This year’s plans for the podcast

With no football matches to talk about the Mayo News football podcast has remained in dry dock so far this year. Now that we have a clear view of when the action is set to resume, however, we’re ready to get the podcast revved up and motoring once again.

James Horan remarked recently that it’ll be a “shotgun start” to the season this year and it’ll be the same on the podcast. The first round of National League matches are on in a month’s time and we’re aiming to hit the ground running ahead of then.

The first podcast episode of 2021 will appear at some point soon, either later this week or early next week. From then on there’ll be new episodes more or less every week, right through the condensed League campaign in May and early June and the knockout Championship that follows hot on its heels afterwards. Then, once the inter-county action is over, we’ll be turning our focus in the autumn towards the club Championships.

Given the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions on attending matches, we’ll be going largely with the same episode formats as we used last year. This will mean a mix of episodes recorded at the venues on match days and studio-type review/preview shows. Billy Joe Padden is also going to be doing more of the long-form one-on-one interview episodes that proved so popular last year.

In case you’re wondering what we learned from the survey we undertook a few weeks back – thanks, by the way, to the hundreds of you who took the time to respond to it – the answer is we learned a lot. While we can see that most of you value the free-to-air content we’ve been producing and want to see this output continue, we’ve also observed that there’s an audience out there for additional premium content.

We’re still working on our plans for the future of the podcast, which we aim to grow and develop over the coming years. That’ll require plenty of commitment and, for the podcast to reach the potential we see for it, it’ll require investment too. We’re confident that we can bring these plans to fruition over the medium-term.

For the year that’s about to start on the podcast, however, things will remain as they are. With supporters confined to barracks for a second year of inter-county matches, our aim on the podcast will be to give you a flavour of what it’s like at the games, as well as providing you with all the opinion and analysis you’ve become so used to down the years.

It’ll soon be time to strap yourselves in for another year following the Mayo footballers. The podcast will, once again, be your companion on that journey. If past experience is anything to go by, the road ahead will be far from dull. We’re looking forward with anticipation to the football action that lies ahead and we know you are too.

13 thoughts on “This year’s plans for the podcast

  1. I find Billie Joe excellent. He talks with a researched authority, he’s also quite upbeat in tone even when saying something negative. He just is generally uplifting even when describing what may not be positive.

  2. I agree JP, BJ is excellent and very consistent in tone and content. Some others gave a very good account also. Tom P and Kevin were excellent too. Really looking forward to the start of club action and the podcast around these were of a very high standard.

  3. Looking forward.

    Just a thought. This is a critical year. James Horan’s third. Failure will lead to serious questions being raised. I don’t see a successor out there, but the mood will darken.

  4. What part of getting to another all final with 2 or 3 new players playing in their first all ireland final do you not like Catcol? I dont like the losing all ireland final part but I think James Horan has done a good job since he came back and is rebuilding I think he needs another 3-4 years in charge to build a new team and keep us consistently competitive as we have been. He might even win the damn thing

  5. Hurray! Can’t wait, Willie Joe and all. We’re really spoiled. The podcast is so good to listen to. Good luck getting it moving again as the year starts to gear up. And a big hello to all the other fans everywhere out there.

  6. I know we’re a bit later than I said we’d be in this piece but we’re finally good to go on the podcast. The first episode of the year will be online tonight and the episodes will be coming out at regular intervals from now on. It’s good to be back!

  7. Great stuff Willie Joe looking forward to it.

    Shout out to my old mucker Jimmy Rimmer who loves nothing more tucking into a few pints while enjoying the podcast!

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