Three changes for Derry

Derry_Derry have named their team for Saturday evening’s NFL match with us up in Celtic Park (throw-in 7.30 pm).  Here it is:

Derry (NFL Division 1 v Mayo): Martin Dunne; Michael McGoldrick, Kevin McCloy, Dermot McBride; Charlie Kielt, Mark Lynch, Gerard O’Kane; Patsy Bradley, James Kielt; Fergal Doherty, Paddy Bradley, Aidy Mc Laughlin; Raymond Wilkinson, Eoin Bradley, Lee Moore.

In all, the above team show three changes from the one beaten by Kerry last Sunday.  In goal Martin Dunne replaces Barry Gillis who suffered a bizarre injury down in Tralee when he coughed so much he felt he’d torn a muscle: that sounds a bit too much like the perils of  cracking your hole from too much laughing, if you ask me.  U21 player James Kielt comes back into the side at midfield, while Lee Moore comes in at corner-forward.  Barry McGuigan and Brian Mullan drop to the bench, with Fergal Doherty and Paddy Bradley switching to the half-forwards to accommodate Kielt and Moore.

5 thoughts on “Three changes for Derry

  1. its good that derry have a strong team out, good hard test.. Just in relation to the u 21s and ray dempsey, its seems with ray there is alot of ‘politics’ involved. He does not seemed to be well liked around Mayo.In my opionin he definitely shows farouritism. His team selection seems very strange especially in the development of players for senior level and is that not what its all about?. Anybody have any feelings on this?

    re barry gillis, there is some strange injuries in sport. A manchester united keeper once dislocated his jaw f*ck*ng a defender out of it.. I do not think there is a possibility of that happening to our keeper though, dont get me wrong i really rate david clarke.

  2. That’s a fair few ‘seems’ in relation to Ray, JJ: I’m not sure what evidence there is to back up these claims. I think Ray deserves to be measured by his achievements and I dunno about you but I reckon that taking two minor teams to the All-Ireland in successive years has to show that he’s doing something right.

    That’s funny about the strange injuries alright. What was even funnier was that I didn’t spot the ‘out’ after the ‘f’ word the first time I read it!

  3. Yes wj i agree, achievements should be how he is measured.To be honest I cannot say i know alot about Ray but anyone i ever talk to about him always tell me the same, my question looks a bit negative, just asking what perceptions were of him.
    If we look at the fact that kevin mc loughlin is playing at center forward, when he is only ever in my opinion going to be a wing back or corner back for for Mayo seems very strange,especially when alan freeman was center forward vs dublin when ronan went off. Lee keegan involved with the Mayo senior team, a natural center back at wing back and reilly at center back, just seems to me alot of favouritism..I suppose the last minor team had not one decent forward(i know aidan walsh is a good free taker) was credit to ray but there was forward talent in the county.One forward on that team cannot make a poor it sligo first year team..

    Haha i really do not know what to say to the injuries thing, altough thats would be strange if the ‘out’ was left out

  4. That’s fair enough, JJ – I’m not close enough to the U21 set-up to know what the story is but I guess it’s only fair to see how the team he picks gets on. I suppose Ray won’t ever win too many popularity contests (or elections!) but that’s not an essential quality for a good manager. Look at Ger Loughnane – a man I’d say you’d be well advised to keep clear of but there’s no arguing with what he achieved for Clare in his time there.

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