The west’s awake

I ended up at Croke Park this afternoon where Galway and Kilkenny played out a draw in an absorbing All-Ireland hurling final. Stalemates in hurling deciders are rare birds – this was the first one to occur since way back in 1959 – and with Galway on the rampage in the first half it didn’t look like a draw was on the cards today either. Likewise, when Kilkenny came roaring back into it after the break, it seemed only a matter of time before they’d put down the Tribesmen’s stubborn challenge but somehow Galway clung on and fully deserved the draw that Joe Canning secured with that late, late free.

There was, as you’d expect, a marvellous atmosphere at HQ today where Galway brought a large, boisterous crowd with them. They easily outshouted the Cats’ followers by 2:1 and it was great to see a team from the west giving their supporters plenty to shout about on All-Ireland Sunday. Hopefully, it’ll be a similar story when the replay takes place in three weeks time. Let’s hope too that we’ll have plenty to shout about ourselves when we get our own big day out at Croke Park a week ahead of this.

4 thoughts on “The west’s awake

  1. Figured you were at the game there today WJ, ’twas not like you to be silent all afternoon. It was a great match today and the west is indeed awake. Given the result today, it’s now up to us to light the way for Galway and the west, on the 23rd.

  2. Was there myself too – worst possible result for me – means I am going to have four Sundays of September in Croke Park. I’ll be cleaned out – wont be able to afford the turkey this year – – – still it’s a good decision by the GAA to reduce prices for the replay and allow a few thousand seats for children. The current situation of a couple and three children having to fork out €400 to attend a final is a bit on the steep side. Have to admit that I felt more of an outsider than a neutral yesterday. I never reached my normal decibel range, never uttered one decent obscenity in disgust nor did I even have a cut at an opposing fan – – – – – no, I just sat there and watched peacefully while herself did the hopping, jumping and roaring this time. Yes of course it was a great privilege to see such great artists as Shefflin and Canning display their undoubted talents but at the end of the day it simply doesnt compare with the thrill of supporting one’s own county. It made me appreciate how fortunate we are that Mayo actually get to Croke Park as often as they do – as opposed to the many thousands of great supporters of lesser counties who seldom get the opportunity to follow their county to CPark as it just doesnt happen for them. Great to be still involved. Good man Cuffe – – another one of your specials – very sentimental – I’m overcome but dont forget we are Mayomen this side of the county too. I wonder would there be any chance at all that Enda might sanction an extension of the Luas line via Dunboyne to Blacksod – – – that way you could come home for your dinner every day, John – – what do you think yourself?

  3. The Cats are like the Kerrymen, they come up in the morning of the match and usually slink home that evening with whatever silverware is on offer, with as little drama or yahooing as possible. Could it be that winning so often makes you used to it? I suppose it does, much like we are now thankfully used to being at the business end of the championship.

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