Three changes for Roscommon game

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We announced our team for Sunday a short while ago. Here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Roscommon, 27/3/2016): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Chris Barrett (Belmullet); Lee Keegan (Westport), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Shane Nally (Garrymore); Tom Parsons (Charlestown Sarsfields), Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy); Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina); Evan Regan (Ballina Stephenites), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Conor O’Shea (Breaffy).

The team we’ve announced (which, on the face of it, doesn’t really look like the one we’ll actually start with) shows three changes from the one that lined out against Kerry the last day. In come Chris Barrett, Conor Loftus and Evan Regan in place of Donal Vaughan, Kevin McLoughlin and Cathal Carolan.

The last time we played Roscommon in a competitive fixture was getting on for three years ago, when we met in the semi-final of the 2014 Connacht championship. The team named for Sunday contains nine survivors from that nervy one-point win at Hyde Park – Robbie Hennelly, Ger Cafferkey, Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Seamus O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor, Aidan O’Shea, Jason Doherty and Conor O’Shea all started in that one.

Once again, we’ve opted not to name our subs list at this point. I guess then that we’ll just have to wait and see whom Michael Gallagher of the Western People was referring to last night when he tweeted the following:

68 thoughts on “Three changes for Roscommon game

  1. Happy with the team, however I would liked to have seen durcan starting in place of nally and mcloughlin for doherty with aido moving to full forward, I believe he could the rossies serious trouble in there. Really young and exciting forward line, the four lads D O’connor(already an establised starter) , C O’shea, Loftus and Regan should be rareing to go and make an impression with the championship just around the corner. Would love to see cillian get on if rumours are correct and give us a lift with 20 minutes to go

  2. So, from that team named, none of the Castlebar lads are starting, which I suppose was to be expected.
    Why isn`t Kevin Mc Laughlin named or is this the real line up at all?

  3. Who else would be a “big name” other than cillian. I would leave him out and not risk him when he is so important to the cause later this year. Let the others take the responsibility and best Roscommon

  4. From what i hear up to 4 changes to named team. Roll on sunday. Roscommon county board are very anxious if forecasted heavy rain occurs as the pitch could become problematic if that happens.

  5. Nally is well worth his place in a strong hb line. No mcloughlin makes me think this team will not start

  6. Big dummy at that centrefield, but I do expect the extra three months training to favour rossies

  7. My brother in law who is a Rossie has told me that the Ros team named midweek is not the team that will start.

    Would Keith Higgins be the player that Michael Gallagher referred to?

  8. Yeah maybe Keith Higgins might come into the half-forward line instead of Conor Loftus as he has the U21 final coming up. I’d like to see Alan Freeman starting instead of Jason Doc as well, even just for his free taking alone, in saying that if Loftus does start it might be because of his free taking abilities as well.

  9. Doubt if that will be the starting team. If so we will have to keep Ross to a very low score as I doubt that forward line is capable of running up a high tally

  10. Curious about the comment about Ros having 3 months more training. The new Roscommon management was only named a few weeks before the new Mayo management. Plus Mayo had the benefit of longer involvement in championship, so 3 extra weeks in Winter would matter little at this stage of the year.

  11. Reading weather predictions, I wouldnt be surpised to hear the words, pitch inspection, postponement, change of venue being uttered by media outlets tomorrow evening

  12. Dr Hyde,
    McStay was appointed manager in September, Rochford in late November. I think what most people are referring to is the collective training ban. Roscommon were allowed start collective training 2 months before Mayo due to them being gone out of the championship 2 months earlier.

  13. Conor Loftus I think should be rested. He is a key player in trying to win an U21 Connaught title. It’s not as if there are no alternatives.
    Would love to see the power and size of Diarmuid (no alternative for Duarmuid.), AOS, Freeman and COS in the forwards. Complemented by Regan and a 7th defender who goes back as an extra defender.

  14. Is there an alternative venue lined up in case?
    Our FF line would not strike fear into a lot of teams….hope we can up the score conversions.

  15. I`d say an alternative venue would be Longford where Ros beat Down a few weeks ago..Longford themselves are away to Clare tomorrow, so it is available, but isn`t the stand closed for safety reasons.

    Galway, Sligo and Leitrim all have home games tomorrow, so are unavailable.
    Maybe in the event of Hyde Park being unplayable, it might be moved to Castlebar, like the FBD match was in January.

  16. I hope it buckets down tonight and the game gets moved to Castlebar. I can’t make The Hyde due to work but I could shneak into the bacon factory end for an hour or so no bother. As for the result, I always want Mayo to win, regardless of competition or grade and tomorrow is no different. People might say its not important but I think Mayo’s position as a division one team is very significant. If nothing else, imagine how the media would round on the rebels if we got relegated? No matter how thick the skin they dont need to be exposed to the press and their bullshit heading into the summer.

  17. Hope communication is good from the GAA on this

    Given the known shiteness pf the Hyde it should not need a referee’s decision to call off or move the game if it is in crap order.

    Don’t be surprised if there is a wasted journey tomorrow. Even on a fine day the pitch and ground isn’t safe or fit for anything except sheepdog trials

  18. Ger, I know a few people from Ros town and when I asked them about the state of the pitch earlier in the week all I got was a shake of the head. The whole country knows its a glorified swampland of a field. A pitch inspection needs to be carried out today. It would be a disgrace to have people travel tomorrow morning to then have it called off. For the record I want the game to go ahead at the hyde (no excuses and all that) but not if there is any risk of safety to a player on any side.

  19. PS. I cant believe 36 percent of Support believe we are going to lose. Its only a league game but ffs we are Mayo and should be going there expecting to win.

  20. A decision has to be made early as the game is live on TG4.
    If it is called off on Sunday there will be no coverage.

  21. Hello all

    This is my last post on here. I dont have the time and energy to look at the negativity of some of the comments. To the genuine Mayo GAA supporters then good luck to you all and for the season ahead. To the empty vessel’s then u know the rest. Willie Joe your doing a fine job on here and keep it up. Lets hope we both have good seasons.


  22. I heard its Ciaran MC that’s to be named in the subs. Wishful thinking r what !!!!!!!!!

  23. I heard it was EK lining out tomorrow. Tired of playing with the other team. Parts of Mayo has had a lot of rain in the last 24 hours. Roscommon could be much dryer. It might not be as bad as we are expecting

  24. I have relations that live in Roscommon town they walked into the Hyde this morning and were surprised at the good condition of the playing surface I suppose lack of games on it of late has helped in that regard. Only light showers forecasted so it’s all systems go for the Hyde tomorrow.

    In regards to the team 3 changes eexpected to be made and The Mayo bench will be its strongest this year. As I said before it’s a game Mayo need to win more than Roscommon and the team that wants it more normally win.

    Mayo by 2.

  25. Jimmy Burke is on the bench. No better man to find the net in the ‘Hyde’.

  26. Can’t see is lining out without Kevin McLoughlin. Keith Higgins may well start too and not in his usual berth.

  27. Unless there are floods of biblical proportions in the next 24 hours, the Rossies aren’t conceding home advantage for this game, even if they had to play it out on the main road.. Hyde Park has been saved for this game and believe it or not, is scheduled to stage 3 games in 24 hours next weekend.

  28. The pitch was fit for every game this year apart from Monaghan. They moved the Down match to Longford to make 100% sure it was ready for Mayo and Dublin. Also they knew there wouldnt be a big Down travelling support. Also the stand in Longford cant be use as it has asbestos in the roof. The ground wouldnt be able to hold the crowd. I wonder at times if many on here know much about whats going on at all

    It appears that the Mayo support are nervous. They are nervous of relegation and nervous as the team hasnt been playing well. All the talk of the pitch and the Hyde I think it just getting in a few excuses in case we lose, that way they have something to blame. Like I said before no more excuses. We have to stop blaming referee’s, pitches, inquries and club commitments for our losses. Its time our season turned around

    On a lighter note, I heard Evelyn Cusack and Gerry Fleming are very nervous about their jobs as weather people and that Diarmuid Gavin is looking for help with landscaping. He will have to look no further than on here. Apply with CV to RTE.

  29. I think there is a parade in Roscommon town tomorrow, so factor that in with travel arrangements.

  30. Lads worried about surface look at photos attached only taken an hour or two ago. Hope you can access the link. To the lads making excuses saying we have 3 months more training done than Mayo your stooping to new lows with that crap. We started at most a month before Mayo and as mentioned Mayo had at least a months longer training done last year. Pathetic excuse of you want use something like that. May the best team win.

  31. Parade starts at 12 and should be over at 1pm. Most traffic for the match won’t be coming in until after 2pm.

  32. In fairness baconfactory I loved Burke. Great hands and skill full for a big man

  33. I wouldn’t go blaming the pitch tomorrow if we loose. If we go down we can only blame ourselves. I do think we were a tad unluckily not to get something out if the Dublin and Donegal games….Mayo to survive another week and win by 4 tomorrow

  34. “PS. I cant believe 36 percent of Support believe we are going to lose. Its only a league game but ffs we are Mayo and should be going there expecting to win”

    I assume they’re predicting objectively?

    I know it’s only a bit of fun, but by this logic every poll would be 100% in favour of Mayo. The blog would be a bit of a farce if everything was all blind pro-Mayo bias. Contrasting opinions are great and healthy!

  35. So difficult to call tomorrow..all the reviews on the rossies are very positive and taking off our mayo tinted glasses it’s easy to see why many predict they could do the job tomorrow..mayo players are a funny animal though and literally anything could happen..

  36. A slow track doesn’t actually suit the Rossies. I reckon Mayo would be quite content to shore up the middle with big men and try make them play through them. Rossies will want to move the ball quickly and avoid contact.

    If Mayo can keep it tight we have a decent bench for the first time this season.

  37. I’d be doubtful Mayo will win with McLoughlin not playing unless Keith is parachuted into the forwards. I’ve always been one saying Kevin Mc shouldn’t need to be playing all these games especially FBD as he has plenty of mileage on the clock for a young enough guy and has nothing to prove. Very high chance of starting anyway come championship. However I like everyone else would very much like to see us stay up so it would make sense to play him if fit.
    A shite pitch should suit Mayo as it makes it a backs day and we’ve a bigger panel.
    Of the rookies I think Regan definitely the better freetaker and fine with him playing and Freeman is better than Loftus and J Doc though we probably needs J Doc’s workrate if the others picked are correct.
    Regan is a lefty so surely Diarmaid or Conor OS could be jumped ahead of J Doc for right footed ones if Freeman ignored again. Otherwise it’s the frustrating slowing tactic of bringing Robbie up.

  38. There will be changes to both teams .With regard to some earlier postings dont rate Cathal Shine or Ultan Harney on same level as Parsons or O Shea but who knows.Think Ros lads light enough but I really think Aido has to become consistently good and effective.Management has job to do in this regard.Also tomorrow is about winning and I am one of the 34% who dont think we will but I think it will be close enough.
    Rossies are cocky but they were cocky last year too.Expect them to win by pt or two but that will be the end of them for the year as other teams catch up and overtake them

  39. Oh! what will rid us of this beast that is ravaging our hallowed grounds?
    We will know tomorrow between 4.45 and 5.00 pm.
    Safe journey home to all.

  40. Glad to see support here for Kevin McLoughlin. He does miss the odd free, but his overall contribution has consistently been valuable. He manages to turn up almost everywhere and is great to forage and pilfer. He can score also as we’ve often seen.

  41. Got the tickets today for Sunday. Heading down from Meath to see this one. Should be a great game. Come on the Rossies.

    Prediction Roscommon by 7 or 8 points.
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    Originally Posted by Mexcanelo View Post
    Got the tickets today for Sunday. Heading down from Meath to see this one. Should be a great game. Come on the Rossies.

    Prediction Roscommon by 7 or 8 points.
    Ah yes ignore the replies to your previous posts, claim you are going Sunday,leave a bold prediction and run
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    Why wouldn’t I go? £10 tickets to see Roscommon relegate thoes Mayo bastards. I wouldn’t miss that. If anything I’m being conservative in my prediction.
    This is not going to go well for Mayo. From Roscommon

  42. Surely Cillian cant be in the running for an appearance tomorrow. Why would management risk him. I mean he cant be fully fit and has had no game time. What if he came on and got injured? We would risk losing him for the championship. The management could not be that naive. Plus what does it say that we are pinning so much hope on 1 player. He can win matches on his own. Everyone needs to step up at this stage

  43. That Meath gobshite was banned from boards yesterday. Must be bad though when your own county is so shite you have to come west and hop on the Rossie bandwagon.

  44. Both Kerry and mayo need a win tomorrow and kerry may hold the fate of Mayos status in Division one football for 2017 if we scrape out of monaghan with two points. Sheehan is a big loss for Kerry after he picked up an injury in Castlebar two weeks ago, this makes the Monaghan game considerably more difficult in my opinion as he is always worth about three points to us from the dead ball and he is a very gifted player at launching attachs from the middle.

    Roscommon are a very good team but I feel if Mayo horse into them tomorrow and put them back on their arse ye will win the game. Thus far there have ben a few teams (my own included) that felt they would beat Roscommon and definately did not show them the respect they deserve, im not so sure they have been at the recievivg end of a team that has as Paidi would say “tested their f:::ing pulse”. Mayo are like a formula one team being hit with an unhealthy number of unforeseen failures and technical difficulties at the moment. When ye solve one issue something as serious goes wallop somewhere else and the whole team are starting to look at each other for inspiration and hoping that things will come right.

    There seems to be an information leak that suggests that Higgins or another big player may be fit again and ready to return to the fold. I for one would not be starting a major linchpin like him unless he 100% fit and totally at ease with his return, anything else and the shit could really hit the fan.

    Saying that if he is ready to go he will be a real asset to the team tomorrow, if the Mayo team can’t rise to this challenge tomorrow and fight like dogs there could be real problems for ye ahead. This game has everything, history of the two teams (and the healthy rivalry), pride for these old warhorses of Mayo and the non too small issue of relegation at the hands of the old enemy. I can’t wait for this one, its like a script from Game Of Thrones. Good luck to ye and I hope ye manage it as Roscommon are already safe, it would be good if two good traditional type football teams stayed in the top flight for the sake of the game. Safe journey to all and I pray that no player will receive a serious injury tonight or tomorrow.

  45. I wouldnt be getting too upset about what 1 Meath man has to say on a keyboard. They dislike Mayo but less to do about football and more to do with history. Plus we have plenty of idiot keyboard warriors ourselves. A certain facebook page and all that.

  46. That Meath lad is funny, sure he is more than welcome to the match tomorrow to watch some div1 football, its been a long time since he has had a taste of it. Hope we put on a show and he has a good day out. Its a long way back to Meath to prepare for their annual hammering by the Dubs.

  47. Why would a Meath fella go to a Roscommon v Mayo game while his own county is playing in a relegation (to division 3) battle in Derry?

    Anyway do we know when the pitch inspection is for the Hyde? I wonder what is the latest possible time that it could be switched to another venue? Or called off completely until a later date?

    Conflicting reports as to the state of the Hyde. Only adds to the uncertainty i suppose.

  48. Good stuff there gamechanger10. I suspect Mayo will be very negative tomorrow and try to eke out any scores that come their way.

    Joker in the pack could be the weather, which if this wind continues could suit the Rossies with their belt it from anywhere strategy

  49. Great win today for our minors against Galway in the league. 2-12 to 1-9. They seem to have added several panellists.

  50. Colm Murphy at midfield has a few points in the last two games. A while since we have had a midfielder at minor who can score.
    They outscored Galway 1-8 to 3 points in the second half. That was a very good shutdown in the second half by the defence.

  51. I don’t think tomorrow’s match is going to be a fight to the death battle that many people are anticipating. For this particular group of Mayo players, there is only one objective this year and that is to win the AI. S Rochford believes he knows how to achieve this and right now the team are in the middle of making the changes he wants to see. Sometimes the result is not important, long as there is clear evidence that the plan is on track, and I think that’s the case with tomorrow’s match. Normally, preserving our division one status would be a priority, especially in a match against our near neighbours, but this year is different. Getting to Croke Park on the 3rd Sunday in September for one final crack at winning Sam is all that matters, and win, lose or draw tomorrow, I think management will be happy to leave Hyde Park if they see progress being made towards this ultimate aim. Willie Joe, thanks for keeping the Mayo diaspora in touch with GAA matters in our beloved county.

  52. Mo That is an accurate summary of our current situation. The game tomorrow is about 2 points. By this time next week comes around we will be all focusing on round 7. A fortnight after that we will be looking forward to watching the semi finals, before the real football business gets underway. Our next big test is against Galway and a 6th Connacht title. If you need a priority then that’s as big a priority as you need to aim for now. I disagree that this somehow a last chance saloon year. I know the squad to not look at it in those terms either.

  53. Mayo minor team were much stronger today v Galway and worked really hard.could have a good year yet.

  54. Take no notice of minor league results this time of year. An average team can look great with some of the results you get. A lot of panel members should be getting a run while other young lads might not be available.

  55. Sorry Mo, but tomorrow IS High Noon.

    We have one win this league so far. The jury is out on our situation. Losing is not good psychologically – if we lose tomorrow that’s five losses.

    No way Jos?.

  56. As somebody has already mentioned it’s a lot easier to win today’s game and stay in Div 1 than it is to go through an entire campaign in Div 2 next year to win promotion.

    Important we win today, time for the team to deliver one for themselves and Rochy. Let’s keep it tight, give away no silly goals and win by a couple of points. We can then put Down to the sword and be in a good frame of mind prepare for our maroon neighbours in June.

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