Three changes for Galway

The Tribesmen have named their line-up for the clash in Tuam on Sunday (a match which, incidentally, I’m not now going to be able to get to as I’ve got to go West unexpectedly for a funeral tomorrow).  The team that’ll line out against us shows three changes from the one that started against Derry last Sunday.  Garreth Bradshaw is available for selection again and he replaces Gary Sice at right half-back and, on the other wing, David Reilly comes in for Darren Mullaly.  In the forwards, meanwhile, Cormac Bane (a gent with a keen eye for goal against us) gives way to the man with the dodgy pudding bowl hairstyle, Mattie Clancy.  Here’s the team in full:

GALWAY (NFL Division 1 v Mayo 29/3/2009): Adrian Faherty; Niall Coyle, Finian Hanley, Damien Burke; Garreth Bradshaw, Diarmuid Blake, David Reilly; Barry Cullinane, Joe Bergin; Sean Armstrong, Padraig Joyce, Damien Dunleavy; Paul Conroy, Michael Meehan, Matthew Clancy.

No sign of our line-up yet but I do hope that, for a change, our lot can get the proverbial finger out and publish details of the team later on (I’m working late – very late – tonight so, if they do, I should see it).  Last Sunday was a total joke: after all that moaning about not being able to name a team till the day itself, there it was on the programme which had obviously gone to print a day or two before.  Fair enough, there were a few changes (two, I think) on the day but I cannot for the life of me see why a team list can be sent to the printers but can’t be released to the media and published on the official website at the same time.

9 thoughts on “Three changes for Galway

  1. Mort dropped mickey Sweeney in. Austy dropped, aiden oshea in and Chris Barrett switched for conroy. Think they are the only changes. Bit worried we will take a good beating

  2. Conor Mort dropped?? If true, it’s a big surprise. I know he hasn’t been firing on all cylinders but he’s still been our highest scorer every year since god (or WJ) knows when.
    Might be the kick up the backside he needs.

  3. If it’s true, then it’s sheer madness. He got absolutely nothing off that idiot ref the last day and was probably down a bit on confidence after the Kerry game but, along with Dillon, he’s the only real threat we have in attack and to drop him for a match like this would be stupidity of a staggering order. I haven’t seen any team yet so I don’t know if this story is true but if it is then Johnno’s taken leave of his senses.

  4. Brave move (he’ll be on the bench). be interesting to see if others are more inclined to take on scores instead of looking to recycle the ball back to mort as dose happen a lot. What did he score from play against Galway last year? On the positive side its a strong message to the rest of the team (EVERY BODY has scrap for a place on this team). Dillon will have to take frees left and right. Fuck it WJ, I’m going to call it as i see it hes got away with to many lack-luster performances in the past.

  5. Interesting but in the end, good use of the panel; no one guaranteed a start, should have come further out the field and rested an other for the start as well. Being dropped is such a misnomer. Mort’s inclusion is simply being deferred from the start to some time during..and hopefully will lead to a more focused display.

  6. Madness if it’s true about Mort. I had trouble seeing where our scores were going to come from as it was. This game is to important to drop our highest scorer. We have no-one with his ability to score or manufacture frees.
    Was just on the RTE website. Great work from them once more. There is a picture of Mickey Moran (with “Mayo manager Mickey Moran”!) and the preview says we’ll be without our U21 contingent again due to Saturdays game with Sligo. I was under the impression the U21 final was 4th April. Has this changed or have RTE screwed up their research again?

  7. I know Micheal Meehan is good but is really going to start at FF and in the corner on Sunday?

  8. Well spotted there, Kev: no.15 should, of course, have been Matthew Clancy (the mistake’s mine, not the Galway GAA site) and I’ve updated the entry to correct this. Mind you, the way Meehan is playing at the minute, we might feel as if there are two of him on the pitch on Sunday …

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