This week on the podcast – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E10

Every week on the Mayo Football Podcast, we make plenty of audio content available to our loyal club members on Patreon. We thought it would be a good idea to give everyone else a taster of this content and so we’re launching a new series on the podcast, providing snippets of audio from our Patreon pods.

Rob Murphy and I chat about the audio excerpts that feature in this show. Voices included in this episode are Edwin McGreal, reflecting on Mayo’s loss to Roscommon on the Final Whistle pod that went online on Sunday evening, Mike Finnerty on the same pod outlining where the loss leaves Mayo, Colm Keys of the Irish Independent on Wednesday morning’s match review pod explaining why Mayo supporters shouldn’t be too concerned about Sunday’s defeat, Colm Boyle on the same pod explaining how Mayo got sucked into Roscommon’s sticky, well-organised backline and his thoughts on how Ryan O’Donoghue might be better deployed to unpick such defences, Mayo U20 manager Maurice Sheridan and Sligo U20 manager Paul Henry speaking with Mike and Rob respectively on last night’s Final Whistle pod on the U20 semi-final.

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14 thoughts on “This week on the podcast – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E10

  1. When we lost the AIF in 2021 we complained about the lack of a kicking game up front, running into tackles, passing sideways, not taking on shots etc.

    When we lost to Galway last year cue the same points above.

    We also struggled offensively against Monaghan and Kildare in the qualifiers and dominated possession against Kerry in the QF …but kicked too many sides.

    The same forward issues occurred last Sunday.

    It’s very disappointing for the same attacking issues to continue to occur despite our new management team being in place and the reputation of Rochford as a tactician….particularly the criticism levelled at Horan for the same forward issues.

    However it’s not just up front where the pattern of underperformance is consistent…we’ve been losing midfield a lot also e.g. Kildare in the qualifiers last year, Galway in the league final and Roscommon last weekend (who were without their no.1 midfielder).

    Last year we said after the Galway championship game that the few weeks rest would sort out key issues such as our attacking play…but it didn’t really!

    Will the few weeks rest sort out our midfield and forwards issue this time?

  2. I agree Spotlight. I unfortunately don’t think we will win an All Ireland until we have a forward line that regularly and reliably gets more scores from play than we have been doing in recent years in the big matches.

  3. Traveling Wilbury we wont win an All Ireland simply because we are not good enough to do so. For all our good qualities we simply do not have the players to do so. Wherther McStay , Horan or Joe Biden is in charge of team it wont get us over the line

  4. to win just once – There is no stand out team in the Country at the moment. There is any one of 4-5 teams that could win the all Ireland this year and it includes us.

  5. @To win just once dont agree at all with that statement entitled to your opinion though.

    So you are saying the likes of Ryan o D,Tommy conroy ,cillian o Connor paddy durcan enda hession Jordan flynn could name many more players that are certainly good enough to win an all Ireland you don’t think any of them are good enough to win it?

    Unreal we loose one match and all the critics are out guarantee when we come back in 6 weeks and are back in form it’ll be the other way around give the guys a break !

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion of course. But we are certainly good enough to win it there’s no stand out team this year even if we don’t win it this year we still have great players who put everything into their play and never give up bar last Sunday.

  6. Spotlight, Galway in the league final were also without their best midfielder from last year and you emphasize our midfield and forward deficiencies but the area that has cost us most is defense. Despite having in the last decade a bucket full of all stars awards goals against were the difference. We frequently put more points on the board than the opposition but goals beat us. Despite all the talk of a new defensive system goals and being open to runners coming through the middle are still a huge issue, 7 goals conceded in the league, 4 good goal chances given to Galway and 2 given to Roscommon which were decisive. We also need to be more disciplined in defense. We gave up at least 1-2 in the first half against Roscommon because of a lack of disciplined tackling. The penalty was a rash lunge into somebody’s back . At the other end Roscommon swarmed the person in possession or going down and got a turnover. I do not see these issues being fixed in the next few weeks either.

  7. All this negative talk (myself included ) . We will probably bate Dublin in first group game in croker , nothing is beyond mayo football good to awful bar winning Sam

  8. Mayo 67, I agree totally , poor defence for goals has been our problem for years.
    We need a good defensive coach,it is not rocket science,too many sexy backs but not enough tough defenders or a proper defensive system

  9. Clare I sincerely hope you are right and that I am wrong. The players you named out there are top class players and while I agree that we are in the top 5 or 6 I honestly don’t think we are good enough to win it out. We are capable of beating any team on our day but also losing to any team on their day . We had this incredible record of knocking out all Ireland champions 2011, 2012, 2013 etc but then failing to finish the job. I genuinely do think we are heading in the right direction but I don’t think we have the consistency to win a quarter, semi and final. I desperately hope I am wrong and do think we have a fine team in a year where there may not be a standout team, but can I see us overcoming the likes of Galway, Dublin and Kerry in three knockout games? Unfortunately no.

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