Those lovely ladies

It’s remiss of me, I know, not to have said much to date about our ladies’ (no, that’s nor Our Lady’s and it has nothing to do with the impending Knock Novena either) senior championship campaign. Unlike the lads, the girls have been beating before and behind them all Summer long and already they’ve claimed the scalps of Galway, Kerry, Dublin, Waterford and Monaghan. They beat the latter in monsoon conditions in Mullingar (how’s this for a headline? “Mayo mná triumph in Mullingar monsoon”. Not bad, eh?) on Saturday evening to reach the All-Ireland semi-final. An appearance in Croker on the fourth Sunday in September for the final itself is now starting to come into view. I’m not sure who they’ll be playing in the semis – it could be Tyrone who walloped spots off Armagh in the other quarter-final played in Mullingar on Saturday evening.

Cora Staunton is having, even by her exalted standards, one hell of a season. 2-13 against Galway, 1-10 against Waterford, 0-9 against both Kerry and the Dubs and 1-9 the last night against Monaghan. Johnno, take note!

2 thoughts on “Those lovely ladies

  1. Nice one, Hat Man. One could, I suppose, extend the alliteration still further by making it “Marvellous Mayo mná massacre mopey Monaghan in massive Mullingar monsoon” but I’m not sure a headline like that would fit across two whole pages of the Western!

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