There is a light that never goes out

tialtngoI just discovered the other day that the burgeoning world of GAA bloggers has got a new member to add to its ranks.  To be more precise, it’s the ranks of Mayo GAA bloggers that have once again increased and the new arrival on the scene goes by the rather lyrical name of There is a light that never goes out.

This particular light was only switched on for the first time towards the end of last month but hopefully, given its title, it’ll last for ages and ages, just like those low wattage bulbs that the Green lads are so fond of.   If his excellent in-depth analysis of this year’s Mayo U21 panel is indicative of how he’s going to cover things, then I think you’ll agree that this site is sure to be required reading for all of us Mayo GAA nuts in the months and, hopefully, years ahead.

From my perspective, it’s also rather comforting – what with the ongoing output from No one Shouted Stop! and not forgetting the blogger who first began to publish online musings about the football scene in Mayo, the redoubtable Spailpín – to see others devoting time and effort in this particular area.  In part, it’s proof that an increasing element of how GAA action is experienced occurs online but, at a personal level, it also helps to reassure me that I’m not the only loony in the neighbourhood.  So welcome to the locality, TIALTNGO (that’s the acronym, by the way): let’s go howl at the moon together sometime.

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