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One of the nice aspects about this self-appointed position of mine is that people tell you things, things that they want others to know, which in turn gives me things to write about.  And so the world goes round.  I’ve had a few of these in the inbox this week so, in no particular order, here goes:

First up, Club Mayo Dublin have emailed all members to say that orders for tickets for the Roscommon game need to be in with them by this coming Sunday.  If you’re a Club Mayo member and you want tickets, then email Mary at and she’ll take it from there.  As Club Mayo point out, of course, no definitive decision has yet been taken as to whether or not the match is going ahead in McHale Park but it’d be a major surprise at this stage if it wasn’t.  We should know for sure later on today what the crack is on that one.

Next, Liam Horan has been on to let me know that the launch of his CD The Adventures of Championship Man & Other Cruciate Stories takes place this coming Friday (June 12th) at the County Library in Ballinrobe (throw-in 9pm) where Kevin McStay will be doing the honours.  As most of you will, of course, be aware, Liam created the Championship Man character for RTE’s Thursday evening Drivetime sports programme and the CD is a collection of 18 radio essays featuring such classics as The Man With The Radio To His Ear, Getting Out Early To Beat The Traffic, The Third-man Tackle, The Top-of-the-toe Kick-out, Championship Man Comes Out and Championship Man’s Broken Heart.  There’s a little bit of us all, I reckon, in these leitmotifs (perhaps, for us Mayo supporters, more than a little bit in the case of that last one) and if you’re curious to see how well your world-view aligns with that of the eponymous championship man you can always take the test and find out. That site also provides useful info about how to get your hands on the CD.

Finally, for those of you out there who – like good old Championship Man – want to get details of every obscure (and not-so-obscure) club result in the land, the imminent launch of a new nationwide club scoreboard site is sure to be of interest. is the brainchild of Castlebar-based web company 21st Century and it will provide 1,900 GAA clubs with their own individual scoreboards, encompassing up-to-the-minute details of match results, league tables and the like, which is precisely the kind of information that’s almost impossible to get anywhere else.  Have a go at the scoreboard yourself for whatever club takes your fancy and you’ll appreciate what a fantastic resource this will be for GAA followers everywhere.  Sean Og O Ceallachain’s Sunday night results round-up just won’t, I fear, have the same resonance any more!

3 thoughts on “Things of interest

  1. Hi WJ,

    Thanks for the link to the club scoreboard. Just been on it, it’s an excellent resource. I’m finding it harder to get hold of club results as it is.
    The Indo can be a bit hit and miss on a Monday morning. They had a Belmullet result against Ballintubber a couple of weeks ago as 0-0 0-0…
    I had to ring home to make sure one of the worst games in football history hadn’t just taken place!

    Also, great analysis by Fourgoal McGee on an earlier post. Agreed with nearly all of it. I have a real problem looking at our half backs as well, our full back line (good as it has looked) could be very exposed. I’m sharing the nervousness over the game against the Rossies…

  2. There is no reason for mayo supporters to be nervous, Roscommon are far worse than west meath.A team with aspiratations can not be taking the sheep stealers serious…

  3. Hi Dan, glad you liked the clubscoreboard. The Indo is going to increase the tempo on Mondays each week to include results and league tables for 26 GAA counties (all fed from the SB). The first trial run was Monday 15th June – six pages of data, not bad for the first cut. Next week will include adverts for the Club Scoreboard and the software powering the Scoreboard (eSports Manager). The monday gaascoreboard is suppose to be a permanent fixture in the Indo each Monday from now on.

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