Three changes for Kerry

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Kerry named their team and subs for Sunday’s All-Ireland semi-final against our lads (throw-in 3.30pm) a bit earlier on this evening. The full details are as follows:

Kerry (All-Ireland SFC semi-final v Mayo 24/8/2014): Brian Kelly (Killarney Legion); Marc Ó Sé (An Ghaeltacht), Aidan O’Mahony (Rathmore), Shane Enright (Tarbert); Paul Murphy (Rathmore), Peter Crowley (Laune Rangers), Fionn Fitzgerald (Dr Crokes, captain); Anthony Maher (Duagh), David Moran (Kerins O’Rahillys); Michael Geaney (Dingle), Johnny Buckley (Dr Crokes), Donnchadh Walsh (Cromane); Stephen O’Brien (Kenmare), Paul Geaney (Dingle), James O’Donoghue (Killarney Legion). Subs: Brendan Kealy (Kilcummin), Declan O’Sullivan (Dromid Pearses), Killian Young (Renard), Bryan Sheehan (St Marys), Darran O’Sullivan (Glenbeigh-Glencar),  Barry John Keane (Kerins O’Rahillys), Kieran Donaghy (Austin Stacks), Kieran O’Leary (Dr Crokes), Jonathan Lyne (Killarney Legion), Mark Griffin (St Michaels/Foilmore), Pa Kilkenny (Glenbeigh/Glencar).

So the team named tonight shows three changes from the one that started against Galway at the quarter-final stage a few weeks back. Into the starting fifteen come Peter Crowley, David Moran and fit-again Stephen O’Brien, in place of Killian Young, Bryan Sheehan (who went off injured and was replaced by Moran early on against Galway) and Declan O’Sullivan.

Sunday’s starting fifteen contains nine players who lined out against us in the League back in early March. They are Shane Enright, Peter Crowley, Aidan O’Mahony, Marc Ó Sé, Anthony Maher, David Moran, Donnchadh Walsh, James O’Donoghue and Stephen O’Brien (who, of course, scored a real belter of a goal against us in the second half that day at MacHale Park).  In addition, three subs used that day – Fionn Fitzgerald (who captains the Kingdom on Sunday), Johnny Buckley and Michael Geaney – are in the team for Sunday.

Kerry’s line-up for Sunday contains far fewer survivors from our last championship meeting, which was the 2011 All-Ireland semi-final. Only four of that team -Marc Ó Sé, Aidan O’Mahony, Anthony Maher and Donnchadh Walsh – have been named to start on this occasion, though their bench is laden with a number of well-medaled stars who featured prominently that day.

The Kingdom have also named their minor team to play our lads in Sunday’s curtain raiser. I don’t have the time right now to go into the full ins and outs of this selection – full details are here.

We’re due to name our senior and minor teams at lunchtime tomorrow. The weather forecast for down here on the Dingle peninsula is, however, fairly good for tomorrow so I’m not going to be anywhere near the laptop when our team announcements are made. This means that I won’t be posting anything on this here until much later tomorrow evening/night, by which time you’ll no doubt have fully parsed all relevant details yourselves.

21 thoughts on “Three changes for Kerry

  1. Good Kerry team and serious subs to come in. Bring on Sunday . Let’s get behind both our teams . We can do it ! ! !

  2. Don’t know, that Kerry bench would beat most teams in Ireland. If they get 2 or 3 goals in first 10 minutes and unload the bench late on, we are in serious trouble, just got to keep the faith in james I suppose.

  3. Soundings coming from the kingdom that JOD may have shoulder problems…………..could be another yerra ………..but ?????????

  4. I Brady,
    Of course , if any team gets 3 goals in the first 10 minutes , it’s game over.
    You’re not related to J Moore by any chance. We have a great team and if ye are afraid of getting knocked down by a stationary train, maybe ye should stay at home.
    This team have lost 3 championship games since James took over, ( agree all big ones ) but he got us to the big ones.
    Keep the faith.
    And boys stick together .

  5. Big change from that Kerry line up from three years ago alright. Mayo in comparison Mayo will probably have 11/12 of that semi final team starting again. Without stating the obvious Mayo will have to bring their A game on Sunday to win this game.Tough game for the minors however I feel if Mayo win they will have beaten the best before tthe final.

  6. Guys I personally don’t believe that will their team…Cian oneill acting the maggot on Horan and co with this team announcement…O’Sullivan, young and Sheehan all injured?

  7. As per what JJ says above rumours in North Kerry are that JOD may have shoulder problems. However, they still have plenty of big guns even if the rumour is true.
    Mayo must take this opportunity to lay down a marker and dispose of Kerry.

  8. I don’t for one second believe that Declan o Sullivan won’t start on Sunday, unless he’s injured. Actually think that Peter Crowley is in solely to disrupt AOS at 11, very physical aggressive player.

    Also Stephen o Brien is very highly rated in the kingdom, if indeed he has dislodged Declan o Sullivan based on form alone, well that’s a warning sign right there for mayo that he needs serious watching. Luckily in Boyle and keegan we have just the men for the job.
    Moran is a better player than Sheehan but from frees Sheehan is a loss so hard to know how that one will pan out.

  9. Rumours about JOD are cute hoorism at its best. He’ll probably come out on Sunday on fire – having supposedly been carrying an injury. Let’s not be taken in by the bullshit here, we have made that mistake before.

  10. Yes I’d be thinking that’s a red herring of a team and definitely that blessed trinity will start even a case for Star Donaghy to come out of mothballs despite Ger Cafferkey managing him in the past they’re both fading fast & could create panic yet

  11. The way I see it is we have no one to bring off the bench to change a game, where like the dubs, Kerry have 4 or 5.
    We can’t let them built up a big lead early like they always do in the big championship games against us, we need to foul them further out the field, pull em, drag em, what ever it takes to stop the ball going into that full forward line, JOD is the best I’ve ever seen, and they recon down there that o brien could be every bit as good, then the free scoring Geaney in the other corner.We just can’t afford to give them space, it’s time to play the Tyrone way, it may not be pretty, as Spillane says but Puke football might be the way to go to win this one. In James we trust he will get job done come sunday night.
    Ps myself and my 2 brothers looking for a lift to match if anyone has any room, could meet ye anywhere around the Foxford area.

  12. The comments here suggest people are getting windy as the big day approaches, yet the poll above says we are 80% + confident of a win.. Remember lads and lassies our only job from now to sunday and especially sunday is to support, to do that we need to be in the right mindset. Forget the analysis, papers puntits, rumours. Forget the what if’s this is a new game Get behind the team. Loose the fear, thats what kept us quiet last september -Fear. it will do the same on Sunday if we dont believe in our Green and Red warriors. I believe we will win this battle. there is no other option.

  13. Well said, but can’t believe that 1 in every 5 of us think we are going to loose on Sunday.i think a score of 3-16 will win this game for us,

  14. Eamonn Fitzmaurice does not really do dummy teams, its not the Kerry way, usually anyway. As far as I can see they have gone for big men around the middle of the field and speed in their full-forward line. You’d think that their ploy will be to win the ball and get it into the lads with pace. It’ll be a big test for our full-back line. Its the first championship season for a number of their players and two of their defenders are 33 years of age. We have nothing to fear from Kerry, they are a dangerous team but if we play to our best we are well capable of beating them. Roll on the big games!

  15. Agree with Hope springs, he’ll start this team. He has added pace to try to stay with Mayo and bring on experience late on.
    No one associates Kerry with blanket defences but that what we’ll see in the first half.
    Kerry are worried, when both O’sheas are tipping them to win it’s a good sign. They’re trying to build up the confidence of the Kerry lads.
    Mayo have nothing to fear but fear itself.
    looking forward to Mayo exploding into this game, no more 3rd gear from now on!

  16. I hope we are all in full voice for the entire game. Even if we are down a point or two with a few mins left, everyone stand up and roar for Mayo. We don’t except the players to give up, why should we!!!

    Up Mayo!

  17. I’ve room for yourself and the two brothers Brady. I’ll pick ye up around Tulsk, probably be handier for ye.

  18. We’re unchanged.

    Big question mark over whether that’ll be the case come throw in time though

  19. mayomagic – I wouldn’t be so sure about the minors. The Dub fans here really rate their team, some are saying they’d give the senior team a run for their money!

    The Kerry team (& bench) looks fairly strong to me, it’s funny listing to podcasts etc. from down there – they are loving the underdog title and are very confident they will beat us.

    Lets knock that confidence.

    ……Agghhh no the Vomit Butterflies have kicked in again…this year they’re bigger than ever!

  20. Well said Albany! And well said Steve! The nerves are beginning to kick in now alright (I actually feel a bit ill and it’s not even lunchtime on Friday), but at this stage we should be growing in confidence, not decreasing. Easy to know we as supporters have been burned more than once! But the noises from the camp are more confident (not cocky) than I have ever heard them before – this is not a team that will lie down and take a beating. No, this is a superb Mayo team, with heart and determination, and that counts for a lot on a good day. Not to mention the talent we have all over the field. So I have faith that will carry us through.

    Let’s not have any evidence of our own doubts on Sunday, and let’s get behind the teams to the best of our ability. And god forbid it should be going pear-shaped with 15 minutes to go, then let’s give it extra socks. It’s about all we can do.

    Two never-ending days to go …

  21. Coilltemach says:
    August 22, 2014 at 11:31 am
    mayomagic – I wouldn’t be so sure about the minors. The Dub fans here really rate their team, some are saying they’d give the senior team a run for their money!

    The Dubs nearly always talk up their underage teams. IMO the Dublin minor team aren’t at the level of their minors in 2011,2012 and it wouldn’t surprise me if Donegal beat them next weekend.

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