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  1. Have really enjoyed the Mayo Gaa TV coverage, the close games and the tallent on display. Very hard to call who will win the Moclair cup this time out but the quality of football on display, some superb individual performances and the overall strength and depth out there would give you great hope for mayo football going forward

  2. The club championships have been an absolute tonic so far, some cracking close games.

    Only for it I’d be going insane

  3. Anyone see Padraig O’Hora’s interview with Mike Finnerty after the Ballina/Claremorris game, well worth a watch , he some character.Has to be starting for me in James Horans 15 come October.

  4. Padraig O Hora is some buck the Roy Keane of Ballina
    Stephenites has to be a future captain of Mayo can see him driving us forward for the foreseeable. Though if I was the Knockmore manager I’d be pinning that video
    Up on the dressing room wall and using it as motivation. Ballina are flying and Evan Regan is in sparling form he was especially good against Kiltane where his direct running hurt them and he has bulked up even more can see him back on the Mayo team again if he keeps Improving and getting stronger

  5. Enjoyed watching the Stephenites again albeit on my laptop and not at the game. Good win yesterday but we were still inconsistent and sloppy again at times and the red card (which seemed very harsh) was still silly so the discipline was poor again like the Kiltane match.
    We have a young team which is improving all the time and up front we are looking dangerous any time we get decent ball in quickly. Simon Leonard, Conor McStay, Mikey Murray, Sean Regan and Swaney O’Hora had a great game again and watch out for Frank Irwin who chipped in with two points today.
    Evan Regan is having a great season so far and stepping away as a player for Mayo becoming the county team nutritionist instead seems to have given him a new lease of life as a club player. Lastly Clarkie gave a tour de force in goal with an exhibition of distribution with the foot from the ground and the kick pass to a well contested midfield area and was sublime in setting up a point for Simon Leonard with a great run and kick pass to Evan Regan for the point of the match.

  6. Sean Regan, Mikey Murray and Evan Regan might press hard for Mayo panel places.
    The mark suits Evan Regan, he’s able to show o it in front and slot the ball from 40 yards.
    Sean Regan is a strong, ball winning and good passing half forward.
    Mikey Murray has got stronger whilst still being able to cover serious ground at pace. He’s got a decent left foot too.

  7. Whatever chance Claremorris had went out the window when James McCormack went off injured.
    Posters here seem to be really enjoying club championship, myself included.
    In fact it’s great to see clubs getting countywide exposure.
    And it asks the question about future club championships. Way more relevant imo than the backdoor system at inter county level.
    I would be very much in favour of two layers of inter county championship and scrap the back door. Club football deserves to be put at the core of the GAA program

  8. @ontheditch Also the massive difference playing club football in good weather.
    Also, yes, the backdoor has run its course. No county bar Dublin can now afford a backdoor run.
    The association is broke, Covid followed the Parc ui Caoimh fiasco.
    The club championships centre stage have been glorious. I’d have no interest in backdoor matches bar Mayo.

  9. It seems Evan is happy enough just playing club football and being in the Mayo backroom staff for this season anyway. Sean Regan is a hurler so that will probably be his first choice for his career and in fairness if any of you get a chance to see him hurl he is the most skillful natural hurler for Mayo I have seen apart from Pierce Higgins.
    As far as I know Mikey Murray is still involved with Mayo and was only injured in the spring rather than dropped.
    I hope James McCormack isn’t too badly injured as he has always impressed me any time I watch him for Claremorris or Mayo. Diskin seems to have improved a lot over the last year and isn’t relying on his strength as much with his footwork notably improved the last day and he won any ball that was put in to him.
    In the Wesport v Charlestown match apart from the obvious prospect in Towey I was hugely impressed by Jack Reilly, Paul Lambert and Mark Moran. It was great to see Parsons and McDonagh moving so well.
    After seeing O’Malley against us last year in the quarter final and watching him again on Sat I can see why he is probably behind Clarkie, Hennelly, Byrne and Flanagan in the Mayo pecking order for the no 1 spot and he is probably wise to throw his lot in with the Rossies this year anyway.
    When you have Mullin, O’Hora, Harrison, Barrett, Durcan, Keegan, Boyler, Higgins to pick from you are going to have a teak tough back 6 even without mentioning Vaughan and Coen or possibly Seamí O’ Shea!!
    If there is an intercounty season this year we should be in great shape after the time away during lock down!!

  10. Sean Regan was part of the mayo football panel before the lockdown. He was on the bench for some of the league games.

  11. Any updates on the injured mayo players. I know Keith didn’t play or Vaughan. James McCormack went off injured for claremorris. Harrison hasn’t played. James Carr went off injured in their 1st game I wonder what’s his injury, did he play the weekend. Liam Irwin not playing for breaffy, is he out?

  12. Mayo GAA TV is doing a great job with the coverage and analysis. The the quality of the games so far it really represents great value for money. Putting bigger more expensive organizations to shame.in my opinion.

  13. A couple of things in relation to the Club Championship,
    Played in good weather and week on week is not comparable to playing one game in March and the next game 5 months later. This has a real buzz of a championship, managed to get to see 4 games live over the two weekends, good games and some great attacking football.There is some really good club players out there and a good bunch of young up and coming players gives me the feeling that Mayo football is in a healthy place.There has to be a way in the calendar to allow the club championship to go from start to finish in one block, even if it means condensing the inter county championship.
    Fair play to Mayo Gaa TV. for great coverage.
    I have an issue with the water breaks, they completely disrupt the flow of the game. Why can’t there be a Maor Uisce from both teams doing half the pitch each, with small individual bottles and serve both players, empty bottles into a bag on his other shoulder and off the pitch.

  14. Water breaks should do away with the need for Maor Uisces. We are asking elite athletes nowadays to go for fifteen minutes. That’s reasonable in my opinion and it tidies up the sideline act.

  15. Crete Boom good to see your post there. I often wondered about that monicker, and a recent trip to Ballina and the Beleek Castle area educated me on its origins. Very interesting!

  16. @Catcol,

    I grew up just outside the Quay Village across the river from Belleek Castle and spent most f my youth on the river, messing around on the Crete Boom and down the river on Bartra Island.

  17. The team that disappointed me last weekend was Claremorris. In particular the use of Diskin. He was stuck in full forward with no ball pumped into him. IMO he should have a Michael Murphy leadership type role, showing up where he is needed most. He could have steadied the ship when McCormack went off.
    Diskin himself looked lethargic, maybe he is back from injury but he has one game left to give Horan a reason for writing his name into his notebook.
    Not lacking in potential, let’s hope he can fulfill early promise with dominant display

  18. Got a chance to watch Castlebar Breaffy.
    Aidan was excellent at 14. He has improved lot in quickly passing the ball on to the man in the better position. When it’s better that he himself takes on the defence he had the fitness and evasiveness to do that effectively.
    Aidan also dropped back sometimes to midfield and defence effectively.

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