The weekend’s matches

The lads aren’t in action this weekend but that doesn’t mean there aren’t Mayo teams to follow this Saturday and Sunday. There are – three of them to be precise.

Let’s start with the women footballers. They’ve made a great start to their League campaign this spring and, with two wins from two outings, they’re already guaranteed of a place in the Division One semi-finals.

Sunday’s clash with against Donegal is still a tasty one as they, like Mayo, have a 100% record after two games. While both counties are already through to the semis, Sunday’s encounter will decide which one of them tops the Division 1A group.

It’s the same story, by the way, in Division 1B where All-Ireland champions Meath and Dublin are both on six points and they also meet on Saturday. This means Michael Moyles’ charges will be playing either Meath or Dublin in the semi-finals and which it is will be decided by the outcome of the two top-of-the-table clashes this weekend.

Our match with Donegal takes place at the Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence on Sunday, where throw-in is 2pm.

It’s an all-ticket game, with tickets needing to be bought in advance and you can do this here.

The match will also be streamed live on the LGFA Player – full details on accessing the live stream are here.

On Saturday, the county’s U20 footballers are also up against Donegal. This is in the Leo Murphy Cup, with this one fixed for the GAA Centre in Convoy where throw in is 1.45pm.

The third match involving the county takes place on Sunday at James Stephens Park, Ballina. This time it’s the hurlers who’ll be taking the field and they’re up against Sligo. Throw-in is 2pm.

With only one point from three outings, the hurlers are in a bit of bother in Division 2B. They’re currently bottom of the table, in fact, so a win over the Yeatsmen is pretty much a necessity if they’re to have any hopes of staving off relegation this year.

Tickets for this game are available here.

Best of luck to all the Mayo teams in action this coming weekend.

10 thoughts on “The weekend’s matches

  1. TH – I’ve deleted that comment, which, in light of the way you’ve framed it, makes clear you don’t know yourself if the question you’ve posed is true or not and you then proceed to pass judgment on it. I’m not interested in hosting that kind of commentary here.

  2. Thanks WJ.
    Anyone know is there seating in the Dome?
    I wouldn’t mind bringing my elderly father along to Sundays game.

  3. I’ve never been inside the Dome myself (and maybe someone who has could chip in here) but there is, I know, some limited seating there, though I don’t know how much of it there is. By the way, is that the LGFA match you’re planning on going to on Sunday? I’m not sure that’s on in the Dome, it could be on the main pitch outdoors where again there is some seating but, again, I’m not sure how much.

  4. About 500 seats in dome on right hand side, 5 blocks of 100, also a small stand on the back pitch beside the dome, not sure which pitch the game is on.

  5. Thanks for the info re seats in the Dome lads, or to give the place its official name, The NUIG Connacht Centre of Excellence.
    Yes Willie Joe, according to the LGFA website, the Mayo v Donegal game is in the Dome on Sunday at 2pm.

  6. RP Mc Murphy, Double check that . It’s down for the COE alright, but it doesn’t say its in the Dome per se. It justs say the COE. I’d be agreeing with Willie Joe , it could (more than likely) be on one of the outside pitches.

    Id check with nurse Ratched if i were you ,she’ll know for sure.

  7. How do the LGFA get your ticket to you if you order? Is is by phone or can they send a paper version. The order form on the link does not seem to say and I do not want to order unless I can be sure. But then it is late to be looking for a paper ticket anyway for this w/e. I’m not equipped to get a phone version. Have to settle for TV.
    I’m full of admiration for they way in which this Mayo Ladies team have adapted to losing so many stars to Aussieland. A real replica of how James Horan’s men have adapted to so many retirements. Amazing really for both teams.

  8. Thanks Stephen, you’re right, it doesn’t specify. I’ll check with the powers that be in the morning before I purchase.

    Mildred (Rached) isn’t playing ball as usual and Billy an the boys are stuck in a serious game so no joy here so far.
    I’ll see can the Chief help me out.
    I gotta see that ball game!

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