This weekend’s club Championship action

It’s another jam-packed weekend on the club front, this time with the added piquancy of knock-out clashes. It’s quarter-final action in both the Senior and Intermediate Championships while it’s semi-finals at Junior A level. For good measure there are several nervy relegation play-off clashes on too.

Here’s the SFC list:

And here’s the IFC schedule:

Here’s what’s on at JFC A level:

No shortage of choice in that lot, that’s for sure. If, like me, you’re living outside the county there’s also the chance to catch some of the action on Mayo GAA TV. They’ve got double-headers from MacHale Park tomorrow and Sunday, with the Ballaghaderreen/Davitts and Ballina/Breaffy double-header tomorrow (details here) and the Burrishoole v Crossmolina and Castlebar v Knockmore double-header on Sunday (details here). It’s a fiver for each set of games, which, given the increasingly professional production values on the live stream, is pretty good value.

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  1. Beautiful day for football here in mayo. Heading into mchale Park later. It’s a pity the games aren’t on earlier.

  2. If we dont see any forward stand out tonight, I will be very dissapointed, sunny weather, a dry sod and championship knockout football, what more could a player want!! Really looking forward to Breaffy v Ballina and Mitchels v Knockmore!!

  3. It’s game over here, 0-4 to 2-07 5 mins into the second half. That Moran lad in full forward for ballagh the stand out player. Ballagh very powerful around the middle, davitts have nothing up front. A lot of aimless balls. Cian Hanley having a good game. Very industrious and scored 1-1 so far from play. Akram is some athlete, he’s def been on the weights.

  4. Anybody got anything on the Ballintubber v Belmullet game, or the Inter SF’s on earlier this afternoon?

  5. Ballintubber 1-12-1-08 Belmullet. Belmullet a coming team but ballintubbers experience shone through in the end. Ryan O’Donoghue scored a great goal, got 1-1 from play. Gary Boylan scored 4 points, got a brilliant score from play and a great point from the sideline, also scored a 45 and a free. 2 exciting forwards. For ballintubber the best were the 2 o’connors, plunkett and gibbons

  6. Was at the kiltimagh v Neale game. Only one team showed up. The Neale were very organised, fit, hard working and efficient. Their big players were outstanding and the young lads were not far behind. Kiltimagh, just way off the pace, not direct, some big names taken off early. Very poor show for a team that have been at the top at this grade for 5 years now.

  7. The Neale excelled with great teamwork. No really standout players. They defended and attacked as a team and the subs they brought on when they emptied the bench looked as comfortable as the starters. Good performance.

  8. Anyone else have problems with the mayo tv stream today. I got about 2 mins of good quality steam and the rest was blank.

  9. Lost the last 15 of the second match. First match, the stream for the first half was jittery.

  10. Tried the TV service this evening for the first time. It was a headache getting on and another headache when on. Lost the service altogether about 5 minutes before the end of Breaffy v Ballina. Lovely, just lovely. Anybody able tell me the result?

  11. Still no result for the Ballagh v Davitt’s game on the official Mayo website. Somebody somewhere not earning their keep. To adapt the old saying to the young fellow “You WON’T be kept”, or at least you shouldn’t.

  12. Very entertaining game here. Ballina 2-13 breaffy 0-14 after extra time. It really seemed to me like it was a big physical team against a team of good footballers. Liam Irwin kept breaffy in it in the second half, aido was good. On the other side, Mikey Murray and jack Irwin controlled things for the middle for ballina, Simon Leonard came on and scored 1-3, Ciaran Tracy scored some absolute screamers. Hennelly let in a poor goal from a high ball in the first half of extra time, Clarke was very solid for Ballina, saving a point at one stage in extra time. A bad loss for breaffy really, this was a year they expected to challenge. I couldnt understand their tactics in the first half putting 14 men behind the ball. In truth though after Liam Irwin went on injured I think the writing was on the wall for them. Special mention to ger caff too who had a great game and had to be carried off in extra time.

  13. Fulltime Ballina 2-13, Breaffy 0-14. Simon Leonard with 1-03 in extra time after coming off the bench. Hennelly very poor under the high ball for the goal in extratime and that score killed Breaffy. They never really got into it after that.

  14. Ger Caff played the whole game on one leg. A warrior but personally I think he shouldn’t have started at all cause his hammer was gone from two weeks ago.

  15. Great win for Ballina. Delighted for them. Battled away until the end. No leaders in that Breaffy team. Hennelly flops under a high ball once again. Horan take note.

  16. Surprised that Breaffy flopped with all their county talent. They have been knocking at the door for a while now so it’s very much back to the drawing boards while Ballina seem to have revived themselves. Hope to get to MacHale in time for Cross v Burrishoole tomorrow. Will be interesting to see if any of the Cross youngsters are really coming through. I think that Mayo will be able to put up a very interesting team of Underdogs at the end of Oct. Hopefully Liam Irwin will keep going despite Breaffy’s exit. He and James Carr look like an interesting pair of corner forwards.

  17. Was at tubber v belmullet and breaffy and ballina and thought the standard of referring was terrible. Great win for ballina.

  18. Evan I thought was quiet enough, worked hard and was economical in possession. He also got a great point on the run from 35m out. Sean similar, think it was him who got the first goal but not sure. Young mcstay was a handful. Think he has a big future. Treacy, murray, Leonard and Liam Irwin for breaffy were the standout forwards. Great credit to the Ballina defense as a whole. Really won the battle against the breaffy forwards.

  19. Went from Pearse stadium watching Tuam Stars win in Galway down to see Ballina win, delighted with both results.

  20. Breaffy were very poor in extra time and Ballina were comfortable winners in the end. Funnily enough, Robbie Fadden, who had a very good game otherwise, missed two great goal chances during normal time that I felt had either gone in Breaffy would have gone on to win it. Breaffy were comfortable in the 1st half but weren’t showing it on the scoreboard.

    Ciaran Treacy had a 5 minute spell after the Ballina goal that was incredible. 3 outrageous scores, hopefully he can continue to develop. He just needs to become a better ball winner and he’ll be a good addition to Mayo. In the battle of the keepers, Rob’s KOs were very good and he was solid all day bar the 2nd Ballina goal. Clarke was his usual rock solid self even clawing a Hennelly free from over the crossbar.

    What age is Jack Irwin? Good midfielder with potential. I don’t see Liam Irwin ever making it at county level. He’s great to watch, does things that other forwards just wouldnt even think of but his lack of athletic ability will hold him back.

  21. Padraig O’Hora was excellent I thought. For someone with such a slight build he wins so many 50:50s. Ciaran Treacy was quiet in the 1st half and in extra time but had an unbelievable 10 minutes early in the 2nd half. He set up the goal for Sean Regan, scored 2 brilliant points from play and a long range free. Evan Regan seemed to pull something when he scored his point, that’s why he went off. Jack Irwin very good in midfield, thought he outshone Mikey Murray.

    Liam Irwin was decent but not brilliant by any means. He looked to pull his hamstring pretty badly so I doubt he’ll be available for the underdogs game.

  22. Mayo tv kicked us out 10mins into second half of Breaffy v Ballina, saying we had gone over our limit of views…considering we hadn’t even got to end of game?!? Missed all the rest of game and extra time. Also paid a second time and kicked out again?

  23. Ballintubber were too cute and experienced for Belmullet earlier. Eoin O’Donoghue missed the game, presumably injured. Cillian and Chris Barrett had a good battle throughout. Cillian done him for the goal early on and won a few frees but Chris grew into the game. Diarmuid was very good in midfield but Michael Plunkett was my man of the match.

    Ryan O’Donoghue and Gary Boylan looked dangerous when they got on ball but Belmullet just didn’t have enough possession in midfield. Boylan still looks a bit rusty with Gaelic football. His movement wasn’t great compared to O’Donoghue. Nothing a bit of coaching wouldn’t fix of course.

  24. Breaffy flatter to deceive yet again, for all their county talent they tend to disappoint a lot.
    14 men behind the ball doesn’t work for them.
    Sweet revenge for ballina after the disrepectful league final fiasco last year

  25. Thought Sharoize Akram and Cian Hanley were very good tonight for Ballaghadareen.I expect Akram to be back in the Mayo panel soon, his pace is made for Croke Park he is up there with Jack McCaffrey and Paddy Durcan pace wise, both players looked to have filled out too since last year.Cian Hanley covered some amount of ground tonight and kicked 1-4.
    Seamus Cunniffe didn’t line out tonight he was named at full back and captain on the match programme.
    In the other game Ciaran Treacy was very impressive, the best forward on show in the 2 games kicked 4 really good scores from distance, I would like to see Jack Irwin get a chance with Mayo thought he was impressive throughout as was Sean Regan and Michael Murray.
    Breaffy really dissapointing relied to much on the O’Sheas, Liam Irwin and Matty Ruane as usual.
    Robbie Fadden played well in the 1st half but outside that they just dont seem to have the players to win a County title!!

  26. County talent tonight in Castlebar

    Cian Hanley
    Sharoize Akram
    David McBrien
    Andy Moran if he wants to come out of retirement

    None apart from Colm Boyle

    David Clarke
    Jack Irwin
    Mikey Murray
    Sean Regan
    Ciaran Treacy

    The 3 O’Sheas, Conor played well I thought
    Matty Ruane
    Liam Irwin

  27. Jack Irwin Man of the match for me.Think Rochy gave O’Hora a run in an Fbd game against Sligo IT in Ballina in 2017.

  28. Enjoyable evening of football. Couldn’t read to much into Ballagh’s win over Davitts a third division team who came out of the weakest group that was proved in the second game with Breaffy’s loss. Breaffy flatter to deceive once again. Connor the pick of the O’Sheas, worked tirelessly throughout in a losing cause. Ballina worked there socks of and were very economical in there scoring where as Breaffy struggled to score. Breaffy set up to defensively, yet 6 points down midway through the second half upped there game offensively and clawed back the deficit to send it to ET. Ballina who looked out on there feet came out of the blocks with Leonard the main man in ET. Overall Ballina deserved the win with Tracey, Irwin and Padraic O’Hora having a stormer on Aidan O’Shea who was very peripheral and contributed very little to general play.
    In the IFC Louisburgh had a very impressive win over Parke Keelogues Crimlin.Virtually tied at HT in a negative first half but Louisburgh transformed themselves at HT and were far more explosive and dynamic in the second half with the introduction of A O’Malley and yound O’Dowd who Kicked 5 monster points. Will be a good match up between Louisburgh and the Neale who seem to have had a good win over a Hapless Kiltimagh who seem to have lost there way.

  29. Scott Kilker was decent in goals for Belmullet. He did well with the short kickouts under pressure from Tubber. Being honest, I’ve seen a lot of the keepers in the senior championship and Robbie & DC are the best around. For all the stick he gets, Clarke’s kickouts are miles better than club goalkeepers.

    Jack Irwin was minor in 2015 (alongside James Carr) so that means he’s 21/22.

  30. Rory Byrne from Castlebar Mitchels is probably the next best keeper.But the young Claremorris keeper Brian McGuinness has the potential to be the future No 1 for Mayo.

  31. I purchased a ticket from Mayo GAA tv for today’s games but I didn’t get a password so I can’t access the video I know there was problems yesterday but they don’t seem to have ironed them out today .

  32. Frank irwin was mayo minor this year the younger brother of jack we could have 3 irwins 2 o connors 2 durcans 2 o sheas in the mayo panel at some stage
    Good talent on show knockmore did well

  33. Knockmore will be wondering how they lost! Looked all but over early in the 2nd half but Mitchels’ mid field took control and they chipped away at the deficit.

    I thought Paddy Durcan was the standout player, covers huge ground, defended well and scored 2 great points. His cousin Gavin looks a talent, looking forward to seeing him in the semi final but I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t get a run out for the seniors in the league next year. Looks to have the physicality already.

  34. If Knockmore are scratching their heads tonight with bafflement what are Crossmolina doing? Talk about pulling a game out of the fire. The smiles on Burrishoole supporters faces today had to be seen to be believed. However neither team impressed me as likely champions. The game seemed to lack pace all through.
    Mitchel’s Rory Byrne did impress me as a goalkeeper – decisive and confident in all he did. A shoo in for Mayo Underdogs keeper later in Oct?

  35. Cross v Burrish game was entertaining. Not the best in quality terms but full value for entertainment. Some good scores taken. Thought Fionan Duffy and Jordan Flynn were very good. Duffys goal was a thing of beauty and he’s a lovely striker of a ball. Jordan Flynn has so much power and his directness would hurt any team. Loftus fitness told towards the end, but he was poor overall. Doesnt have a ser position with Cross which hurts him. Was poor on the frees and 45s. Moran, Ryder and Fintan Mac the stand outs for Burrish.

    Mitchels and Knockmore never really took off. King and the full back McHale were good for Knockmore. Was impressed with the way Mitchels never panicked when Knockmore built up a lead. They are very professional in the way they go about things. Paddy Durcan and Vaughan stood out, Gavin Durcan had his moments but isn’t a full forward. Definitely worth a go at senior intercounty the s&c would do him the world of good

  36. Knockmore will leave Castlebar tonight very dissapointed, they had the mitchels on the ropes but credit to the mitchels their know how and experience showed. Durcan was immense.

    Cross and Burrish a brilliant battle, Burrish the old dog for the hard road and that is a massive result without Jason Doc.

    Yesterday Ballagh were impressive extremely fit and conditioned, Andy was superb up front and Sharoize has showed big progress. If Hanley can touch up his ball skills he could be a prospect next year but it’s time Hanley pushed on now.

    I hear Ronan Carolan put up another big score last night again in Roscommon for Roscommon Gaels QF final win.

    Most impressive players this weekend:
    P Durcan
    Peter Naughton
    Fionan Duffy

  37. Did Donie Newcombe play at full back for Mitchels ?. If so would he be up to county standard in the position ? I would imagine he must be pretty good to keep Ger McDonagh out of the number 3 jersey.

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