Their turn to peak in April?

Concerned as we are with our perilous position close to (but still outside, albeit by a single point on scoring difference) the Division 1 trapdoor, it’s easy to ignore what our near neighbours and main rivals in Connacht (sorry, Sligo) are up to at the moment. We shouldn’t, however, disregard the excellent form currently being displayed by the Herrin Chokers who have opened up a two-point gap at the top of Division 1, following their 1-14 to 2-9 win yesterday over what now appears to be a visibly-waning Tyrone.

The Tribesmen are now the only unbeaten team in Division 1, with three wins from three starts, and when you add to that their equally successful FBD campaign, it means that Liam Sammon has a 100% record after seven outings in the Herrin Choker dugout. No matter how you parse it, that’s impressive form – so impressive, in fact, that we can only hope they’ll hit their peak, like Donegal did last year, around the time of the League Final.

5 thoughts on “Their turn to peak in April?

  1. Why change BJP – ha has had 2 good games and one bad one and then change – why not give him the league and then change then…….. Typaical Mayo – no one does desperation quite like Mayo fans…. whu not give all our young players encouragement without lambasting them. There is enough negativity in the county without you fuelling it

  2. I think it’s obvious to everyone, probably even to BJ himself, that he’s not the answer at full-back for the championship. There seems little point wasting the league playing players in positions only to change the team around in the Summer – look where that got us last year. As I said in the post yesterday, I still think we need BJ in the team but I’m far from alone in saying that no.3 isn’t the position for him.

    I don’t think anyone is “lambasting” the team – I know I’m certainly not and I don’t accept either that I’m fuelling any negative sentiments. Any careful and fair-minded reading of what I’ve had to say would lead to the conclusion that, on balance, I’m far more positive than negative and where I’ve made critical comments, I’ve tried to keep them constructive.

    But, hey, it’s only my opinion you’re reading, one that’s no better or worse than anyone else’s and I certainly wish the team all the best this year, as I’ve done every other year.

  3. Beware of Galway under Sammon. This guy knows his football and they will be much better this year as a result. When they had Forde in charge, they seemed to be able to beat us but couldn’t rise to higher challenges.
    However, we need strong teams in Connaught if we are to get anywhere. Both of Galway’s recent All-Irelands involved an initial struggle in Connaught, so we should welcome a challenge from good footballing teams in the Connaught stage. If we can’t get by that, we have no business going to Croker later in the campaign.

  4. Willie Joe dont be hard on yourself. Of course Billy Joe is out of position. I welcome constructive criticism and pretending all will be well come June or July is daft. I will go further, had any one else only John O Mhony presided over the mess of the last year plus they would be gone. O Mahony has next year left and I wonder wil that be his legacy to us, down in two or maybe three. Our malaise runs deep, our minors have not won a Connacht title since 2001, Galway won the minor AllIreland last year , Ros the year before. Its one thing taking over a senior Galway team with a point to prove and full of leaders or a Leitrim team with good players and nothing to lose however Johnno is finding out that if you dont have the leaders and the genuine match winning talent Mayo are just Mayo.

  5. Galway are definitely going to be tough for us to get past this year. They have a solid defence, a more than adequate midfield and, with forwards like Meehan, Armstrong, the two Joyces, Bane and Savage, they can do real damage when the mood takes them. There’ll be no soft Connacht title for us this year with that lot (I still can’t figure out why they couldn’t get past Sligo last year, though …)

    This is undoubtedly the defining year of Johnno’s Second Coming. We all know what happened last year, what with the election and everything, but this has got to be the year when something tangible is achieved with the team. The lack of success at minor in recent years has to be of concern (not least when set against what Ros and Galway have achieved in the past two years) but there is obviously talent coming through from the U21s and, in fairness to Johnno, he’s doing all he can to ensure that happens.

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