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It’s Thursday, with that day of rain now thankfully behind us, and the time is now ticking down rapidly ahead of our NFL Round 6 match against Tyrone at MacHale Park. The match throws in at 2pm on Sunday and Maurice Deegan is the ref for it.

We’ve played Tyrone regularly enough in recent years. We’ve pretty much got the Indian sign on them in the championship but results tend to go both ways in League games between us.

We beat them by a point up in Omagh last year, a win that went a long way towards guaranteeing us Division One football this year. They were in Division Two the year before that but on their last visit to MacHale Park, in February 2015, they completely flummoxed us and came away with a four-point win.

They beat us the previous time we met in Castlebar too, back in 2013, and, somewhat to my amazement, as I look through the results archive I can see that our most recent win against them at MacHale Park came way back in October 1992. Lord above, the likes Dermot Flanagan, TJ Kilgallon, Tony Finnerty and John Finn were still plying their trade for us then.  On that basis alone we’re definitely well overdue a win against them at Sunday’s venue.

Their form line since the start of last year has been up and down. In both the NFL and the championship they started strongly, losing their way in the former (though having already done enough to stay up) and then, after a blistering run to the last four, crashing and burning in rather spectacular fashion in the latter.

In last year’s League they won three out of their first four matches – beating Roscommon by six in Omagh, drawing with Dublin at Croke Park and winning two on the trot back at Healy Park, over Cavan (by seven points) and Monaghan (by four) – and then went on to lose their last three games.

Donegal beat them by six points in Ballybofey and then, as already noted, we nicked a one-point win in Omagh before Kerry thumped them by seven points in Killarney in the final round. This meant that Mickey Harte’s team finished sixth in the Division One table.

They soon put those losses behind them, however, in the Ulster championship. The race for the Anglo-Celt Cup has a reputation as a real dogfight but Tyrone sealed back-to-back Ulster titles last summer with almost Dublin-style ease, beating the lard out of everyone that crossed their path.

First up were Derry, dispatched by 0-22 to 0-11 in the quarters. Next it was Donegal, put to the sword on a scoreline of 1-21 to 1-12 in the semi-final. Surprise packets Down were no match for the Red Hand in the final either, Tyrone winning that one by 2-17 to 0-15.

Now being spoken of as serious contenders for the All-Ireland and the team most likely to put it up to Dublin, Tyrone thumped Armagh in the All-Ireland quarter-final by 3-17 to 0-8. The fact that they’d only come up against Ulster opposition all summer before facing Dublin didn’t appear to get factored into the pre-match analysis last August. In hindsight it should have been.

You know, of course, what happened next. Dublin beat the living crap out of them, Mickey Harte’s charges were left chasing shadows all afternoon, with the Dubs barely breaking sweat before coming out on top in one of the most one-sided All-Ireland semi-finals in recent years. Dublin won by 2-17 to 0-11 at the finish.

So 2017 ended in defeat for Tyrone and 2018 began the same way. This time it was at the hands of a Galway side who this year have decided to emulate the Red Hand’s puke football playbook. Galway won that testy Round 1 encounter at Tuam Stadium by 1-9 to 0-8.

A week later up in Omagh Tyrone put in an improved showing against Dublin but still went under to the now three-in-a-row All-Ireland champions on a scoreline of 2-13 to 1-11. In Round 3, however, they finally got off the mark, beating Division One whipping boys Kildare by a single point, 1-16 to 0-18, in Newbridge.

The following weekend it was Tyrone’s turn to taste defeat by the minimum margin. Monaghan edged them out by 0-15 to 0-14 at Castleblaney to push their Ulster rivals into a battle to avoid relegation.

That made last weekend’s Round 5 game against Donegal a bit of a crunch one. Another defeat there and they’d really have been in the soup but, in a much improved showing at Healy Park, they got the better of Donegal by 2-13 to 1-10.

This means that ourselves and Tyrone go into Sunday’s fixture level on four points each, with Tyrone enjoying a superior scoring difference over us by virtue of a single point. Like us, they go into Sunday’s match having to date won two and lost three games in this year’s League campaign.

Despite the fact that we haven’t beaten them at MacHale Park in a generation, the bookies fancy us to get the win on Sunday that will all but guarantee top tier status for us for another year. Paddy Power have us priced at 8/11 for the win, with Tyrone on offer at 11/8.

Let’s finish, as usual, with a poll to see what the mood is heading into this one: how do you reckon it’ll go when the blanket is unfurled at MacHale Park on Sunday?

How will we do against Tyrone?

  • Win (79%, 296 Votes)
  • Lose (12%, 45 Votes)
  • Draw (9%, 35 Votes)

Total Voters: 376

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101 thoughts on “Thinking about Tyrone

  1. Pedantic I know but Galway bet Tyrone in Tuam Stadium rather than Pearse this year.

  2. Now that ye’ve started …..Kildare v Tyrone result was 0-18 to 1-16 in favour of Tyrone. I was watching it in Supermacs on Cross Street after “The Salthill Incident”. Didn’t enjoy the food…..hadn’t the stomach for it!

  3. Not sure how this one will go. Our home record is anything but positive, but we are at the latter stages where we start to get the rhythm. I’d take a draw against Tyrone at this stage if Monaghan were to beat Donegal. On form there I would expect Monaghan to come good, primarily as Donegal are missing Paddy McBrearty. if Monaghan can keep a close eye on Ryan McHugh and Murphy, then much of the Donegal danger is removed. if any teams know how to snuff out attacking threats with an odd slap here and there, Monaghan can. Provided the don’t do anything daft like needlessly kick players when they are well on top in a game….
    For our own game, I think we need to have our most physical men on the pitch and that means Loftus and Boland being kept on the bench until the latter stages of the game. It’s a game for Doherty and McLoughlin to do a lot of damage in, and Aido to draw a few of the Red hand men. I’d have him as a midfield and leave him there. We know Deegan won’t give 2 hoots if Tyrone are punching the daylights out of him, so we’re as well to keep him away from our forward lines where we know Tyrone will have most of their outfield players planted. If he were to draw some of Tyrone’s 14 outfield players away from their normal comfort zone of inside their own 45 it would leave things a little less crowded should we get the ball in there. We need Paddy Durcan back and he and Diarmuid on song too. Tyrone will target Keegan and Cillain no doubt as well. Certainly need the latter to keep a cool head. Looking forward to it.

    Up Mayo.

  4. We played Breaffy in an u15 league encounter on the morning of the game in ’92. We doled out a good bating that morning and went on to the newly opened Supermacs on main st afterwards. I remember going to the upstairs jacks and two of the lads pointing out, in some amazement, at the integrated speaker in the ceiling, beating out atlantic 252 in glorious stereo. A simpler time for sure. We went onto the game and my only real memory is of Jack O’Shea’s 90’s style managers coat, a hideous lime green/red combination, and a pair of wellies! Not quite a la Ferguson or Dalglish of the time but headed that way!

    I’ve really not been concerned about our form as long as we put a marker down last week, which we did. time to step it up another level. Tyrone hate playing us and I think they have a bit of an insecurity complex about us. we should play on that insecurity any way we can. the lads to put down another marker, Mayo by 4.

  5. Was Supermac’s in Castlebar really open that early on, Exiled in Dublin? Always thought it came along in the late 90s, as I only remember Casey Jones and Four Lanterns for chips on the Main St as a kid. Am open to correction, though.

  6. No, it was the 4 Lanterns back in ’92 and for several years after – up to ’96/97 anyway…

  7. this is a games Mayo need to win to build up confidence as we have a very poor record at home in recent years. Put out strongest team and attack for full game and no slacking off no matter what the score . A good win here then players can be rested for final game against Donegal if League1 is secure

  8. Too much coverage there to our neighbours sponsors. When did Vaughans shoes start up in in business ?

  9. @Revelino hahahaha!
    @Tubberman – I’m 100% that it was “that chipper” but I’ve been that way before and still wrong, more than once!

  10. @meansnothingtome – jaysus so it was in Ballina before it was in Castlebar? thats a first! still not convinced its correct though! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Your game is not listed as either live or deferred on TG4 for Sunday, seems odd that a game between these two sides with a potential relegation battle in the mix won’t be shown. I was looking forward to Sunday afternoon for this game alone so it’s very disappointing that it won’t be shown.

    I hope ye win on Sunday but while saying that Tyrone are a difficult nut to crack. If you get a few quick scores against them they tend to loosen their deathly grip in their defensive structure and are prone to leakage as they advance to the unfamiliar territory of the oppositions defensive area and probe for a few scores.

    The Dubs were very clever last year and just never took the ball into the tackle which effectively dampened most of Mickey Hearts powder for his now familiar game plan ( though he could very well deploy a few extra bodies on Sunday to curb your running game ). Opposing players are harried and almost ravaged by the well drilled collective who advance in unison when they turn it over or are awarded a free for over carrying. Rochford I’m sure will be wide to this and I think ye will get over the line as a result. Now that SR has pulled off the tarpaulin and greased a few of your heavy guns they will give him other options on the day. The strength and conditioning of those lads is hugely important if he considers running at them for given periods in tactical phases depending on weather and who they start etc.

  12. I had to re-read it myself, but it seems that Ballina did indeed have a Supermac’s before Castlebar, and well before it at that! Stone the crows! Though Moyside still doesn’t have a Maccie D’s for some reason…

    Getting back to the football, Tyrone games are always tight, niggly affairs and I don’t see this being any different. I’d be a bit worried due to our abysmal home record and Tyrone’s mass defence- we’ll need a lot of strong running off the shoulder and we’ll also probably need Cillian to have one of his “on-days” from placed balls. Wouldn’t mind having AOS at 11 in order to punch a few holes there, Andy’s intelligent running will also be crucial.

  13. This match will show us how we’re evolving tactically. To keep pace with Dublin we should be aiming to be more comfortable than we have been in recent years against Tyrone.
    – Not taking the ball into contact
    – punching holes with specific players
    – pass pass shoot with players in sync
    – reduce our turnovers and track their runners
    – man markers on Bradley and Brennan
    – really attack their kickout with our physicality
    They’ve lost Darren Mccurry who left their panel. Shutdown Bradley and Brennan and I see them struggling to break 12 pts.

  14. Back in Ballina in 1798 they also ran the Red Coats outa Town before Castlebar, but in Castlebar they ran more Red Coats further and faster!… Castlebar had Mary Robinson as President before Castlebar had Enda Kenny as Taoiseach… But I’m afraid Castlebar comes first here, cos Castlebar had Charlie Haughey the Darling of so many, and the Villain of even more, before Ballina,.. Castlebar also comes first in the President stakes,.. In Castlebar John Moore was declared the first President of the Republic of Ireland /Connacht, and the third declared President in the World, in the short lived third Republic to be declared in the history of the world… The river Moy is the finest Salmon fishing river in the world ., so it’s probably a draw… For the clincher Now where was ‘Cafollas’ opened first?….

  15. I’m getting hungry now thinking of Cafollas. I’d murder a bag of vinegary chips. I’d say Leantimes it had to be Ballina first.

  16. Sure didn’t the French soldiers stop in Cafollas in Ballina for a feed in 1798 before they headed up the Windy Gap.

  17. I would, based on what I have seen so far this year, much prefer to have Aiden at midfield. He seems much more effective coming forward from midfield as evidenced by his man of the match awards on this site. Remember also how effective he was when introduced to mark Michael Murphy in the Donegal match last year. The key, I think is that the marking at midfield is that bit looser and midfielders are often not as effective in tackling as defenders.

  18. Cafollas has been open in Castlebar since the start of the 80’s. I know the Tuam one was old, but probably not that old.

  19. All the posts about Ballina, Castlebar and food! Class. Sure as long as we take-away 2 points from the game on Sunday, leaving Tyrone feeling like a battered sausage, i’ll be happy

  20. You’re forgetting that the Land League was also formed in Castlebar 😉

    Gonna go for Fish Head Town again, Caffolla is a good Castlebar name 🙂

  21. And of course, St Patrick got bit by a snake, in County Tyrone , as he travelled south, westwards from Armagh…He came to Sligo where Queen Maeve gave him a boat made out of Goat Skin, it was the forerunner of the Bodham.(Do any of ye remember, a Saint Patrick lookalike fan banging a Bohran in McHale Park) now ye know where that particular Bohran came from.. He came by boat on the Moy into Ballina,… He was well fed on the finest Salmon in the world…. He knew that he needed a good feed for the 40 day’s and nights as he would have to fast on top of the Reek for so long , St Patrick had been planning this trip since he read about it on ‘TripAdvisor’… Like General Humbert after him, he travelled on foot, from Ballina through Lahardane and the Windy Gap…. A young tall, fit and well tanned warrior like man, gave St Patrick a drink out of two cups in Lahardane…The first cup was Poteen and the second was Champagne, At first St Patrick taught this young fit tanned warrior might be, Cuchulainn, but in his heart he knew better and that Ferdia would not let Culchulainn into Connacht… He later found out that it was none other than John Maughan, great great 23 time’s great grandfather of the current, John Maughan, who still has the same two cups in Lahardane… In the town of Castlebar, St Patrick asked a woman for advice on the Hill overlooking Castlebar as what he should do about the Snake that bit him in County Tyrone… The woman who was a Mrs Byrne, told Patrick to ‘Stab them All’ She said she too hated Snake’s and Red Coats and if she ever seen any of them on her hill overlooking Castlebar, that she would Stab them All… The hill was christened ‘Staball’ when a descendent of the very same woman, went out with her hay fork in August 1798, whereas she didn’t stab all the Redcoats, she certainly stabbed as many as she could…. St Patrick was kindly offered, food and sustanace in Castlebar but declined the kind offer, saying that he couldn’t touch another morcle of food after the feed he had of the finest Salmon he had in Ballina… The Westport people were equally helpful to Patrick… He done the 40 days and nights on the Reek as it was then called… But he was wrecked and too hungry to, take Mrs Byrnes advice about Stabbing all the Snake’s in Ireland… So he Banished all the Snakes in Ireland…. On the way back to Armagh, he stopped in Castlebar again Low and Behold, wasn’t there a Caffollas Restaurant there on Main Street…. The Salmon from Ballina had sustained Patrick for over 40 day’s and nights,.. But by now the smell of Vinager and Chips would even tempt a Saint.. and St Patrick had the finest, Burger and Chips that any Saint ever ate in his life….

  22. Ah Cafollas… Lord i miss that place in Tuam… At least Ballina is still going strong….

  23. Would settle for a draw . Maybe a new food blog on chippers WJ could be an option for ya ! Plenty of interest here ….

  24. Leantimes, that Mayo fan that dressed up as St Patrick is Durcan from Bohola, a great character, I remember seeing him walk up O Connell St on the way to the 96 & 97 finals with all his followers behind him.

  25. Hi All,
    Very best of luck to Mayo v Tyrone and apologies for the dumb question but as I know I have some good friends on this site can anyone advise me where is best place to park on Sunday for Salthill? No slagging please as I know how to get as far as Galway haha!!

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  26. Supermacs was indeed in Ballina before Castlebar. And I remember 4 lanterns well so 1998 sounds right for Supermacs in Castlebar. What a day that was!

    Surely the tie break is that castlebar have just completed a 3 in a row =)

    But then Ballina have that elusive all Ireland…

  27. Martin, you’re as well park in athlone and walk the rest of the way!! I don’t envy you this weekend!

    It would actually be handy to get the train to Galway though!

    When I go to Galway games I just park in eyre Square, one of the multi stories, or else the black box carpark. And juts walk in if the weather is nice. Its maybe 25 mins =)

  28. Yes, Cafolla’s came to Castlebar in ’67 to the Main Street which became the 4 Lanterns etc. McGreals Butchers were next door.
    They may have come from Ballina by the Pontoon Road as it was before the N4 but doubt if they came by the Windy Gap.
    Anyway me thinks that Mayo will have the measure of Tyrone this time in 2018.

  29. There’s probably no need to play Crowe, Cafferkey and O’Donoghue together in this game. Tyrone will only leave Bradley and Brennan forward at most so a 2 man full back line would be enough. Could bring in an extra half back then – Durcan if fit.

  30. Its amazing the difference a win against the lowest ranked team in the Division makes.

    The talk in the build-up to this game is about chippers while for the last few weeks a lot of the talk was about us being at the end of an era, having no young players coming through, forwards that couldn’t score from play, free takers that couldn’t score gimme frees and defenders not being able to defend etc.

    Hopefully we’ll be still talking about chippers on Sunday evening rather than about us being at the end of an era again!

  31. Martin the Dub…. Bishop O Donnell Road, near the Terryland roundabout.. Or one of the roads just off it… If it were me it would as near the roundabout as possible!

  32. Does anyone know if last Sunday’s game is available anywhere online to rewatch please ??

  33. Great stuff Leantimes, a mighty history lesson.

    Of course st patrick borrowed a ladder from a farmer that was living near the butt of the reek. He used this ladder to climb the reek. He was hallucinating from the lack of food and with all the trouble he had with the snakes, they say it was on the reek that he invented snakes and ladders. The farmer never got his ladder back either.

  34. Ha ha Tuamstar……..Cafollas Tuam……….Thanks for causing a vivid memory there. Around 78/79, I recall one of the ‘Jarlath’s Deans treating a few of us U-15 college hurlers to a serious feed in Cafollas Tuam on a cold Autumn’s evening after arriving back from an away challenge game in Toreen. Just before we went back in to the boarding school for another few weeks of routine bad grub, that sojourn to Cafollas was a heavenly experience…….a ‘real’ bun burger and chips, covered in onions and laced with ketchup…..Ahhh !!

  35. So true Hope Springs Eternal – but that mayo supporters for ya!! But I am enjoying the Chipper talk all the same – Cafollas in Westport in 80s was the place to be!! We better win now on Sunday and hopefully no more injuries.

  36. @Revellino… I heard a few other tales about St Patrick’ when he was in Mayo, don’t know if they are true like the previous information I gave ye about him… Or Not? … But I fear that I might get into trouble, if I were to repeat them on this Blog…. Sure St Patrick was from Wales, is the Patron Saint of Ireland,… So watch out, Eddie Jones on Saturday. St Patrick’s Day…. ,.. After what he said about Wales and Ireland, that auld oval ball won’t bounce in England’s favour on Saturday I’m Twickenham… Never mind (Sweet Charriot)…. And after that Snake Biting St Patrick in Tyrone all those years ago…. St Patrick has a long memory… Not even the prayers of Mickey Harte will save the Red Hand.. Just not meant to be!

  37. Martin the Dub, go over the Quincentenary bridge, straight on until the five exit roundabout leading to the Distributary road, park up on the footpath on the roundabout, you will see other cars doing this, 400m to the pitch, quick exit.

  38. Martyk. Great memories, i had 5 great years in Jarlaths, and as a dayboy would often have to go down town and get a Cafollas for a hungry border.. As a side note there were some fantastic Mayo footballers who passed through the Tuam nursery, most notable in my time i recall doing runs for Kevin O Neill, Kenneth Mortimer amongst others..

  39. Jaysus, i came on here to see what people were saying about “fortress Mchale Park” and whether Mayo would make it 3 from 3 at the venue this Sunday.
    Hardly a mention though.

  40. Tyrone played cac football here 2 years ago and we couldn’t break them down however we I vaguely recall we missed a lot of chances in 2nd half that day. I agree with posters on getting some long range shooters lined up and would consider Keegan as our free roaming defender. Shane Nally also worth considering though whether half back midfield or half forward is hard to call. Half forward could work if Aido played in midfield. Diarmaid and Cillian important also for long range strikes, Cillian scored a beaut the last day. Paddy Durcan another man who can shoot from fairly far out though his percentage probably not as high as Lee’s. Horses for courses, a 50% return from distance might do the job. Also Mayo more guilty than most of going into contact against the Tyrone blanket in recent years, would hope we learn from this.
    We need to see the fired up Mayo again on Sunday.

  41. Also if Deegan is as bad as people say then surely he’s bad for Tyrone too. Management just read the refs form book and relay to the players. Keep the head, bad decisions usually even out.

  42. Would it be worth considering Shane Nally at Centre Half forward.I think he struggles a small bit in the backs against speedy forwards for pace.He could make a great playmaker, a brillant passer of the ball with his left boot and can take scores from distance and he could take frees from the right hand side with his left boot when we have practically no left footed kicker on the starting team

  43. @Citog… No the Land League was undoubtedly formed in what was once called ‘The Imperial Hotel’ on the Mall in Castlebar… But as to what the plans for it are..?? . You better ask Mayo County Council…

  44. Some great posts there , great to see the pride of historical moments from Mayo people albeit lighthearted , land league , beating the red coats .

    Killala was ours ere the midnight
    And high over Ballina town
    Our banners in triumph were waving
    Before the next sun had gone down
    We gathered to speed the good work, boys
    The true men anear and afar
    And history can tell how we routed
    The redcoats through old Castlebar

    I give you the gallant old West, boys
    Where rallied our bravest and best
    When Ireland was broken and bleeding
    Hurrah for the men of the West

  45. Good interview with Keith on Wooly’s show yesterday for anyone that wants to listen. It’s on the hurling show!! A small bit on the end about whether he’s going back playing football, the topic on which he was very vague about!!

  46. @citeog: The first meeting was in Irishtown, but it was founded in Daly’s (later the Imperial) on the Mall in Castlebar.

    Going back to the chippers, Cafollas in Westport was a great spot, seem to remember you could sit in and have a proper meal. Someone told me it closed down due to a family bereavement, not sure how true that is, given that it’s still going strong elsewhere in the county.

    I suppose MWR is the only spot for commentary of Sunday’s match?

  47. Good piece on Gary Boylan in the 42, seems rochford been asking him to join the Mayo squad, will watch this space next season!

  48. I’d say MWR will be the only commentary of the game. Hurling all the way on TG4 as it’s the quarter final stage.

  49. @citog
    @it means nothing to me
    The forgotten man of land league James Daly had the idea for the Irishtown meeting in Feb 1879. He got the ball rolling on it and Davitt became involved in March of that year.

    Mayo by a whisker on Sunday

  50. Ah yes. Martin Carney getting excited in the commentary box. What else would ya want to listen to?

  51. Anyone goin to have a stab at naming the team for the weekend.
    Hope we don’t pick up injuries. Sure to be a few colossal hits.

  52. I’d say that the team which started the last day will be named. That’s the usual way it’s done. Then expect one or two changes on the day. I expect that Paddy Durcan will be named on the 26 on the day and might start instead of Stephen Coen. Danny Kirby might drop out of the 26 for the day.

  53. Mayo really need to get into this game from start. If you let a team like Tyrone get a few points up – they just sit back and kill you on the break. By getting on top early on and by going a few points up you force them to come out and play. Need to be tuned in from the start. Will be a very hard game to win – some supporters seem to be getting complacent after we beat a very poor Kildare team who missed a lot of very scorable chances.

  54. I’d agree Louis. Hard to move away from the team that put in a very good performance last weekend. It’ll be hell for leather from the start so we’ll need all the hardy lads starting. Maybe the likes of Conor Loftus would be better coming on in the 2nd half when hopefully some of the sting is gone out of the hits.
    Looking forward to seeing how our forwards cope. The Tyrone lads are well able to put up the scores when they put their mind to it so hoping our own forwards are taking their scores.

  55. My team for Sunday
    1. David Clarke
    2. Eoin O’Donoghue
    3. Stephen Coen/Ger Cafferkey
    4. Caolan Crowe
    5. Lee Keegan to mark Peter Harte
    6. Paddy Durcan
    7. Colm Boyle
    8. Tom Parsons
    9. Aidan O’Shea
    10.Kevin McLoughlin
    11.Adam Gallagher/Shane Nally would like to see him get a chance at 11
    12. Diarmuid O’Connor
    13.Jason Doherty
    14. Andy Moran
    15. Cillian O’Connor

    I hope Neil Douglas, Ger McDonagh, Shane Nally and Danny Kirby get game time in these last 2 games before the panel is cut for championship, Ideally we beat Tyrone Sunday and Donegal lose Monaghan we can give some players a run out Sunday week against Donegal.
    Dougie is a great long distance free taker as he showed against Monaghan in Clones and should be given a chance, god knows will need a good long distance free taker against Galways blanket in Castlebar on D-Day of May 13th.

  56. Tyrone (Allianz FL v Mayo): Mickey O’Neill; Hugh Pat McGeary, Padraig Hampsey, Cathal McCarron; Conor Meyler, Frank Burns, Peter Harte; Colm Cavanagh, Padraig McNulty; Matthew Donnelly, Niall Sludden, Cathal McShane; Lee Brennan, Connor McAliskey, Mark Bradley.

    Subs: Niall Morgan, Rory Brennan, Brendan Burns, Michael Cassidy, Conal McCann, Declan McClure, Aidan McCrory, Kieran McGeary, Michael McKernan, Ronan McNabb, David Mulgrew.

  57. Just listened to Keith being interviwed on Gaa Hour. He is loving playing the hurling. Gave listeners a glimpse of the pressure playing Mayo football. He will be talking to Steven R after league. (fingers crossed he will be back). We have been so lucky to have him on our team.

  58. I love reading all the posts but in my book make your point and don’t write 200 words when a couple of dozen will do.
    When you see a long detailed post you just move onto the next one.

  59. I’d leave Coen in for the next day with Paddy coming on if needed to replace him. Paddy’s just getting back from an injury so no harm holding him back. Besides, Coen is growing in confidence and hopefully will force his way onto the championship starting team.

  60. We’re 8 weeks out from the Galway match.

    Anybody that wants to be involved should be making their decision at this stage

  61. The game on May 13th is a quarter final of the Connacht Championship. Its a contest to see who meets Sligo for God sake. It is not the final, and there is plenty of football to be played by both teams after May 13th. This is a fact posters should take into account. Sometimes it feels like Killinaskully and the Bally boys the way they go on about it.. Our focus should be on August as that is the business end of the competition. May 13th is a skirmish and a local derby and nothing more.

  62. if we lose on May 13th we have to win 4 qualifier rounds just to get into super 8s.

    lose on May 13th and there’s a substantial risk of being out of the championship before August

  63. @Thomas Blrwitt… How do know that a few dozen words will do, when you don’t read the one’s with over 200 word’s.? .. I’ve gone and written 35 word’s for this short post so you probably won’t read it!

  64. It’s going to be fire and brimstone on Sunday. Plain and simple. We’ve had the mark of Tyrone recently but they are coming down to McHale park to get their win to be safe. Our win last week showed sparks of our real power but let’s forget that Kildare were very poor. I’m confident of a win so we can breathe easier.

  65. your maths are good just a thought

    the qualifiers are also win or go home.
    completely unknown in terms of who/where your playing.
    more matches mean higher probability of injuries. lower seeding in super 8 should the team get there.

    Get to a connacht final and you have 2 shots at getting to super 8.

    if this Galway match was a connacht final i would agree with you. But the loser this year is going to have a mountain to climb

  66. May 13 is d day, we simply have to win or face a really hard task in the qualifiers where cork donegal etc will be lurking. I’d much prefer to beat Galway then face Sligo or Roscommon in Connaught than a cork or donegal away somewhere.

  67. Agree with Thomas . I skip over long posts too and ones about chippers …. Tyrone have named a strong team and I’d settle for a draw . Off to croke park tomorrow so happy St Patrick’s day in advance and best of luck to Stephen and the lads Sunday .

  68. I can assure ye lads, that the great St Patrick (not the Welsh sheep herdsman/Saint), but the great John D from out here in west Mayo, is alive and kicking, and shouting about and suoporting the green an red as much as ever! I met John recently, an had the craic with him, and altho he might be older an less mobile these days, that passion for our team is still as powerfull as it always was. JD, aka ‘St Patrick’ lives forever!
    Mayo to put the red hand to the sword, an send them down. Mayo 1.13, Tyrone 0.10.
    Fair play once again WJ, have a great weekend amigos..

  69. In response to the question of what length posts should be, I was thinking about quoting from Churchill but a quick bit of googling tells me that a version of this same quote has been attributed to loads of people, the earliest of whom was the Roman politician and lawyer Cicero. This goes along the lines of his giving his excuses for writing a long letter but explained that he didn’t have the time to make it shorter. If he were around today, no doubt Cicero would say the same about the optimum length of, and number of words in, a blog post.

  70. Hail Cicero.

    Crazy to think that content quality can be rated by statement length.
    All posts are worth reading. Somone has put their feelings and thoughts in to type. Whether long or short, whether you agree or not, everyone’s input is as welcome as anyone else’s.

    Hail Cicero.

  71. Willie Joe,I like your post ,I don’t know how you manage this blog all the best for St Patrick’s day hope you and yours have a great day,and Mayo best Tyrone ,up Mayo

  72. @Revellino,… loved your last post.. Short and to the point, you didn’t waste any word’s..(It not as if using an abundance of word’s leads to Global warming or anything like that).. I Also loved your other post’s ‘where you were a bit bold, and used allot of word’s.. Well I for one was entertained, and so were many other’s and they posted their approval….sort of reminds me of the line in’ Father Ted,. ‘these cow’s are near, but the other cow’s are far away’ for some reason.. Several People have told me that that the long winded tales from’ Leantimes ‘on the Mayo Gaa Blog have helped them get off’ Sleeping Tablets… Usually reach half way, and off they go to sleep… Saving the HSE loads of money, but unfortunately I am still waiting for my check from Health Minister Simon Harris, in the post.
    @R,P,McMurphy.. Great to hear that the one and only John D, aka Saint Patrick is alive… I wish him a Happy St Patrick’s Day and an even better day after… @Willie Joe… ‘Cicero’… A politician and a lawyer.. I have recurring nightmares about lawyers and politicians, even long since dead Roman one’s.. I always check my credit card details after one of them nightmares… You just never know how resourceful, even dead politicians and lawyers can relieve you from your money… Think about it… I wish ye all a great St Patrick’s Day, and Mayo a good win on Sunday,!

  73. Be careful now when yea post the blog
    Because every day will have his dog
    Yea can talk about sex and jack the ripper
    But never ever utter that rude word chipper

    There’s men on here and their counting words
    Above 200 then it’s for the birds
    If they were around for the birth of our nation
    Then we would all have a shorter proclamation

    If something else pops in yor head
    Don’t write it down cause it won’t get read
    By those that read between the lines
    Counting words imposing fines

    I should have stopped
    Used an exclamation
    They’ll probably do me for defamation

    I’m off to rewrite a Dylan song
    When I looked again it was far too long
    What would he know about words and size
    Although they did award him the Nobel prize

    So those put off by comments size
    The best thing is avert your eyes
    For those that like, enjoy the crack
    Like Arnie once said, “I’ll be back”.

  74. Some Small world WJ! getting ready for the Mayo game by doing my own fitness in Dublin. Got speaking to the lady beside me and as usual it is not long before Mayo football is the topic of conversation 🙂 29 years ago today in Madrid. Catherine Fahey(Tip) & family say a big hello.

    Also fair play to Keith and the Hurlers, good interview and delighted he is loving his time with them. I hate to say it but long may it continue if it makes him happy.

  75. Revellino . Should start your own blog . Your talents are wasted here . Love the Auld football discussions part of WJs blog .

  76. So Cillian is on the brink of becoming Mayo’s top scorer of all time. Having played 20 games less than Mort. He need 4 points tomorrow to break it.

    When you consider that Cillian missed huge amount of league football over the years, that is frightening.

    We really don’t appreciate what we have enough in this county sometimes.

  77. Amazing re Cillian. As for you will have to write a book of poems/prose and all us will go to your book launch dressed in red and green!!!

  78. Revellino, you have a talent for writing, alot of your good work appears to be done in the small hours. My Sister had alot of poems printed on the Connaught and Western over the years. I often thought about writing a memoir of all the Mayo All Ireland I attended, ie, before, during and the aftermath of all the defeats, would make for interesting reading.

  79. Any news on the team yet what is taking them so long I see corofin are giving nemo a good hammering

  80. @Revellino… Fantastic stuff again… Super-duper,…I will use only very few words this time, so as some who only read short post’s, might reconsider… When Revellino writes, it’s worth reading!

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