on the issue.
    It just shows all they want is take whatever extra money they can take in any way they get it.
    It’s very poor on their behalf.

    Wonder are there many in this situation

  8. Mighty Mayo -that’s correct, I had the same issue. Had the standard ticket since the start and upgraded off the hoof a few years ago. Now I can’t change back. I too emailed them and they finally replied that it’s because the club-plus is not sold out that anyone on 150 ticket can apply for it also- but because the 150 ticket is sold out that people on the 250 ticket cannot apply for it.

    That’s bullshit because the club-plus ticket is sold out they’re just screwing us for the pricier ticket.

    The problem here is that we were never informed that we would be blocked from selecting the 150 ticket in the future once we took the high priced one.

  9. Thanks for heads up – I would buy a 150. € ticket but not a 250 €.
    Like Mighty Mayo and Spotlight, I too upgraded a couple of years ago
    Being ‘sold out’ is nonsense.

  10. The renewal system where they are saying the regular regular standard ticket being sold out is rubbish they are all in the same group when it comes to number count of season tickets allocated to each county.
    The club plus is just an add on for club games if it suits the holder.
    They could easily renew as normal for all holders and allocate the club plus to who ever wishes to buy it if it suits them.

    I agree with mayoforever and definitely would have renewed for 150, but I’m not paying 250

    It will be interesting to see if the non renewed season +tickets will be sold as the same to new holders or if they will be sold as regular season tickets

  11. I wouldn’t be exactly surprised if the Season Ticket didn’t sell out, this time at all… I wouldn’t like to say for certain that there won’t be further restrictions on people attending sport’s fixtures, it all depends I imagine on the Covid figures… It’s impossible to say anything for sure, there during the Christmas, the General Public were refunded their Ticket’money by Leopardstown Race Course and only Jockey’s, Trainer’s and Owner’s allowed, at the same time I watched a Connacht Rugby game on TV and it seemed a full house in attendance, … One thing is for certain, Mayo have no home league games until 2023, … reading between the lines, I get the feeling that the GAA would rather scrap the season ticket scheme altogether, but I think what the GAA should do is the opposite to what they are doing, they should reduce the price of the Season Ticket, on average every Season Ticket holder is probably responsible for many other non season ticket holders traveling especially to away game’s and buying a ticket online or at the Ticket Van that otherwise wouldn’t be sold at all.. I have often said about those running the GAA would someday kill the Golden Geese that laid all the Golden Eggs. Those Golden Geese have their limit’s as well!

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