Three changes for the Tribesmen

Liam Sammon has made three changes to the Galway team for their Connacht semi-final clash with Leitrim at Pearse Stadium on Sunday. Here’s the team:

Galway Connacht SFC v Leitrim: P Doherty; G Bradshaw, F Hanley, D Burke; D Meehan, N Coyne, G Size; N Coleman, M Lydon; P Conroy, P Joyce, N Joyce; M Clancy, M Meehan, F Breathnach.

No real surprises there. The injured Kieran Fitzgerald is replaced by Damien Burke at left-corner back, at midfield Barry Cullinane pays for his bull-in-a-china-shop performance against the Sheepstealers the last day by losing his place to the at times equally pugilistic Niall Coleman and, at left-half forward, the hard-working but quite limited Damien Dunleavy gives way to the talented  but often slothful Nicky Joyce.

There you have it now.

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