Thinking about the Tribesmen


So we’ve drawn Galway in Round 4.

There’s more than a little bit of poetic justice in this. Had we gone the direct route we’d still have had to beat Galway in the Connacht final to make the Super Eights. This is now the task that faces us on Saturday evening at the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick (throw-in 7pm), only this time it’s in a super-charged, high octane, knockout clash, reminiscent somewhat of the Championship of old.

In one sense, everything is different about this meeting with Galway. We’ve never met in the Championship before outside of the Connacht SFC and we’ve never before played a Championship game against them at a venue outside the province.

But, in another way, it’s like going back in time. Back in 1999, at Tuam Stadium, we took the provincial spoils, unceremoniously dumping the then reigning All-Ireland champions out of race for Sam. None of our Championship meetings since then saw the losers exit by virtue of the loss. On Saturday evening they will.

So, let’s quickly survey what’s been happening with Galway, both in relation to our meetings with them and their track record more generally.

Nobody needs reminding about our unhappy recent record against them. Starting in 2009 we had a great run of wins over them but that came to a shuddering stop in 2016 when they shocked us in the Connacht semi-final at Castlebar. They repeated the dose a year later in Salthill and again last year back at MacHale Park.

Since returning to Division One in the League they’ve beaten us both times we’ve met. They’ve also got the better of us in the FBD, albeit this January only after a penalty shootout.

Overall, then, we haven’t been able to buy a win over them at all in recent years. Worse still, this same virus is also active at U20 and Minor level, where there’s a similar trail of defeats to the Tribesmen of late.

Widening out the lens, I think it’s fair to say that while Galway have done much to muscle past us – and, invariably, they appear pumped to the absolute max every time they face us – they haven’t always backed this up when facing anyone else. Indeed, since beating us in 2016, their subsequent Championship runs have ended badly every single year.

Tipperary humbled them in the All-Ireland quarter-final that year and twelve months later they went under very tamely to Kerry at the same stage of the Championship.

Last year, to be fair, they made more of a splash, making it through the Super Eights where their most noticeable victory was in Phase 1 against Kerry. This was their first Championship success over the Kingdom since the three-in-a-row days back in the Sixties but, curiously, it wasn’t a win that was greatly celebrated then as the national breakthrough it appeared to herald.

Victory over Kildare at Newbridge in Phase 2 – where they had no problem dispatching the county that had eliminated us at the same ground in Round 3 of the qualifiers a few weeks earlier – effectively guaranteed them their place in the All-Ireland semi-final. But they then bombed badly in Phase 3, losing heavily back at Salthill to Monaghan.

That loss, in effect, cost them whatever chance they had of making the All-Ireland final. Instead of facing Tyrone in the semi-final they now were paired with Dublin who proceeded to beat them with considerable ease.

This year they’ve enjoyed a decent League run and they could, had results gone the other way in Round 7, have made it to the Division One final instead of us.

In Round 1 they beat Cavan by 0-13 to 0-11 at Pearse Stadium but a week later went down tamely to Dublin at Croke Park, losing by 1-15 to 0-7. They bounced back impressively the following weekend, though, coming away from Iniskeen with a hard-fought 1-9 to 0-11 win over Monaghan.

They lost out by the minimum margin, on a scoreline of 0-14 to 1-10, to Kerry at Tuam Stadium in Round 4 but a week later they had two points to spare over us at Castlebar, winning that grudge match by 1-11 to 0-12.


A 1-16 to 1-10 win over Roscommon at Salthill in Round 6 put them in the frame for a place in the League final. We needed them to slip up in that final round but they were seven up at the break against Tyrone in Omagh and so those of us at Castlebar for our match against Monaghan were left to rue then what we thought was our missed opportunity.

Back roared Tyrone in the second half, however, banging in three goals to engineer a 14-point swing and win by 3-15 to 1-14, thus propelling us into the Division One decider. Which we won, of course, even if all that does seem a long, long time ago, when half our team hadn’t been felled by injury.

Anyway, back to the neighbours. As we headed for NYC they jetted off to London to face the locals in the preliminary round of the Connacht Championship.

Galway were given a major scare by London in that match at McGovern Park, Ruislip, before eventually beating them by 0-16 to 1-9. They had it handy enough, however, against Sligo in the Connacht semi-final, with three second half goals at Markievicz Park paving the way to a 3-11 to 0-7 win.

They were strong favourites to beat Roscommon in the provincial decider but, then, so were we when we’d faced the Rossies in the semi-final. We underestimated them and paid the price and the same happened to the Tribesmen who found themselves powerless to contain a strong second half surge by Anthony Cunningham’s charges, going under at Salthill by 1-13 to 0-12.

Photo: Pundit Arena (Inpho)

That defeat tipped Galway into Round 4 of the qualifiers and the fates conspired to pair us with them in this morning’s draw. The bookies rate Saturday’s meeting as a toss-up, even if Galway’s recent record over us would suggest that, crippled as we are with injuries to so many key players (I know, I know – they’re not bereft of that kind of trouble too), it’ll take something akin to superhuman effort for our lads to end what is now a long losing run to them.

What do you think – will this be another dispiriting loss to the neighbours or could it instead be the day when the wheels starts to turn once more in relation to this great Gaelic football rivalry? Let’s finish with a vote on that.

Will we land a knockout blow on Galway?

  • Yes (70%, 825 Votes)
  • No (30%, 346 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,171

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118 thoughts on “Thinking about the Tribesmen

  1. Hmmm. Don’t think we played in Tuam in 2000. Didn’t we lose to sligo in sligo in the 1st round?

    Beat them in tuam on 1999

  2. Great piece WJ

    Last time we met in knockout was 99 though – Galway bate Leitrim in 00 final … Think we lost to Sligo early doors?

    Can’t bate a good knockout match, absolutely buzzing for Saturday already. I’m already much more confident than this morning for whatever reason. I think momentum may just carry us over the line – barely!!

  3. Still hope that AOS and Doc will be OK. Hoping cillian is a week sharper, Kev Mc back out where he belongs, and I feel we can turn them over. A tough road to the last 8,that’s for sure

  4. Correct re Sligo in 2000. Galway hammered them 0-22 to 0-4 the next day out if I recall correctly.

    Butterflies in my stomach all day. Can’t see us doing it unfortunately. Just my opinion, don’t all go down my throat. I just think the injuries have crippled us. Would give my left ball to be proven wrong though !!

  5. Hang on to that ball Justin, no need to dispense with it just yet.
    Sure the injuries have made this a much harder task, but we’ll still have 15 on the pitch more than capable of matching their Galway opposition.

    I think these last 2 nerve-wracking qualifier games for us could be a blessing in disguise come Saturday.
    We’re battle hardened and that steel and resolve should be enough to see off Galway.

    Not going into the venue debate, but I’m delighted it’s Limerick simply because of the pitch there.
    The large dimensions will suit us down to the ground and make Galway’s blanket defence harder to implement for them.

    Feeling more and more confident as the day goes on.

  6. Big week ahead. Galway have had our number for a few seasons now. They’ll be mad to get out and beat us, they’ve taken alot of flak in the media. They have players coming back from injury, whilst we are losing lads after every game. Look it, no matter who goes out on the pitch for Mayo. Should be mad to get into stuck these lot. Time for us to stop losing to them, I’m personally sick of it. Anyways big week for Mayo. U20s play Wednesday and minors Friday. I’m sure WJ will have pieces out on these closer to the time. Enjoy the week!

  7. Paddy Power has mayo slight favorites! I agree , you can’t beat games for preparation and pure battle hardy!

  8. Limerick you’re a Lady, I hope.
    Mayo need this one, my head can’t take it. I work in Galway, they’re all relishing their chance to finish off this Mayo team. Despite beating us plenty in recent years they’re still sore about Andy ‘s goal and Donie rolling the ball into the empty Galway net a few years back down in the Stadium. God bless the poor unforgiving herringchokers, we need this one big time. A visit to Knock required.

  9. Given our injury situation and our opponent, we have gone past the point of skills or tactics having a large influence on the outcome of the game. This one is all about winning at all costs, do whatever is needed to be done, hit whoever you have to hit, take out whoever you have to take out. Do not take a single fucking backwards step against this shower. Don’t even think about it. Every minute of every play, going down the tunnel, in the tunnel, front up and let them know, “not fucking today Sham”.
    Forget about our injuries, forget about Super 8’s etc. This one is all about payback. Nothing else. The only thing our lads must remember, every minute of every day between now and Saturday evening 7pm, is the way we timidly allowed ourselves to be bullied in every game against them over the last few years. Dragged, literally, all over the pitch. Beaten on the pitch and on the scoreboard. Sucker punched late in games and beaten well with 15 mins to go. Danced through us and cut us open, played the black arts on us, or, plain and simple just battered us. They have beaten us every which way you can think. Sometimes deservedly so, other times luckily, but they’ve beaten us. That has got to stop now.

  10. Right on Pebbles. Chaos awaits, the best kind. Bring it on.

    I’ve I feeling Aido picked up that injury early on in the match. He looked leggy and was not moving as well as he has done all season. He wasn’t quite himself.
    Fingers crossed it’s a speedy recovery for the big man.

  11. Willie Joe, we definitely didn’t play Galway in 2000. Sligo beat us and then Galway beat them and Leitrim, finally losing to Kerry in replay.

    I saw you at turnstile in McHale Park. Too shy to introduce myself. You were welcoming two Armagh people.
    Your work on the blog is phenomenal.

  12. Jez Pebbles…we ready. Will have to read that at 6.55 on saturday! Mighty stuff. I am not able to think straight/concentrate all day between the draw, Galway, venue, injuries, the pressure on management, on the players. Its a Cult following Mayo – we are so involved.

  13. They are wounded. Beware.
    But I think we are streetwise enough now to cope with them .
    Pebblesmeller, you said it very well.

    I am especially looking forward to seeing their “Jack Russel” (EK) getting his comeuppance ,even though I admire his courage and his approach. He is a cute little bugger.

  14. In 1999 Horan scored 5 points to knock Galway out of the Championship. In 2014 he ended his first stint as Mayo manager in a canteen in the Gaelic Grounds. Horans’ return to the Mayo job isn’t going to end in Limerick again.

  15. Good man Pebbles.
    In the words of the late paidi O’Shea to Westmeath…….we need to hit these fekkers so hard we will knock them back on their arses for the next 10 years

  16. I’m hearing comer isn’t match fit however he’d still be a huge danger on the square. I’d start a race horse like Stephen Coen with the one job to spoil comer and break the inevitable high ball going into him. Let Boyle or Higgins sweep I’m front of him. If comer doesn’t start put him on Walshe. I hope to god aido will be OK. He obviously played through an injury the last day so there’s probably a lot of swelling. Leave him rest and recuperate for the week and he should be ok. Cillian and Coen could develop a fantastic partnership in the FF line. Hopefully this is the start of something special.

  17. This is war, I too work in Co. Galway and I’m so sick of listening to them, if they were drawn against Tyrone, u wouldn’t get 3k of them traveling, when it’s us they feel they can take us again and they will travel in numbers, losing is not an option, I’m hear u Pebble, we gotta shut then down and give them the summer off.
    Maigheo abú

  18. pebbles inspirational stuff..really you’ve nailed it… the recommendation to hold onto that ball! i genuinely think there is gumption in this gang to do one over and long over due on tribesmen…like limerick too as opposed to saltill or cbar we unlucky as fuck in cbar….cant make it though that said as in Spain….be shouting from molly malones though hon mayo!

  19. Fuk me, pebblesmeller you need to bring your boots with ya. Thats the kind of rousing stuff I used to hear in dressing rooms years ago before we’d take the door off the hinges on the way out. Some train of thoughts there by you…bravo!!! I reckon you could be bang on about it as well, it’ll come to raw aggression and taking absolutely no shit. However lads do need to be a little grounded and not end up getting the line!!! Especially early doors.The only drawback to this kind of game where fellas are gonna lay their bodies on the line and hit and be hit hard …(harder than normal as it’s a derby plus there’s no safety net) is that injuries are inevitable and it makes an already bleak picture even bleaker. But I’ve said it since the rossies game that this Mayo will make the super 8’s and then anything can happen!!! Everyone thinks we’re a complete soap opera right now and are I think a lot are skitting at us a little bit. I think the media have certainly taken this stance anyway and a siege mentality can quickly develop in the dressing room where it’ll work out because they want and need it to. I remember playing in local club derbies before where fellas would raise their game to levels I’d never seen and has pebblesmeller said it was a case of ‘not today sham’ and I do think Saturday evening will be one of those

  20. Great motivational speech there Pebble. Ya you’re right, it’s an all-out war in prospect, massive bragging rights at stake. Might be a blessing in disguise that Diarmuid is out, going by what happened in the last couple of encounters! I think Galway will find a different attitude from our boys this time. If the game ends with 30 men on the field I’ll be very surprised. We’ve got this, can’t wait. Bring it on!

  21. As a Meyooo living in Caltra, Co Gal & flying the?? flag, this is one game we cannot afford to lose. Time to end this run of 7 defeats, we need to savage into them from the throw in and maybe even before it. Dont get drawn into their dark arts of sledging and Darren Coen, put that Connemara full back back on his arse if you get the chance !!! Controlled aggression needed on the night & 15 men on the field at all times.
    Proudly wore my Mayo jersey to U10 training to remarks of, u wont be wearin it next week. Win, lose or draw, she’ll be washed & raring to go.
    Green + Red, born & bred

  22. I think Harrison needs to be rested for this one and replaced by Coen. He has struggled of late and the FB line can not afford anymore shaky performances.

    Stick Murray in MField also- let him get on with it and let Andy, CoC and Donie come on in 2nd half.

  23. Coen might be needed to pick up Shane Walsh. Goina be a real battle royale but I have every faith in the lads who’ll take to the field in Limerick. The belief in this group knows no boundaries.
    Time to put some long overdue manners on that crowd below us.

  24. You’re correct, Near Hand In – I was using the results archive and I can see now that I mistakingly took the U21 final – in which Galway beat us in Tuam – as the senior result. Thanks for pointing the error out, I’ll sort it now. It’s actually a better narrative now, as the last knockout tie we played was that 1999 one we won.

    You should have said hello! Make sure you do the next time. All the best.

  25. Harrison struggling badly in the last number of games. Not sure what the solution is there. I expect we will see Stephen Coen the next night, in light of no Lee Keegan.

  26. Okay, I’ve made that edit now, which Near Hand In and other have pointed out re the 2000 final. Thanks all for pulling me up on it. Morto!

  27. But lads in most mayo fans eyes coen has no pace no skill. but is asked to pick up the best players am i missing something.

  28. With harry not playing very well , Keegan out and Higgins, barrett and Boyle another year older , I honestly don’t think we have the match ups to win one on one battles , JH really has to think about this tactically we have to set up different than we have been , get tighter and use a blanket of sorts would be the route I’d be going .

  29. Whatever about his skills don’t think Corn has the pace for either Walsh or Burke .

  30. Don’t be embarrassed Willie Joe. With the volume of work you do it’s impossible not to make a mistake from time to time. I was trawling through your results archive (a brilliant resource and point of reference)one night and came across not an error but an omission regarding a game. How do I get in contact with you directly? I feel you would want the record correct as it was a game of huge importance in our history.

  31. All41 I think Coen is a bit of an unsung hero. He does his man marking duties very well.

    You won’t see flashy runs up the pitch from him or too many shots at goals but he covers his ground, works like a trojan and he usually does a fine job as regards the man he is put in to mark.

    If there were 6 Coens playing in the backs you might not see us bombing forward from the backs but I don’t believe you would see our back lines been cut through too easily either.

    I like him as a player. Good solid defender.

  32. Interesting to look at vote Over 70–30 for us to win. Read the comments on the blog No way is it near the same ratio. I am always amazed by the confidence of so many of our supporters. After all the heartache etc still over two thirds of our fans here think we will win. If we had a fully fit team I reckon we would have a fifty fifty chance. Now take all our injuries, our struggling defence and Galway’s record against us its down below 25. Add in their freshness its down to 20 Now look at our momentum after winning two qualifiers and add in Galway’s poor form in this years championship and I would reckon our chances are about 40 per cent. Were we to win it , it would be a massive achievement but I think, putting sentiment to one side Galway should win this. The thing with Mayo is you just never know. All I am confident about is that Mayo players will as always give it their best shot. Hopefully hopefully that will be enough.

  33. The last time we knocked Galway out of the Championship was when we beat them in pre backdoor 1999. Horan was the man responsible that day with 5 points and he will be responsible for ending their Championship again this year.

  34. I would start Donie and Aidan at C.F. for their strength and experience to put down a marker and tear into them from the word go.
    Aiden gets a lot of abuse off the ball and the other players should get in there and sort it out because if he does, he will be carded as he is a big unit.We will win this if James elects to use a sweeper and ‘re construct the fullback line
    My backs would be Barrett Coen O Donohue Higgins Boyle Durkan
    Higgins could do a job similar to Lee, raiding up the field.

  35. I must say, whether people have it right or wrong it does me good to read through the comments.

    I was a bit down when I saw the draw. The familiarity with playing Galway on top of all the injuries. I was a bit fed up.

    Then I read the comments and there is a definate fighting attitude from alot of posters. It really is brilliant to see.

    With all the knock backs we have had and you come on here and people are throwing off their jackets for the dogfight this weekend.

    There is no retreat and there is no surrender from this County. Its like a fight till the death attitude. It makes me very proud to be from Mayo.

    It’s unreal.

  36. Coen’s an old fashioned out and out defender. He isn’t pacey but he never was and is intelligent in his positioning. His best skill is tackling and boy is he strong at it in close quarters. Anyone who was at the FBD game in Tuam will have seen his tackle on Michael Daly. It was huge.

    I was disappointed Horan didn’t play him against Dublin at Croke Park in the league because it would have been an ideal test. I’d start him in Limerick and I’d start one of O’Donoghue and Plunkett too. Our defence looks tired and lacking in form. There is an ‘easy fix’! It involves placing some trust in our young defenders (their underage pedigree is 2nd to none remember) and also bringing McLoughlin back to sweep. Doing that will make us hard to break down and will re-energise the team; something that will be crucial if we are to have any chance in progressing in this competition.

    I don’t want to focus on anything other than this massive test v Galway BUT if we get to the 8s I want us to go for it and not just take the approach of that in itself being a successful season and just making up the numbers which seems to be the attitude that’s creeping in. (Injuries or not!!) That’s bullshit. Being knocked out in the super 8s should never be regarded as ‘successful’ for Mayo anymore. Regardless of whether some say we are in transition. If the processes in Mayo GAA are as good as they claim it to be and this Mayo Way set up is genuinely effective then we are a big enough footballing county that should, if things are being done right, always have an ambition and real chance of winning the All Ireland at the start of any season.

    It’s clear to any one with a pulse that over the past 5/6 years Mayo GAA has taken its eye off the ball at underage. Results don’t lie. This needs to be reversed promptly.

  37. If we go one on one with Galway their forwards will scorch us. Need a defensive system where we clog up inside our 45 like Roscommon did to them. Frustrate them, don’t give them space to shoot comfortably, suffocate them. Paddys actual defending has been poor this year, but id still put him on Walsh as he has the pace to stick with him, an if nothing else, make Walsh chase him down the pitch now and then. Target the small man syndrome that Eoin Kerrin suffers from, get in his face, whisper in his ear, pat him on the head,…he’ll react, especially if Cillian takes the piss out of him. High balls into that fb line could reap dividends, Cillian and Coen relatively tall, so we should be goin for it every other attack or so.

    I don’t believe any of this “not a happy camp” in Galway tripe, Walsh well used to playing mind games. They’ll be fired up to the hilt when they see 15 green an red jerseys across from them. We need to be as ready as we’ve been all year. This will be a titanic tussle.

  38. My God the amount of people moaning about the venue in the last article, its great to see the whinging has stopped on this one!!
    I’m a Mayo man living the other side of the world and i’d do anything to be there this Saturday. What an atmosphere it will be, pure passion, rivalry, and a knockout fixture, you couldn’t ask for anything better!!
    Mayo are 20/1 in some bookmakers to win the All Ireland, i’ll be having a pop on it e/w, that way if they reach the final it’ll cover flight home for it.
    Think we’ll stuff Galway on Saturday and don’t like the negativity on the forum. You have to remember, we are Mayo, not just an ordinary team. This team have given us everything in the past 8 years and the journey will continue beyond Saturday. Well said @Pebblesmeller, thats the attitude we need. Everyone get behind these boys and we will beat those tosspots come Saturday evening. We have to, or we will never hear the end of it!! 🙁 Come on you boys in green and red!!!!

    @WillieJoe, well done with this site, I love it as do many of us. Keep up the work you’re a legend!!

  39. I think James Horan has some serious scratching of his head to do before Saturday….He needs a free taker on the field at all times… this is one of the questions he will have to try and get the right answer to….Does he believe that Cillian O Connor is Match fit enough to start? , while it was fantastic to see Cillian back and make a very important contribution to the Mayo cause on Saturday, I don’t think that he can be up to the level nessary next Saturday after missing a year of County ?Football… That leaves Connor Louftus, who won the MotM award for his performance versus Down the previous week, but definitely struggled with the physicality of Armagh, (not all within the rules either)of in general play last Saturday… of course plenty of the senagaions that went on, were allowed to go on by Referee Maurice Deegan and his mute helper’s last Saturday evening in Castlebar…On the Refereeing front things are hardly any better in Limerick with Dublin Joe McQuillian taking charge of the whistle… it’s just one of the many conoundrums that James Horan must try and get the best possible answer to before throw in on Saturday!

  40. S. Coen keeps giving the ball away cheaply, looks indecisive on the ball and keeps getting caught in possession, plays hospital passes at crucial stages — did in the last all-Ireland near the end, when it was level and Mayo on the attack, did it again v Armagh the last day close to his own goal. Unless he is showing some new-found man-marking ability (and even then there’a a big difference between man-marking even our best forwards weighed against marking Walsh or a fit Comer) in training there’s no way he should be picked as a replacement defender with the likes of EO’D and Drake going unused.

  41. S Coen captained a miner,u 21 ,and sigerson team to all Ireland success must be good at something,anyway don’t be afraid of Galway,travel hopefully arrive expectantly ,win gracefully,up Ma

  42. It’s reported today that Aidan will not make Saturday’s match to add to Lee and the rest. So it looks like donie and Murray to start in midfield. I would start McCormack in place of Lee. Hopefully seamie is fit enough for last 15 mins. And this is the game to start Cillian, Darren coen and Carr in ff line, kerins would struggle on any of them as would silke. Need to go at them from the start.

  43. Kevin Mcstay today in the Times – brutally honest assessment of where this great squad of players are at this moment in time.

  44. Reports are confirmed that he left on Saturday with foot in a ‘cast’, whatever that means.

  45. There is nothing in that article saying he is out or even a doubt
    There were reports yday of him being in a protective cast as a precautionary measure
    So nothing new
    Thanks for the early morning heart attack 😀

  46. On a completely unrelated note monaghans fintan Kelly making mincemeat of that dose Joe brolly on twitter today. Great to see. Brolly responding with more of his ‘true gael’ bluster

  47. Aido will be fine. That protective boot thing has been common place over the last few years.

  48. You’d be nearly afraid to look at the blog these days in case theres more bad news being reported. Not good for the ol ticker

  49. Eoghan kereins is injured hsmstring… damien comer is injured he only played last week as the club had to beat tuam..

    Both are out….

    Galway have faster players if and its a big of walsh plays the corifin guys then galway win if he doesnt mayo have a chance

    Amdy moran cannot start as galway will exploit his lack of pace

    Mayo need fast players

  50. Has anyone’s season ticket attendance for the weekend been updated yet?

  51. If the Mayo team were to listen to Pebblesmeller we’d have no one left on the field by half time. The number one thing to use on a football pitch is brains and staying on the pitch is one of the things they use their brains for.
    Both teams the next day will do stuff that’s illegal and get away with some things and not others. I don’t for one second thing Mayo will be in any way soft.
    One thing that infuriates me is any suggestion we were bullied in our 3 championship losses to them. In the first of those 3 we were undercooked and they ambushed us. We never deserved to be 5 up in the first place. The 2nd we had gotten the measure if them when Higgins got red for doing the kinda shite pebbles endorsing. They played on life support for the last 10 mins but we weren’t patient enough to find a good enough opening and our goal chance should have been nailed. The 3rd we again had to change the game plan with an unnecessary red playing very few forwards up there in 2nd half. Sure Galway had toughened up and learned a few dark arts by 2018 but to say they bullied us in any of those 3 games is a big stretch. Both teams were physical and I’d expect the same on Saturday.

  52. remember the billboards last year?
    ’67 Years Trying’, ‘Still NO All-Irelands’ and ‘How Come MAYO?’, waaaay past time we put that shower back a few years… bring the 2014 noise, hope to meet the big man Mayo Mick again in Supermacs after the game!

  53. Horan knows well that we need to keep 15 on the pitch to beat them, I’m talking about the supporters..

  54. As for Andy Moran not starting that’s ridiculous, if management see him as good enough to start then start him. He was doing well enough the last day apart from loss of concentration on one kickout. I mistake in 30 odd minutes. He was maybe more prominent than Coen in thst 1st half. Very few of us saw the logic apart (in hindsight) from the need to get McLoughlin on the field asap and make up for the mistake of not picking him to start. His one chip up off the ground with so called weaker left foot shows the skill of the man.
    Horan needed to get big game experience for these young lads but it’s a fine line and could’ve very easily backfired. If Andy not started who other than Cillian (if fit to start) would we put in there. Regan and Carr (again if fit) the only obvious ones as Treacy looks like a half forward. Reape and Diskin presumably wont as they haven’t proven themselves whereas Carr looks fearless to any occasion and may have an X fact, time will tell.

  55. NiallMc1983, I posted here yesterday about the same issue. The tickets on my account have not yet been updated with attendance for the Armagh match, but I am aware of some tickets which have been updated. I sent an e-mail on the matter to the season ticket office last evening, and I received a reply this morning to say that they are depending on local volunteers to upload the information, and that it may be Thursday before this is all done. They advised that I check back on Friday. In all the years I have held a season ticket, it has never taken until the Friday after a game for attendance to be reflected on the account. I don’t know what’s going on, but I would suggest that you e-mail the season ticket office to record with them the fact that your attendance is not yet reflected.

  56. AOS has been great this year – a little less so last Sat but overall leading us on. He has a tendency to brain freeze at key moments – pass directly to the opposition (a recent sideline gifted the opposition).

  57. Rakerstreet I’m glad we’re in Limerick because the players won’t be able to hear some of the shite that comes out of some of our fans mouths. Fella behind me kept telling players what to do and complaining if they took a wrong choice the last day. I’m convinced the players hear some of it and sense some of it. I had to tell him a few times we need to remain positive. Negative support increases the chance of losing and positive support the opposite effect. Backs to the wall sometimes suits us as comebacks can rouse the crowd. Saw the impact of Wexford fans last weekend and it brought them over the finishing line. It would be nice if some of our fans copped on to thinking of HOW they’re going to support their team or is that just wishful thinking.

  58. The reason Andy was taken off was that his marker made 3 long runs up the field on the wing opposite the stand. Aos had to chase him down twice to try and hold him up. Not something you’d want him to be wasting his energy on. Well spotted by management and well rectified.

  59. Good man Ah Now. its that sort of thing that people don’t spot often enough and it frustrates supporters when they don’t understand the reasons for a change when it’s not obvious to them.

  60. Well spotted alright, Ah Now. I remember seeing Aidan chasing back a few times and wondering why the hell he was tracking runners.

  61. Wow well spotted, probably a good call an kmc got the goal after,
    I’d be worried if Aiden is out, but still think we are 5 points better than Rosscomon so no reason to think we cant beat Galway, we should have won the last few times we played them but I guess we didn’t do here’s hoping

  62. QUARTER-FINAL: Mayo 0-12 Galway 1-12 (MacHale Park, 13/5/2018). MAYO: David Clarke; Eoin O’Donoghue, Chris Barrett, Keith Higgins (0-1); Paddy Durcan, Colm Boyle, Stephen Coen; Seamus O’Shea, Tom Parsons (0-1); Kevin McLoughlin (0-2), Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor (0-1); Conor Loftus (0-3, frees), Jason Doherty, Andy Moran (0-2). Subs: Cillian O’Connor (0-2, one free) for Parsons (inj.), David Drake for Loftus, James Durcan for Doherty, Cian Hanley for Seamus O’Shea, Brendan Harrison for O’Donoghue, Donal Vaughan for Moran. MOTM: Keith Higgins

    The team that started against Galway last year in the championship, a match we should have won – No Keegan and Diarmuid sent off fairly early on.
    I know we had Parsons and we know he got injured. My point is we’re still just as strong this year with more options. D Coen and McDonagh are the big additions this year. Boland is much better this year and Treacy is a good option from the bench (I don’t think he’ll start this one).
    Start Vaughan in midfield and switch Higgins to half back and move EO’D into the corner and we’re set. Be positive and let’s rip into Galway and finish them off. They’re still reeling from the Connacht final and we’re battle hardened.

    Doherty (if fit)
    D Coen

  63. As supporters we are needed now more than ever. Turn Limerick green and red to give our old guard an extra 10% and our new guard the confidence to believe they belong on this stage and are ready. Win this and there’s potential for all sorts of turning points for both individual players, & the wider group as a whole. As Anne Marie said previously, this is our All Ireland now, and god knows we owe them one. Even in there pomp of ’98 & ’01 I never feared them. Respect for sure, but no fear, I always believe against Galway, this weekend is no different. It’ll be a nervous week for sure but can you imagine the psychological lift our lads would get if they march out to 20k+ Mayo supporters on Sat evening? A huge Mayo crowd could have a massive influence on this game and we should all make it an absolute priority to be there for the lads, an immovable green & red object in the stands, with an irresistible green & red force on the field. ‘Hon Mayo!

  64. @Simon – fully agree with your comments on Coen. Evidence is there in his champ performances – especially when things are tight. His decision making is very poor. Yes he may have great leadership qualities but we should expect skill execution and the ability to make good judgements when in possession of the ball. My view is he a good player without the ball – takes up great positions, a solid tackler, and great engine. He has to learn the other 50% yet!

  65. Erris heads look back on the 2018 fixture has gotten me feeling good about things again.
    We could quite easily have won that game despite playing poorly

    That day we were missing diarmuid, leeroy and had a half fit Cillian, so we are pretty much at the same level personnel wise,arguably better off, given Darren coens impact

    Galway are in much worse shape injury wise, 2 of their top men from that fixture conroy and comer very unlikely to see game time.

    Mayo will win by 3-4

  66. Agreed shuffly deck, positive vibes only .. the pitch is worth 2 points and support another 2, so it’s 0-4 to no score already! remember cork again in Gaelic grounds, when team came out for extra time, players said it really lifted them…no time for any negative shite about injuries, Galway have plenty as well…, the Armagh game, and to lesser extent down game, have to stand to us…

  67. One interesting aspect of the Kevin McLoughlin substitution. If you look back at Kevins goal:
    – Kevin collects around midfield and gives it on
    – Kevin makes an attacking run and receives the ball back 35 yards from goal there looks to be no danger
    – Kevin sidesteps his marker and puts the boot down
    Now, the interesting part, that’s simply not happening if Kevin had started the game. As it was, with 31 mins saved from Kevins legs, he just about got through to get the shot off. If Kevin is 1% slower he simply would not have got that shot off, in fact you would wonder would he have had the explosiveness to sidestep and drive past the defender.

  68. Anyone else Season Ticket hasn’t been updated from Castlebar yet? Mine is showing as not attended

  69. Right on Shuffly Deck – all negativity transmits to the players. Let’s GO MAYO!

  70. Think Kevin Mc Stys article today is very true, a defeat for either county on Sat will have major ramifications for players and management ( Galway) . Hard to see a lot of the 32+aged lads going again for both counties.
    He along with many more have Mayo as favourites and rightly so. There has been much talk off unrest in the Galway camp since the Connacht final and sometimes this can spill on to the pitch. Discipline is absolutely key and either side who let’s this slip could be in trouble.
    I remember well some years ago when Galway under Alan Mulholland were all over the shop and we were getting bet well each year our discipline was shocking, (Bradshaw and Coleman getting red carded for stupid stuff in the same game) that told more of as a group where we were then..

  71. I could watch Fionn McDonnaghs point V Armagh over and over and over (which i have).
    The technique is just slick. We have got to be happy with him and the points from Darren Cohen. My dad is a bit part mayo fan and over the last 5-6 years he always said that we didn’t have anyone who could score those “dublin type” points. i think he means long range, tight angle, closely marked and boom! over the posts out of nothing and not just one or two but 5 or 6 in a game. I know in the past they all chip in but its nice to have a banker for 4 or 5 Boomers.

  72. I was told to check in again on Thursday or Friday as not all season tickets have been updated. Mine has not been updated yet. I would email them in any case because the rules state you have to notify them within 10 days of attending game for your appeal to have any chance of been acknowledged

  73. A lot of neutral interest in this game next Sat. – could be a sell out! I would like to see the game played in a positive manner – tough but fair. One thing that annoys me is this pulling and dragging – I know Galway can be guilty at times. It’s also important to play an intelligent game. Breaking down dressing room doors is stupid and can cause needless shoulder problems. Frothing at the mouth is a mug’s game.

  74. @Tuamstar, I think both of Galway and Mayo have the ability to replenish their ranks and remain at the top table.
    – Galway have as big a selection of quality 20-24 year olds as they have ever had.
    – Mayo then you factor in the extra years development of Matthew Ruane, James Carr, Fionn McDonagh, Michael Plunkett, Ciaran Treacy, Mikey Murray and James McCormack.
    Both sides have many core strong players aged 24-29. Perfect to lead the younger players on.
    Even Darren Coen, next year would be his first season starting out fully intercounty level fit. He had ground to make up at the start of this year.
    Both sides would not be losing the peak version of retiring players, that always gets missed. You are losing the older close to retirement level of the player.

  75. We’re a little calmer here today after all the excitement of the weekend and yesterday’s draw : )
    Personally, I’m hoping that we don’t buy any – or much – of this talk of injuries, discontent, off-peak form or any of that mullarkey about Galway and therefore underestimate them. I fully expect them to be primed and dangerous on Sat. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a full deck of players and them all smiling and united.

    Just a note – I remember thinking Antaine O’Laoi was a lively prominent young player (a forward?) for them against us in the League. Not sure what you all thought- I listened on Mid West and heard him mentioned a good bit probing forward near goal. It’s interesting to think of the newer Galway players too.

  76. Kickouts are huge again on Sat. You have to think that Galway will put massive pressure on Clarke’s kickouts to avoid the short kickout option (as we will on their kickouts no doubt). I think it’s fair to say that while David has many great GK qualities, he does not have the pinpoint, laser kickout that Cluxton has (few do). That extra hangtime make our kickouts more of a lottery than they should be and with Aido sure to be targetted for specifial attention on Sat we will come under real pressure there.

    Especially if we were to go behind by 2-3, Galway are past masters at holding possession over long periods.

    I am sure James and co will have a plan for having a spare man available for David to kick short to, but, it will be fascinating to see what they cook up in this area.

  77. Ah go easy on Kevin, MayoDunphy : ) I think he’s a proud Ballina man and one must remember a former Mayo player, around about – though unfortunately injured – in that breakthrough year of 1989. I think there’s pride in being a former Mayo player too.

  78. Incidentally, my attendance for the Down Match did not update either, I emailed them twice last week, .. unfortunately they did not update my attendance either! Had this proplem before, you might as be banging your head against the wall dealing with’Season Ticket’

  79. Lads. If and i know it’s an if we get past Galway, do we have Donegal in Croker or Castlebar?

  80. @ .MayoDunphy

    Kevin coached Mayo to an U21 final before ever coaching St Brigids or the Rossies and has always helped his native club when asked to so I would say while he is well settled in Roscommon he is a Ballina man and Mayo Man first and foremost.
    Anyway sure if us Ballina men and women were worried about be being hated by Co Board men or abuse from other quarters of Co Mayo we would have folded our tent, given up and thrown our lot in with somebody else long ago!!

  81. I think MayoDunphy’s comments on Kevin Mc Stay are a disgrace, and would be very surprised if he’s allowed to get away with it.

  82. MayoDunphy – only just seeing that comment now. That’s a disgraceful allegation, one that you must know you can’t substantiate. You can consider yourself lucky that it’s now been removed, I’d read up on online libel if I were you … while you’re kicking your heels in moderation.

  83. How come no one on here is mentioning the Curtain Raiser game between Mayo v Galway ladies ?

  84. Any news on Harrision or Doherty? The only official news I have spotted is that Lee is out for then next game with ankle ligament damage and Aidan’s boot was only a precautionary measure and he should be good to go for Sat.
    Anybody know how much of the game for Breaffy Seamus O’Shea played at the weekend (was it a ten minute cameo or the full game)?

  85. Walter i thought next game if we won would be Kerry in Killarney 13 or 14 July

  86. I would play Burke, Farragher and Walsh inside for the first half to test the Mayo defence. Midfield im not sure who is injured or not. Will Conroy start or come on in second half. Cooke, Flynn, O Currain who is fit . I dont believe AOS is injured but if he doesnt play I will expect a Galway win. I would bring Andy Moran on with 20 minutes left not start him. I would play Kieran Molloy from the start with a licence to run straight at Mayo. I would start the Coen lad who kicked the hard scores last week.
    Just a few thoughts with only 5 days to go!!

  87. I was (unfortunately) watching the Armagh game remotely as I couldn’t travel home. I had this very conversation with my old man at half-time. He couldn’t understand why Andy was taken off so early, but McKay (number 4) was steaming up the sideline and was dragging Aido out of the middle. Needed a change and we do so – we’ve criticised Horan often enough for not doing exactly this.

    I doubt the Galway backs will be given the same license to roam forward so I’d start Andy again. He’s used to the pressure and will deal with the bullshit from Kerins.

    My inside line would be Coen – Andy – Cillian.

  88. You seem to be very confused as to which county you’re from Chesney! 😀

  89. Just seen there that the winners of the Mayo/Galway game will play Kerry at 4pm on Sunday the 14th in Killarney. Fixtures are on GAA website.

  90. Folks, I’m bringing my young daughter to this one with me. What’s the seating plan around Gaelic grounds? Last time I was there I was behind the goals and obviously standing. Just wondering is it seating all the way along across from the north stand or just in sections?

  91. km79 is also a fitness doubt
    Nasty cold
    Hoping the medical team clear me in team
    There will be no updates ahead of throw in

  92. @Pullhard, North Stand and Mackey Stand will have unreserved seating on Saturday, be there early to get a good seat, the Mackey Stand has a roof, the North Stand is open. Both terraces are not open for this game so it will be seating only. The North Stand gives a better view of the pitch due to its gradient, the Mackey Stand is very low and if you are at the back you may not have a good view of the pitch.

  93. Would strongly advise anyone having season ticket trouble to email the season ticket office immediately and register your issue. If there is no resolution by Thursday/Friday I would also draw as much attention to it as I possibly could online and contact any media you know who might be interested in covering it. The concept and the system when it works are both excellent, but the way in which supporters with issues are dealt with by the ticketing department is frequently nothing short of disgraceful. Grand if you’re attending the majority of games but if you’re not able to, not having your attendance correctly recorded could be the difference between qualifying for an All-Ireland ticket or not. Admittedly, worrying about that is severely optimistic for us this year, but it’s the principle of the thing. Season tickets are by default some of the most loyal supporters; yet are often treated like the sh!t on the GAA’s shoe.

    Would also advise anyone going through the turnstiles to always ask to see the screen on the scanner to ensure you have been correctly scanned in.

  94. Anne-Marie, well said. I’m sure the ticket office don’t want to have any negative publicity, so strength in numbers as regards emailing them if your attendance has not been recorded. There seems to be quite a few of us in that particular boat this time.

  95. Km79 you will be put through a late fitness test on the day if all else fails 🙂

  96. Surely it’s time the Season ticket office knocked the attendance quota on the head. Do it like the Cairde and quarantee your All Ireland ticket regardless of attendance. It would cut out the headaches for both sides.
    Its not like they’d be losing out, as our attendance at games is already paid for.

  97. That’s correct summer supporter. I just meant where would the Donegal game in the super 8s be not that it was next up.

  98. Am I correct in saying Mayo Galway the only mens senior game in Limerick. If so, why is the ladies game not at 5pm so more people can attend it. As it stands their game will end about an hour and 40 mins before the men’s. Surely someone has gotten something wrong there?

  99. Creteboom think he played most if not all game. Would need check video. Off pace as would be expected with lay off and burden of married life 😉

  100. I presume they need to leave space for extra time and a trophy presentation in the ladies game.

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